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Mastering My Negative Mind

By Sewa Singh
This concept of three discrete modalities of mind has been a priceless gift. When I first
heard Yogi Bhajan sharing this technology, I was so addicted to my negative mind that I
could not even really conceive of the other two states of being. I excused my preponderance
of negative thoughts by suggesting to myself that they came from some mysterious positive
origins. What a joke on myself. I similarly deluded myself into thinking I had some skill
with the neutral mind by imagining a mysterious process where the negative thoughts were
really an expression of the neutral mind. Wow, what an excuse for more obnoxious
argument with self and everyone around me!
My first breakthrough came because Yogiji described the values and functions of the
negative mind. When I realized that, in spite of all the anger, powerlessness, fear and
bitterness behind the negativity, it actually had some value in human survival and a
protective function in my life, I began to truly accept this aspect of myself.
Only when I stopped disliking my negative mind, could I begin to acknowledge and nurture
my positive mind. Previous to this I unfairly characterized people expressing a strong
positive mind as nave, weak and in great danger. By recognizing the value, function and
blessing of the positive mind within myself, I began to embrace the concept of See God in
all, or dont see God at all.
So acceptance of some of the least admirable aspects of myself was the beginning of the
process of shedding these barriers to kindness, caring and compassion.
Accept the sacred origins of both your protective negative mind and hope-filled positive
mind and the neutral mind effortlessly begins to appear. The neutral mind is the most
elusive, yet most powerful of the three. It is the mind that allows us to see the faults of
others and then un-see them. It is the mind that gives us the vision to see the diagonal
solution in every problem. It is the mind that allows us to drop our small experience of self
and replace it with the vast acceptance of the Infinite variety so exquisitely expressed at
every level in nature.
If the neutral mind is nurtured by our ability to drop all addiction to the positive/negative
mind dance of duality, comprised of endless conversations, dramas, arguments and battles,
tranquility of being is the guaranteed result. The most effective technology to train oneself
to dwell in the peace and radiance of the neutral mind is Nam Simran.[1] It is an incredible
process to fluidly connect with the sacredness of being that is our core nature. It can be
done anywhere, any time, even in dreams. It stops the endless duel between positive and
negative minds. It connects us to the Etheric Divine through the process of awareness and
to the sacredness of our material Reality through the act of breathing. In this way you
dissolve duality and integrate the finite with the Infinite. Inhale Sat, exhale Nam. What an
amazing gift.

Sewa Singh Khalsa is one of Yogi Bhajans early students. He has acted as a counselor for
many couples and individuals, basing his approach purely on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.
He is also an accomplished artist and his work can be seen on He
lives in Seattle, Washington, with his wife, Sewa Kaur.