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TESOL Program .

Name: ______Sam_________

Aim: To teach some vocabulary about sports and make my student memorize the vocabulary well.
To practice reading for specific information and reading quickly.
To practice writing more professional by making outline.

Materials: p. 32
A story about Olympics
Pictures of sports
Pictures for teaching verbs related to sports
A globe
True and false exercise for reading
Fill in the blanks exercise for specific reading

Vocab/ Eliciting questions /grammar details/

Stage Activity Materials
example sentences
I; explain the Olympic games and the meaning of -Do you know what five rings in the Picture of the Olympic
five rings in the Olympic flag by showing the flag Olympic flag mean? flag
of the Olympics - Have you watched the Olympic games?
- What is your favourite sport? Pictures of medals and
Warm Up

- Do you know when the first Olympic results in Beijing

Student: gives names of five oceans and finds games started? Olympic games
where five oceans are with the globe. - When were the last Olympic games?
A globe
the Pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean,
the Indian ocean, the Arctic ocean,
the Antarctic ocean
I: explain the vocabulary about sports names. Vocabulary Verb Pictures about sports
1. Show her each picture of sports names Gymnastics Throw
2. Ask her “what he/she is doing?” or “what Weight-lifting Serve
you can see in the picture?” and then “what Rowing Hit
kind of sport it is?” Sailing Kick
3. Give her a few seconds to think about it Horseback-riding Dive
4. Tell her the vocabulary that she is struggling Windsurfing Tackle
to find Table tennis Commit a foul

Explain verbs related to sports

1. Show her each picture that someone is

doing the target verb acting in

2. Ask her what he/she is doing
3. Make an action to explain the target verb What kind of sport do you like?
4. Give her a few seconds to think about it
5. Introduce the target verb

1. Erase all that I write down and leave the
pictures on the white board.
2. Point each picture and ask her “do you
remember what kind of sport it is?” or “what
he/she is doing?”
At first reading True or false exercise Reading material
1. Explain how to read quickly and effectively 1. The first modern Olympic games
2. Tell her “don’t read from the first of an were held in London in 1896. True or false exercise
article to the end, read the questions first, find 2. There were no real team sports in
where they are and then read specific points the first Olympics. Fill in the blanks exercise
to get the answers 3. Horseback-riding was introduced at
3. Give her true or false exercise the Olympics in St. Louis in 1904.
4. Give her a reading material 4. Windsurfing was introduced in Los
5. Read it now Angeles Olympics in 1984.
6. Check the answer briefly 5. Golf and rugby have never returned
in the Olympics.
1. False
2. True
3. False
4. True
5. True

Fill in the blanks exercise

At second reading
1. Tell her check where the answers are in the
2. Give her fill in the blanks exercise
3. Read it again
4. Check the answers briefly
Writing Outline A paper
1. Introduction
1. Build the outline to write down an essay 2. Main subject and supporting
2. Ask her “what kind of sport do you like?” sentences
I write down sports names that she likes 3. Conclusion
on the white board.
3. Ask her “what is your favourite sport?” What is your favourite sport?
I write down her favourite sport on the
white board.
4. Ask her “why do you like it more than the 3 reasons why she likes it more
others?” I write down 3 reasons why she
likes it more
5. Give her a paper to write down