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Christchurch Leadership Conference

(In association with the School of Sciences and Physical Education)
University of Canterbury
Key Partners
The School of Sciences 16 & 17 November 2009
and Physical Education

Topics include:
• Management versus leadership
• Teacher as inquirer: Using data
• Leadership skills to grow the team
• What does quality Physical Education in primary schools
look like?
LEADERS OF LEARNING • The nuts and bolts of leading and running a department
IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION • Catering for diversity in teaching Physical Education
• Maximising value of the Kiwisport initiative
LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2009 • Pathways and postgraduate study
• Philosophy to practice - ensuring the match
• Inquiry based learning - the family of models
• Valuing Physical Education in the current environment
Auckland Leadership Conference
(In association with the School of Sport and Recreation) Conference aims Targeted participants
AUT University, Northcote, North Shore Campus • Encourage and motivate those in physical • Primary school teachers of Physical Education
The School of Sport 23 & 24 November 2009 education to think about and consider who are, or wish to become, Lead Teachers
and Recreation
implications for their practice as related to NZ • Secondary school Physical Education teachers
Curriculum who are, or wish to become, Head of
Topics include: • Provide leadership and management insights Department
• What is Physical Education anyway? when stepping up from teacher to head of • Teachers who wish to better understand and
• Teacher as inquirer and inquiry-based learning department or lead teacher positions implement quality Health and Physical Education
• The integrated curriculum • Debate the use of the kiwisport initiative for • School Principals or management team
• Situated learning the benefit of our children/students learning members
• EOTC guidelines • Consider the place and potential of Health • Tertiary level Physical Education teacher
• Using outside providers and Physical Education for student learning. educators and advisors
• Leadership for future leaders
• Leading primary school Physical Education
• Education pathways when career planning
• Traditional Maori games
• Maximising value of the Kiwisport initiative
• Leadership - Vision and practice

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good rate. Have you at
considered membership? for details
8.00 - 9.00am Registration - Tea and coffee available
Conference Programme
Evolving Communities Beyond Services: 9.00 - 9.15am Welcome and Introduction to the Day - Anne Jackson,
Deputy Secretary Schooling, Ministry of Education Monday 24 November

Building Bridges National Community

11.00am Powhiri - delegates are to be gathered on the Marae
Marae by 10.55am for a briefing on the powhiri
9.15 - 9.30am The role and importance of standards supporting IT for

learning, education and training 12.00pm Lunch Marae
Bruce Peoples, Chair of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36

Mental Health and Addictions Conference 2010 9.30 - 10.00am Enhancing education now through a new generation of digital
learning standards.
12.45 –

Facilitated by Marcus Akuhata-Brown

Introduction - house Keeping, lay of the land,


Marcus Brown, Tukaha Global

programme explanation Consultancy
Rob Abel, CEO IMS Global Learning Consortium.

14 – 16 April 2010, Wellington Convention Centre, NZ

12.55pm Welcome to AUT and the significance of this Marilyn Waring, AUT University –
conference for the building of capacity and Institute of Public Policy
10.00am Morning tea (West Gallery) effectiveness of community driven research AUT
has DEMONSTRATED its commitment to.

Authoring Storing & Using Lifecycle 1.05pm Welcome by ANZTSR – host organisation
and an affiliate of an international body (ISTR)
Dr Kevin Brown, Senior Lecturer,
Deakin University, Australia
finding Illot Theatre - Square Affair - DEMONSTRATING its commitment to an ANZ/
Civic 1 – level 2 Civic 2 – level 2 Ground floor Ground floor Pasifika presence.

1.15pm Putting Research in its Place Pat Hanley, Co-Chair, Tangata

10.30 - 11.00am The role of National digital Collaborative Let’s
Transcending barriers, cultures and differences in our standards for heritage archive partnerships accompany a
From his experience as Chair of the Pukerua Bay
Residents Association Pat will briefly demonstrate
Whenua Community & Voluntary
Sector Research Centre
how research can be a powerful tool for
approach to community mental health and addiction services. e-learning
- a world’s first
Lynn Benson,
with cultural
and scientific
digital resource
the whole day
communities struggling with complexities issues
and opportunities.

Dr Norm National Library institutions Christian 1.25pm As Boundaries Blur Pat Hanley, Co-Chair, Tangata
Friesen, of New Zealand James Aitken, Stracke, Ian will explore the changing dynamics of Whenua Community & Voluntary
Evolving Communities Beyond Services: Canada The Learning Germany
relationships between the sectors and asks
how research can contribute to the success and
Sector Research Centre
Ian Leader, Operations Director
Federation /
Building Bridges National Community
growth of local cross-sector interactions. of the Centre for Community
Investment and Development, AUT
Helen Cooper,
Ministry of
Mental Health and Addictions Conference 2010
1.35pm Effective Community Lyn Campbell, Commissioner,
Effective communities place high value on Families Commission
Education building connectedness, by using a ‘family-
centred lens’ in planning and implementation of
11.10 - 11.40am Matching Referencing Digital content How to model policy. 14 – 16 April 2010, Wellington Convention Centre, NZ curriculum to

heritage and
standards: ‘A
the content
1.45pm Free time - Delegates can familiarise themselves with the conference programme

Mike Collett, promoting driver for Sandy Britain 2.00 – 3.00pm DEMONSTRATIONS
UK reusability standards in
(metadata) digital content DEMONSTRATION Presenter(s) Room Room Host

• The changing face of mental health and addictions services at primary level Pierre-Julien
Guay, Canada
is the user’
Lewis Brown,
Involving Young People in the Youth Researchers WA220 Suzanne Grant
Research Process from Youthline
• Evolving needs of mental health & addiction consumers in the new environment Digital NZ
Human Rights Community Dr Jill Chrisp and WA224A Betsan Martin
• Clinical meets community – clash or collaboration? 1.45 - 12.30pm (Panel) Metadata: Meeting the challenges of metadata for
Development: A Developing Praxis Andrew Pragnell, New
Zealand Human Rights

• Youth health groups – a lesson in shared service development? digital learning resources. Commission

Hadyn Green, Robyn White, Christian M. Stracke, Mike

Coping in the current climate and maintaining innovation
Growing Research in Practice: Playing Elizabeth Beddoe, Mike O’Brien
• Colette, Liddy Nevile the Partnership Game University of Auckland

• The challenges of forensic mental health 3.00 – 3.30pm AFTERNOON TEA Atrium
• Workshops, key note speakers, plenary and flexi-track sessions will enable you to explore the latest 12.30 - 1.30pm Lunch (West Gallery)
thinking on these topics and more.

Since 1997 Building Bridges has set the standard for Australasian community mental health conferences
with its always challenging and innovative content. This is the fifth Building Bridges conference and it DEMONSTRATIONS
promises to once again bring together the latest thinking on community mental health and addiction
services. It’s an opportunity to share new research, workshop and collaborate on solutions and meet with Involving Young People in the Research Process

the many and varied providers and consumers of services. Jany Lowry, Youthline
Youthline is a youth development organi-
sation. Youth development is about being
connected, having quality relationships,
So are you going to the Building Bridges Conference? fostering participation and being able to
access good information. Youthline brings
innovation and experience to its research,
evaluation and advocacy functions and has
been involved in a number of research ini-
tiatives in its nearly 40 years of operation.
Contact Information: This presentation looks at involving young people in the research process, taking young
Flow Events Ltd people from simply being researched to being researchers. It will cover best practice around
involving young people in your projects and the benefits and challenges that this can bring.
Amy Fitzgerald Finally, the presentation will briefly cover the process of developing an NGO into a learning

+64 21 948 801 The youth researchers presenting this session are Sasha Raveora, Norman Tuimalu, Teresa Vailahi, Trent Faliv and Renee Haiu.

Human Rights Community Development: A Developing Praxis

Dr Jill Chrisp and Andrew Pragnell, New Zealand Human Rights Commission

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission is piloting a human

rights community development approach that aims at building
Evolving Communities community capability to identify, advocate for, and resolve local
human rights issues, and to include human rights approaches in

Beyond Services local planning and decision-making. Taku Manawa (My Human
Rights) is both a process and an outcome encouraging a human
rights approach to community transformation.

In this session the Human Rights Commission will provide an over-

view of Taku Manawa and of the human rights community develop-
ment approach. Participants will then be invited to take part in a
“deliberative dialogue” process that will further demonstrate and
enhance our praxis.

Jill Chrisp is currently working with the New Zealand Human Rights Commission, Te Kāhui
Tika Tangata. Her background is in education and social sciences with key research and
practice areas involving cultural diversity, social action, structural analysis, community
development, and participatory processes in research, education and development.


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