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Using Irregular Verbs Exercise 4

Directions: Each item below contains three underlined verbs. Fix the one that is formed

1. Rachel would have wrote a better essay for Mr. Parker, but she drank a
double espresso and found that she had too much energy to sit still at a

2. Miguel bursted out laughing when he saw that Rey, his ferocious Chihuahua,
had bitten the seat of Julio's jeans and hung on as Julio danced around the
kitchen, trying to shake the little dog off.

3. Danny used to love going to the beach. He watched beautiful women in

skimpy bikinis, ate fresh seafood, and swum in the refreshing water. After a
shark bit him, however, Danny preferred the pool at his apartment complex.

4. Cristie would have chose a less expensive dinner, but when she saw squid
eyeball stew on the menu, she knew that she had found the perfect thing to eat.

5. Because Jonathon had forgotten to bring his wallet to school, he buyed a

bag of corn chips instead of the Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes, the lunch
special that caught his eye.

6. Keila knew that she had many misspelled words in her essay, so she digged
around in her book bag, searching for her dictionary. She found instead a
Snicker's bar, which she ate, hoping that the sugar rush would help her brain
remember to spell.

7. After a long day of mowing lawns, Kevin was truly exhausted. He sat slumped
in his chair, and even if you had put a handful of scorpions down his shirt, he
would not have rose to shake them out.

8. When Fabiana flied from Dallas to Orlando, the plane hit such a bad patch of
turbulence that the passengers felt as if they were riding Space Mountain at
Disney World.

9. On Sunday Michael spent the afternoon waxing his new Honda Accord. If he
had knew about the two pop quizzes on Monday, he would have given his
algebra problems and accounting spreadsheets more attention.

10. Larry stuck a dead grasshopper in the cake batter and then put the pan into
the hot oven to bake. He planned to serve a slice to his little sister Stephanie,
who had tore his favorite Chicago Bulls jersey.

11. Even though Frances had already ate, she stopped at the food court and
bought a slice of pizza. She wanted an opportunity to smile at the cute young
man who ran the register.

12. Danielle hated to see her brother Tim walk into the Burger King where she
worked. He always brought his obnoxious friends, payed for his meal with
pennies, and then left huge puddles of ketchup at his table.

13. Unaware that his alarm clock had not rung at 6 a.m., Levi slept under the
warm blankets while Dr. Ribley tought the semester's most difficult algebra
concept to the students who had arrived on time.

14. Obviously Alicia had chose the most difficult English teacher in the whole
school. During the semester with Mr. Hayden, Alicia wrote twenty essays and
studied grammar rules until she thought her head would burst.

15. Because Tran knew that a strong chemistry background was essential for a
future pharmacist, she rose from her warm bed and begun studying her notes
for another test.

16. To avoid being stung, Kasey spilled a small amount of Pepsi on the picnic
table; the bumble bees that flew around the campsite left him alone and drunk
from the puddle.

17. The hungry shark swam beneath the unsuspecting surfer and began to
position itself for an attack. Then the fish noticed the hot pink toenail polish on
the foot that dangled over the surfboard and losed its appetite.

18. At the beginning of class, Matt realized that he had forgotten the essay he
had wrote at 4 a.m., so he smeared blood-like streaks of red pen at the corners
of his mouth and told his instructor, Dr. Borglum, that muggers had beaten him
up before stealing his backpack.

19. My cat Buster leapt onto the wobbly table to escape Oreo, the dog, who ran
in tight circles, trying to bite Buster's tail, which hanged over the side.

20. David was so hungry that he fought his brother for the container of leftovers,
teared off the lid, and ate the cold meatloaf and congealed gravy right out of the

Choose the correct verb for the sentences below.


1. Melody __________ her head on the desk in defeat. Even though she had
studied until 3 a.m. that morning, she could make no sense of the chemistry
problems on the exam before her.

A. lay
B. laid
C. layed

2. The students who have Mr. Sebacher for World Literature believe that their
professor reads Homer, Dante, and Shakespeare all evening. The reality is that
Mr. Sebacher __________ on the couch, eats Doritos, and channel surfs until

3. Theodora will nuzzle a snake, kiss a frog, and let a tarantula crawl up her arm.
But if you were __________ a bowl of lima beans on the dining room table, she
would run screaming from the house.

A. Laying
B. Lieing
C. Lying

6. Removing the dirty sock from her granddaughter's mouth, Jeanne __________
Abigail in the crib and chased after Savannah, the family's new kitten, who was
using the couch as a scratching post. Babies of any species, Jeanne knew,
required constant supervision.

A. lies
B. lays
C. will lay

5. ____________ on the kitchen counter, the chocolate chip cookie teased

Spencer, Eli's Chihuahua, who sat on the linoleum, whining and drooling.


A. to lie
B. to lay
C. to have lain

4. Saxe, Diane's horse, will let you know when she deserves another carrot or
apple. She sticks out her tongue so that it __________ outside her mouth like a
long, fat, pink worm.

A. lies
B. lays
C. laid

A. lain
B. lay
C. laid

7. Bill went to the bank interview smelling of wet dog. He had __________ his
one suit on the bed before going into the bathroom to shave. Dripping from the
rain, Skipper, his Labrador retriever, decided the jacket made a perfect towel.

A. lain
B. laid
C. layed

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