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Mansoor Ahmad

Telecom Engineer
Cell No. 0532249421
Current Location: Riyadh, KSA

Profile: An enthusiastic and hardworking professional of engineering, who wants to be a part of,
as well as leading a successful and productive team, quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to
develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. Able to work well on his own initiative and
can demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. Even
under significant pressure, possesses a strong ability to perform effectively.
Objective: To secure a challenging career in a competitive environment where I can practically
apply and improve upon the technical and analytical skills acquired during my education.

Professional Experience:

International System Engineering & Services (pvt) Ltd. Islamabad

Full time job
1st Sept 2013 to 31st Feb 2015

Worked as BSS and Transmission Engineer

Supervision of indoor and outdoor installation of BTS site

Microwave links installation (1+0,1+1,XPIC,XPIC 1+1,Space diversity, Frequency diversity)

Worked on HUAWEI RTN 905 1A, 905 2A ,905 1C, 910, 950 and 980

Microwave links installation survey including field optimization(heights and LOS clearance)

Leading while installing Fast Charging Battery system

Sound Knowledge of BTS 3900 ,BTS 3900A

Installation , Commissioning and troubleshooting of BTS 3900 micro as well macro sites

Installation commissioning and troubleshooting of 3G system for different operators

Testing of RF cable measuring VSWR ,cable loss using site master

2G , 3G both indoor and outdoor testing using TEMS Investigation 8 , 14.1

Short, Long, Audio, Video calling testing

Data testing (HSPA+,HSPA,R99)

Testing Handovers soft, softer and IRT

TRX testing inter site and intra site handovers testing

Site coverage as well as cluster coverage DT

Benchmarking DT

Ufone MGW PTCL Colony Khyber Bazar, Peshawar

1st June to 31st Aug 2013

Worked as Internee BSS Engineer

I did supervision of sites using iManager2000 software

Preventive maintenance and Corrective maintenance of DG and Telco

Reporting of Fuel field survey

Trouble Ticketing supervision as well coordination with field or cluster Engineer

International System Engineering & Services (pvt) Ltd. Islamabad

10th July to 31st Aug 2013

Worked as Internee Telecom Engineer

Worked at Solar panels installation

Installation and commissioning 0f microwave and BTS

Technical Skills:

Installation and commissioning of all types of BTS and MW.

Alarms patching of BTS and rectifier with proper color coding.
BTS Installation and configuration of all types of alarms with NOC.
Troubleshooting of Rectifiers, Fire Systems, Generators and ACs
MS Office (Excel, Word, Power point)
Windows XP/7/8 and 8.1


Power Cube training at Huawei Islamabad. Jan, 2014

QA/QC & Safety Training at Huawei Islamabad. August 2013

QA/QC & Safety Training at Islamabad. October , 2013


3G Certified from Huawei

3G Technology
Quality Assurance
Network Safety
Diploma in trade of Safety Officer(0ne year)

Educational Background:
Total Years of Education: 16
Bachelor of Science in Electrical (Telecommunication) Engineering 2009 to 2013
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology WAH CANTT, Pakistan
2006 to 2008
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Mardan, KPK, Pakistan
Secondary School Certificate Science Group
2004 to 2006
Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Mardan, KPK, Pakistan

Graduation Project:
Antenna Design of Passive RFID Tag by using impedance matching techniques.

Professional Affiliation:
Registered Engineer of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

English, Urdu, Pashtu, Punjabi (Speak, Read & Write)

Personal Information:

Date of birth
Marital Status
Visa Status

March 15th , 1989


Reference: Will be provided on demand.