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Jon Hilder / Relay Worker / North Wales 54 Orme Road

LL57 1AY
Prayer & newsletter / March 2010. e-mail
Last time I wrote, we’d just finished a very positive mission week here in Bangor. Since then
07749 832010
much has happened. The leadership of the CU has changed, and the new team has started with
real zeal and enthusiasm. We ran a weekend for them, and other new leaders in Welsh unis,
at which they were given quality teaching and training, as well as a chance to get to know each
other. I was very disappointed to miss this weekend because of a stomach bug. But it seems to
have had a great impact on those who went, as they really seem to understand more fully and
be excited about what the CU is here for – it’s a mission team reaching Bangor students with
the good news of Jesus!
If you remember, we had twenty-five students interested in finding out more after mission week.
Unfortunately we haven’t seen or heard from most of them again. Please pray that the seed
planted in mission week wouldn’t be snatached away by Satan. There are a couple reading
through Mark’s gospel with two of the CU though. One of them came into contact with us after
mission week and appears to have put her trust in Jesus in the last couple of weeks!! Trip with Dad to Lake Idwal, Snowdonia.
Last week the CU did some special easter outreach, including giving out free hot cross buns
and engaging with students by asking them to complete an easter themed questionnaire. In the What have I been learning?...
evenings they did an event for international students and organised an easter service. I have been reading John Stott’s The
Cross of Christ. I was so blessed by
My book group has finished – all 10 chapters. It was a small affair, but worthwhile because it reading about subsitution, atonement
seems that those who read the book were really challenged and insipred by what they read, and blood in the Old Testament and how
including myself. I’m planning to run another book group after easter, for christian guys. the sacrificial system, the passover, day
of atonement etc. all point to Jesus!
Please continue to pray for CUs across North Wales; that Christian students would live and
speak for Jesus and unbelievers would be saved.
coming up…
Please pray for me too. Things are quite busy at the moment and the time seems to be flying 29–7 Apr Easter break
by so quickly. Both Una and I are looking for jobs, preparing for a wedding and married life, as 12–18 April Steward @ New Word Alive
well as concentrating on doing relay work. Please pray for real guidance and direction in post
relay life. Also, that I won’t neglect relationships in busy times – with God, friends and family.
I’m really looking forward to a break at easter and going home for a few days. Once I return to
Bangor there will be but a couple of months left, so please pray that I’ll really make the most of UCCF Office T 0116 255 1700
my time and finish my work here well. 38 De Montfort St. F 0116 255 5672
Thank you so, so much for reading and praying for the students and myself, Jon :) LE1 7GP
Registered charity number 306137