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The much anticipated MS play

involves a ton of effort from
countless amount of people.
We all know the actors and
what they need to do in order
to do a good job in the
performance, but do we really
know what makes the play the
way it is?

From September 24 to
29, ISM enjoyed a four
day weekend thanks to
Eid al-Adha, an Islamic
holiday and Yom Kippur,
a Jewish holiday.


Sports Rivalries. The foundation of division and

debate. The origin of arguments, grudges, and sore
losers. Nonetheless, now is the time to shed light on
this abstract force. The time to examine its impact
on our beloved middle school. Here is an example
of the effects of rivalries on middle school, a
students previous status message read: [Man]
MANCHESTER!. Rivalries are usually extremely
old and have roots dating back to the beginnings of
the sport. One could compare a rivalry with an
ancient tradition, passed on through word of mouth
from friend to foe. Some of the most famous
rivalries impacting our school, according to
research and rst hand information, are
Brent-Faith Academy, and even the famous
Arsenal-Chelsea rivalry. When asked how they
react to the other side of a rivalry, another student
says, following the Barca-Madrid rivalry: I react
competitive and arrogant and defend my team and
players. This is a common denominator to all the
answers of this question. When asked about the
social effects of rivalries on middle school, a
student following Celtics-Lakers, says, Yeah, it
allows friendly competition and allows bonding
with allies. Many students answer the same way.
What conclusions can you draw from these opposite
answers? In school, the bragging rights and banter
can continue for days, creating a solid foundation
for social interaction . Overall, sports rivalries cause
the extreme fun, chaotic, and suspenseful
environment for middle school social interaction.

the pop culture section

These pair of british clowns are the
perfect youtubers to watch on a
Friday night. Watching their videos
might result in extreme giggles. If
you like Tyler Oakley and Caspar
Lee videos, you will surely love
them. The best part is their
channels appropriate for anyone in
middle school, although there is
some swear words in a few of
Dans videos.


We all know about the Illuminati

and Area 51 conspiracy theories.
Now get ready for Game Theory;
an epic show thats focused on
unravelling the truth behind video

Scream Queens (13+)
Pretty Little Liars (13+)
The Flash (12+)
Doctor Who (10+)

jokes of the issue



IASAS one of the most anticipated sports of the

year came on Thursday to ISM. Better known as
the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian
Schools, IASAS is one of the most competitive
tournaments between the six main schools of
Southeast Asia: ISB (Bangkok), ISKL (Kuala
Lumpur), Singapore (SAS), Taiwan (TAS), Jakarta
(JIS) and us here at ISM. IASAS has been going on
since 1961, with ISM joining in 1982; competing
until today.Coach Relf, of the MS Track and Field
Team, says that both the boys and girls team have
been working hard over these past few weeks. She
also says that, in particular, the girls teams have
exceptionally strong competitors from SAS and TAS.
However, she expects SAS to win, because they have
depth and quality in their athletes. IASAS
competitions. ISM is known as being one of the
schools that could win this tournament, and our
schools victory would be a real accomplishment.
IASAS is a competitive, yet difcult thing to control.
Everyone loves to travel and in IASAS, and you are
able to travel to ve different countries. We all know
that IASAS is one of the biggest competition among
Southeast Asian International Schools, and
participating is a high honor. Lets hope that our
Bearcats wins this season!


Before began writing this article, I

intended to write about how students at
ISMs Middle School were drowning in
the hours spent pouring over essays,
equations, and assessments. But after
surveying and researching the topic, I
uncovered interesting truths. In MS, the
guidelines for homework state that for
grades 5/6, students should get a total of 4
hours a week. For 7 and 8, it is doubled.
When surveyed, grade 5/6 students say
that they receive an average of 4 hours per
week, exactly following ISMs guidelines.
7/8 students believe that they are given
just over 6 hours on average - two hours
less than the recommended amount!
Students may argue that they are losing
sleep over harsh deadlines, but rst, ask
yourself if this is self-inicted. When
school ends, you probably hang out with
your friends and play video games rst -
before realising that it is 9PM and you
have an essay due the following morning.
I am sure that almost all students can
relate to this, but it is important to rst ask
yourself if you need to step back, and look
at the real amount of homework that you
get. Our schools mission statement says
that students should get a balance of work,
rest, and recreation - ask if you give
procrastination doesnt have to be your
way of life, no matter how much work you
think you have. Dont use it as an excuse
for yourself.


On October 23rd, 2015, students at ISM will
come to school dressed in traditional Filipino
clothing. Why? Because of the highly anticipated
Filipiniana that happens every year. The past
Filipiniana dates have shown that students enjoy
it immensely, but not many know or reect on
what it is or why we have it at ISM.

What is Filipiniana? Filipiniana is a

wonderful day to celebrate Filipino culture,
stated Ms. Bliss, a Middle School guidance
counselor. Furthermore, she added that she had
enjoyed wearing traditional Filipino clothing
with the other guidance counselors last year.
Ms. Bliss also believes that we have
Filipiniana at ISM to celebrate where we live,
which is the Philippines. Similarly, Mandy Qua,
a 10th grader at ISM, believes that Filipiniana is
a day for everyone to experience the different
aspects of the culture food, celebrations,
traditions of the country that theyre living in,
which is the Philippines.
During Filipiniana, we participate in a
numerous amount of activities.


appreciate the effort students put in their

work. said Mr. Burke, during the
introductory speech in the FAT. Students
exchanged and showcased their works with
each other and gave constructive feedback to
their peers. This was a memorable event
because students had the opportunity to reect
on themselves and learn about other students
styles of writing and perspectives.


I dont know about you but I wake up wanting more

sleep. However at night I always seem to nd better
things to do! You may not think that sleep is the most
important thing as an MS student (although it is a much
desired one), compared to all the other things going on
in your life. According to research, adolescents should
get around 9 hours of sleep, but they only get around
7 to 7 .

After surveying 494 students on sleep, it seems like the

biggest reason students lack sleep, they say, is because
of homework, and most students say that they wish
they got enough sleep, but as an outcome, they dont.
Students need a balance. Referring to Elena
Dickinsons article entitled: Dont Lose Your Balance
On The Tightrope Of Time, they come home from
different activities after school, but they dont realize
how they need to focus on more in their life.




Homework is denitely included, but it also has to do

with all the other things going on in their lives, said
Ms. Villanueva, a Grade 7 wellness teacher. As she
mentioned, there are other aspects in students lives
that have an impact on how late a student gets to bed.
Those are some of the results or consequences, shall I
say, of students not getting enough sleep.



The wide range of ISMs library books is

something that compels people to come to the
library, and students get their minds 0 the world
the book is about: think of Harry Potter addicts.
They really start to take part into the fantasy
world of magic. Some people actually yell
spells like AVADA KEDAVRA! or
Expelliarmus! to other people after grabbing
stick. Students themselves are often in their
own book-fantasy world. Logan Kanigan, a 7th
grader, was calling himself a Hobbit. There
were also some students talking about how they
think about The Maze Runner series. They were
debating about what they thought about the
movie compared to the book. I think that the
movie Scorch Trials didn't exaggerate on the
things that needed to be exaggerated. Also, they
included some things that were supposed to be
in Death Cure, said Sam Garcia, a 7th grader.
Fantasies really can become realities with the
opportunities of this generation, you just need
some imagination. Check out the library for a
broad variety of exceptionally-well written
books! Ms. Parry is also open to give excellent












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