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(Dalubhasaan ng Lungsod ng Calapan)

Bonifacio Drive, Ibaba East, Calapan City (Annex)
Guinobatan, Calapan City (Main)

General Meeting
Date: February 07, 2014
Time Started: 1500
Presiding Officer: Gilmar de Castro
Where: Room 101, DLC Building

Before advancing to the agenda, the meeting started with acquainting
oneself to others. Since the number of attendees was few (11) for election, the
Presiding officer assigned the following members below, after clearing what exactly
each one will be doing and of his/her full consent.
President: Gilmar De Castro, BSEd PhySci I
-assigned by the Adviser
Presides overall meeting of organization
Calls for special meeting whenever necessary
Signs jointly with Treasurer all financial aspects
Approves and supervises programs, proposal and action plans of the
Vice President: Erick Conception, BSEd Math I
- assigned by the Adviser
Takes the place of the President whenever necessary
Leads project heads and proponents on drafting the plans and activities of
the organization
Secretary: Angelica Villan, BEEd Sped I

Keeps all records and documents of the organization including member's

profile, copies of proposals and action plans, calendar of activities and the
Prepares Minutes of all regular and special meetings to be submitted for
review by the President and Adviser at least two (2) days before the next
regular meeting of the organization.

Auditor: Billy Apache, BSEd Math I

Strictly audits the officers and members to any acts of abuse, negligence
and indifference towards their commitment and responsibilities to report
accordingly to the Adviser
Prepares Bill of Materials (BOM) for any purchased materials and services
e.g., transportation fee, typing and printing services) used by the group for
implementation of programs or, by members, to volunteer on activities as
needed by the Student Parliament
Treasurer: Michelle Hernandez
Keeps organization's fund and religiously update all members for the fund
Lead fund raising activities provided by the organization
Prepares statement of accounts, ready for audit, listed wherein the: total
accumulated funds, total expenses, and fund balance
Keeps transaction receipts for any purchased materials; signs account
statement with the person being given by money from funds for any service
he/she shall avail
PIO: Kaycee Jaime, BEEd Sped I
Sends communication letters to specific addressee as provided by the
Internal Business Manager
Prepares and posts advisories on bulletin board for all members notification
Sends necessary information and invitation for any special meeting or
organizational meetings and events through text message or social media
Updates English Club's official Facebook page
Business Managers:
Internal Business Manager: Emie Rose Tizon, BEEd Sped I
Prepares communication letters to departments, faculty personnel or any
specific person addressed for certain request of approval, authorization,
place or technicalities and the likes
External Business Manager: Keith Comia
Canvasses and purchases any needed item/s to be used for effective
implementation of programs and projects.

Signs jointly with Treasurer and Auditor any outside transactions that made
use of organization's funds

It had also given emphasis the important roles of members. They provide
backbone of organization from which officers, workers, ideas and sources are

Rights of all members:

o To be heard
o To be informed on all significant events on the group
o To voluntarily quit/ resign one's membership upon written, justifiable

o Shall participate on all activities, special projects, and meetings as
provided by the organization with commitment, sincerity and aspirations
o Shall perform any task assigned to him/ her whether be it as project head
or proponents within the given deadline
o Not necessary, but advised to tie- up with other organizations which
specialized in strengthening the goal of communication (e.g., Aletheians,
Innovators, Booklovers Club)


The goal of English Club is to make City College of Calapan an English-speaking
campus to produce more competent individuals with excellent literacy habits and
skills and supreme communication skills and mastery.
Align with this, the organization provides Ethics to be observed every time even
outside club premises. The main objective of this is to provide a thin line that
defines when is it proper to observe English medium in formal/ informal
conversation and when to minimize Filipino language use.
It had also given emphasis that the aforementioned advocacy, in order to
practice properly by all, has to start within the implementers, the club's members.

English Club is an English speaking club

Speak/ converse in English even outside club's premises and with nonmembers
Observe proper behavior, and extend help for correction, upon hearing
mistakes from one's grammar or pronunciation

It was agreed that the club would have regular meeting every Monday, 11 am12 nn at the canteen area (while members are having lunch) or in any place

Each member of the group unanimously decided that the club should raise
funds from everyones contribution during regular meetings. The Treasurer will be
collecting five pesos every Monday but subject to change depending on the
members population.
Any member, for whatever reason has not been active to attend meeting and
other activities, is still bound to contribute in the fund as long as he/ she did not
resign yet.

o For future projects and action plans
o For provision of documents and photocopies, transportation fees or any
significant services
o For, when the Student Parliament or other organizations need volunteers
for outreach projects or community extensions, organization will allot any
budgetary requirement for its representatives
o For cooperative purposes, any member is allowed to borrow money from
the fund for any personal reason but of, and within, due considerations


Why the Club has been formed?

English Club is formed to address problems happening in school setting in the

field of English and communication. In so doing, the English Club also provides
solution and action plans through keen observation and systematic studies on the
cited problems.
It also provides improvement strategies on the 3M of the present system:

Man - includes personnel from Administrative departments, faculty, staff,

students, non- teaching staff and even parents

Method- the presently observed process or system in regard to English

literacy and communication skills

Material- includes facilities, instructional materials and technology,

classroom settings, references and the like that contribute to overall
interest of the stakeholders on the subject

The Four Pillars of communication

As defined by the club, English is synonymous to communication. It means, the

language is not only used as medium but it is the communication itself.
To strengthen this mission, all activities, proposals and action plans have to
utilize the four pillars of communication:


7. Short term and Long term activities:

Generally, the club defined the short term activities as programs that, after
being conducted, provide upright effects in the stakeholders but ends
eventually after. It needs not further studies and observation to strengthen,
that requires significant information, based on the effects after the
implementation. These activities do not provide solution to problems at
hand, neither change any present instructional method or system rather
improves one's skills in teaching and communication. These include
seminars, symposiums, and organizational contests, outside tournaments,
tutorials and coaching.

Long term activities are projects and action plans that require longer time
for the proponents to study the problem and eventually proposing the
solutions, observation of affectivity through practice implementation before
commending to full implementation. Long terms are referred to as studies
with long term effects on the stakeholders that may change instructional
system, instructional materials, or to some extent, the professor himself.

8. Problem Hunt:

Problem No. 1: Alarming rates of failures in English subjects among

Freshmen City College of Calapan

Identify root cause:

o Using 5-Why's

Why there is an alarming rate of failures in English subjects among freshmen

on City College of Calapan?
Because they find the subject difficult
Why they find the subject difficult?

Because they are not fluent and have very limited understanding of English
principles and rules
Why are they not fluent and have very limited understanding of English
principles and rules?
Because they are not used to speaking the language even outside English
Why are they not used to speaking the language?
Because most of the time, even in English- taught subjects, the teachers
allowed them to express themselves, even to discuss the whole lesson, in
Why most of the time, even in English- taught subjects, the teachers allowed
them to express themselves, even to discuss the whole lesson, in Filipino?
To make the lessons easily understood by majority

9. Action Plans
Activity 1
Proposed Title: E- Curriculum
Project Head: Erick Conception
Researchers and Proponents:

Michelle Hernandez
Keith Comia
Diane Fruelda
Jaboy Gardoce

Short Description: English- taught subjects should strictly be taught in

The English Club is trying to create an atmosphere of genuine and
better understanding. We have to take the students away from their
comfort zones so theyll be able to experience what true consequences

Time Ended: 1611

Prepared By:

Angelica Villan
Reviewed by:
Erick Conception

Gilmar de Castro

Vice- President

Noted by:
Elsa Fanoga, Ph.D. (cand)

Received by:
Julius Gonzales
President, Student Parliament