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Barracudas Application Delivery Controller

Highly demanding enterprise networks require full-featured application delivery that optimizes
application load balancing and performance while providing protection from an everexpanding list of intrusions and attacks. The affordable Barracuda Load Balancer ADC is
ideal for optimizing application performance and availability. Advanced features for
application optimization, geo-based load balancing, and integrated security put Barracudas
ADC far above other solutions for performance - and value.

In todays application-centric world, there is no such thing as downtime. Applications must be
there every time customers or clients want access. Barracudas ADC provides a number of features
that enable high availability both within a datacenter and across different sites.

High Performance

Smart Traffic Management

High Availability

Global Server Load

Balancing (GSLB)

Built on high-performance

Intelligent traffic monitoring

Deployed in high availability (HA)

hardware, Barracudas ADC is

capabilities enable Barracudas

pairs, Barracudas ADC delivers

For scalability and high

designed for data centers. It

ADC to distribute traffic

the high availability required by

availability across data centers,

delivers application traffic of

efficiently while ensuring

modern data centers. Barracudas

Barracudas ADC can be deployed

all types and can scale to meet

high application availability.

ADC will automatically

to balance traffic among sites

the throughput needs of the

If Barracudas ADC detects

synchronize configurations

located in different geographic

issues, it automatically removes

between the pair and

regions. Organizations can

downed servers from the server

automatically failover if any fault

route traffic using a variety

is detected with the primary unit.

of methods such as primary

most demanding applications.

pool and rebalances traffic

disaster recovery (DR) or closest

among the remaining servers.

geographical data center.

User experience is critical to success. Consequently, application delivery must be fast and scalable to meet performance
requirements. Barracudas ADC is ideal for optimizing application performance. Key capabilities include:

SSL Offloading

Content Caching

Traffic Compression

SSL transactions are resource

Barracudas ADC improves the

To minimize bandwidth

intensive and can slow down

users experience by increasing

needs, Barracudas ADC can

application performance.

server response time. Caching

automatically compress content

Offloading the SSL transactions

web content saves network

to minimize network traffic

to Barracudas ADC frees up

bandwidth and reduces loads

between application servers

application server resources

on backend web servers.

and the end user. Best of all,

to focus on delivering rich

this capability is compatible

applications to end-users and

with most modern browsers,

ensures application scalability.

requiring no additional software.

Application control enables organizations to deliver applications based on users, regions,
and/or devices, resulting in an optimized experience for the end-user.

Content Routing

URL Rewrite

Response Control

IPv6/IPv4 Traffic Control

Barracudas ADC has full traffic

URL rewrites allow the

Barracudas ADC has the ability

Barracudas ADC supports mixed

control and can route requests to

modification of incoming

to granularly control the number

modes of deployment for IPv6/

servers based on region, device,

and outgoing HTTP traffic.

of requests to protect against

IPv4. Virtual IP (VIP) and server

browser, or a number of other

This enables organizations to

rate-based attacks like Denial

IP addresses can be either IPv6

factors. This enables organizations

present customers different

of Service (DoS). This gives

addresses or IPv4 addresses. This

to deliver customized

backend applications

administrators the ability to

gives organizations the flexibility

application responses to users.

using intuitive and easy-to-

monitor traffic requests and to

to simplify and plan their

remember web addresses.

control suspicious responses.

infrastructure migration to IPv6

from their existing IPv4 networks.

With the prevalence of cyber criminals, hacktivism, malware, bots, and other attacks, security is a must. Barracudas ADC
provides superior protection against data loss, DDoS, and all known application-layer attack modalities.

Complete Security & Web

Application Firewalling

Application Cloaking

Application DDoS Protection

and GeoIP Blocking

The first thing hackers do is

Barracudas ADC provides

Data Loss Prevention

Barracudas ADC also offers

probe applications to gather

Distributed Denial of Service

industry-leading security to help

information about the web

(DDoS) attacks often leverage

for Data Loss Prevention (DLP). It

organizations secure critical

servers, operating system,

bots from a number of different

prevents data leakage by either

applications. It protects against

databases, and/or other

regions to send a flood

masking or blocking responses

OWASP Top 10 attacks such as

infrastructure details. Then

of requests to overwhelm

containing sensitive information

SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting,

they create customized plans

application servers. Barracudas

such as credit card numbers

and Cross-site Request Forgery.

to attack the applications.

ADC has the ability to rate control

or any custom data patterns.

Barracudas ADC can cloak

and to block client requests

Session Protection
Most applications use cookies
or hidden, read-only parameters
for application session state
and other sensitive information.
Barracudas ADC can encrypt or
sign these tokens to prevent third

applications by suppressing

based on the source IP address.

HTTP headers, error codes, and

This greatly mitigates the risk

other server details, thereby

of DDoS by allowing requests

greatly reducing the risk of

from only users in regions that

becoming the target of an attack.

are relevant to business and also

outbound content inspection

limits the number of requests

from the appropriate regions.

party impersonation attacks.

For more information or to request a risk-free 30 day trial, visit

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