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Low Voice HiGH VoIcE FIVE SHAKESPEARE SONGS Second Set FEAR NO MORE THE HEAT O THE SUN UNDER THE GREENWOOD TREE IT WAS A LOVER AND HIS LASS TAKE.O TAKE THOSE LIPS AWAY HEY. HO.THE WIND AND THE RAIN Set to Musi ROGER QUILTER (oP.23) To the memory of ROBIN HoLLWay. Fear no more the heat o’ the Sun Words by Music by SHAKESPEARE ROGER QUILTER on 23.99. Andante moderato, (4-92) espress.e legato. Piano. oh 2 poco riten Imy ne espress,_ 17 "Pa tempo. of —— nf legato. Fear nomore the heat o” thesun, Northe fur - iouswin-ter’s ra - ges; ¥ Thou thy world -ly task hast done, Home art gone, andtaen thy wa - ges: a Gol-den lads and girls ail must, As chim-ney sweepers, come to dust. __ =e = wilet =Tyy 4 R + # Mm © # =. © Copyright 1921 by Boosey & Co. 2. Fear no more the frown o° the great, spree mp Thou art past the tyrant’s stroke; Care no more to clothe and eat; To —= _ = thee thereed is as the oak: The scep-trelearning, phy-sic, must All — iA. a | 7 Ge Fa + ew poco rit. fol - low this, and come to dust, _ poco rit. 6 "POS yp ———~pochiss rit WA Pi ee PLer espress £07 tbo sua mo Cis Fear no more the mp a tempo. pitt sonoro. the Fear no more a tempo. mp pit sonoro. thun - der-stone; hast fin- ished joy _—_— Thou _ aay lov- ers must Con- sign_1o_thee, Fear no more the heat 0” the sua. light ~ ’nirg flash, not slan-der, Li. and moan: All lor the all-dread - ed cen- sure rash; RH dolce. lov - ers young, all and ad» 4, 10390 pp sempre a tempo. No ex-or-ci-ser harm thee! RH) ——~> ee = |] sempre a tempo. ep thee! Ghost un-laid for - bear thee! mp —— »p : = te aS Noth-ing ill come near thee! - ma- tion have: a wa 15 be 9 | ot rae —— be —— = | 7 ff —-F 7 fF | : Ae barney % 8 ee a, * en Pid tranguillo dim And re-nown - éd nit tranguillo, be thy gravel. morendo. Fear no more the heat o” the sua. To WALTER CREIGHTON. 6 Under the Greenwood Tree Words by Music by SHAKESPEARE. ROGER QUILTER ane Allegro moderato ma giocoso. (6.96). Voice. Piane. F marcato. aa. * nf, Un - der the greenwood tree Who loves to lie with me, nf, leggrero £ pochiss. riten, a tempo mer - ry note Un - to the sweet birdS throat, pochiss. riten. Ja tempo == oy © Copyright 1919 by Boosey & Co, hith - er, come hith - er, come hith - er: Here shall he Sf staccato e marcato. Win - ter and rough = marcato e con spiriti Who doth am-bi - tion leggiero poco cresc. And loves to live i” the Seek - ing the i —_ o ‘EO, CPPS. Under the Grienmuod ‘Tree pochiss riten. @ tempo. food he eats, And pleased with what he gets, Come hith - er, come i= £ oo > ochiss. a fa tempol ie riten. Ia = = |staccato e marcato] hith - er, come hith - fere shall he see marcato. Win -ter, but win-ter, win-ter and rough wea - z oF s marcato, a tempo. sempre a tempo pa ently, Imolto giocoso e marcato. a wz * Zo tee. Under the 6 To WALTER CREIGHTON, a It was a Lover and his Lass Words by Music by SHAKESPEARE ROGER QUILTER. oP 23. 8 Allegretto moderato (=74) Voice Piano. was a lov-er andhislassWitha hey,anda ho,And a hey ng-ni-no, That oer the green corn-field did pass, In the spring time, EE Originally written ax a duet for Soprano aad Alto in G Major. W. 10390 © Copyright 1921 by Boosey & Co. Copyright as a duet 1919 by Boosey & Co. =——_ dolce. pret - ty ring When birds do sing, hey ing a ding,ding, ding 4 ding, ding, ding ding, ding, Sweet lov-ers love the pri A espress. - tween the a-cres Of the rye,Witha hey, and a ho,and a cantabile. = mf" Iwas a Lover and his Lass, hey no-ni-no, These H. 40890. fe poco ten. a tempo. * 4 == 2 2 = 5 —— —_— = ese ; y - try folks would lie, In the spring time, pocoten. atempo. | | he Le the on - ly pret - ty ring birds do sing,hey ding a ding, ding, dinga ding, ding, dinga ding,ding;Sweet 5 + t 2 ad * ‘os Se * poco pis tranguillo, lov-ers love the This —=—=—_-_ spring = (poco rit mf Tt was a Lover and his Lass a, 19390 Ca-rol they be - gan that hour, With a hey, and a ho, and a a tempo, ma poco pid tranguillo, 7 = ’Ia mp espress. poco riten. a tempo. hey fo-hi-no, How that life was but a flowr In spring _ time, In — pocorit. a» a tempo. Sa spring time, the on- ly a, * atempo. espress. “rp pochiss. riten. ding ading.ding, dingading,ding: Sweet lov-ers, sweet 2d fe é jochiss. riten. 2 3 ding a ding,ding, by Ga. * ta. « %& * [twas a Lover and his Lass. H. 10390, 13 pockiss.rit, mf lov-ers love the spring. a tempo primo. therefore take the pre- sent time,With a hey, and a ho, and a a tempo primo. nf Cantabile. —= poco riten. a tempo. hey no-ni-no,For love is crown-éd with the prime Inthe spring time, — poco riten| a tempo. [twas a Lover and his Lass, 1, 40390 4 the on - ly pret - ty ring — birds do sing, hey ding a ding, ding, ding a ding, ding, , poco. ritard ~~ ‘ten - an = - = do. —w = ding a ding, ding; Sweet lov-ers love the spring. poco — fen. Sa, * Ro 192 Ht was a Lover and his Lass. 4, 40390, To A.C LANDSBERG. o Take, O take those lips away. Words by Music by SHAKESPEARE. ROGER QUILTER Op 28. 4. Andante espressivo. (d=60) mp Voice. Take, O take those Piane. —= mp espress That so sweet - ly were for-sworn; —_— a od r—F fF a. * poco cresc. —$—= And thoseeyes, the break of day, Lights that do mis-lead the — pococrese., J—~y| J © Copyright 1921 by Boosey & Co, K. 10390 PD espress. = —$—_—— But my kiss-es bring a-gain, Sa, * dim. e poco rit. mf é ee a + Zz o Seals of love, but sealed, ees apt oh Pp riten PP but sealed in vain! a tempo tranquillo, i pespress———— morendo- + s San * 108, Take, 0 take those lips away. 4. 10390 To Waren CaBIGHTON. : . ” Hey, ho, the Wind and the Rain. Words by Music by SHAKESPEARE. ROGER QUILTER. Allegretto mareato (=90) Pianos mf ben ritmico. leggiero. 4—_f 5 —— 2 S| # — a tempo. ten, SSE — but a toy, Forthe rain —___ fain-eth ey -’r: ‘alempo. © Copyright 1921 by Boosey & Co 4, 10390 mp But when I came to giocoso. man’s es-tate, With hey, ho, the wind and the rain; a tempo. knavesandthievesmen shut their gate,Forthe rain. espress Tain-eth ev-’ry —E . But oco rit. ~~ Hey, ho,the Wind and the Rain 4H. 40390 ¢ poco meno mosso. atempo. a when I came a - last to wive,With hey, ho, the wind and the rain; poco meno mosso. a tempo, ————_ mf —== f _—__ nf By swagger-ing could I nev-er thrive, For the nf — sr it rain-eth ev-’ry day. Pit moderato poco ten. = j_# Hey, to,the Wind and the Rain. 1 40890 20 rp a tempo. greatwhilea-go the world be-gunWith hey, Pit moderato. ho, the wind and the rain; 7 leggiero. Pit largamente. a tempo. But that’s all one,our play ‘is done,Andwell strive, _—_ we'll ten. mf| Pid largamente. fn mbp fa crac cresc. molto. ti strive fo please you ev - { 7 con spirito, = molto. Sh 1 be poco accel. mf stacc. w wo oo & Ba. "RO.1621. Hey, ho,the Wind and the Rain. 1, 10890.