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Become a Microsoft MCITP Polk State College

2008 Enterprise
Computer Network
Engineering Technology

999 Avenue H, Northeast

Administrator in 6 months Winter Haven, FL 33881

at Polk State College

This is a five course, 15 credit‐hour certification program.  Enrollees 
in this program are students who want to take college‐credit courses that 
provide the skills necessary to obtain Microsoft’s Server 2008 MCITP Enter‐
prise Administrator certification. The MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Profes‐
sional) credential is the leading certification for Windows Server 2008.  It 
provides widely recognized, objective validation of the individual’s ability 
to perform critical, current information technology (IT) job duties using Mi‐
crosoft technologies to the best advantage. MCITP Enterprise Administra‐
tors are recognized as leaders in Windows infrastructure design.  Learn
as You Go...Students will attend each course 2 nights a week for 4 weeks 
and then take a week off to take the certification exam associated with the 
class.  The track will begin on April 5th and will be over on September 27th. 

Training Location: Lakeland Campus of Polk State College

The cost per class is $318.54 excluding text and exam. (See Note Below)

       Microsoft MCITP Enterprise Administrator          
Microsoft MCITP: Enterprise Administrator          
Course #  Ref#  Course Title  Dates  Times  Room  tor  Dates  Exam # 
CTS2345 5:30‐
C  24981  Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration  M/W  9:20P  LTB2265  Black  4/5‐4/28  70‐640 
CTS1347 Server 2008 Network Infrastructure/ 5:30‐
C  24854  Configuration  M/W  9:20P  LTB2265  Black  5/10‐6/7  70‐642 
CTS2343 Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure Con‐ 5:30‐
C  24855  figuration  M/W  9:20P  LTB2265  Black  6/16‐7/14  70‐643 
CTS2342 5:30‐
C  24982  Server 2008 Enterprise Administration  M/W  9:20P  LTB2265  Black  7/26‐8/18  70‐647 
CTS1162 5:30‐
C  24980  Configuring Windows 7  M/W  9:20P  LTB2265  Black  8/30‐9/27  70‐680 

Note: Courses are being provided through the Computer Network Engineering Technology department
of Polk State College. The price per class does not include text or exam. Text can be purchased from
the college bookstore or online. Exams can be purchased from, and test taken at, Polk State College.

For information concerning this offering, call Cliff Bennett at 863.6692837 or email me at