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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

34 / Tuesday, February 22, 2005 / Rules and Regulations 8509

Airplane model Propeller model Engine model

Fairchild SA226–TC ...........................................

Fairchild SA226–AT ........................................... HC–B3TN–5( )/T10282( ) .................................. Garrett TPE331–10UA–511G
Fairchild SA226–T .............................................

(d) For reference, airplanes incorporating paragraph (h)(2) of this AD, then do the Related Information
Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) following: (o) None.
SA344GL–D, SA4872SW, and SA345GL–D (1) Inspect the blades within 500 hours
have these engine, propeller, and airplane since the last Hartzell SB No. 136E, or later Issued in Burlington, Massachusetts, on
combinations. Revision, inspection, and thereafter within February 11, 2005.
(e) The parentheses appearing in the 500 service hour intervals, using Paragraph 3 Jay J. Pardee,
propeller model number indicates the of the Accomplishment Instructions of Manager, Engine and Propeller Directorate,
presence or absence of an additional letter(s) Hartzell SB No. 136, Revision Letter ‘‘I,’’ Aircraft Certification Service.
that varies the basic propeller model. This dated April 25, 2003. [FR Doc. 05–3046 Filed 2–18–05; 8:45 am]
AD still applies regardless of whether these (2) Replace before further flight all blades
letters are present or absent in the propeller BILLING CODE 4910–13–P
showing evidence of cracks or other
model designation.
unairworthy conditions, as noted in Hartzell
Unsafe Condition SB No. 136, Revision Letter ‘‘I,’’ dated April
25, 2003, with airworthy blades. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND
(f) This AD results from a review of all
currently effective ADs. That review
Hartzell SB No. 136
determined that Priority Letter AD 88–24–15
was not published in the Federal Register to (k) Since Hartzell SB No. 136E was issued, Customs and Border Protection
make it effective to all operators, as opposed the SB has been revised to 136F, 136G, 136H,
to just the operators who received actual and 136I. Any of these revisions are suitable 19 CFR Part 162
notice of the original Priority Letter AD. This for determining past compliance, as they are
all approved as alternative methods of [CBP Dec. 05–02]
AD also results from the discovery that the
original AD omitted an airplane model with compliance (AMOC). After the effective date RIN 1651–AA48
a certain STC from the applicability. We are of this AD, compliance is restricted to SB No.
issuing this AD to prevent possible blade 136, Revision Letter ‘‘I,’’ or later versions Publication of Administrative
failure near the hub which can result in blade when approved by an AMOC.
Forfeiture Notices
separation, engine separation, damage to the
Optional Terminating Action
airplane, and possible loss of the airplane. AGENCY: Bureau of Customs and Border
(l) Installation of propeller blades, P/N Protection, Homeland Security.
Compliance T10282N( ), T10282NB( ), T10282NK( ), or
(g) You are responsible for having the T10282NE( ) as applicable, onto a Hartzell ACTION: Final rule.
actions required by this AD performed within Propeller Inc. model HC–B3TN–5( ) propeller
the compliance times specified unless the SUMMARY: This document adopts as a
constitutes terminating action to the
actions have already been done. inspections, repairs, and replacements final rule, a proposed amendment to the
specified in paragraphs (i) through (j)(2) of Bureau of Customs and Border
Required Actions Protection (CBP) Regulations published
this AD.
(h) Within 10 hours time-in-service (TIS) in the Federal Register on January 14,
after the effective date of this AD, perform a Alternative Methods of Compliance
2004, to raise the threshold value of
document search to determine if the (m) The Manager, Chicago Aircraft seized property for which CBP must
following actions have been done: Certification Office, has the authority to
(1) The propeller blades meet the initial publish a forfeiture notice in a
approve alternate methods of compliance for newspaper from $2,500 to $5,000. By
and repetitive compliance requirements of this AD if requested using the procedures
Priority Letter AD 88–24–15. changing the requirements for
found in 14 CFR 39.19.
(2) The P/N T10282( ) propeller blades publication of administrative forfeiture
have been replaced with P/N T10282N( ), Material Incorporated by Reference notices, the amendment significantly
T10282NB( ), T10282NK( ), or T10282NE( ) (n) You must use Hartzell SB No. 136 (HC– reduces the publication costs incurred
propeller blades. SB–61–136), Revison Letter ‘‘I,’’ dated April by CBP, which have often exceeded the
(i) If the actions in paragraph (h)(1) or 25, 2003, to perform the inspections required value of seized property.
(h)(2) of this AD have not been done, then by this AD. The Director of the Federal
do one of the following: EFFECTIVE DATE: March 24, 2005.
Register approved the incorporation by
(1) Inspect the blades using Paragraph 3 of FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
reference of this service bulletin in
the Accomplishment Instructions of Hartzell Ricardo Scheller, Seizures & Penalties
accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552(a) and 1 CFR
Service Bulletin (SB) No. 136, Revision Letter Branch, (202) 344–1095.
‘‘I,’’ dated April 25, 2003, within 500 hours part 51. You can get a copy from Hartzell
time-since-new (TSN) or time-since-last- Propeller Inc. Technical Publications SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
overhaul (TSLO) and not to exceed two years Department, One Propeller Place, Piqua, OH
45356; telephone (937) 778–4200; fax (937) Background
after the effective date of this AD, whichever
occurs first; and thereafter within 500 778–4391. You can review copies at the FAA, Section 162.45 of the Customs and
service-hour intervals; or New England Region, Office of the Regional Border Protection (CBP) Regulations (19
(2) Replace with P/N T10282N( ), Counsel, 12 New England Executive Park,
CFR 162.45) sets forth the procedure
T10282NB( ), T10282NK( ), or T10282NE( ) Burlington, MA, or at the National Archives
and Records Administration (NARA). For that CBP must follow when it seizes and
propeller blades as applicable, within 500
hours TSN or TSLO and not to exceed two information on the availability of this gives notice of intent to forfeit property
years after the effective date of this AD, material at NARA, call 202–741–6030, or go under administrative forfeiture
whichever occurs first. to: proceedings, as required by section 607
(j) If the actions in paragraph (h)(1) of this code_of_federal_regulations/ of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended
AD have been done, but not the actions in ibr_locations.html. (19 U.S.C. 1607). The statutory language

VerDate jul<14>2003 12:43 Feb 18, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00009 Fmt 4700 Sfmt 4700 E:\FR\FM\22FER1.SGM 22FER1
8510 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 34 / Tuesday, February 22, 2005 / Rules and Regulations

allows for administrative forfeiture matter, CBP has determined to adopt the Approved: February 16, 2005.
when CBP seizes (1) a prohibited proposal as published on January 14, Robert C. Bonner,
importation; (2) a transporting 2004. Commissioner, Customs and Border
conveyance if used to import, export, Protection.
Regulatory Flexibility Act and
transport or store a controlled substance [FR Doc. 05–3327 Filed 2–18–05; 8:45 am]
Executive Order 12866
or listed chemical; (3) any monetary BILLING CODE 4820–02–P
instrument within the meaning of 31 The amendment is changing the
U.S.C. 5312(a)(3); or (4) any conveyance, dollar value threshold governing only
merchandise or baggage for which its the form of public notice, not its INTERNATIONAL TRADE
value does not exceed $500,000. substance. Accordingly, CBP certifies COMMISSION
Specifically, § 162.45(b), CBP that the amendment will not have a
Regulations, addresses publication of significant economic impact on a 19 CFR Parts 206 and 207
notices under administrative forfeiture substantial number of small entities,
proceedings. If the value of seized Investigations Relating to Global and
pursuant to the provisions of the
property exceeds $2,500, current Bilateral Safeguard Actions, Market
Regulatory Flexibility Act (5 U.S.C. 601
paragraph (b)(1) requires publication of Disruption, Trade Diversion and
et seq.). Accordingly, it is not subject to
administrative forfeiture notices in a Review of Relief Actions; and
the regulatory analysis or other
newspaper circulated at the Customs Investigations of Whether Injury to
requirements of 5 U.S.C. 603 and 604.
port and in the judicial district where Domestic Industries Results From
For the same reasons, this document Imports Sold at Less Than Fair Value
the seizure occurred. All known parties- does not meet the criteria for a
in-interest are notified of the newspaper or From Subsidized Exports to the
‘‘significant regulatory action’’ as United States
and expected dates of publication of the specified in E.O. 12866.
notice. AGENCY: International Trade
When the value of the seized property Drafting Information Commission.
does not exceed $2,500, current The principal author of this document ACTION: Notice of final rulemaking.
paragraph (b)(2) of § 162.45 allows CBP is Mr. Fernando Peña, Office of
to publish a notice of seizure and intent Regulations and Rulings, Customs and SUMMARY: The United States
to forfeit by posting it in a conspicuous Border Protection. However, personnel International Trade Commission
place accessible to the public at the from other Bureau offices participated (Commission) hereby amends its Rules
customhouse nearest the place of in its development. of Practice and Procedure (Rules)
seizure. regarding antidumping and
Signing Authority countervailing duty (AD/CVD)
On January 14, 2004, CBP published This regulation is being issued by CBP investigations as well as certain
in accordance with 19 CFR 0.1(b)(1). safeguard and market disruption
a document in the Federal Register (69 proceedings. Under the amended Rules,
FR 2093) proposing to amend the CBP List of Subjects in 19 CFR Part 162 parties are required to file prehearing
Regulations by changing the briefs no later than five business days
requirements for publication of Administrative practice and
procedure, Customs duties and before the hearing, and they must file in
administrative forfeiture notices in
§ 162.45(b)(1) by raising the value inspection, Drug traffic control, Exports, camera requests no later than seven
Imports, Inspection, Law enforcement, business days prior to the hearing. Such
threshold of property for which CBP in camera requests and any comments
must publish an administrative Penalties, Prohibited merchandise,
Restricted merchandise, Reporting and to those requests must be served by
forfeiture notice in a newspaper from hand-delivery or next-day service.
$2,500 to $5,000. recordkeeping requirements, Search
warrants, Seizures and forfeitures. Further, petitions filed after 12 noon
Consequently, the applicability of will be deemed to be filed the following
paragraph (b)(2) would be automatically Amendment to the Regulations business day. The amended Rules no
expanded to seizures of property valued longer require clerical or other staff to
at $5,000 or under, allowing CBP to ■ For the reasons stated above, part 162
file an administrative protective order
publish the notice by posting it in a of the CBP Regulations (19 CFR part 162) (APO) application with the
conspicuous place accessible to the is amended as follows. Commission; however, they must sign a
public at the customhouse nearest the form maintained by an authorized APO
place of seizure. PART 162—INSPECTION, SEARCH,
AND SEIZURE applicant. Finally, parties must file new
CBP had last changed the regulation APO applications in NAFTA appeals.
in 1985, when it increased the dollar
■ 1. The general authority citation for DATES: The effective date of these
threshold from $250 to $2,500. Since
then, inflation has often caused the part 162 and the specific authority amendments is March 24, 2005.
costs of publication in large citation for § 162.45 continues to read as FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
metropolitan areas to exceed $2,500. follows: Marilyn R. Abbott, Secretary, United
Thus, in many cases the publication Authority: 5 U.S.C. 301; 19 U.S.C. 66, States International Trade Commission,
costs can be prohibitive when compared 1592, 1593a, 1624. telephone 202–205–2000. Hearing-
to the value of the property advertised. impaired individuals are advised that
* * * * *
information on this matter can be
Adoption of Proposal as Final Rule Section § 162.45 also issued under 19 obtained by contacting the
U.S.C. 1607, 1608; Commission’s TDD terminal at 202–
Comments on the proposed
amendment to the CBP Regulations * * * * * 205–1810. General information
were solicited. No comments were ■ 2. The first sentence of paragraph (b)(1) concerning the Commission may also be
received during the public comment of § 162.45 is amended by removing the obtained by accessing its Internet server
period, which closed on March 15, monetary amount ‘‘$2,500’’ and adding (
2004. Upon further consideration of the ‘‘$5,000’’ in its place. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:

VerDate jul<14>2003 12:43 Feb 18, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00010 Fmt 4700 Sfmt 4700 E:\FR\FM\22FER1.SGM 22FER1