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An unstressed exit poll only. This is a forcast.

But he sees the

Conservative up nine, an improvement on 2010, with 316 seats
David Cameron there just looking rather thoughtful that what
happen next. Now the obvious thought for the Conservative is the
percent for the Liberal Democrats. Politicals Liberal Democrats have
taken the serious damadge. Let's have a look.
We bring on Labour, 239 MPs for them. And there's Ed Miliband
watching the Conservative side to see the Liberal Democrats to
come on. Here they come. They are down 47, but here is a
remarkable thing. This is when they are talking about exquisite
torture. Look at this. Because they're actually on the line. The line is
just down here.
326 is what they need. They have an overall majority and a coalition
Conservative plus leave then 316 plus 10 under the poll get to
exactly 326 seats that have come. Now output only takes the tiny
varition on our forcast and good as we not see them before,for
them to drop below that. And then they could be other issue that Mr.
Cameron might need to consider. We'll just talk about that on a
We'll go to the oppositon benches now. So we have Labour on 239.
We bring on the SNP,you could see them there, a quite sensatinal
result for them. Remember 59 seats in total in Scotland, they won
all but one of them, under our forcast. And the last the natinality
had 60 seats in total. So they gone from 60 to 58,an unequal
surge.It is a standout result of the night as well as what happening
between the two main parties.
Now we bring on the others for you. Anything quite a goodnight to
plight coming Welsh natioals to gain the seat.And UK have two NPs
under our forcast. Again under line, under line, just as the forcast at
the moment. DUP in Northen Ireland,eight. And let's have a look at
the other, which the other Northen Ireland parties under this date
was showing. Possibly George Gelloway, we have on 11.
Now I mention the option for David Cameron. If he just get back to
the site for a second. If we have a situation where as the nine goes
on, maybe the Liberal Democrats will suffer even more damage.
Maybe they are under nine all right. Suddenly all the Conservatives
got fewer than those 316. What happens next? Well, he could ask
for the DUP to the join this coalitionalist side. And he could try and
bring them over the government benches. But the moment, under

our forcast,even if you range all of these MPs together,including

over Labour Mps and the SNP MPs, they couldn't switch the weak
side and govern the coalition. Because they do not make the 326
seats you need in the House of Commom for an overall
majority.That's where we are the moment with our forcast and
leaves poise David for a fascinating night.