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Born and bought up in Visakhapatnam, a coastal town of Andhra Pradesh in India, I

used to wake up to smell of salt in air and my ears used to pick up echoes of endless
repetitive choir of waves cresting and crashing over one another. I would sit on the
seawall watching the light reflected of sea in endless rainbow of gold, blue and green.
Amidst this canvas painting laid at distance floating colossus that cut through the ocean
and trumpeted across as it moved warning the coastline of arrival. Often I used to sketch
this infinite mass with sweat greased hands as morning sun showered upon me. As the
years passed by these sketches evolved from stick figures, became accurate and
concise. My knowledge of these Colossus called ship grew over the years and as time
passed by, it raised me and along with it my interest for Titans of the Sea.
In my fourth grade, my aunt provided me with an opportunity to pay a visit to the
famed Naval Dockyard in Visakhapatnam. As my town is the headquarters of the
Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy, the dockyard stands as a home to fleet of
naval vessels .This was the first time I came in close range of these goliaths walking
towards them with apprehension. My aunt guided me through the various passageways
of the vessels into a tight space which she explained as the heart of the beast. I turned
around and looked on the door. It had Engine Room written in blood red colour over it.
They were a bunch of naval officers explaining about the important features of the vessel
along with the various missions the vessel had performed. At once my aunt presented
me formally before them and these officers shared few glimpses of immense knowledge.
At that moment I realized what I wanted to become
Ever since those days I have promised myself to follow the paths of education
and knowledge, so I could ultimately reach my goals of the seeing the beast again. I was
lucky enough to be a student of Etasi-Timpany School. It stands among the top schools
in my metropolis. During these school days I was a high achiever in the areas of
education and athletics being an active participant in the school classroom and track
I have given my engineering entrance exam and got admitted into the prestigious
Andhra University College of Engineering for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
course. The well-equipped laboratories, libraries and highly qualified professors provided
a sound platform for my quest of knowledge. I favoured Engineering Mechanics
(Dynamics) and Fluid Mechanics in my earlier days of college. When I was introduced to
the Sea keeping and Manoeuvring course in my final year, I have decided to take up a
final year project relevant to the course. I choose to optimise the design of aircraft
carrier on the basis of Sea keeping under the guidance of Retd. Professor Commander
V Viswanath Rao. I always ranked among the top in my batch. I always considered
myself as self-confident and ambitious student .I was also good at various extracurricular activities. I was member of department cricket team and runner-up in
badminton at department level. I was the student co-ordinator and head of the antiragging of Marine Department for the year 2013-2014. I was the recipient of the Prof
I.Ch.Basava Appa Rao memorial for the most Dynamic student of the Marine
Department for the year 2013-2014 for my all round performance.
Apart from theoretical knowledge I had done internships to understand the
practical application of theory. The first internship I did was at Kakinada in Atlas Offshore

Ltd., a private firm during December 2012 and January 2013.I verified various drawings
of the vessel for Oil Tanker, performed trim and stability booklet calculations for Oil
Tanker, Scantling calculations of Oil Tanker and equipment number calculation for Tug
.The second internship was at Visakhapatnam port trust. My professor nominated me
from batch of 30 students. It was boon for me to visualize the Dry Docking of Navy
Support Vessel SMS ABLE during the internship.
During my final year of Bachelors, I was selected as a Senior Engineer (Naval
Architect) by one of the premier shipyards of India, the Mazagon Dock Limited on
January 22nd, 2014. I have been working with Mazagon Dock Limited from June 2014. I
was posted to Ship Design team. My major duties included Finite Element Analysis,
modelling of Seats for various equipments and verification of drawings on site. Recently
I have been also involved in the Research and Development project which was a MoU
between Mazagon Dock Limited and Ministry of Defence Production, Ministry of
Defence, India. The project emphasized on lifting methodology for 250 tons block using
goliath crane of 300 ton capacity. Lifting Lugs were designed by team of two, of which I
was member. We carried Finite Element Analysis on the lugs and Ships Block using
Hypermesh. I underwent two training sessions of Hypermesh at Mazagon Dock Limited
organised by Altair Hyperworks.
I plan on carrying research in the field of Hydrodynamics. As the vessel
translates, it generates velocity potential which can be sub-divided into two components,
one being steady component, whereas the other being, unsteady potential. The steady
component which is the calm water resistance contains perturbation potential due to
steady translation of hull and velocity potential due to flow of water around the hull. This
can be dealt independently, whereas the unsteady component of the velocity potential
depends on the steady component. But for simplicity the unsteady component is just
assumed to be dependent on velocity potential due to flow of water around the hull,
neglecting the perturbation potential due to steady translation of hull. It has significant
effect on ship motion predictions and derived responses for high-speed vessels. So my
final goal in life is to develop a ship motion theory which holds into account the
interactions between the actual steady and unsteady component of the velocity potential
developed due to the translation of the vessel.
I believe that the best way to achieve the goal is to provide myself with a sound
education and after going through your Marine Technology Master of Science program I
feel that the Delft University of Technology is best suited to cater to my needs. The Delft
University of Technology Marine Technology Master Program is well reputed all over the
world with the department being over 150 years old. The research carried out at your
university is magnificent and I believe that being a student of your Marine Technology
Master program would provide me with a strong foundation for my desire.