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Numr participani: 10-30

Vrst participani: 9-99 ani
Durat joc: 5-10 min.
Materiale necesare: fular
Desfurare joc: Juctorii sunt adunai n cerc. Ei se prind de umeri.

mijloc st un alt juctor. Acesta este scorpionul. El are un fular bine legat
de glezn. El merge n mini i picioare i trebuie s ating cu fularul la
glezn pe unul din cerc. Cercul se poate mica n toate felurile i
direciile, dar nu are voie s se desfac. Cel atins de scorpion este noul

Piatra magic
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Numr participani: 8-25

Durat joc: 10-15 min.
Desfurare joc: Toi juctorii

Vrst participani: 8-99 ani

Materiale necesare: piatr sau

stau cu minile ntinse i cu palmele
deschise n cerc. Un juctor merge n cerc i se face c druiete
fiecruia o piatr. Fiecare nchide imediat palma. n realitate ns, doar
unul primete piatra. Dup ce toi au fost atini, cel cu piatra fuge spre
un punct anume, dinainte stabilit. Ceilali trebuie s l prind nainte ca
el s ajung acolo. Cine l prinde, este urmtorul care d piatra. Dac nu
l prinde nimeni, fugarul aeaz piatra jos.
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Numr participani: 8-25

Durat joc: 5-10 min.
Desfurare joc: Juctorii

Vrst participani:
Materiale necesare:

8-99 ani

formeaz un cerc. Un juctor este un pictor. El

st n mijloc i ncearc s-i aleag culorile. El strig o culoare, de ex.
albastru, i fuge dup ceilali pentru a atinge pe unul dintre ei i a-l face
pictor n locul su. Ceilali se pot apra, dac ating un obiect de culoarea
strigat, de ex. albastru.
Observaii: Se joac n ncpere.

Free Tips For Leaders

Teen Recreational Programming
Games for Teens
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Capture the Flag

Somewhat of a war game with periods of seemingly inactive play interspersed with moments of great excitement and
confusion. Always interesting with endless strategies, with opportunities for coordinated teamwork, individual heroism,
and plenty of exercise for those who want it.

Equipment Needed:
2 bandanas, boundary markers. A key to success is selecting a large playing field, at least football or soccer size. If it's
irregular, with trees, bushes, and gullies for hiding, so much the better. Please be aware of safety, this can be a high ri
game. I've played this many times at dusk (or in the dark) with the occasional fall or sprained ankle.

Divide the field in half. The boundaries should be clearly marked, especially the center dividing line. A bandana is place
in plain view on each side of the field, usually as far back as possible.
To steal your opponents flag and bring it back into your own territory.

Divide into two teams. If a player is tagged inside the other teams' territory they must go to "Jail." This is an imaginar
area usually within twenty feet of the flag. The only way to be released is for another member of your team to come a
tag you. You are then given free passage back to your own territory. Play usually focuses on some players attacking,
others defending the flag and prisoners. You may need to enforce a clear perimeter around the flag to prevent defende
from physically making it impossible to snatch away. If someone is tagged while bringing back the flag, you may take i
back to its original location or leave it where the person was caught. The latter option speeds up game play, since they
may be only 10 feet away from crossing the center line. Decoys and feints come into play, but let the kids come up wit
their own strategies. One game may last a couple minutes or over an hour.
Nobody like to be in "Jail" forever. For more active participation, especially with younger kids, put a time limit on their
sentence, say 5 minutes. Then they are free to go.

If defenses rule the day, try adding a second flag to each side. This spreads out the action and results in quicker game
Elephant, Palm Tree, Monkey
Players stand in a circle, close enough to touch the person next to them without straining.

Two or three "its" stand inside the circle. Each "it" points to a different player and calls out "elephant," "palm tree," or
"monkey." For "elephant," the person pointed at crosses their arms out in front of them forming a trunk, while the
players to each side cup their arms toward the center person, forming large ears. For "Palm Tree," the person pointed
raises their arms straight up, while the players to the side point move close to the center person, pointing their arms u
and away. For "Monkey," the center person puts their hands over their eyes, the person to the right puts their hands
over their ears, and the person to the left puts their hands over their mouth. This creates the classic "Hear no evil, see
no evil, speak no evil" pose.

After calling out a position, "it" quickly counts to ten. If any or all of the players don't respond correctly or in time, the
become "its" and trade places.

Group stands in a tight circle. Each person reaches out with their right hand and grabs hold of somebody across from
them. Then reach out with left hand to somebody else. The hands you're holding should not be of someone standing
next to you. Now, very slowly and carefully, try to untangle the group without letting go of hands. Let the kids take the
lead in giving directions. Be sure to monitor for safety as they climb over each other. It's okay to momentarily release
hands to get a more comfortable grip. Start in small groups, then work your way up to one big knot with everybody.

Ha Ha Ha
Have one person lie on the floor. The second person puts their head on the first persons' stomach. This continues until
everyone is lying down. The first person says "Ha", the second "Ha Ha" and so on until the everyone has said their
correct numbers of Ha's or the entire group bursts into a fit of giggles which will always happen!

Around the World

Have the group in a circle holding hands. Break one set of linked arms and put a plastic hoop in between and re-link th
hands. The object of the game is get the hoop around the circle, over and under people in a certain amount of time. Th
time will depend on the size of the group. I suggest you overestimate the amount of time you think it will take for the
hoop to make it around the first time. You can always have a bonus round with a much shorter amount of time allotted
and have the group try to beat the clock.

Lap Sit
Divide into groups of 10 or more. Stand in a circle shoulder-to-shoulder, facing inward. Now everyone takes a quarter
turn to their left and takes one step toward the center. The circle should be really tight now. Make sure the right toe is
touching the heel of the person in front of you. Adjust the circle accordingly. Communication is the key to this activity.
Have everyone sit down at the same time. Go slow. You should have a tight circle of everyone sitting on the lap of the
person behind them. If you get really good you can try walking in a circle, while still in this sitting position. Say "1, 2, 3
right.... 1,2,3, left......."

Honey, If You Love Me

This is a game where a person goes and sits on someone else's lap, (or just stands in front of them) in an attempt to
make that person smile. The instigator asks three times, "Honey, if you love me, will you please, please smile?" The
person that is trying to refrain from smiling must look the instigator in the face and reply, "Honey, I really love you, bu
I just can't smile." If they do smile at any time, they trade places with the instigator.
Back to Back
Two people should pair up that are of equal height and weight. Partners sit back to back on ground. The object is to
stand up in unison while communicating. Make sure you don't place your hands on the ground, as injury may occur.
Once all groups have accomplished the task, group into fours and eights until the entire group succeeds together.
I Like Everybody, Especially Those....
Everyone is seated in chairs, in circle formation. The leader stands in the middle of the circle. The object is for the
leader to call out what they like about people and if this pertains to anybody in the group, they must leave their chair
and find another one. The leader also finds an empty chair, therefore there will be a new leader. For example, "I like
people, especially those who wear jeans." Everyone wearing jeans must find a new seat.

Elbow Tag
Define the boundaries of a large area. Everyone finds a partner and hook elbows. Make sure teams are distributed
evenly over the playing area. Each person puts their free hand on their hip, elbow out, creating a hook. Divide a team
and make one person the "chaser" and the other the "fleer." The object is to hook elbows with another team before
getting tagged by the chaser. Once hooked up, the person on the other end of this now three person chain becomes th
fleer. If tagged, they trade places, with the fleer becoming the chaser, and the chaser becoming the fleer. Anyone

running outside of the boundaries also must become the chaser. This game is fun to watch, so much so, players are
often caught unawares when they've suddenly become the fleer! To add dynamics to this game, have two or three
chasers and fleers going at the same time.

Games for Teenagers

The Flour Game

People: Variable

Goal: Fun

Time: 15 - 60 mins

Materials: Newspaper, lollies or coins, Flour (lots), Container, knife


Get everyone into a circle, In the centre lay lots of paper and on a plate
create a flour castle.

On the top of the castle place a coin or lolly.

Each player must chop a bit off the castle without dislodging the coin or
lolly. Once a peice of the castle has been removed pass the knife on to the next

When a player knocks the coin or lolly down into the flour pile, that
person must retrieve it with their teeth, no hands allowed.

Make sure a towel is handy to clean up and start again.

Additional Details:

For more difficulty use a smaller coin.

You could also use a blindfold to make it more difficult.

Be prepared for a big mess!

Balloon Warfare

People: 10+

Goal: Fun

Time: 10 - 30 mins

Materials: Balloons


divide group into 2 teams.

Have the teams sit in a line opporsite each other, with a 1-1.5 meter gap.

The object of the game is to get the balloon to land behind the other
teams line. The defensive line can lean back to save the balloon from hitting
the floor.

Each player cannot lift their Bums off the ground. Anyone caught doing so
forfits that game.

The first team to reach 10 wins.

Additional Details:

For more difficulty add extra balloons.

Water Obsticle Course

People: 20+

Goal: Fun

Time: 20 - 40 mins

Materials: 1 Bucket and 4 cups per team, water, Any obsticles that you can find


divide group into teams with 4 players per team.

Each team Starts with 4 empty cups. when the whisle goes they must fill
the cups with water and navigate an obsticle course as fast as possible while
trying not to spill anything.

Once finished the course they must put the water in the bucket and the
timer is stopped. A combination of the timer and the amount of water left will
determine the winning group.

Obsticle course ideas:


Pushing one member on a bike

Going under a blanket or canvas

Kicking a soccerball around cones

Going through hoops

Walking a rope or plank

Piggy backing each other

Putting down water and shooting a ball into a hoop (every player)

Walking backwards

balancing the cups in some way

Changing cups half way through the game

Anything else you think may be enjoyable as well as challanging

Additional Details:

Dont make the course too long or the teams waiting will get bored.

The first group will inevitably be the slowest, so a quicker group may
need to go first.

Warning some groups will want to go again.

Good for large groups such as scouts, youth groups or church outings etc.

3 Legged Soccer

People: 10+

Goal: Active, Fun

Time: 20 - 45 mins

Materials: Leg ties, soccer ball


Pair up players and get them to tie their inner leg together (like the 3
legged race). Split pairs into 2 teams, try to get pairs of equal skill on each

Set up goals at either end of a field. Then just like normal soccer you can
only kick the ball. Normal rules apply.

If one of the pair falls over the pair must stay on the ground till taged by
another pair from their team.

The team with the most points wins

Additional Details:

To make things harder for them you can only allow them to use the inner
leg (the one tied together) to kick the ball.

The Big Egg Throw

People: Variable

Goal: Catching skills, Fun

Time: 10-20 mins

Materials: 1 raw egg per pair (additional eggs if required)


Everyone is paired off into pairs. Each pair is given an uncooked egg.
Each pair then stands 1m away from each other.

On the leaders command the egg is to be thrown to the other person and
then back again.

Everyone then takes one large step (approximately .5 metre) and the
process repeats.

Once the egg breaks that pair is out of the game. If the egg lands on the
ground and does not break. The throw is taken again.

The pair that gets the furtherest apart wins.

Additional Details:

Expect a mess, make sure everyone is allowed to get messy.

If eggs are to messy you can replace them with Water bombs (not as
much fun though).

Hit the Deck

People: 10+

Goal: Very Active, Fun

Time: 10 - 20 mins

Materials: none


One person (an adult) is Sargent Major. The players are the sailors on a
boat. The Sargent Major yells out a command and all the soldiers follow the

After a few practice runs the person last to complete the command is out
of the game. The winner is the last one left.

To really make this game exciting the Sargent Major yells out command
after command even before they have got to the first location.

Here are some of the terms used in the game. You can make up your own
as well.

Run to the ends of the pretend ship: Bow (front/North of ship),

Stern (Back/South of ship), Starboard (Right/East side of ship), Port
(left/West side of ship).

Captains coming: Stop where you are and present a salute.

Freeze: Stop where you are frozen.

Man the guns: Sit where you are and pretend to be fireing a
machine gun.

Scrub the decks: Kneeling down and pretending to scrub the


Man overboard: Hand to head as if looking for someone in the


Man the lifeboats: Sit down and paddle frantically.

Climb the rigging: Pretending to climb a rope ladder.

Hit the Deck: Lie flat on your stomach as if a bomb raid.

Whatever other ideas you can come up with

Additional Details:

Suitable for functions in a large hall.

For added difficulty you could have to Sargents calling orders to 2

different groups.

WaterBomb Warfare

People: 14+

Goal: Strategy, Bonding, Fun

Time: 20 - 30 mins

Materials: Lots and lots of waterbombs (at least 200 per 20 players more if


You need a large area (50-100 metres long) preferably with trees or
obsticles to make it more challanging.

Divide the players into 2 teams (see below), Each team is given a flag
(towel or sheet) that they are charged with protecting, this is put on a tree or
rock (not tied). Each team is also given a supply of water bombs (ammo) once
they run out that is it.

The object of the game is to capture the opponents flag and get it back to
your base without getting hit by a waterbomb.

The rules are that if you are hit by a water bomb and it explodes then you
have to go back to your base and count to 30 before carrying on. If you are

already at your base when you are hit then you cannot partisipate for the same
count. If a water bomb hits but does not break then you are still alive and can

A person can carry as much ammo as they wish but when they run out
must go back to base to get more.

The idea is for the teams to construct a strategy to win, this may involve
some staying and being protectors, some being snipper fire, and some

Additional Details:

Do not be supprised that most of the adults end up joining in as well.

You will probably loose control fairly quickly, I would recomend at least on
adult at each base and another 2 if not more in the middle of the battlefield.

Afterwards please make sure to do a sweep of the area to collect as many

waterbomb remains as possible.

Additionally you may wish to add food colouring (one colour each side) so
you can identify when hit. Please make sure that they wear clothes that can be

A good bonding activity (and so you dont have to do all the work). Is to
get the teams together the day before to fill up their own waterbombs. This is
almost as much fun as the actual activity and gives them a chance to work
together. A rule for the war could be that the ammo they create is what they
get for the next day. (note: This can be a great time for the leaders to get to
know the teenagers and for bonding to occur, I would highly recommend it)

Chicken Feed

People: 2-8

Goal: Fun

Time: 5 - 15 mins

Materials: 1 pack of cards (do not expect to use them again)


All players sit around a table.

The pack of cards is shuffled and the one card is selected from the middle
of the pack, the card is shown to everyone and then resuffled into the pack

The cards are dropped face up into the middle of the table and the

players USING THEIR LITTLE FINGER ONLY try to find the card.

The winner is the one who gets the card off the table into their lap.

If a player uses anything else apart from their little finger they are

Additional Details:


People: 5-15

Goal: Maths, Fun

Time: 10 - 15 mins

Materials: Nothing


Sit all players in a circle.

A number is chosen between 5 and 9 (7 is good).

The object of the game is for everyone in the circle to say the next
number as it goes around. When you get to a multiple of the number chosen
they say BUZZ. They must also say BUZZ if the number has the number
chosen in it EG 17 for 7.

After a practice round or two you can start eliminating people if they get
it wrong. The winner is the last person left.

Eg 7: 1,2,3,4,5,6,buzz,8,9,10,11,12,13,buzz,15,16, buzz 18,19,20,Buzz....

Additional Details:

For more difficulty you can have 2 numbers that you must buzz eg 7 and

You could also add difficulty by making the numbers higher eg multiples
of 13.

Bladder Ball

People: 14+

Goal: Energy Release, Fun

Time: 10 - 20 mins

Materials: 1 Basketball bladder (the inside of a Basketball)


Once you have freed the bladder from a basket ball (the ball will not be
able to be used again) you pump it up. The ball can stretch to be almost a
metre in diameter.

Split players into 2 teams. design some form of goal at either end. The
field should be clear of sharp sticks and about 30 metres long.

The rules follow those of hand ball where you can only use a closed hand
to bash the ball up and dawn the field. No one is allowed to hold it apart from a
designated goalie.

The winner is the team with the most points.

Additional Details:

For larger groups you could have round robin system. 5-7 players per
team is about right.

A safe way to have heaps of fun and let off steam.

The Frog Pond

People: Large Groups

Goal: releasing energy, Fun

Time: 20 - 30 mins

Materials: Large amount of space, lots of equipment to stand on(imitating lily



You need a large amount of space for this game. The object of the game
is to pretend the yard/gym is frog pond, objects are placed around the place
which are like the lilies. The idea is that the players can only stand on the
objects if they step on the ground they are out (See below for ideas on objects
you could use).

Also called the fox and the hare, 2 people are chosen to be the chasers
(the seagulls or foxes). They chase the players and try to tag players. Each
player that is tagged is taken out of the game. The chasers also have to stay
on the lilypads. Anyone tagged where the chaser has cheated by stepping on
the ground is allowed to escape.

The winner is the last one left alive.

Additional Details:

Objects that could be used in a Gym.

climbing ropes, vaults, mats, beams, trampolines, framework,

the key of basketball court

Objects that could be used outside.

Rugs, large pieces of wood, Chairs, beams, concrete slabs and

pathways, clothes line (if you dare), Blankets or sheets, trees, sandpit,
climbing frames, Kids swing/slide sets, the garage roof

Use your imagination.

Not recommended for smaller children.