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37000 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

122 / Monday, June 27, 2005 / Notices

OST Order 2000–4–11 to the an acceptance to an offer within three miles. Construction of the new corridor
Department of Transportation (the business days, the carrier will be is considered necessary to provide for
Department) and have a written request recorded as rejecting the officer and the the existing and projected traffic
on file with the FAA Slot next carrier on the list will be offered demand.
Administration Office when seeking the available slot exemption times.
5. Carriers that are offered slot Alternatives under consideration
available slot exemptions. These carriers
exemption times by the Slot include (1) taking no action; (2)
will be added to the bottom of the
established ranking and will be notified Administration Office must re-certify to upgrading existing facilities; and (3)
by the FAA, as appropriate, when slot the Department in accordance with the alternate corridors on new alignment
exemptions are available. The adoption procedures articulated in OST Orders location. The proposed build
of this policy does not necessitate a 2000–4–10 and 2000–4–11 prior to alternatives to be considered consist of
specific change to the post-lottery operations, and provide the Department a four-lane roadway with either a rural
allocation procedures. and the FAA’s Slot Administration or sub-urban design. Access
1. The cap on AIR–21 slot exemptions Office with the markets they will management alternatives are being
(7 a.m. through 9:59 p.m.) will remain service, the number of slot exemptions, evaluated and include either a
in effect through December 31, 2006. the frequency, and the time of controlled access arterial or limited
2. The FAA may approve the transfer operation, before the slot exemption access toll facility.
of slot exemption times between carriers times will be allocated by the FAA to Coordination with appropriate
only on a temporary one-for-one basis the carrier.
Federal, State, and local agencies, as
for the purpose of conducting the 6. All operations allocated under the
operation in a different time period. post-lottery procedures must commence well as private organizations and
Carriers must certify to the FAA that no within 120 days of a carrier’s acceptance citizens who have expressed interest in
other consideration is involved in the of an available slot exemption. this proposal has been undertaken and
transfer. 7. The Chief Counsel will be the final will continue. A series of public
3. If any subsequent slot exemptions decision maker concerning eligibility of meetings have been held in Lee County,
become available for reallocation and carriers to participate in the allocation Florida from February 2003 to present,
there is an eligible carrier seeking slot process. and additional meetings are planned for
exemptions, then the available slot Issued on June 23, 2005, in Washington, the future in Lee County. In addition, a
exemptions would be offered to that DC. public hearing will be held. Public
carrier first, provided that the total Andrew B. Steinberg, notice will be given of the time and
number of slot exemptions allocated to Chief Counsel. place of the meetings and hearing. The
carriers providing small hub/non-hub [FR Doc. 05–12716 Filed 6–23–05; 12:57 pm] DEIS will be made available for public
service is not below 76. An eligible and agency comment. An interagency
carrier is one that has certified such coordination meeting was held on
eligibility in accordance with OST February 23, 2004. No formal scoping
Order 2000–4–10 to the Department and DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION meeting is planned at this time.
has a written request on file with the
Slot Administration Office and is not To ensure that the full range of issues
Federal Highway Administration
conducting service at the airport. related to the proposed action is
Carriers seeking slot exemptions for Environmental Impact Statement; Lee addressed and all significant issues
small hub/nonhub service must certify and Collier Counties, FL identified, comments and suggestions
eligibility to the Department in are invited from all interested parties.
AGENCY: Federal Highway Comments or questions concerning this
accordance with OST Order 2000–4–11 Administration (FHWA), DOT.
and have a written request on file with proposed action and the EIS should be
ACTION: Notice of intent. directed to the FHWA at the address
the Slot Administration Office.
If a new, eligible carrier does not SUMMARY: The FHWA is issuing this provided above.
select the slot exemptions, then the notice to advise the public that an (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
exemption will be offered to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Program Number 20.205, Highway Research
category of carriers that is below parity, will be prepared for a proposed highway Planning and Construction. The regulations
up to the level of re-establishing parity project in Lee and Collier Counties, implementing Executive Order 12372
(using respective rank Order). 2 If the Florida. regarding intergovernmental consultation on
slot exemptions are not selected or there Federal programs and activities apply to this
are available slot exemptions remaining, program.)
then they will be offered to carriers in Manu Chacko, District Transportation
the same category from which the slot Engineer, Federal Highway Dated: May 18, 2005
exemptions came. Any remaining slot Administration, 545 John Knox Road, Don Davis,
exemptions not selected will be offered Suite 200, Tallahassee, Florida 32303, Program Operations Engineer, Tallahassee,
to the other category of carriers, using Telephone (850) 942–9650. Florida.
its respective rank order. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The [FR Doc. 05–12624 Filed 6–24–05; 8:45 am]
4. A carrier will have three business FHWA, in cooperation with the Florida
days after an offer from the Slot Department of Transportation will
Administration Office to accept the prepare an EIS for a proposed
offered slot exemption time. Acceptance improvement to CR 951 in Lee and
must be in writing to the Slot Collier Counties, Florida. The proposed
Administration Office. If the Slot improvement would involve the
Administration Office does not receive construction of a multi-lane facility on
new alignment from Immokalee Road in
2 See 67 FR 45170; July 8, 2002 and 67 FR 65826; Collier County to Alico Road in Lee
October 28, 2002. County, a distance of approximately 15

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