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By Soleira Green

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The past, present and future of coaching
What is an alchemical coach?
What is the alchemical dance?


Getting ready to dance

Expanding to all that you are
Finding your own passion and vision for coaching
Selecting who and how you want to coach
Connecting with your client
Connecting with the you that knows
Aligning your intentions
Sourcing the space in which you work


Getting your client ready for the dance

Completing the past
Moving to wholeness
Using passion to fuel the movement


Hearing the rhythms of the dance

Accessing potential
Connecting with vision
Seeing the bigger picture
Going for the bigger breakthroughs


Dancing the dance

Beyond language to the energetic dance
Seeing who another really is
Celebrating emotion
Bursting the bubble of thoughts and beliefs
Accessing a new vitality and vibrancy
Lighting the flame of life


Beyond the dance

Beyond wholeness to ALLness
Partnering with LIFE
Working for Evolution
Seeding the garden of consciousness
Reality creation
Beyond transformation to creation and evolution

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The New Business Alchemists


The Alchemical Approach to Evoking the Corporate Soul

Head, Heart, Spirit, SoulIntegration into wholeness
Exploring organisational soul


Quantum Intelligence
The Evolution of Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
Spiritual Intelligence
Wholistic Intelligence
Quantum Intelligence


Organisational Energetics and Consciousness

Organisational Energetics
Business and Consciousness


Strategic Visioning
From the future for the future


The Power of Potential

Organisational Change, Transformation, Creation and




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New leadership and power

New and old power
New and old leadership


Leaderfulness and you

The inner, authentic, essential you
The leaderful core
Aligning with what LIFE wants
Authenticity, integrity and trueness


True, Authentic Power

Speaking / writing for what wants to be said


Coaching leadership and power

Sourcing leaderfulness in others
Assisting others in finding their true power


Evolving leadership and power


Copyright 2004

Welcome to the world of alchemical coaching!
Alchemical coaching is a brand new, r-Evolutionary way of coaching. Its something
Ive developed over the past twenty years of my life as I studied transformation,
strategic planning, spirituality and the wonderful fields of energetics and
consciousness. Ive coached thousands of people with incredible results. I work in
breakthrough and from that space, I find that incredible, unprecedented results can be
achieved in literally one session or two.
This work is Life-changing. Its like nothing youve ever experienced before! And yet
at the same time, for many of those Ive trained, they find its the most natural thing
they have ever done.
Alchemical coaching isnt about remembering tips and techniques and following
frameworks and guidelines. Its about being in the moment and dancing with the
wondrous person that youre coaching.
Alchemical coaching is based on the premise that everything is energyand if
everything is energy, then we can move into a dance with it and bring it graciously,
delightfully and powerfully into play. Its also based on the alchemy of consciousness
and creation, which brings a whole new level to the coaching dance!
The best way to approach this is to set aside all that you have currently learned about
coaching and move into the dance. Be in moment. Allow yourself to look at things in
new waysand discover the delightful freedom that alchemical coaching can bring to
you, others and our world!
Have fun reading through and playing with The Alchemical Coach Handbook!
With love,


Coaching today is r-Evolutionising itself. For years coaching has been about balance,
life style, goals and success. Its been about measured steps towards making life
better for us as individuals. But today, were taking leaps and bounds into limitless
possibilities for what coaching can mean for each and every one of us as well as for
the evolution of ourselves as a race and for the creation of a whole new world.
The alchemical r-evolution includes:

instantaneous transformation,
human evolution,
world-changing potential and
the alchemical dance of majestical wonder.

Alchemical coaches dont come to their clients thinking How can I support them in
what theyre up to? They come to their clients wondering what magnificent brilliance
is waiting to be uncovered in this dance. They call forth such stunning, passion-filled,
world-changing achievements from their clients that both coach and client are breathtaken.
As alchemical coaches we recognise the greatest, deepest, profoundest potential in
every person, moment and situation. We work not just for our clients, but for the
whole of Life. Everything we do, we do for the evolution of human consciousness and
the fulfilment of LIFE. This is one of the most delight-filled expressions of Life.
Burden falls away and the alchemical dance begins.
An alchemical coach is a potentialistalways in a dance with potential. This isnt just
a profession...its a way of life. Its not just a jobits the fulfilment of everything were
about and for, going way beyond coaching, and even beyond transformation, to
delightfully express and evolve life everywhere.
The following are some of the key working principles of alchemical coaching that we
will be working on throughout this handbook:

When you truly see and recognise who a person really is, they are instantly
and forever transformed.


Breakthrough sources from the in-the-moment dance and movement is what

youre aiming to create.


The alchemical dance occurs in the spaces between us.


To dance the alchemical dance, connect profoundly with yourself and with
the person youre dancing with.


To connect profoundly, be willing to be whole, to amaze yourself every

moment and to be amazed by others all the time.


Be willing to co-create what wants to happen in every moment.


Be willing to hold for a greater outcome than others can even perceive as
possible. Allow for miracles, synergy and synchronicity.


Keep standing for the breakthrough without judgement of how its going.
Find the powerful balance between intention and judgement. The power is
in the strength of the intention AND being ok with how its going.


Set your intention clearly and strongly, but also be willing to allow your
intention to dance in the moment as a collaborative, creational unfolding.


Create and hold a BIG space for breakthrough to occur and be willing to
keep on expanding it bigger and bigger as you dance. See BIG, think BIG,
expand BIG, expect BIG.


Be willing to fall in love with who your client is and with what theyre up to in
the world.


Be a partner to potential and a powerful steward for evolution.


Live, work and play in vibrant realityalive with passion, possibilities,

potential and the power to do anything and everything that we ever could


Dont just dream the impossible dreams. Live them.

I know thats a lot to take in in one go, but well be exploring each and every one of
these key principles throughout this book. If youve been in the coaching field for any
length of time, youll know that these principles differ radically from the traditional
coaching approach of the past. Lets look at the movement from coaching as its
been (the past) to coaching as the alchemical dance (the powerfully present new
future of coaching):


ALCHEMICAL COACHISMS____________________

Meet your clients where

theyre at.

Connect with your clients from their dreams and potential.

See them as theyve never been seen before and gift them a
knowing of themselves that will profoundly alter life forever.

People need structure to


Structure boxes, limits and precludes passion and potential.

If you have to force yourself to do something, its likely that
youll lose all the inspiration and vision for the project and the
vision. Find ways to have your clients passion flourish and
allow that to guide the project in every moment.

The client is always


You understand that there is no right or wrong, just great

questions and an openness to explore and journey into
potential. You and the client are in a dance to seek new
questions and new answers and to go beyond questions.
and answers to know the very essence of who this person is
and why s/he is here.

The client always has

the answer within.

The alchemical coach is leading people to where theyve

never been before, so it may be that the client doesnt always
have the answer within. Alchemical coaches know multiple
places to look to seek a variety of perspectives, possibilities
and potentials, selecting the one that most empowers the
client, the vision and the moment.

Only by asking
questions, do you get
the answers.

Be willing to speak true. Say what you feel there is to say

and be willing to speak that which will break everything

You need to know where

to go and how to
proceed. Make sure to
follow tried and tested

The alchemical dance of possibility allows for unprecedented

movement. Allow your knowing to be rich, full, spontaneous
and in-the-moment. Be willing to not know where to go next.
In the not knowing youll discover approaches no one has
ever considered before. Throw away the rules books and be
in the alchemical dance.

When you become

needless, you become

When you move to wholeness, you move beyond need (not

the other way around). Working on needlessness doesnt
guarantee wholeness. Alchemical coaches understand the
journey to wholeness and how to get themselves and others
there through expansion and perspective shifts, taking them
way beyond need into pure creation.

Personal development
requires a strengthening
of the personality /

Alchemical coaches move people beyond personality /

persona to a level of beingness that has very little attachment
to or attention on persona at all. Be willing to be a steward
for evolution and you quickly learn to live beyond yourself,
discovering a you youll love to know.


We are becoming amazing new beingsrich with knowing, wisdom and abilities far
beyond our previous comprehension. Today we walk through life able to profoundly
partner with people and with Life itself to bring things beyond our wildest imaginings
into being. We dance in the vibrant space of living possibilities. We are the
evolutionary alchemists of a new era, a new humanity and a world of brilliance and
wonder. As alchemical coaches, we dance the alchemical dance, bringing Life to Life
everywhere we go.
Think this is too good to be true? Its not. Read on because in these pages lie the
answers to LIFE and our own responsible and powerful creation of how we wish life to
The alchemical dance is a wondrous thing to be a part of. Its very likely a new
experience, although once youve experienced it, you may say that its a very natural
thing for you. Many people express this once theyre in the experience of it.
As you enter the dance, surrender your thinking mind and all of the techniques and
tips youve ever learned in order to dance IN THE MOMENT, amazing yourself with
every breath.
In a traditional coaching situation theres you and theres the client. There you sit,
thinking and wondering what to do next. The client pondering and reflecting, being
asked all the questions and not really fully understanding where it is they can truly go.
If youre in your mind (thinking about what to do), youre most likely not connected with
your client and youre definitely not in the alchemical dance.
The alchemical dance is literally exactly thata dance. You reach out energetically to
partner with your client in movement that draws potential closer to you both and to the
world. You hear the rhythms of potential and you enter the in-the-moment, cocreational dance to produce sparkling, breathtaking results.
In order to dance you must surrender yourself completely to the moment, the
movement and the music of the dance. You must be more committed to your clients
potential than to anything else in that moment. You must be willing to become the
steward for the whole of human evolution right then and there. Sound ominousa bit
of a burdensome responsibility? Well its not! Its such a blast that you will want to do
it over and over again with every client youve got. You and your clients will feel so
fulfilled that its likely you wont ever want to coach in any other way again.
Throughout this handbook youre going to learn to dance this danceand like learning
any new thing, at first were going to take it one step at a time, gaining proficiency with
each and every aspect of the dance. And then, at the right moment in time, youll walk
onto that dance floor with your client and youll perform in a way that will stun and
amaze you both.


First things firstits time to take a deep breath and relax. Take a few deep breaths if
youve really had one of those days.
Expansion Exercise #1 ~ Allow yourself to expand. Visualise it like youre the centre
point for all of you and youre expanding the edges of your awareness further and
further out. Another way to picture it is like youre a huge helium balloon filling up with
air, but your feet stay on the ground and the ball of energy that you are keeps getting
bigger and bigger. Youre anchored by your presence, right here, right now in this
moment. You can do this with your eyes open or closedwhatever youre most
comfortable with.
How big are you? As big as the room? As big as your city? As big as the Earth? Or
maybe even as big as the cosmoses? Allow yourself to expand to the biggest and
vastest YOU that you can experience, all the while being centred right here and now.
This exercise is actually the foundation for everything alchemical. If you coach, work
and live from the small, constricted you, you actually wont be able to find the
wherewithal to dance the alchemical dance. But from the expanded you, everything
you need to be and do is right there with you. You become ALL of yourself and more!
So try it again now. See if you can get it to feel more natural to you and then use this
in every day life. Expand every time you dont know what to do. Expand when youre
not sure what to say to your client. Continue practising expansion until it becomes
second nature for you to be living as ALL that you are and can be.
Were not just tiny specks of matter on a little planet third from the sun. Were actually
vast energies of consciousness and creation swirling through myriads of wondrous
delight. For any of you who have a concern about feeling ungrounded while doing this
or of not staying present in the expanded state, youll be glad to know that today, in
our open and whole human energy system, we can now expand as far into
consciousness as wed like to and still walk around with our eyes open contributing to
Life in the here and now. I call this living consciousnessthe more you expand, the
more present you become. Try it and see if this is true for you.
From the expanded you, comes the ability to live super-connected with the living
intelligence that both surrounds us and is within us, gifting us the abilities of knowing,
sensing, seeing and feeling beyond our current intellect or abilities. From the
expanded you, comes the dance of passion, potential and power. Expansion creates
the space in which the alchemical dance occurs. A constricted, small you just wont
cut it! In order to dance the alchemical dance, you have to be willing to get BIG.
BIGGER AND BIGGEST! After all, what great dancer have you ever known who
shrunk before going on the dance floor? Take a deep breath and dive into the
excellence of the dance, trusting in our innate abilities to guide you perfectly into
whats right to do!


From this expanded state, lets see if coaching and alchemical coaching are what you
really want to do. In order to take a look at that, youll want to access the energy of
your passion and vision and see where it leads you. First, PASSION!
Passion Exercise #1 ~ Take a deep breath and dive into your heart. Be willing to go
deep inside, like Alice in Wonderland through the white rabbit hole, down, down, down
you go until you pop out the other end into what I call the ocean of soul thats all
around you. Dont worry about getting this exactly right. Imagining it is just as
effective as actually doing it. So if all else failspretend!
There you are in that gorgeous sea green water, with the sun sparkling brilliantly upon
the dancing waves. Now just drop down a little ways and discover a small fissure in
the ocean floor where there are bubbles rising up. Stand right over those bubbles and
let them flow through you, rising up through your heart and bursting out through your
hands, heart and all of you.
Dont try to think about it, just let the energy of these bubbles flow. When the energys
really there with you (your hands may be tingling and / or your body heating up a bit),
then allow the fullest energy of your passion to come right on though you to sit in front
of you. Here sits the energy of your passion in full flow. Now, imagine having a
conversation with this energy. Get a sense of what it is and how it feels. This is your
chance to get to know your passion really well.
Talk to it. Feel it. Sense it. Allow your knowing to come to you about it. What is your
passion? Write it down once youve got a really good sense of it.
Passion is the fuel for the fire of all endeavour. Passion brings things alive and
creates movement. Trying to launch a vision or project without passion is like trying to
send a rocket to the moon without any fuel. You cant take on major projects without
the energy to make it happen!
How did you do on your passion exercise? Here are few more suggestions for
accessing your passion (or that of your client once you get to that stage with them) to
take it another stage further:
Passion Exercise #2 ~ Think of anything at all that you know youre passionate about.
Chocolate, deep-sea diving, skiing, great moviesanything. Allow the feeling of that
to fill your body. How does it feel? Where does the energy move from and to? Youll
likely discover that when passion moves, it generally comes from deep within, flowing
up and through the high heart (breastplate) area and out into life around you.
Once your high heart is open, youre connected to what I call the vibrant reality. Feel
around you from this passionate space. How does it feel using your high heart to
experience Life? Vibrant? Passionate? Dynamic? Rich with possibilities?
Passion Exercise #3 ~ From this vibrant space, consider that the air around you is full
of white holes of possibilities. Id like you to connect with some of those possibilities
by imagining that youre sticking the finger of one hand into one thats perfect for you,
and then a finger from another hand, then a toe and finally your nose. Get connected

with the vibrancy of possibility. How does that feel? Are you zinging with energy yet?
Is your passion right there with you and are you getting more and more immersed in
the energy of it and coming more clear with your understanding of what it is and what
its for in the world.
Passion Exercise #4 ~ Expand to ALL that you can be. Ask, What is your most
passionate passion? and see what you get.
Peoples passions are generally not mysteries to them. In fact, most people have
probably known it in one form or another all their lives. Their passion may at times be
less available than others, perhaps because theyve been constricting their energy
fields or maybe theyre going through a shift of passion and vision, moving to
something completely brand new. Passion can evolve over time. It usually holds to a
general theme throughout your life, but be willing to allow your passion to dance,
evolve and grow all the time.
So how about it? Is your passion related to being a coach? Does coaching light you
up and make Life sing for you? If it doesnt, why not? Sometimes when people find
theyve lost their passion for coaching (which we all do from time to time), it may be
not so much with coaching itself, but with the level of coaching or with the type of
client. So if youre not passionate about coaching, or at least about offering people
the opportunities to be all they can be, then make sure to look at why that is and what
it is youre really passionate about so that you can apply this body of work directly to
that. You can work through this material and get plenty of benefit from it without ever
applying it directly to coaching. The alchemical dance affects Life in oh so many
Ok, now that youve got that passion flowing, its on to VISION.
Vision is different from passion. Whereas passion is the fuel, vision is the map for the
journey. Its where you want to get to, what youre setting out to achieve. Its potential
realised and possibility brought alive.
Visions should stir your soul when you speak them. They should call to you
completely and utterly. Way too often we take on visions that have no meaning or
energy for us, no calling to make them real. So even if you already know what your
vision is and youre super passionate about it, play with the exercises that follow
because you never know what might pop up from it to gift you a new level of it all.
Vision Exercise #1 ~ First, take another dive into that ocean of soul. Remember that
crack in the ocean floor with the bubbles. Well this time youre going to discover that
the crack has become an open fissure that you can dive on through. Its safeon the
other side is the place of pure Creation. So go right on through and see what you find.
As you stand there in this marvellous place, call to you the vision that best matches
your own passion and abilities. Call to you the energy of something that wants to
happen now through you. Feel the energy move to you and again allow it to flow on
through you, moving in front of you so that you can commune with it.
Allow the energy of the vision to show itself to you. Dont try to think vision. You want
to feel it and experience it. Maybe youll see a picture or get a sense of something


that you can source to happen. Dont let your mind get in the way. Just surrender and
play with Creation to see what wants to be now.
How did you do? If youre not 100% certain, then try this.
Vision Exercise #2 ~ Expand and open yourself to higher purpose. Again, allow the
energy of what wants to happen now through you to come to you. Let your knowing
fill in the picture of it all. Breathe it through you and partner with it. Ask who you
really are and why youre here. Let the information come through to you from the
expanded space.
There are times in life when we have no vision and if this is true for you right now, be
sure not to panic or judge yourself about it. Its perfectly ok. These are the times
when weve completed one aspect of our work or vision, and were moving on to the
next. The period in between might look like a void, but actually its a clear space into
which will drop, at the exact right time, the perfect vision for what youre all about and
How are you doing so far? Does your vision have anything to do with coaching and/or
does coaching support your vision? Hopefully, your answer will be yes to these
questions. But even if it isnt, youre reading this (hopefully with interest and
excitement) for a reason, so just read on and see where you get to by the end of it.
It does help to place your vision and your coaching within your own visionary intention.
It broadens the playing field, so to speak, giving it more oomph, more purpose, more
vigour and vitality. If youve got your vision clear and bright, then place it on the
alchemical dance floor in front of you and off we go to look at who and how you want
to coach.
There are various levels of coaching. You may be coaching because you want:
(1) To help people overcome their problems,
(2) To assist people in awakening, opening up and discovering that
theres more to life than they know and/or
(3) To throw open the doors to passionate and visionary living, taking
people to levels of themselves that they didnt even know were
Alchemical coaching is focused around the third option. Its about shifting the focus
from small human beings with problems to solve to vast beings with incredible
contribution to make.
Alchemical coaching can be used to achieve the first two options as well. Its very
effective applied in every case. But mostly youll discover that alchemical coaching is
for clients who want to discover ALL that they are, contribute to people, communities
and the world around them and / or evolve Life.


Alchemical coaching applies brilliantly to coaching others to achieve passionate and

visionary living because its based on the wholest, vastest YOU connecting with the
wholest, vastest OTHER. Its about how we relate to one another as huge human
If someone is stuck or has problems and youre relating to them like youre going to
help them fix it or if youre going to transmute it for them, then who are you relating to?
Very likely a small human being. Alchemical coaches relate to people as vast
possibility, no matter how theyre presenting themselves in the moment.
If you hold someone in the reality that awakening and opening up takes some time,
then who are you relating to? Not a vast, enormous being who actually does know it
all right here and now. Alchemical coaches know that awakening is a simple breath
and with it comes all that you want to know, do or be.
There are times when opening and awakening exercises and movement can be
perfectly appropriate for someone and alchemical coaching can be used for these.
The difference is that even though you might work on those levels, you really do know
that this person is already everything else that they can be at the same time as
awakening and opening. Is everyone going to move to the vast, mega levels of
themselves? Maybe. Maybe not. But wouldnt it be wonderful if, as a race, we are
able to do that? This is the gem that Life offers usthe opportunity to evolve
ourselves beyond the dreams of a single lifetime. I recommend that when youre
coaching, you go for it with every opportunity that comes to you. But also be in the
moment with your work. If its right to work with a client at a level of assisting, healing,
opening, awakening, etc, then do that because youll know that thats the right thing to
do. Always stay in the moment and do whats right to empower the moment, the client
and you.
Client Exercise #1 ~ Set your intention for who and how you want to coach. There
isnt any right or wrong answer herejust your own particular passion and way.
Once youve put it into your own words, then close your eyes and allow that intention
to flow out into consciousness. Visualise it moving around the world, connecting with
wonderful people who resonate with you and your particular energy and approach. In
an exercise like this, you dont draw people to you. That wouldnt be quite right in an
energetic sense. Instead, put out the energy of who you are, of your passion and
vision, and let it flow around the world connecting with those who want that now. Let
them know your name and ask that they find you through wonderful waysthrough a
friend, a search of the internet, a brochure there are many wondrous ways to have
clients find you.
This is probably THE single most important piece in this whole handbook. If you dont
connect properly with your client, the dance can never begin.
While youre reading this section, you can visualise connecting with one of your clients
to see how it feels. Be sure to try it out for real with people, not just your clients, but
with everyone you meet, and see what a difference it makes to all your interactions in

Client Exercise #2 ~ Choose the client or friend youd like to visualise this exercise
with. For your first time, make it someone whos open and that you generally find
easy to work with. You can take on the more challenging ones as you strengthen your
connection muscle.
Breathe, relax, expand. Move to the wholeness and ALLness of you. Now take a
look at your client (visualise him/her as if s/he is there with you. Really connect with
them. If youre not sure how to do that, simply intend it and see what happens. How
are you energetically making that connection? Does your energy move to meet
theirs? Do you meet in the middle? Explore the energetics of how you connect with
All of you to All of them: When I super-connect with a client, I never move my energy
intrusively into their energy fields or body (for example, a direct link heart to heart).
Instead I expand to ALL of me and then reach out to know and connect with ALL of
them. Its like a whole, giant ball of energy meeting another whole, giant ball of
energy. Its as if there arent really any barriers between us and yet were
independently vast and huge. Its like an energetic handshake from all of me to all of
Standing back to see who they really are: For me, connecting isnt like an embrace. I
dont put my energy fields around a person because that would be like putting them
into a confining box. Instead my energetic response is more like moving back and
away in order to see the vastness of them. To get a bigger picture, to see who they
really are, stand back and look from a bigger perspective.
The essence of the connection for alchemical coaching is of magnificence to
magnificence. No matter whats going on with them in life, refuse to believe that they
are small people. Choose to relate to people as big and capable. So often I see
people coaching others and every word out of the coachs mouth causes the clients
energy field to shrink a little (or a lot). Example:

Youve got some things going on and your coach asks What are you afraid
of?, how do you feel? Do you get bigger or smaller in your energy?

What if instead your coach said to you The energy in your body is offering you
the next breakthrough for yourself. Can you get in touch with whats
underneath that and see what the breakthrough might be?, how do you feel
now? Your energy may either sustain at its current level (with a good sigh of
relief Im sure) or expand phenomenally as you realise that this person really
knows who you are and knows that you can move through anything with grace
and ease.

As I connect with my clients, its literally like something lines up inside of me with all
that they are, all that they can be and all that wants to happen now for the bigger
picture. Ive connected myself with the greater consciousness, the living intelligence
that surrounds us. My knowing is intact, my sensing is on high alert and my superconnectivity to everything is running full on.



Connecting with the you that knows is about connecting into ALLness, connecting
beyond yourself into the great mainframe in the sky, so to speak. I often refer to this
connection to consciousness as a simple computer analogy. Your body is the
computer, your mind the programming. As you expand and connect into
consciousness youve just connected your computer into that great internet in the sky
and the vast wealth of information thats available there. As you get used to living like
this, you make the shift from a standard telephone line connection to a broadband
line connection to and from you to ALL.
Knowing Exercise #1 ~ Breathe, relax, expand. Suspend your thinking completely for
the moment. For me, thats like shifting my energy from my head and my thoughts to
the air around me and my sensing. I make my connections into the space around me.
But not from my solar plexus (which will give you empathy and the sensing of
emotional energy) or from my heart (which will give you compassion and the sensing
of middle range energies). Instead I connect through my high heart to the vibrant
reality, the one where true potential lives and breathes.
Another way to say this is like this:




Pain, fear, anger,


Compassion, love,

Passion, delight,
vibrancy, vitality


Lower range, dense

Middle range, calm

High range, dynamic


What is
Things as they are

What can be
Things as youd
like them to be

What wants to be
Things as LIFE
wants them to be




Knowing, innate

Knowing Exercise #2 ~ Expand again and connect through your high heart to your
fullest knowing and innate sensing. Its as if youre connected to all the spaces around
you, with every single space being an interface for a wealth of data input. Theres a
sense of coming on high alert and being on line in a way that you werent before.
This on-lineness has something to do with your intention, so picture yourself in front of
your client about to go to work, expand, connect to the client and to ALL and then set
your intention for a breakthrough. This intention will then connect you to the true
potential of the moment thats waiting to be.
Keep playing with it until you can get this sense of super-connectivity flowing for
yourself at a moments notice. Practice it with a friend if need be, until you can feel it
flow. And definitely practice it with all of your clients. You dont have to tell them what
youre doing. Just try it and see what happens from there. You just might be amazed
and the complete difference when you operate from this place of connectedness.

Knowing Exercise #3 ~ In order to know something, you usually have to ask a

question. After all, if you go to search the internet, you have to identify what youre
looking for in order to narrow down the search. Super-connect to ALL and then ask a
question youve been wanting to know an answer to. Allow the knowing to just come
to you. But realise as well that there may be more than one answer to any question.
In fact my own recent experience has shown that for any question, there are a
multitude of answers and perspectives. Its up to you to choose the one or ones that
most empower the client, the moment, the situation and you.
Knowing is a dance. The more you can surrender your thinking mind to the process,
the more that knowing comes to you. For me, this has meant learning to think and
process things not inside my head, but from the greater mind or intelligence that
surrounds use and is within us.
As you begin to work, its crucial that you align with the biggest breakthrough that the
clients consciousness will allow. Notice I didnt say that the client will allow. I almost
never set my intention to achieve only what the client wants. I do intend to achieve
thatbut often Im working way beyond where they think they can go. I intend to offer
them the very greatest knowing of themselves and their work that they can handle. If
theyre at all willing to go there, I offer them the level of themselves that will transform,
recreate and evolve our world.
I align my intentions with a bigger (possibly even the biggest) breakthroughwhatever
level it may take. I may have no idea what that is as I begin, but I am definitely alert
for it all throughout the session with the client. Its almost as if Im in partnership with
evolution itself, with what wants to be, with the very nature of creation, to bring through
the most impactful breakthrough for all of LIFE now.
Setting your intentions to this level completely shifts the dynamics within which you
and the client work.
You might ask the question Is it necessary that the client align with this bigger
breakthrough as well? My answer to that would be no, its not necessary.
Sometimes trying to get them to do that at the beginning of a session can be off
putting for them, even before you begin. Id simply align your own intentions with the
bigger breakthroughs and go from there into the dance. After all, as coach, you lead
the dance and can spin them into majestic movement that they might have never
believed they could do.
This section isnt just about the room or building in which you work (although we will
talk about that a bit as well). Its about the literal space of transformation, creation and
evolution that you create for you and your client to work within.


Space Exercise #1 ~ Once youve aligned your intentions to the bigger breakthrough,
then place that intention on the alchemical dance floor (the energetic space around
you). Breathe and expand that space to be huge, vast, enormous. This client thats
about to dance with you just might have the ability within them to surprise and surpass
themselves and to take us as human beings where we never dreamed we could go.
You might be thinking this is a little over the top. But its not actually. If you dont
create the space for something fantastic to happen, how will it ever come to pass?
When Im getting ready to work (whether thats coaching, training or anything else) I
always tune in to the energy of the biggest potential thats waiting to come through
and I place the energy of that potential in the space in which I work. That way when
people walk in the door or pick up the phone for a session, were already in the energy
of the bigger breakthrough, the greater possibilities, making the whole thing more
vibrant, dynamic, exciting and fun! There could be cases though where this might not
be the right thing to do, so always make sure to tune in in the moment to see whats
the best thing to do.
How do you tune in to potential and to the moment?
Space Exercise #2 ~ Picture the room in which you generally do your coaching or
training and choose a client or a training session thats coming up soon. That
moment, that person, that situation holds a particular breakthrough thats possible if all
things go well. So stand there, as if youre in that moment and that place. Breathe
deeply, expand, super-connect and ask to FEEL the potential of that moment. As you
feel the energy begin to move, reach out to partner it to call it more fully present with
you. Call it onto the dance floor for the alchemical dance. In doing this, you have just
completely changed the energy of the space in which youre about to work.
How did that feel? Where did the energy move from and to? I find that higher /
greater purpose tends to move down from above or around you and inwards to be
received, while potential tends to move from deep within and outwards into Life. Lets
try it again for you personally to see how the energy of potential moves:
Space Exercise #3 ~ Dive back into that white hole in your heart, down through the
ocean of soul and straight through that passion fissure at the bottom of the ocean.
Find yourself deep beneath the ocean of soul, standing in the glittering palace of
Creation. Potential glistens and waits there for someone to come and treasure hunt
for it. Breathe deep from this place and call to you the energy of the potential thats
waiting for you right now in this moment. It might not have anything to do with your
client or your next training session. Lets have this one be just for you! Call this
potential to youmagnetise yourself and draw it to you. Then breathe that brilliant
and wonderful energy straight up from the ocean of soul (generally around the solar
plexus / rib cage area), straight through the high heart and out into the world.
Once youve done that, spend a few minutes getting in touch with the potential. What
does it signify? What does it mean? You might get your answers through sensing,
seeing, knowing, hearing. It doesnt matter how it comes. Just keep asking the
questions you want to know about it and let it unfold. Remember, stay out of your
mind. The answers simply arent there. Play with the energy until you get an ahha!where something clicks and that smile of recognition comes on your face. Now

place that moment of recognition on the alchemical dance floor, into the space in
which you work. Taaadaaaaenergetic space change!
There are many other ways to alter the spaces in which you work, many of which are
more physical in nature. Things like:

Open windows to let fresh air flow through. Pull the curtains back to let the
sunlight in. If its a darker day, turn on the lights to bring brightness into the
Spray some nice smelling mists into the air. Make sure theyre not full of
chemicals, so use natural products where you can.
Put light, bright colours into the room. If its your room, paint it a colour you
love and resonate with and add pictures that give depth and richness to the
experience of being in the room. If its in an office building, bring coloured flip
chart pens or bright brochures or wear something colourful yourself. People in
black, grey and navy suits generally create exactly what youd expectheavy,
weighty energy spaces.
Call the energy of Life itself straight into the room, allowing it to sparkle up
every corner.
Smile and laugh. Dont take things too seriously. After all, Life is fun and so is
alchemical coaching!

This completes the section called Getting ready to dance. Youre now all set and
ready to begin the next section Getting your client ready for the dance.



Our cultural beliefs (for sure the western worlds) would have us perceive that:
(1) We are small beings unable to comprehend whats happening to us, and why.
(2) We carry major issues for years, even lifetimes, without understanding them or
being able to complete them, even with trained psychological assistance.
Are these beliefs true? Theyre not. My belief is that:
(1) We are beings of incredible wisdom and understanding, and are able, in the
moment, to see the bigger picture and potential related to Lifes dance.
(2) Through this greater understanding, we are able to complete, in minutes or
hours, issues of major importance for this lifetime and more!
How can this be done? By seeing the bigger picture, the possibilities, the potential,
the varying perspectives that will give insight and understanding to the whole situation.
From here, we can move from being small beings at the whim of stuff happening to us
to being creators in charge of the movement of potential and of our living reality.
Is there anything that needs to be completed before moving forward? This is the first
question I ask myself when beginning any coaching session. Its not that we want to
get caught up in the pastwe dont. Its about freeing the person from any upsets or
misunderstandings, which could prohibit them in moving forward with their passions,
visions and contributions to the world. After all, passion and vision flow best from
openness and wholeness, so its important that the person be in a good space in order
to move profoundly to the next steps for themselves and the world.
I am able to complete the past with people in anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or
two, depending on the degree of complexity of the problem. In order to accomplish
this yourself with clients, first you want to get a sense of what needs to be completed.
If its a review of the recent past, simply ask them to list the recent accomplishments
over this period of time. Youre looking to see accomplishment where they might not,
so be sure to use your own knowledge of their situation to point out things that they
might have missed. Most people tend to overlook accomplishments, sliding them to
one side and missing the powerful shifts that theyve actually created in such a short
period of time.
If its an issue that needs to be resolved, breathe, relax, expand and ask that you both
look to see a BIGGER perspective about that situation. Often its not till years later
that we can see what a situation is really for. With expansion, we can see what thats
all about and for now. This creates a shift from life happens to you to youre creating


Here are some examples of resolving and completing issues:

If they were fired or made redundant, what opportunities does it open up for
them? Were they happy there? Whats the next step in their own career

If its disillusionment with someone or an organisation, allow them to see the

bigger picture of why this happened and what it offers them now? In these
cases, I suggest that you look beyond the personal picture. Often when things
like this happen with me or others I work with, its a much bigger view of things
that are happening in the world.

If someone feels lost and energyless, is it just them? Is there a big shift going
on for others as well thats leading to our evolution? Are they going through a
death / rebirth? These kinds of shifts often leave people feeling very low in
energy, but they do lead to a much more vital person in the long run. Knowing
its a death / rebirth scenario often makes people feel calmer about the whole
thing and lets them go through it with more grace.

If its an upset about someone dying, tune in to the energy of the person whos
gone over and let them know that there is no separation. Show them how
theyve contributed to that person and that person to them. Ask them to
celebrate that persons life. Ask them to see if and how that person might be
working with them still and if yes, for what purpose. Often when people go over
to the other side now, they flip right back to assist love ones in the here and

Without getting too tangled in the past, make sure that the person breathes a sigh of
relief and is ready to move on to invent the future with you. Sometimes I let the
completion of the past occur gracefully throughout the session, as perspective after
perspective rises up to show them just how healthy that unhealthy situation really
was or is.
There are several things that are really important here in order to be able to do this for
1. You must be connected to a vaster intelligence than your own in order to see
the biggest perspective that will free them of this scenario.
2. You need to believe that major issues can be completed in record time. Dont
buy in to the psychological perspective that it takes years or even a lifetime to
do this. It doesnt.
All right, past complete, or at least well in perspective, then off we go on the journey to


The move to wholeness is a simple, graceful one breathe, relax, expand.
Most people today are able to move into the space of wholeness quite easily and with
a single breath theyre there. But what if your client isnt able to experience that?
Then you need to be able to understand the component parts of the journey to
wholeness and help them to find it for themselves. Those parts include head, heart,
spirit and soul:
HEAD ~ If someone is in their heads with thoughts whirring round and round, then
theyre likely not very open, expanded or whole. Traditionally, someone whos in their
head can be closed-minded, closed-hearted and generally in a small energetic state.
To move someone out of their head, you simply need to get them to open their hearts.
HEART ~ If someones heart is open, this person tends to be open in other ways as
well. The open heart is about knowing oneself and seeking answers to the mysteries
of Life. An open heart means more love, compassion and probably even peace
within. To get someone to open their hearts, ask them to think of someone or
something they love (and are happy with at the moment). The heart should
automatically open and theyll breathe easier and feel more. Or you can ask them to
do a visualisation around opening the heart. Picturing it as a garden of flowers
opening up to meet the sun is one way to do that, but there are many others as well.
An open heart isnt the end of the journey, its just the beginning.
SPIRIT ~ As the quest for knowledge and understanding grows, so grows the
integration of spirit. Spirit is our higher, greater, outer energy (that which has
traditionally sat just above our heads). The journey into spirit involves wisdom, insight,
perspective, knowledge and knowing. As we open to our own spirit, we begin to
evaluate our higher purpose. As spirit integrates within us, we begin to see that we
are the creators of our own reality and that we are much more than we have believed
ourselves to be.
SOUL ~ Our souls lie within us and soulness fills the air around us. Typically your
soul is that vulnerable, precious you that no one ever gets to see. Its the you you
keep under wraps, deep within, to keep it safe from the big bad world that has, in the
past, stomped on souls pretty badly. But guess what? Today, the energetics of the
very air around us support the living expression of soulnessand wholeness pretty
much demands it. The soul is the vessel or chalice for the full integration of head,
heart, spirit and soul, which gives wholeness. So opening up your soul will gift you
wholeness and an inner strength that you didnt even know existed.
Heres a visualisation which anyone can use to open, and integrate, the head, heart,
spirit and soul:
First, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Relax, youre in a safe and clear
space. Now allow the energy of those whirring thoughts move from your head down
into your heart area. There you are, thoughts in hand, ready to watch the entrance
doors to your heart swing wide open onto a beautiful sunny day in the most perfect
place you can imagine. Aaahh, the doors swing wide and you step through them into


this perfect space. There you are, sun warming you, Life abuzz all around you,
everything is right in the world in this moment.
Now visualise that theres a clear glass dome over your perfect place, even though
you hadnt noticed before. Like an observatory, the domed doors pull back above you
to release a brilliantly clear space from which to view the very stars themselves. Feel
your connection to the stars, to the universe and to LIFE as a whole. Allow the part of
you thats your spirit to be with you. Shake hands with this part of you and allow the
energy of your spirit to flow to and through you. Remember youre a vaster, greater,
wondrous being that you may never have been truly introduced to before. Take a
deep breath and enjoy the splendour of YOU!
Next, take another deep breath and breathe up that inner soul you. Allow the
precious, vulnerable you a space to romp and dance in the light of day and in the
energy of your own vastness. Spread your wings and fly if you feel so inclined. Let
the greater spirit you connect with the inner soul you. Feel the profound connection
that is made as you rejoin yourself again in full wholenessfree at last to be all that
you really are!
Take one more deep breath and revel in the wholeness. Allow your energy to expand
as big as you can be, bigger than the Earth, the universe, the cosmos. Find your
natural place to be. This is who you are!
Try this for yourself and see how it feels. Many people now already have their spirits
and souls integrated and have moved to wholeness. But if someone hasnt, there are
signals you can watch for that will tell you someone is in one place or another.

If theyre thinking about it, theyre in their heads.

If theyre feeling bad about it, theyre in their emotional centre.
If theyre feeling compassionate about it, theyre in their hearts.
If theyre trying to understand it from a bigger perspective, theyre working with
If theyre feeling vulnerable, theyre in their soul.
If theyre feeling expansive, theyre in wholeness.

You can look at a persons energy and see where they are in the wholeness process:

People in their heads tend to furrow their brows. The energy is literally around
their head.
People in their hearts tend to have a smile on their faces and appear more
welcoming. The energy is around their chest area.
People working with spirit tend to have their eyes defocused and uplifted. The
energy is above and around them.
People working with soul tend to have their passion flowing. The energy is
pouring out of their high heart (breastplate area).
People who are whole are vital, alive, creative, passionate and full of a zest for
life. The energy moves through them powerfully to and from anywhere it needs
to go.


I almost always begin any coaching session with a simple breathe, relax, expand
exercise. It allows them and me to be more connected, more in touch with what really
wants to happen and definitely more whole.
Passion is the fuel for all movement in life. If theres no passion, its unlikely the vision
or project will get done. Passion isnt just a statement of intent. Its energy thats
needed to launch the rocket off the launch pad!
Passion is generally found within, beneath the soul, although recently its residing right
in the air around us as well.
To support someone else in accessing their passion, use the four methods that we
worked with in the earlier segment Finding your own passion and vision for coaching.
Have your clients:
1. Take a journey through the white hole in the heart into the ocean of soul where
the bubbles of passion rise from the fissure of creation.
2. Think of an existing passion, allowing the high heart to open and their newest
passion to flow on through.
3. Connect with the white holes of possibility in the air around them and allow the
vibrant energy of passion to move to them.
4. Expand to all they can be and ask for their newest and/or most passionate
You can tell when someone has accessed their passion. Their face lights up, a smile
appears and they become more vibrant, dynamic and excited. Its almost difficult for
them to sit still at this point. The rocket is ready to launch!
Never proceed down the pathway of visioning or project management with someone if
theres truly no passion for it. Its doomed to sit on the launch pad foreverand its
not worth your wasted time to even try to work on it. If theres truly no vision, tell them
to let it go, move on, find something else they want to do. Many of lifes difficulties are
caused by people hanging on to old visions, projects and ideas, long after the energy
is gone for them. The ONLY case where I might make an exception to this is if the
vision, project or idea really wants to happen and its a matter of getting this person or
someone else realigned with its potential and possibilities.



Potential is what coaching is all about. As alchemical coaches, we are the catalysts
for potential to be realised. In order to do that, we need to be able to recognise
potential when we see it, smell it out if its not readily visible and draw it into being if
its ready to burst forth.
What do I mean by hearing the rhythms of the dance?
All potential has a rhythm, a beat, a sway, a movement. And every potential has a
different rhythm just like every person is unique. Try the following exercise and for
each one of these, feel into it and answer these questions for yourself.
Rhythm Exercise # 1
How does the potential feel? Where does the energy move to and from? Can you
feel a beat or a quality associated with it? If you stand up while connecting with it,
what movement does it engender in you? Try it with the potential of:

New global leadership

Justness and fairness
Ethical business
The new psychic kids

How did you find each oneand did you feel the rhythm? For me, theyre:

Powerful, flowing, expansive ~ My arms go out wide and I want to move.

Slightly quieter, steadier, truer ~ I stand taller with less movement.
Laughter, sparkling sunshine on snow, happiness ~ I smile and swirl.
Slightly sombre ~ A slow waltz.
Playful, powerful in a lighter way, zinging with energy ~ Boppy, alive movement.
Quiet, calm, still ~ Graceful ballet style movement, if any movement at all.

It doesnt matter if what you felt was different to what I felt. Its simply about getting in
touch with the energy of the potential of people, organisations and situations.
What do I mean by potential? Potential is whats waiting to be in every person,
organisation and situation. Potential is possibility as yet unmanifest. Its the energy of
what can be.
In order to assist others in realising their fullest potential, it helps to be able to
distinguish levels of potentialto know where to look for them and how to move them
into living reality. So lets look at levels of potential and how to access them:
Potential is what youre born with. Its what you as an individual can achieve. To find
potential, you need only look at and work with the individual person. The energy is
literally sitting in their energy field within and around them.


Greater potential is when you move into serving a greater purpose than your own
and you work for the potential of others. You reach higher, into the realms of spirit, to
see what whats wanted next.
Profound potential is world-changing and whats possible from a deeper / soul
perspective. You look deep into soul (yours, theirs and ours) for what wants to be.
Pure potential is for life. Its evolutionary and creational. Youre partnering with life
for its reinvention. You literally become LIFE and then simply know what wants to be
Let me give you an example of this with my own levels of potential:
My original potential was to be in mid to high level management and/or a politician. I
was doing it for me, because thats what I wanted to be.
My greater potential was to assist others in discovering who they really were. I began
to study transformation and do one on one sessions with people. I was doing it
because it felt good to be making a difference with and for others.
My profound potential was to create the global creatives network, to invent and teach
new ways of becoming all that we can be. Today Im standing for a new global
leadership that will change the world. I do this not for myself, but because its what
wants to be.
My pure potential is to evolve the human race into a new species. Telepathy, hyperspeed thinking, vibrant reality, living conscioUSnessthese are all examples of my
part in the evolution of evolution. Whats next? Evolving LIFE and the development of
a profoundly powerful global group conscioUSness.
Lets chart this:





Heart / head


Clear, pulsing

Greater potential

Higher / spirit


Higher tone / beat

Profound potential

Deeper / soul

The World

Deep resonance

Pure potential
ALLness / LIFE
Vibrant, alive
Try this first for yourself. What are your own levels of potential? Then take someone
you know and like, someone who will be open to you working with them, and run them
through these levels of potential. You can do this either in person, face-to-face, or on
the consciousness airwaves. Learn how to see the various levels of each person and
how to apply that into conversation with them. Strengthen your potential muscles!


Mostly people will be ok with you seeing their potential to a certain level and then they
may start to feel uncomfortable as the next levels open up. Know that this is almost
always a cultural thing. Weve been trained to fear change (e.g. the phrasethe three
greatest causes of stress are death, a move and divorce). Instead today, were
beginning to welcome change and to celebrate it in all its forms. Chaos is potential
rising into play. If you can see and work with the potential, the chaos disappears and
grace moves into the dance.
Passion and vision are what make the world go round. Without passion and vision
would we really get anywhere with Life?
PASSION is the fuel, the fire that drives vision into being.
VISION is potential moving into playthe possibilities that lie within creation waiting
for someone to come to partner with them to bring them into living reality.
CREATION is like a gigantic, sparkling warehouse of ideas, visions, possibilities and
potential. But with so many possibilities, how can you find the vision thats the one for
you or your client to partner with?
Vision Exercise # 1
Do you already know what your vision is? If you do, write it down now so that you can
see later if it changes at all during the following exercises.
Many people seek their vision or purpose in life, only to have it change a few days,
weeks, months or years later. Sometimes they dont understand why its changed, but
mostly I find it's because we are evolving ourselves and our world so fast that our
vision has to change and evolve rapidly as well. When you get in touch with your
vision, don't hang on to it for dear life thinking This is why I came" or "I must do this
before I go." Keep it loose and evolving. Hold it more like "This is what I'm up to
today because it calls to me." and be ready to let it go tomorrow if need be to move on
to the next exciting thing that wants to happen. This view might not make good
marketing or management sense from the traditional perspective, but from an
energetic perspective, there's no better way to live, work or play. And believe me, it
produces results beyond measureas well as a Life well lived!
Vision is potential waiting to be brought through into form. Vision has a life of its
ownwe don't own itwe just get to partner with it and be the ones to bring it into
being. So, lets see what vision(s) youd like to partner with:
Vision Exercise # 2
YOU AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME. Relax, take a few deep breaths, allow your energy
field to expand and ask for the vision for you for this moment now. Describe what you
see/sense/feel/hear. Don't judge it or assess it yet. Just let it flow to you and through


Vision Exercise # 3
Next, lets JOURNEY INTO SOUL AND CREATION to see what more we can
discover about your own vision now.
1. Breathe, relax, expandand take that dive into soul. Return to the place where
the bubbles of passion are rising from the ocean floor. This time youll discover
that its a great huge fissure in the floor and that you can smoothly go straight
through into the place of creation, where all potential resides. How does it feel
here? Take a moment and enjoy the sensations.
2. From within creation, ask to magnetise to you the vision that most resonates
with your own passion and essence. Call to you the vision that is wanted in
and for the world now and that you will revel in partnering with. Allow the
energy of that to come to you and to rise up and through you. Dont try to figure
it out just yet, just be with the energy of it for now. But at the same time, allow
any knowledge or understanding of it to come to you easily and gracefully.
Notice that in this exercise, youre not deciding what it is you want to doyoure
partnering with creation to see what it is that wants to happen now. In this
partnership, your passion, abilities, resources and essence are married up with what
wants to beand before you know it, youre off and running on a whole new vision!
When youre working with a client who is willing go into creation with you, try this
visualisation and ask them to call to them the vision(s) that are theirs now to bring into
the world.
Once we've touched vision and passion, anything and everything is possible. The rest
is simply a selection of options (strategies and actions) that will make it real in the
world. The true work of bringing it real is in our vibrant access to the energy. If we
keep in touch with the energy of the vision and the energy of our passion, potential will
find its brilliant realisation.
Visionaries are those who look beyond what is to see what can be and what wants to
be. Theyre people who work at the level of profound and pure potential. I believe
that anyone can be a visionary. Its not something youre born with, its a muscle you
learn to develop and use.
Vision Exercise # 4
Take the vision that you saw for yourself earlier, or one youve held your life through if
youd like, and map it onto the levels of potential. Where does your vision
sit?Potential, greater potential, profound potential or pure potential?
Once youve got that, take a look at it again and see if you can move it up the levels of
potential. This is a great way of opening up levels of potential with those you coach.
Lets use an example of someone whos working for gay rights (this is a real example
from someone I was working with recently):
Potential ~ that each individual has the right to be who they choose to be, fully
Greater potential ~ that a nation passes a law ensuring this right

Profound potential ~ that people all over the world will recognise that love is love
wherever it is found; that we can learn to respect our unique and wondrous choices
and honour the beauty in each and every one of us.
Pure potential ~ that we can evolve ourselves as beings so completely that no matter
what choices a person makes in life, we can see through to their most magnificent
beauty inside. That in that seeing is the transformation and evolution of us all.
Can you see the expansion of the vision here and the evolution of the potential? Do
you think its harder to get a law passed in government than it is to evolve the whole of
the human race into their magnificence? Well guess what? Its actually easier to do
the latterand a lot more fun. Why? Because the first one involves dealing with the
old and thats often like hitting your head against a brick wall. And the second one
involves dealing with the new and that always means delightful creation in full flow.
So now youre going to sayWhat? You want me to start thinking on a global and
evolutionary scale for all that I do? Yup, thats exactly it. Why? Because it actually
takes less energy, is a lot more fun and produces far greater results in record time.
You see profound and pure potential work with consciousness and creation. They go
beyond what is, way beyond the old and allow for something to flow into being that
can work graciously for us all. I often find that true passion, as the energetic fuel for
vision and potential, doesnt usually kick in until youve reached the levels of profound
and pure potential. Thats why things are so hard in the old. Because theres so little
energy to fuel it and so much red tape created to dampen what energy there is.
If you want to make something happen for this world, then:

grow your own and your clients visions big, bigger and biggest,
allow your / their passions to free flow like crazy,
go way beyond what you believed you / they ever could,
dare the impossible,
expect the miraculous and
work with the synergy of creation.


Seeing BIG is one of the key attributes for a coach and an absolute must for a new
business alchemist (strategic visionary). When youre dancing the alchemical dance,
its imperative that you make the dance floor as BIG as possible.
Most of what keeps us stuck in life is that we believe we cant see what a particular
situation or a particular moment in time is all about and for. But the truth is we can.
Some people are naturally able to see the bigger picture always, while others need to
learn how to look in this way at life.
Lets say a coaching client comes to you and says I want to leave my partner. A
traditional coach would then begin to ask questions of the coachee to allow them to


find their way through their true feelings to what they believe is really right to do now.
A traditional coach might not venture to say what they really think about whats right
for all involved. An alchemical coach, however, would come to this completely
differentlyand that difference is the bigger picture (bigger dance floor).
Using this example, an alchemical coach could help the person understand their true
feelings about this and then step back and look at it from the very biggest perspective
possible. Questions like this might arise:

Will the world be a better place if you stay with your partner or leave?

Will all the players (kids, spouses, family, friends, boss, etc.) be better served in
the long run by you staying or leaving?

Are you able to be all that you can be within this relationship? And if not, how
do you feel about that?

What if you stayed with this person and managed to work it out to acceptable or
even great standards? How do you see yourself feeling about this 20 years
from now, looking back at it from there?

Whats possible for you if you do leave? What potential might be wanting to be
realised and on what level? If you dont leave, can you do that anyways?

These are big picture questions. When Im coaching, I do my best to keep my focus
on the following big picture questions:

Are they ready to join the evolutionary team? If yes, hurrah! The world will get
there faster with more people on the team. Its the 100th monkey syndrome.

Whats the biggest, profoundest, purest potential they can manage? The more
of us bringing it all in, the better off the world will be.

Whats the vastest, biggest, mega self they can live? The more of us living
BIG, the faster and more graciously the human race will evolve.

I dont relate to coaching as a PERSONAL act. I relate to it as A GLOBAL / COSMIC

TRANSFORMATION OPPORTUNITYevery single session, every single person. I
believe this is why the results I get with my coaching are so incredible. Because Im
inviting my clients to go where no man or woman has gone before and as soon as any
one has a breakthrough, we put it in consciousness for all.
There will be some people for whom this approach might not be appropriate. You
simply have to tune in to know when to work in the bigger picture and when not to. If
potential is soaring into play around you and them, you can bet it really wants to
happen, despite any apparent resistance on their part. But if theres little potential
energy bouncing around, then this may be one of those people who prefers to work
from the personal perspective for now. And thats ok too. I just happen to really enjoy
working with the advanced, mega, evolutionary shifters (thats you) as thats my
passion and the focus of my work!


One of the things that I always encourage is for people (coaches and coachees) to go
for the bigger breakthroughs whenever they present themselves. What do I mean by
the bigger breakthroughs?
Bigger breakthroughs are about the biggest possible movement thats available now,
for the person, the world and beyond. Its about the unprecedented, the unpredictable
and the unexpected.
Going back to our previous example of a person whos considering leaving their
partner that is a breakthrough perhaps for self-esteem, independence and a
sense of their own power. But the bigger breakthrough is even bigger than this.
An example of a bigger breakthrough in this case might be that theyre about to
become a leader for something that will change Life for us all. If thats the potential
thats on offer, then leaving would look completely different wouldnt it? Interestingly
enough, Im a living example of this situation. In 1994 I left my husband of six years
because I simply couldnt be all of me within his framework of beliefs. Today, almost
ten years later, I work with my new husband, Santari (with whom I can be ALL that I
could ever want to be), to stir a conversation for new global leadership around the
world. In the past ten years since this divorce, I have, along with others around the

Evolved the human energy system from a closed system to an open one
Learned how to move beyond transformation to evolve evolution (and teach
others to do the same)
Created mega-beingness for human beings
Enhanced our human abilities (e.g. telepathy, hyper-speed thinking, supercreativity)
Stood for and created human magnificence

I offer this as an example of the bigger breakthrough that was available as I was
making the decision to leave my husband in 1994. To have stayed may have robbed
me and the world of HUGE breakthroughs in human understanding and abilities.
Can you see then how you might want to look differently when coaching someone
regarding their life choices? What if this is their BIG opportunity to really come alive,
to really contribute to LIFE, to really go for it once and for all? Always look for the
bigger breakthrough and when it feels appropriate and right to, go for it with your
clients. They and LIFE will be better served by it!
Once youve identified what the bigger breakthrough is then you want to make that the
dance floor upon which you dance. What does that mean?
Virtually it means that the bigger breakthrough is the energetic space in which you
coach. If I set the intention for a coaching session as a personal breakthrough on a
particular issue, then the energetic space within which we dance is smaller and more


focused. If I set the intention for a mega-breakthrough, not just for this person, but for
all of humanity, then the space within which we dance is huge, vast and expansive.
Just think about it, can you dance your very best dance performance in a small room
or can you do it best in a wonderful theatre with an appreciate audience? Its the
same with coaching. The bigger the energy field you step into, the more fulfilling and
profound the experience will be.


All right, were all set. The dance floor is selected and prepared, the client and you
are super-connected and aligned and the rhythm of the potential is flowing on through
the space youve created.
Nowlet the dance begin!
Most coach training would have you think that its the questions that you ask and the
insightful answers and input that the client gains that are the two key pieces to
coaching. But Im going to suggest that theyre not.
The key to alchemical coaching is in the energetic dance, not in the language, words,
questions or insights. Now dont get me wronglanguage is good (I love it), but its in
the energetics that the true transformation, creation and evolution really occur.
To dance the energetic dance, breathe, relax and expand. If youre able to have your
client do that as well that would be great. Move to the expanded energetic space
where you both feel very present, very clear and ready to begin. Now listen to the
rhythm of the soulsa beatthe potential rises, the waves of possibility begin. For this
exercise only (you wont necessarily do this with your client), allow your body to move
to the rhythm. Remember youre really getting into the beat here, just as a dancer
would immerse him/herself in the music, so you immerse yourself in the energy of the
potential. Get into relationship with it, partner it, swirl it round the dance floor a few
times to get the feel of it.
Now invite your client to join you in the dance (remember were speaking allegorically
for the moment). Like a dance performer standing back to give the next performer a
chance to emerge onto the stage, engage with the music and wow the audience, give
your client the space to become all that he/she can be.
This is generally best done first without language. Initially language can get in the way
of the energetics of it. But later, you must be able to give it language so that your
clients can continue to hold this part of themselves in their conscious, living reality.
Here we goonto the dance floor and into the dance



To see who another really is, stand backstand waaayyy back energetically. Youre
giving them the space to be / become. Now close your eyes and visualise the person
energetically. See them in ways they may never have been seen before.
Seeing another exercise # 1:
Try this with someone you know and like and see what happens. Practice it with a
number of people, getting used to the nuances of working with different people,
different energies and different visual cues that tell you what you need to know about
each person.
The energy of a person can present to you in a variety of ways:
Pictorially ~ You might see cartoon figures, images of archetypes, symbols, etc. all of
which will give you a good indication of what this person is really all about.
Colours ~ You might see colours (red, pink, orange, blue, etc.) and youll need to learn
to interpret what these colours signify for you in order to interpret them for your client.
Sound ~ You might hear something like a sound (e.g. the rush of the ocean waves)
that will give you an indication of who this person really is.
Feeling ~ You might feel new feelings that will tell you about them (e.g. a strength in
your heart area or a rush of passion).
Its up to you to interpret what you get in order to know / sense / see / feel / honour /
recognise who this person really is. Ill give you an example of what I mean.
Im choosing a good friend of mine, Jane, whos an amazing woman, mother and
artist. First I close my eyes and connect with her, getting her permission to do this.
She laughs and says of course instantly. Next I ask to see who she really is. I close
my eyes and stand way back to truly see her in all her glory. I see a person standing
with her arms outstretched and over her arms is flowing the most amazing energy. Its
like watching Niagara Falls being channelled through one persons energy and given
to the world. (Shes loving this by the way!).
You can see that this can tell me quite a bit out her actually. Shes powerful, working
with amazingly huge energy, bringing things through to the world, unafraid and the
laughter of bubbles from the falls are just like her own laughter that she brings to
everything she does. Shes an outrageously amazing woman reshaping the world as
we know it.
Lets look again and see what else we can see about her that we might have missed
on that first quick look. I see that shes made up of three levels of herself at the
moment something native americanish (signifying for me something to do with
naturalness), a violin (something to do with performing and orchestrating a majestical
play) and a sun symbol in her solar plexus area (indicating to me that shes having or
has had a real, true breakthrough in her own relationship to power recently). Shes
occurring hugely vast and profoundly and powerfully delightful. Shes standing feet
firmly planted on the ground and orchestrating her own version of LIFE now. Being

with her like this is a pleasure and a privilege. It touches me deeply to know another
in this way and to share the creation of our new world with someone like this.
The moment of pure transformation in this seeing is when I feel that stirring of honour
and privilege within me. Its not telling her about it that makes it realits the SEEING
of it that pings it into full living reality.
Lets play with that just a moment before moving on.
Seeing another exercise # 2:
1. Use someone who youve looked at previously during these exercises. Take
another look now to see where they are. What you see for a person will very
likely change each time you look. Thats likely because were rapidly evolving
ourselves today into new possibilities every moment.
2. Using the same person again, ask to see them on a level that you havent yet
seena level that will stir your soul and theirs and leave you with a profound
knowing of who they are. Take another look, bigger this time, and see what
happens. Try this three or four times, each time moving to a different level of
that person until you feel yourself moved in some way by who they are.
3. If you absolutely cant get there with this person, then try someone new. Some
people wont let us see who they really are, probably because theyre not yet
ready to become it. But believe me, once youve seen it, they do become it.
First, did you feel that stirring within, that moment of awe as you discovered who they
really are? This is the moment of alchemical movement. This is transformation in its
truest and most powerful form. When you see / get who another person really is, they
become it.
Second, did you notice that there are a number of different levels of the person you
can relate to? Lets look at some of those levels shall we?
Level 1 ~ Persona / personality self
This is who a person THINKS s/he is based on life experiences. Its not really who
they are. Its a false set of parameters actually and perhaps no one has shown them
how to move beyond that yet.
Level 2 ~ Higher or greater self
This is who a person is in spirit, which essentially means who theyve been in past and
future lives. Its the culmination of aeons of experiences, which shape the spirit
essence of a person. The greater self will often come through visually in some form of
archetypal format (e.g. angels, high priests).
Level 3 ~ Inner essential self
This is the true soul essence of person. Its the authentic, true self. Mostly people
live with this part of themselves well ensconsed within. But more and more these
days, this is changing. That inner, vulnerable sense of self is flipping out into living
reality to become a strong, living presence of who the person really is and can be.


Level 4 ~ Source self

Theres a point at which the spirit and soul of a person move into a complete
wholeness, allowing the person to become more than their spirit and more than their
true essence. At this point, I believe they are actually moving into sourceness. In
spiritual terms this might be called the I AM that I AM movement. But in more
practical terms, its about becoming the source of your own reality, your own creations
and your own life. At this point, looking at a persons energy, youre more likely to see
god / goddess type images, cosmic symbols, universal purpose, etc.
Level 5 ~ VAST self
Now heres a new level of US that Ive just been running across. At this level, you
move BEYOND SELF and become vast CONSCIOUSNESS and CREATION. At this
point, when looking at the persons energy, you wont necessarily even see an image
for the person, but instead you might have a sense of vast expansiveness and a huge
responsibility for something so far beyond our understanding that its challenging (but
not impossible) to even consider it. This is a really, mega-advanced level, so dont
worry about looking for it in your regular coaching sessions.
Lets take a look at an example of this. Ill use someone from one of my other
courses. Her name is Patricia and shes such a lovely soul. Ive seen her in these
levels over the course of our interactions over a four month period:
Level 1 ~ Persona/personality A lovely woman with a soft voice, willing to make a
difference in life now, initially fairly uncertain about her leadership, but willing to go for
it anyways.
Level 2 ~ Higher self An angel for surebut also making the move from angelic to
archangelic as she was weaving a piece of work for women to step more fully into
their power. She became a part of our Authentic Feminine Power course as well as
became the leader for her circle group for another feminine organisation.
Level 3 ~ Inner essential self What began as a fairy essence quickly became a fiery
dragoness as her true soul power came roaring on through. Her leadership was truly
beginning to grow and she was finding herself standing more and more in her own
authentic power, working beautifully with others.
Level 4 ~ Source self To tell you the truth, I think she may have skipped this one
altogether and raced right to VAST self. But Im sure that somewhere in there she
was getting more and more comfortable with her own sense of sourcing movement in
Level 5 ~ Vast self At first, when we looked at this, she said she was
connectedness. But as we worked with it in more detail, she became the
CONNECTEDNESS of all things and beings, all of life, through all of time.
Why are these levels important? Because as we witness them, recognise them, see
them in another, so the person becomes! Its all just ways of distinguishing energy, so
it isnt essential that someone moves through them step by step. But generally I have
found that it works well to make sure theyve got each level integrated before moving
on to another too rapidly. Although, having said that, Im sure there are some people


who would just naturally spring right through to being ALL of it and, as coaches, we
shouldnt get in the way of that in any way.
Seeing another exercise # 3:
Now that youve had a chance to play a bit more with it, try it out with some people you
know. If you cant find someone willing to allow you to see on the vast level, try using
me, my husband Santari or Jane who I referred to in the previous section. Play with
all the levels and see what you discover.
As I said before, seeing who another is is a truly transformative experience. Dont be
the least bit concerned if during the experience you or they are moved to tears. These
are the true and powerful moments of transformation. Let it all flow naturally. Dont try
to suppress those tears if theyre yours and dont make a fuss about it if theyre theirs.
Allow it to be a natural and joyous expression of really recognising one another
profoundly and let the energy flow as it wants to to bring the transformation into full
living reality.
Now were going to look at some really fun stuff. Most people tend to relate to
emotion as if its the yucky stuff of life, as something to be avoided, handled,
managed, taken care of and cleared. But what if emotion is the very fuel of life? What
if emotion is what gives us our get up and go, our joie de vivre, our momentum to go
beyond the beyond? What if emotion is

Energy in motion (e-motion);

Our bodys innately intelligent way of telling us that something new is stirring;
The energy of something new (potential) bursting into play.

Let me show you what I mean. When working with myself and others, I have found

Anger is always the tip of passion. Why would you be angry if you didnt care
deeply about something or someone?

Fear is always the tip of leadership. Why would you be afraid if it wasnt a big
step coming up for you?

Frustration is always the tip of new vision/work moving into play. Why would
you be frustrated other than the current situation is boxing you in somehow?

What Im asking you to do here is to consider that your body KNOWS something that
you might not be aware of yet. Perhaps it holds a consciousness that contains the
most brilliant aspects of what needs to happen next for you on our journey into
evolution. Ill give you an example of what I mean. A few months ago, Santari got a
sore throat. I felt it leap over to me, as viruses do, and I cleared it completely from
me. Then it came again days later and I cleared it again. Then again another week
later it returned. And at this point I realised that I was meant to have it, that it must
have a higher purposeperhaps because some of these recent viruses are actually


DNA altering or at the very least, giving us a bit of time out to ponder and reflect on
life. So I relaxed into having the sore throat for a week. My body knew something I
wasnt yet aware of and this time I listened. Now that doesnt mean that every time I
feel a virus coming on, I should just surrender to it. It means check what its there for,
get in relationship with what your body is communicating to you and take that to its
right next steps.
Now thats about viruses, but what about emotion? The exact same thing holds true.
If Im angry, I breathe, relax and expand to go beyond my current vantage point of
seeing what its really all about and for. I tune in to the greater picture, assuming that
my knowing body is communicating a shift to me and its up to me to get into good
relationship with it.
As a coach, this is one of the most useful tools youll ever apply to anyone you coach.
Most people shrink their energy fields when they get angry, fearful or frustrated. But
when you give them an interpretation that says something like Its the tip of leadership
coming through you., they can choose to expand and become something more,
rather than constrict and get smaller.
People love it when I relate to them as magnificent beings, no matter whats going on
with them in life. And people really dont like it when someone else comes to them
and says What issue do you have that you havent dealt with yet thats causing this
fear to come up? Can you see its the wrong end of the stick? These kinds of issuebased, psychologically-oriented questions create the exact opposite energetic effect
that youre looking to create. Besides, how many people do you know whove actually
benefited from looking at their issues? You might find some evidence that says they
have, so let me give you another perspective on that so that we can solidly agree, as
alchemical coaches, to stay away from psychological, issue-based interpretations.
A woman in one of my courses called me a while ago to say shed been in despair for
three weeks and was having great difficulty being in the teleclasses where we were all
vibrant and full of potential and passion. Not that she didnt believe in itshe normally
did. But she was in another programme that had her do a piece of emotional
processing work looking at a childhood issue in a way that left her feeling despair.
The course leaders suggested that she stay with the despair rather than try to get rid
of itso she didfor three weeks. I asked her whether it had given her the
breakthrough she sought and she said it had. Then I asked her whether she thought
it needed to take three weeks to have that breakthrough and she replied saying she
thought it could have taken five minutes. So we stood back and looked at the bigger
picture. Yes, she had the breakthrough in the end, but the world had three weeks of a
very powerful and profound energy and consciousness worker bringing despair to the
worlds energy. I asked her Did that make the world a better place then? and she
agreed with me that in fact she felt it hadnt in the overall picture. She saw that
dealing with it transformationally and alchemically could have produced the same
outcome without the ensuing despair input to the world.
So how would I, as an alchemical coach, have dealt with this then? First I would have
asked what physical or energetic urgings were creating the situation in the first place.
Then I would have had both of us look at what bigger picture work that was pointing
her to. In point of fact, she was working on a birthing scenario, so perhaps (and I

know this to be true) the world was rebirthing itself and she was one of its midwives.
Now, if you knew you were the one, or one of the ones, rebirthing the world, would you
choose to do it in despair and in a smaller personal orientation? Or would you get big,
expand into consciousness and creation, and with great delight step up to the birthing
table with glee to do what youve come to do?
Can you see the difference? The orientation is completely different, yet the symptoms
and situation are exactly the same. Its how we choose to relate to it that matters. Its
the perspective that we choose to assign to it that gives us our freedom to be, to
dance and to create magnificently.
Every situation has different perspectives that you can assign to it and the outcome
depends on the perspective you select. When alchemically coaching, this is an
absoulutely essential element to creating breakthroughs with others. Heres an
example of what I mean:
Someone challenges you on your leadership. Maybe they say that youre doing things
the wrong way. Possible perspectives or interpretations might include:

Theyre out to get you and youd better watch your step around them.
Theyre trying to get this leadership place for themselves.
Theyre right and you need to reassess your strategy for that particular
Maybe it is time for someone else to be leader.
Theyre wrong and you know it in a sure, certain, knowing way and your next
job is to get them to understand it from a bigger, deeper place as well.
Theyre really offering out something brand new here and if you look deep at its
potential, you might discover a whole new way to partner with them to make
what you both want to happen to happen.
Maybe everyone is right and theres a whole new way of collaboration as
leaders thats making itself available to you now.
Maybe this is simply an identifier for a huge piece of world work around the
evolution of leadership and together, you, they and others can make that come
graciously into being now.

Can you see that depending on the perspective you select, the outcome will be
completely different?
One of the things Ive discovered in the last few years is that we now exist in a
paradoxical reality. All truths are true. No one is right or wrong. We need to begin to
live from this place where belief holds a lot less sway on our lives and truth doesnt
grip us into reactive craziness, such as war. There exists now new ways to deal with
these kinds of conflict situations. They can be resolved in paradox rather than in
polarity. And that too is the job of an alchemical coach. Find the gem of perspective
that provides an empowering interpretation for whats happening, then pull through the
true potential that the situation is pointing to.
And that leads us perfectly to bursting the bubble of thoughts and beliefs.



Thoughts and beliefs are the energetic boxes that trap us.
If you want to free someone to truly create and evolve, then you want to look at the
thoughts and beliefs that so subtly control their lives completely and keep them exactly
where they are. Here are just a few examples of what I meanand there are
probably millions of culturalisms just like these that have so many people nicely stuck
right where they are:

I cant go big in my thinking because that would put me in ego.

I cant declare myself a leader because who do I think I am to do that?
I dont want to be a master because look what happens to masters in this world.
I dont want to be a guru because I dont want to have followers.
I need to deal with all my issues first in order to heal the world.
The world is in a mess, how can it be right for me then to be so happy and
Change is slow, so we shouldnt expect things to move along quickly.
Life is hard and we need to do the best we can with what weve got.
You have to work hard to earn money to live.

Now these are just a few. Can you see as you read these just how many subtle
cultural niceties fill our lives and keep our energy small? When I alchemically coach
someone, I seek an alternative perspective that will free them up to be more of who
they are now. In the pink are some of my own suggestions for people to look at to free
up their old thoughts and beliefs:

I cant go big in my thinking because that would put me in ego. The concept of
ego was invented to keep people small. In full connectedness, we can now be
who were truly meant to be and ego has nothing to do with it.

I cant declare myself a leader because who do I think I am to do that? Who

are you not to declare yourself a leader? The world needs as many good
leaders as it can get right nowespecially those who care and are superconnected.

I dont want to be a master because look what happens to masters on this

world. Mastery is now available to all and the more who step fully to it now, the
sooner everyone will be one.

I dont want to be a guru because I dont want to have followers. A true master
or guru doesnt have followers. The really great ones are measured by the
masters theyve created, not by the number of followers they have.

I need to deal with all my issues first in order to heal the world. The world
doesnt need healing. Its already transformed, and relating to it like it needs
healing means youre relating to it from a small personal you to a small it,
instead of a vast you to a profound vast being called Earth.


The world is in a mess, how can it be right for me then to be so happy and
fulfilled? The more people that live in vibrant reality now, the sooner the scales
will tip to everyone living there naturally and graciously.

Change is slow, so we shouldnt expect things to move along quickly. But

evolution happens in an instant and is gloriously easy to achieve.

Life is hard and we need to do the best we can with what weve got. When
youre in touch with potential, life is your own creation. You can make it as
wonderful as you choose.

You have to work hard to earn money to live. When you love what you do,
abundance in all things follows.

Can you see what I mean about shifting the thoughts and beliefs that trap us? None
of the perspectives in the pink are THE TRUTH. Theyre just different perspectives
that might free up our energy more for really living it.
It is possible to live in evolving belief today. That means that no belief holds any
certainty beyond either limiting or empowering this moment. True freedom comes in
being able to discern between beliefs and thoughts that trap and the creation of in-themoment beliefs that liberate.
When we looked at the access to passion in an earlier section, we started to work with
vibrant reality. The access to this is from the high heart, so let me summarise once
again here what that looks like.

Access Location

Feeling / Posture


3D Reality


Solar plexus, rib

cage, emotional

Dull, heavy, shoulders down.

Mouth downward, little energy,
no connectedness.

Spiritual Reality


Heart centre

More uplifted, better energy,

Seeking higher and inner for

Vibrant Reality


Breastplate area

Vibrant, passionate, excited,

shoulders back, chin up, chest
open and a big smile on your
Try this for yourself now to see how it feels. Move your energy to your low heart (solar
plexus area) and feel what it feels like to live from that reality. I call it 3D. This is
where most people live and work from.


Then try the middle heart, which I call the spiritual reality. I call it that because when
people first begin to open their hearts, its the doorway to a new way of being for them.
They begin to explore who they are and why theyre here. They get into relationship
with the great mysteries and seek to understand that which they may have not
considered possible before.
And lastly, try the high heart and experience, with great delight, the vibrant reality.
You cant help but smile and your whole body lights up with energy when you move to
this reality. I believe that this IS the predominant reality now, but because people
dont understand that, they keep moving themselves to the lower realities by choice,
moving the emphasis from vibrancy and potential to something else.
Ive made a choice to live all the time now in the vibrant reality (well at least until
something else comes along thats even betterand that just might be happening now
with what I call the ecstatic reality!!!). You can too if you want to. Its about where we
choose to meet and live life from.
Your job as an alchemical coach, as someone who works with and for LIFE, for the
realisation of potential, is to get your clients to move to vibrant reality to create the life
and world of their dreams now.
How do you move someone from 3D reality to vibrant reality? Simply ask them to
breathe, relax, expand and open their high heart. A simple request like think of
something youre super-passionate about now will open the high heart, put a smile on
their face and move them to vibrant reality. Now you can work together in ways that
really matter and move life!!!
Why is this so?
Picture that theres an inner tube (an inner core) that runs through every one of us and
that tube is the place through which passion, potential and power move. The average
persons inner tube is very thin and very challenging to get any energy through, let
alone massively wondrous visions. As an alchemical coach, your job is to get that
tube, their inner core, to open beautifully wide to let the energy of what wants to be to
come through this person.
How can you do that?
Heres where we work with flipping the inner outer, which is another way of saying
bringing the soul into living reality.
Inner / Outer Exercise:
1. Breathe, relax, expand. Then feel inside of you to the place where that
vulnerable, beautiful, precious you (that the world never gets to see) resides.
2. Breathe that part of you up and into your hands, in a safe space in front of you.
Then take a look at it and see how you would describe that part of you.
3. Next, let this part of you catch the light of day. Let it go out in the garden and
romp around, celebrating its freedom from the inner closet youve been keeping

it safe in. (By the way, you might be one of those people who already has the
inner out, so if you dont sense this very strongly, its possibly because youre
already there.)
4. Take another look at that inner you after its had a chance to romp for a few
minutes. How does it look and feel now?
Most people initially tell me that their inner being looks like a mouse, a puppy, a bird, a
small ball of glowing light, etc. But once its been out for a while, they say the mouse
has turned into a moose, the puppy into a flying dragon, the bird into an eagle and the
glowing light is now filling up the cosmoses. Interestingly, I never tell people to put the
inner back inside and as far as Im aware, they never do. Once theyve gone through
this very simple exercise, their lives are changed forever.
In fact, one of my friends tried this recently with a top-level management person with
great results. But two weeks later the man came back to him saying Whats
happened? I cant lie anymore. Thats because this simple exercise trues a person
up to their true and total self and once youre that, it becomes almost impossible to go
backwards again and be untrue to yourself in any way.
Once this inner core and the high heart are fully open, any person can access the
fullest level of profound passion, incredible potential and a new kind of power that
fulfils life. They are then walking in a vibrant reality, working with a vibrancy and
vitality that they may not have known existed before.
Inside every person lives a flame that is our life force, or more recently our LIFE
source. Without this flame they would die, at least in the physical expression of
For disconnected people, this flame looks like a tiny blue gas flame in the centre point
of the heart area. Thats because theyre not truly living and not connected to all that
we are and can be.
A healthy, vital person has a glowing yellow-orange flame that glows bright and strong
from the centre of themselves.
A greater, vaster, expanded person has a glowing sun inside of them that radiates
LIFE source everywhere they go.
Often in life, situations and people have dampened our flames down, until were hardly
living at all. But once we understand why things happen in life and expand into our
greater, deeper, wholer and vaster selves, then the flame is lit in a way that lights up
all of LIFE. As an alchemical coach, you can light this flame for others.
I dont do this often because I prefer to have them find their own way to their own
vitality through simple exercises and shifts. But sometimes a person really, really
wants to be there, but cant get there on their own steam. In some of these cases, it
might be appropriate for you to light the flame of life for them.

Before looking at how to do this, we must look first at when its right to do it and when
its not. I never, ever light the flame of life for another unless everything in me and
them is saying yes, yes and yes again to having that be the next step for them.
Lets say a person is dying. Is it right for you to light their flame with or without their
permission? In 99% of the situations, its likely not right for you to do. Why? Because
they are choosing to pass over now and that may be exactly the right thing for them to
do. On the other hand, perhaps their dying is no more than a choice to give up on
lifeand with some assistance and great alchemical coaching, they could choose to
do otherwise.
I believe weve gone beyond destiny, fate, karma and pre-life agreements. Were in
full and total creation now and from this place we can choose to complete our work
here in full consciousness or unconsciousness, or on the other side in full
consciousness. There is a very thin line now between life and what we call death.
Ten years ago if you connected with a loved one whod gone over, you might find
them troubled or in a healing stasis or doing a life review. Very rarely did you find
them right here and now, back helping out their loved ones here on the physical plane.
Today, the transition over for a growing number of people is a simple flip. Whoosh,
theyre over and whoosh theyre back here with you with their fullest selves right along
with them. This is happening now because more and more people are opening their
hearts, spirits and souls in life, making the line between life and death more and more
But back to talking about the livingthe ones were coaching. Some people get really
ill and might almost die because theyre going through a huge death / rebirth shift. This
is an incredible movement for them. They dont have to literally come near to death
and get sick to do it. I know because I probably go through one death / rebirth per
year and I now can manage them so beautifully that I hardly notice them happening
anymore. Heres what helps me to do this, so that you can pass it on to anyone youre
working with who prefers to go through their shifts in grace:
1. You can recognise a death / rebirth by the fact that theres nobody home in
your body. Youre lifeless, less creative and more prone to viruses and
tiredness. You may even have difficulty with your muscles.
2. When you sense a death / rebirth is coming or has arrived, dont judge yourself
about it. Most peoples response is something like Oh no, I thought I was
doing so well and now Im in the pits again. As soon as you judge yourself,
your energy gets even worsebecause youve just shrunk your energy field
and shut down the flow of energy that can keep you more vital and well.
3. Stay expansive and allow as much vibrant energy to flow through you as you
can. Keep the high heart open. Rest and relax when your body says it needs
it. Drink lots of water and take vitamins to supplement your system if that feels
right for you. Eat well and sleep as long as you want to. Stay calm in the
trough between life and LIFE.
4. When youre feeling ready, tune in to the shift and find out what its for and why
its happening. Is this just personal to you or is the world going through some

kind of a mega-shift at the moment? After all, if we thought we were going

through these changes for the good of humankind, wouldnt we be a lot easier
on ourselves about it?
Dont try to light the flame of life for someone whos choosing to die or whos going
through a death/rebirth scenario. These arent the moments where its appropriate to
do it. So what are some appropriate moments when you can do it?
Someone is right on the verge of a breakthrough, ready to move into a whole new
vision for their life, but the past may have worn them out. Sometimes they need
someone who can relight their flame for them to get them going again.
Other times the life force has gone out of an organisation, an idea or a home and its
perfectly appropriate to rekindle that fire. In these cases you have to be willing to tune
in to the very greatest potential and make sure that it wants to happen now. Because
once you make that happen, you need to make sure there is someone stewarding that
organisation, idea or home who can keep the home fires burning, otherwise they may
go out again and it will all have been for nothing.
When lighting the flame of LIFE, the movement is so natural that you know its right to
do right then and there. If you have to think about it or if you feel any resistance to it in
you or them, then stop and dont do it. But if its right, heres what you do.
Get as vast as you can get. Super-connect yourself with all that is. Be in your fullest
knowing. Get into the space where you dont judge or pity the person, where neither
compassion nor sympathy is any part of the picture. You cant do it for those reasons
or from that place. Compassion and sympathy will pull you into the middle heart and
out of vibrant reality where the pilot light gets lit.
So there you are, super expanded and connected and you know its the right thing
next to do. Breathe the life source of LIFE up from deep, deep within you. Beyond
self, beyond soul and into creation. Beyond that even into NEW creation. Breathe the
life source up and through you, allowing it to move through the high heart and into the
air around you.
Now see the person, organisation, idea, home, etc. that youre working with and find
its existing flame. Then breathe the new life source energy onto their existing flame
and fan it with the new vibrant LIFE source and set it alight in a new and powerful way.
Its like a phoenix rising from the ashes and whoosh, wondrous sparks are flying in the
breath of LIFE and an inner sun is rising to greet a new and wondrous day. This is just
one way to do it, one visualisation for it. Try it out and see what works best for you.
When the flame is lit, you will often see a change in the persons face and demeanour
right away. Their eyes will be brighter, their skin and energy will look clearer, their hair
may even shine a bit more. LIFE source is exactly that. It sources LIFE in everything
it touches.
Being able to do this is an incredible privilege and honour. It never takes any of your
own energy to do it and you should NEVER give away any of your own personal
energy for any reason. Lighting the flame of life occurs from a completely different
place, where all things are created anew.

I cant remember any time where I actually told someone I was doing this for them.
Its sort of irrelevant for me. Its not at all about me. Its simply what there is to do to
make LIFE sing. Only in a living partnership with and for LIFE can you take on this
wondrous ability. From there, you literally can do no wrong because all that you do
honours and enhances LIFE in its totality.


Weve already talked about the levels of self
Inner essential
Source and
In the case of Source and Vast weve actually moved beyond self as an individual
phenomena, yet weve become more uniquely who we are than ever. I am always
watching for opportunities to move people from any level of themselves to beyond into
sourceness and vastness. Why? Because at these levels the shift in human
consciousness occurs.
Theres a line between self and beyond self that moves a person, an organisation, a
concept, etc. into synchronous alchemy (synergy and synchronicity). Its the same
with the levels of potential. When you move someone beyond greater potential into
profound (world-changing) or pure (evolutionary) potential, this same synchronous
shift occurs.
Many people think that beyond self is Oneness, but in fact, thats not quite the case.
Oneness infers a sense of collective unification, where the individual is lost or
compromised so that the whole can thrive. But ALLness allows a sense of collective
uniquification, where each and every individual becomes more than theyve ever
been, each contributing to the vaster ALLness that this creates.
Lets try it and you can see what I mean:
Vastness Exercise # 1:
1. Breathe, relax, expand. Feel the levels of yourself as distinct from one another.
First, the persona/personality. Then your greater self and inner essential self.
Kind of hard to do this one now isnt it? Thats because once youve integrated
all this, youre in wholeness and very likely already moved beyond self to a
living experience of sourceness and/or vastness. You have to go backwards,
to get smaller, to find these levels of yourself now.


2. Now intend to move beyond your self. Expand bigger than the Earth, as huge
as the cosmoses and discover yourself as Source. You can put any
interpretation on this youd like. I dont particularly give it any religious or godlike connotations. Instead I just refer to it as a state of beingness where youre
super-connected to All that isALLness.
3. When youve got the experience of ALLness, notice whether its a oneness
experience where everything feels as one -- peaceful, quiet, unmoving. Or are
you experiencing ALLness as a movement of consciousness that allows you a
huge broad cosmic scope of knowing and understanding, gifting you movement
in any direction on any thing you can put your attention to? Try both states and
see how they feel. I often find that people who move to ALLness, or what they
term Oneness or Source, stay in that peaceful state and dont realise that the
true power is in the movement in this place. This is the place that true alchemy
sources from. This is the place where magic really sings and moves delightfully
into living reality. But to experience the magic, you have to create movement.
4. So whats vastness then, if not sourceness? Vastness is where you make a
choice to become a particular vast consciousness. Go for itchoose one for
yourself now and see how it feels to be that vast consciousness walking. Once
youve chosen one, become the energy of it and open your eyes and walk
around as it. See how it feels to maintain the energy as you walk in life.
There is so much power in this exercise, much more than you may even realise at this
time. If you go in to coach an organisation as yourself, the energy field of the
organisation is bigger than you. The same can apply if youre coaching someone
whos way up there in terms of leadership. We can sometimes feel energetically
smaller than these kinds of people or organisations. But what if as you did this work,
you walked in the energy field of vast consciousness? What if you didnt walk in as
yourself only, but were a walking mega-field of amazing, transformational, evolutional
energy? Believe me, it works really powerfully to create amazing outcomes that
happen graciously and easily.
I highly recommend that you try this out. If youre training people in leadership walk as
new leadership (or whatever lights you up around that). If youre working with cabinet
from a government, walk as new politics or super-communication or anything that will
move life forward as you work. The key is to BE an energy field that is vaster than the
existing energy field of the thing youre trying to shift. Tune in each time you go to do
this as to whats the right thing to do in that moment. You dont want to walk in an
energy field that will overwhelm people, but I find that the new energy fields dont do
that. Theyre very balanced and tend to allow people to find their way graciously
within them.
Vastness Exercise # 2:
1. Try walking in an old energy field, lets say justice. How does that feel?
2. Now try walking in a new energy field, lets say justness and fairness. How
does that feel?


3. Play with this. Try on a number of vast energy fields and see how they feel.
See which ones resonate the most with you. Mostly I walk in the ones I have a
super passion for. That way I know theres an incredible resonance with me
and Ill walk well within it.
This same shift of fields applies to speaking to small or large audiences. Dont stand
up as you. Stand up as the energy field or vast consciousness that youre speaking
for. And then speak from it, giving voice to what wants to be said. You will be
amazed at what will come out of your mouth. And your audience will love you and
every word you speak.
If youre going to work for evolution, then you have to work FOR LIFE! Theres no
personal in here at all. Its not that you dont count. You certainly doand youll
bring your own unique offerings to the table of life to make things happen uniquely,
passionately and powerfully. But the most important thing is that LIFE MOVES! And
when LIFE moves, you get to move right along with it.
I have been asked whether I believe its right to see people as vast beings taking on
huge visions, perhaps even way beyond what they believe they have the capability to
achieve. My answer is yesand the first reason I say yes is because its generally
what Life wants to have happen. Life wants us to be bold, to be daring, to try out
amazing new thingsthings that might not be easy to achieve, but fun nonetheless to
at least take on and give it a try.. After all, if no one tries, then how will we evolve?
The second reason I say yes is because the world will be a better place for it. The
more we are willing to see one another, the more the whole can become these
greater, vaster beings. So I say go for it with those who you know are willing to dance
and play. And for those who arent quite so willing, well you can always still see who
they are and hold them as that while they move through their dance of becoming.
Take on a partnership with Life and see what that partnership will gift you in terms of
your own Life and your effectiveness in coaching the lives of others.
Partnering with Life Exercise #1:
1. Picture any one of your coaching clients in front of you now. If youre a new
coach with no clients yet, then picture someone youve been helping to sort
things out in life. Here you stand, ready to dance the soulsa dance of potential
with this person. Take a deep breath and, before doing anything further with
this person, make your partnership with Life. Just intend it and see what
happens for you. From this partnership, do you feel anything different about
your and your client your connection, your relationship, the space in which
youre operating, etc.?
2. Once you feel this partnership present with you, ask yourself this question:
Are you coaching this person to help them to achieve some personal goal or
are you coaching this person because you want to see Life move forward
today? Either answer is ok, but the true power and movement for you and
your client lies in the second. Try standing in the latter purpose and

commitment and visualise coaching the person from this place. Is this different
from any other time youve coached someone?
3. Try this with your next client (be sure thats the right thing to do with that client
before taking it on) and see how it turns out. See if you dont discover a whole
new power in yourself, in him/her and in the outcomes that you create together.
Be amazed and inspired by this person. Be stunned by his/her magnificence.
Be ecstatic about his/her contribution to life. And if you can, and if its
appropriate, see if you cant get this person to partner with Life as well for all
that they do.
4. If you find youre not in partnership with Life, heres one method to help you
take that step. Take a deep breath, expand and reach out with your energy,
almost like offering a soul hand to another, and offer your partnership to LIFE.
Treat Life like a sentient presence a huge, glowing, amazing, conscious
being. Shake its hand. Make whatever agreements youd like to make and
then see how it feels once youre partnered with Life. Then watch the wonders
of Life unfold for you in area after area as you work on the LIFE team for the
evolution of us all.
I find partnering with LIFE is the thing that keeps me on track and trued up, in integrity,
doing whats right in each and every moment. See how your own lifeand
coachingoccur after youve partnered with LIFE.
Working for evolution means that the evolution of Life becomes your top priority. Yes,
you can work for evolution without this being your TOP priority, but somehow it just
seems to take overpossibly because its a lot more fun.
Remember this chart from one of our earlier sections on potential?





Heart / head


Clear, pulsing

Greater potential

Higher / spirit


Higher tone / beat

Profound potential

Deeper / soul

The World

Deep resonance

Pure potential
ALLness / LIFE
Vibrant, alive
Were now going to look at it from the perspective of evolution.







Heart / head



Greater potential

Higher / spirit



Profound potential

Deeper / soul

The World


Pure potential

ALLness / LIFE



When I talk about working for evolution, Im really talking about working with pure
potential, partnering with and for LIFE.
Is it possible to work with every single person you coach from and for this place?
Possibly not, although wouldnt it be great if we could? Sometimes people have a
resistance to moving to profound and pure potential but thats only because their
understanding of taking on big things is framed in old paradigm thinking (e.g. If I take
on changing the world, Ill get burdened, stressed, isolated, judged, etc.) In new
paradigm perception and living, this simply isnt so any longer. So when youve got a
client, see if you can get them to go beyond potential and greater potential into the
synchronous realms of profound and pure potential, because this is where the magic
lives! This is where LIFE singsfor you, for them and for all!
I was recently leading a workshop on passion and vision and several people in the
group found they couldnt access theirs. Instead of dealing with this as personal
issue, blocks or resistance, I simply stated some simple new paradigm perspectives
for them to consider (like, taking on world-changing visions are exciting, dynamic and
everything you need to do it, comes along with the commitment to make it so). Next I
had a talk with them about how its time for us to step beyond our comfort zones, time
for us to be who we really are and to do what weve really come here to do evolve
consciousness on this planet and beyond! You could feel their souls being evoked,
the passions beginning to rise, the tears forming on the edges of the eyes, the
knowing that this was true for each and every one of them and that it was what they
were yearning to hear and to live.
I believe that people dont want to live small anymore and all the people I get to
coach are right in line with that belief. Theyre ready to break new ground, to be
adventurers and pioneers for a whole new way of living for us all. Theyre rEvolutionaries, even if they didnt know it before they came to see me.
Ask yourself, Are you willing to work for evolution in partnership with LIFE? If youre
answer is yes, then step right into the energy of that. If youre answer is not sure, then
ask what thoughts or beliefs might be sitting there to be looked at right now to find
your true place with. If your answer is clearly no, then trust yourself that thats the
right thing for you at the moment. Not everyone has to leap to this place right away.
Ponder it; reflect upon it; try it out; discover your own place with it. I can only tell you
that my own and others experience with this has been extraordinary and very
exhilarating in terms of producing the movement we aim to create.



I believe that you cant work for evolution without working in consciousness. This may
or may not be true, so lets play with it and have you find your own experience with it.
Lets talk aboutand experienceworking in consciousness.
What is consciousness? Its different from being conscious, which is a state of being
where youre awake and aware. Youre a conscious being making conscious choices.
Consciousness isnt necessarily related to a state of being. Its more like a vast
playground or big garden in which we get to play. Consciousness is the space where
we set our designs and our intentions into play. But consciousness isnt just a space.
Its alive in its own way. Perhaps another way to say this is to call it creative
intelligence, but in truth, I believe that creative or vast intelligence is only one aspect of
consciousness and not the whole thing.
Consciousness IS ALLness. Perhaps its the mind, body, heart, spirit and soul of a
vast, living, sentient spacefulness. Consciousness is an extension of ourselves and is
the place where we discover so much more than ourselves. Consciousness is a vast
mega-garden where all new ideas, potential and possibilities are seeded before being
birthed into living reality.
Consciousness Exercise #1:
1. Take a deep breath and expand into ALLness. Notice that youre no longer
experiencing yourself as you. Its more likely that youre experiencing a space
thats way bigger than you. That space is consciousness. For me, the
movement into consciousness is like a push off from the front of my mind, or
sometimes from my heart, into a deep space that surrounds me. Try it now for
yourself and see how it feels. Intend to move into consciousness. How does
that feel? How would you describe it?
2. Moving into consciousness is actually about stepping from inside you as an
experience of life, to something vaster. Perhaps another way to say it is
moving from the personal mind, encapsulated inside the body/brain, to the
vaster mind that lives all around us in the air, in the spaces, in the great out
there. Keep playing with it until you have the sense of having stepped beyond
yourself into ALLness and maybe even beyond!
3. There are lots of places within consciousness. Its like a gigantic shopping mall
with tons of places to shop in. Dont worry about all those stops for now. Just
simply enjoy the sensation of being in consciousness beyond yourself. The
move to ALLness initially tends to feel very calm and peaceful. But thats just
the initial step, the jumping off point for the movement within consciousness.
4. Lets play with that movement, with the seeding of consciousness with
potential. Reach through your soul into creation (through the white hole down
into the ocean of soul, then through the fissure on the bottom into the
magnificent storehouse of creation). Call to you a potential that wants to
happen now and that will suit you beautifully.


5. Set your intention to make that potential a living, breathing reality now. Breathe
it up and through your high heart and offer it out into the garden of
consciousness. Dont try to direct it, just let it flow. It knows where to go, it just
needs you (a conscious, sentient being) to sow the seeds. The rest is
perfection. Breathe that potential into life, allow it to find its fertile ground and
begin its seeding, conception and birthing process.
How does that feel? Can you see what I mean by the movement in consciousness
and the seeding of the garden with potential. This is the beginning of reality creation.
We are the creators of our reality. People whove been integrating the higher / greater
self will know this. Weve already moved beyond the illusion that life just happens to
us to discover that we are conscious creators. If youre working with someone whos
just beginning to open up on the journey into spirit, soul and wholeness, this will be
one of their very first insightsthe discovery of self creation. We begin to see the
relationship between thought and how life turns out. We begin to see that we are
creating everything, including disasters and trauma, so that we can learn from them.
But beyond even this wonderful insight, we then begin to discover that we can be the
CREATORS OF LIFE. Here we can become creational evolutionists and this is the
true playground of an alchemical coach. Here its not about what we can learn, but
also what we can offer and create with and for Life.
Reality Creation Exercise #1:
1. Have a thought and see how it feels. Does it stay in your head or does it move
outside of you somewhere? Track its energetic movement and see what
happens with that thought.
2. Now have a thought related to something youre emotional about and see how
this thought moves. Is it different somehow? Do you sense that the emotional
thought has more movement outward and with a lot more energy attached to it.
Emotion drives reality creation into being. Remember that the next time youre angry
and you intend something. If this is so, then what if we could use the energy and
drive of emotion to reality create all that we wanted to have in and for Life?
Reality Creation Exercise #2:
1. Usually when were being emotional, were not in charge of its movement. Its
more reactive than proactive. This time I want you to intend something you
want (make it something personal) and put some emotion behind it. Not
necessarily negative emotion just emotion and see what happens.
2. Next, intend something that you know wants to happen, something with a
bigger and profounder purpose and put some emotion behind it. What happens


The difference should be a more explosive movement in #2. That may not actually be
the case, but its interesting to test it out to see what happens when you bring the
energy of emotion as positive fuel for the fire of creation and evolution.
You see the power of our emotions (energy in motion) gives momentum to the
movement were seeking in consciousness. Its not about being reactive. Its about
being creative and using the energy for that purpose. As you go to work in
consciousness, intend to reality create from a powerful place of positive emotion,
working with and for LIFE. Try this on and see if you dont discover an increase in
your ability to reality create. And your clients will discover the same if you can get
them to play with it in this way.
More and more were seeing that as we think it, so it becomes. As we frame
something, so it proves out to be true. The perceiver may actually be completely in
charge of the outcome, not the other way round. Once we can see this and hold this
as a true possibility, then we have the freedom to choose and direct the power of our
true thoughts and our positive energy around emotion into the creation of the world we
really do want to see.
An alchemical coach is masterful at working with change, transformation, creation and
evolution. Lets begin with an understanding of these terms and how to access the
movement of each one:
CHANGE ~ Change is simply a step forward on the path from one thing to
another. Its one step in front of the next from where you are now and where youve
been before. Its a linear projection of what has been. In the past, people have
resisted change as a part of our cultural heritage. But today, more and more people
are seeking change with an expansive and adventuresome spirit. Its our job as
alchemical coaches to make the dance of change as delightful and gracious as
possible, so that each next step on the pathway of change is clear and focused for
those we coach.
TRANSFORMATION ~ Transformation is a state change shifting something
from one state of its being to another (like the caterpillar to the butterfly). While
change can sometimes be slow and cumbersome (because its a linear pathway from
what is), transformation tends to be a lot more fun and produces much better results
for us all. I find that people dont tend to resist transformation as much because for
the most part it seems like they hardly know it exists or is possible. Transformation is
what can be, whats waiting there for that person to immediately become. In the case
of transformation, our job as alchemical coaches is to get people excited about the
game of transformation, to step into becoming who they really are with ease and
gracethe caterpillar to the butterfly in one easy motion.
CREATION ~ Creation is when you start from a fresh page, a clear space and
you invent everything anew. Change and transformation infer a movement from
one thing or state to another, but creation is fascinatingly brand new. Creation is all
that we would like it to be. To move others into creation, have them move to the clear
space and then let them fill up with the energy of their passions and visions. They can

even create themselves completely and totally new. Its exciting, vibrant, vital and
dynamic to be able to assist others into the space of creation.
EVOLUTION ~ Evolution is when you partner with life to bring into being all that
wants to be, can be and will be. Evolution is moving whole systems (races, worlds,
universes, etc.) into quantum leaps of possibility, very likely never conceived of before.







What is + steps forward


Greater potential


What can be


Profound potential

The World

What wed like it to be


Pure potential


What wants to be

Bringing about change can be more challenging and difficult than bringing about
creation and evolution. Even though change is only a simple one or two steps
forward, theres often huge resistance to this. In addition to our historical resistance to
change, I believe its also because change occurs in 3D (low heart) reality and
because were trying to move something that already Is forward. Change is like
trying to get an elephant to lift its foot to take a step when it doesnt really want to.
Transformation is a lot easier, faster and a lot more fun. Like the caterpillar to the
butterfly, transformation is just waiting to occur. A lot of people are just waiting to
become who they really are meant to be. To move someone through transformation
into who they really are and can be, you simply have to see, to get who they are. To
do that, you simply stand way back and become the observer, the witness of who they
are. As you see them, so they become. We covered this in depth in Dancing the
Dance Seeing Who Another Really Is earlier on.
Creation gets easier yet. I try to work with all my clients from the place of creation. I
assume that everything thats been before may be complete and I start fresh with
them with new passion and vision to see whats there in the moment. I dont believe in
trying to change anything thats already existing, be it an organisation, a vision, a
concept or idea. Instead I start from creation as if its all brand new and that really
frees things up for movement and movement is what alchemical coaching is all
To create, make sure the inner essential self is flipped out so that the energy of
passion, vision, potential and power can flow right on through. Then move into that
glorious storehouse of creation (beneath the ocean of soul) and magnetise to you that
which wants to be birthed now that is perfect for you to move into reality.


Once youve mastered creation, youll find that it slides easily and graciously into
evolution. So whats the difference then? Creation is what wed like it to be, applied
to an individual, organisation, vision, idea, etc. But evolution redirects the future of us
all. It happens for Life, for us all, for consciousness and beyond.
Lets try an example to see how this would work with a coaching client. Suppose
youre working with someone who wants to look at whats next for them. Theyre not
particularly enthused about taking on world-changing concepts. They just want a nice
life and to do some good things, making a good living while theyre at it. They may
already have a future with goals mapped out and youre just a support step on that
journey as their coach.
Do you go along with them and give them what they want which is change in this
instance? Or do you take them on a journey of possibility to show them that they
actually could live a life of vibrant, dynamic, creative contribution? I go for the latter
every time. Its a lot more fun for me as coach and theyll get a lot more out of it in the
short and long run. And besides, a part of my work as an alchemical coach is getting
people on the evolutionary team. How else are we going to shift this world completely
if we dont get tons of people on the team?
An alchemical coachs job is to get people to consider moving their potential from
individual to world-changing and/or evolutionary. They might think thats a big step,
but its not actually. Take them through the passion and vision exercises, move them
beyond the old paradigm thoughts and beliefs that shape their creations and get them
to see that life just might be fantastic from this new place. Get them to see that theyre
actually not who they thought they were. Surprise! Theyre amazing, vast beings
whove come to source new life into Life.
Its easy, its simple, its graceful, its exciting! Once youve done even one client like
this, youll never want to do change again. Remember, all you have to do is to get
them to go over that line from greater potential to profound or pure potential and
everything theyll need to do the job will be there waiting for them. Practice it, play
with it, see how it works for you as you work with your clients to have them step over
that potential line into synergy and synchronicity, where the real fun begins!
Lets look at these movements of potential in even more depth to see a variety of ways
to bring about change, transformation, creation and evolution:
To bring about change, you work with an individual to assist them in finding out what
theyd like to accomplish in life and then move the thoughts and beliefs that are in the
way of that. Ask the person to dream big, to go beyond what is (ignoring all thoughts
of time, money, resources, abilities, etc.) to unfold what theyd really love to have
happen now. Once theyve done this, then go back and see what thoughts or beliefs
are in the way of it (e.g. I dont have the money to do that). Find out whether in fact
they really need the money, explore alternate ways, discuss being open to having
wonderful things come to them, including investors or money from an unprecedented
source. If we dont dream, we dont achieve. If we arent willing to allow for miracles
and synergy, we cant get very far. Moving potential / change into play is really a

simple matter of freeing peoples dreams from their small thoughts and beliefs and
supporting them in taking the next steps forward towards their dreams.
This takes a different process than change, although it can use some of the same
techniques along the way. Higher or greater purpose often goes way beyond
individual dreams. Its about serving something more than yourself. Its about making
a difference for others. There are several optional steps to this process:
(1) First tune in to a persons higher purpose. You literally reach higher to connect
with it. Access your wisdom and knowing to allow an understanding of it to
come through and assist the client to do the same.
(2) Next find out if the person youre coaching has interest in and passion for this
purpose. If yes, proceed. If not, stop to find out how their own personal
interests and passions can marry with a higher purpose to take it to the next
levels now. Get the purpose into alignment with the individuals personal
passion or it will not work. There will literally be no energy to fuel the
One of the true keys to transformation is INTENTION. Once you have the higher
purpose identified, have the person speak their intention for it. Once theyve done that
the first time, ask them, on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest level, what level
of intention their speaking was at. Most people will say something like three or seven.
Ask them then to move their intention up to a ten and then try speaking their intention
again. With each speaking of it, see what thoughts and beliefs come up that keep it
from a ten. As you and they recognise the thoughts and beliefs that trap them,
freedom starts to come into play. And before you know it, theyve struck a ten in
A ten is where you actually experience the energy of transformation. Nine and a half
just wont cut it. It has to be a ten. Think about all those times when youve really
made a commitment to the level of tenmaybe you said youd quit smoking and you
suddenly did, easy as pie. Maybe you said youd earn more money and whoosh there
was the next, better paying job waiting for you. The energy of intention IS the energy
of transformation. Do you remember that quote by Goethe that said something like
whatever you can dream, begin itboldness has genius and magic in it and the
universe will come forth with all manner of wonderful things to help to make it so.
When you hit a ten in intention, Life starts to light up like a Christmas tree. Youve
called for the energy of transformation and with it comes synergy and miracles in
motion. Everything moves to work with you, to support you in achieving this higher
purpose you seek.


Try it on something you want to achieve now. Get your commitment into words that
are meaningful to you and then say it out loud. See where it is on the scale of
intention and continue moving it up until you hit a ten.
Suppose that you or the person youre coaching just cant get it to a ten, no matter
how hard you or they try. For me, that would be an indication that either the timing
isnt right for this now or that the commitment isnt right and needs to be changed /
updated / evolved.
But dont leave this section until you get something to a ten in intention. Why?
Because its important for you to FEEL THE ENERGY OF INTENTION. Once you get
to a ten, the energy comes rolling right on through and the game of transformation
becomes effortless and fun.
To achieve profound potential, you dive into passion and creation. This is different
from higher purpose where you attune higher. This is where you attune deeply and
profoundly to partner with what you/we would like it to be now.
I usually begin by asking the person Im coaching to connect to the profound parts of
themselves, to the things that they really deeply care about. Often I use a simple
visualisation to assist them in accessing their passion. Basically it could look like this:
(1) Breathe, relax, expand. Allow yourself to feel clear and open in a comfortable,
natural sort of way.
(2) Now think of something youre really passionate about anything will do
scuba diving, hot fudge sundaes, skiing, vacationing in an island resort. YOUR
HIGH HEART (breastplate) OPENS and the energy of your passion begins to
flow through your body creating a tingling sensation throughout.
(3) Having felt your passion, reach into the very air around you. Imagine that there
are white holes of possibility everywhere around you and stick one of your
fingers into the white hole of your perfect passion for right here and now. Then
put a finger from your other hand into another white hole. Then a toe, then your
nose. Allow the energy of these passions to flow through you and into the
space around you. Are your hands tingling? Is your heart beating just a little
bit more passionately? Normally people say that this makes them feel really
good because this is their connection to the vibrant world.
(4) Now take a few minutes to commune with your passion. What is it? Is it
different than ever before, or is it the same wondrous passion that youve held
all your life? Feel it, sense it, see it, understand it, get into relationship with it.
This is your passion and its your greatest pal in fulfilling lifes dreams. Its the
fuel for the engine of your creations.


Ok, now that youve got your passion right with you, the next step Is accessing your
vision / dream on the level of profound (world-changing) potential.
Move into the clear space and allow yourself to breathe, relax and expand once again.
Remember were working with creation, so be sure to let go of all those old thoughts of
what you want to do while we test out what creation might have in store for you.
(1) Find that clear place of expansion where you breathe a sigh of aaahhhh and
theres nothing there for the momentno thoughts, plans or needs. Youre in
the clear space that creation can fill.
(2) Ask for a world-changing vision to come to you that matches your own
passions and interests. Simply ask for it and allow the energy of a vision to
come from creation to you. Dont think it, just be open to it and intend it.
Then watch for the energy to begin to surface. Breathe that energy up or in
and through you.
(3) Just play with it. You dont need to figure it all out immediately. Let the
energy take shape maybe pictures or words or phrases that will give you
the sense of what its all about.
(4) If you havent felt anything yet, try this. Reach into the very heart of creation
itself (its a wondrously beautiful place) and stand there as if you were in the
midst of your most magnificent dreams of what creation could be. For me, its
like standing within a beautiful crystalline palace that sparkles and shimmers
everywhere I look. Now, standing in that place, whatever it looks like for you,
breathe in the energy of the vision / creation thats for you next and now.
Allow it to fill your body and flow through into your energy fields. How was
that? Better this time?
(5) Commune with this vision. Let it shape itself for you. Allow the ideas to flow.
Let it give you a name for itself, maybe colours that match it or anything else
creative that it wants you to know. Write down what you get. Play with it. Let
it unfold into the beauty of your work in and for the world.
I believe that profound potential is all about creating a new world. We dont have to
fix or change anything that was. We can begin anew and discover whole new ways
of doing things that go far beyond anything weve had before. Take education for
example. I dont believe that we can do much with our existing system of education
to move it to profound potential. Why? Because the old system is based on the
premise that kids dont know and they must learn memorised tasks in order to
succeed in life. This is no longer a true premies upon which to base education.
Kids are amazing and sometimes have abilities far beyond ours. We should be
inventing whole new systems of edu-creation that support those children in holding
on to and growing the abilities they came into this world with. We need a system
based on everyones ability to tune into the consciousness of ALL and know
anything and everything we need to know. Now this is CREATION!



The alchemical r-Evolution is about birthing whole new ways of being into a whole
new vibrant world. Were recreating ourselves anew. Were r-Evolutionising how
we live life and whats possible in life for each of us and for all. Nothing is
impossible and the bigger the dream, the more likely its realisation.
Every place you go, every person you work with, every moment in time has the
potential for evolution. It only takes someone to recognise it and work with it.
Evolutionists are really potentialists, taking potential to the furthest levels it will move
tovin that moment in time.
The vibrant reality sings! The energy of potential is a chorus of majestical delight.
Life is alive with possibilities and magicalness. The energetic traps of old have
disappeared. What we can dream today, can be made real in seconds, days, weeks
and months as opposed to years or lifetimes. From the expanded space of
ALLness, all of Life is waiting for us. Fulfilment is an of course in this moment, not
just something that we search lifetimes for. The future in front of us is not just a
linear projection of what is and what has always been. Its a myriad of possibilities
weaving themselves into an amazing, evolved future for us all.
As you step into the realm of r-Evolution, you discover a world of joy, of passion, of
vibrant creation. You discover that its fun doing this work and that others move
easily and graciously into the evolutionary dance with you. Where change can be
very slow (the ant moving the elephant), evolution is a collective fire-dance of
passion, vibrancy and graceand it can happen in an instant as opposed to a
lifetime or more!
Alchemical coaches are in an evolutionary dance with and for Life. Life wants
profound and pure potential to happen and all barriers, blocks, resistances or
anything else that might get in its way are simply swept along with the song and into
the dance. Its like the formation of a big long conga line with more and more people
being swept up in the excitement and passion of the dance.
The alchemical coach is a multi-faceted, highly evolved, ultra capable being who
doesnt hesitate to powerfully dance with what Life has on offer. Dont hold back
from potential when it holds its hand out to you to dance. Partner with it and see
where it leads you and your clients.
Evolve evolution.YESSSS! We can do that. And why not? Potential is simply
sitting there waiting to be breathed into being. And wouldnt our greatest evolution
be being able to steward our own evolution into the living reality of now?
Today we are creating a new knowing of ourselves. The possibilities for who we are
as human beings and what were capable of are multiplying phenomenally. Today
all things are possible simply because you and I and others have agreed to make
that so. Welcome to the world of alchemical coaching. May your dance be the
dance of the divine at play in a world of wonder! The world will forever be different
because you are dancing alchemically in it.


Who are new business alchemists? Were people who are committed to sourcing,
creating and evolving a new business ethos, working energetically and in
consciousness to bring about a whole new way of working, living and playing. We
work with spirit, soul, wholeness and beyond to bring LIFE to our business world. We
evoke the Corporate Soul.
Corporate Soul is the passion, the energy, the new life force, which will allow us to
recreate our business world anew. Corporate Soul is the very essence of an
organisation that comes ALIVE with passion and vision, which stirs the soul of others
to take us on a foray into pure creation, new collaboration and profound contribution.
It is essential now, in a world on the edge of possibility and potential, to call forth (to
evoke) the soul of individuals, corporations, nations and humanity. Its a primary
soulution to bring us to a new and different future than the one we've already created.
Soul is ENERGY and it's an energy that's been severely lacking, especially in our
business world today. Corporations, for the most part, have no life force, no passion,
no vitality, no creativity. But since corporations are the biggest contributors to how our
world is run, then doesn't it make sense that it's time to EVOKE THE CORPORATE
Alchemically evoking the corporate soul is the means by which we can accomplish all
of this gracefully, passionately and powerfully. Our business world has been created
from our minds, our logic, our intelligence all sourced from only one part of
ourselves ... our heads. The distortion of life that we see today in the business world
is because we have selected only one aspect of ourselves to source it from. The
alchemical approach to corporate soul is about accessing more of ourselves and more
of organisations in fact ALL of ourselves and organisational possibility, from which
to create new commerce, new finance, new strategy, new marketing, new leadership,
new collaboration and co-orporation anything and everything that will source and
create a powerful new future for us all. From this place, we will create new soulutions
from a different place than that which created them.
The alchemical approach to evoking the corporate soul is creational, sourceful,
leaderful, collaborative and co-orporative. As alchemical coach / consultants we:
Work with soulyours, others and organisations,
Understand and evoke passion as the energy that sources true vision,

Get into relationship with multiple levels of potential and bring them into realisation
easily and gracefully,
Work in pure consciousness and pure creation to step into, at will, the space of a
new creative intelligence, which I call Quantum Intelligence,
Connect in with the most profound levels of yourself and others to work in new
collaborative ways that go way beyond anything weve know before and
Source real change in the world today for an unprecedented future for us all.
This Corporate Soul approach is based on certain basic premises that provide a
different perspective on Life and our access to it. The following lists some of those
basic premises and perspectives upon which this approach is founded:
(1) Everything is energy. The dreams you dream. The companies you create.
The products you sell. The visions you source. Even you are totally and
completely made up of energy. So, if we are energy and energy is accessible
to us all, then..
(2) We can shape and fashion ourselves and our creations through our
interaction with and exchange of energy. Perhaps were not who we were
born as. Perhaps were not our mothers and fathers daughters and sons.
Perhaps were not just the product of our environment. Perhaps we are..
(3) Magnificent co-creators who can access any and all energy to create,
build and source all manner of new creations into Life. The energy of
wisdom, knowledge, knowing, trueness, passion and creation are ours to
partner with for the good of all. The energy of potential can be called forth and
realised as an expression of and partnership with the profound.
(4) The levels of potential available to us are infinite and we are simply on a
journey of discovery to unfold and enrich the potential of Life as we know
it. We are on a journey of conscious evolution in fact more than that, we are
on a journey of alchemical r-Evolution.
(5) As alchemical r-Evolutionists, we create a new relationship to change,
transformation, creation and evolution. We seek and embrace change and
create leaps in our ability to think, source, create and evolve. We face every
decision, every action from a place of powerful options, of multiple choices, not
just the either / or of the world of duality and polarity.
The alchemical approach to Corporate Soul, compared to other approaches, looks like
(1) The psychological / emotional approach: Our western culture is based on
mind-based philosophies with psychology being the most popular in the past
two decades. Psychology provides an emotion-based approach that seeks to
work with peoples emotions to help them find their way to happiness. While


this approach has assisted us in opening up in the past two decades, it also
works primarily in the emotional centre of the body, asking people to analyse
their life experiences from a place of emotion only, which is only one aspect of
ourselves. While the psychological approach can open things up for those who
are really, really closed, it generally tends to leave people feeling less
comfortable with who they are. Why? Because when we look at ourselves
from this small and singular view of ourselves (our emotions as issues), we
tend to shrink energetically and become smaller.
(2) The natural / organic approach: Learn to stay in the flow. Be in relationship
with life and with nature. All things in their own natural time. These are great
phrases that do move us forward in our access to wholeness. But notice that
they dont leave you in charge of things. How can you source change,
transformation or evolution from this perspective when its very premise is that
there is a natural order to things and our job is to get into relationship with that
order? What if there isnt just one natural order to things? What if creation is in
our very own hands? What if we can learn to be good stewards for the creation
of new order, new science and new creation?
(3) The spiritual approach: The terms spirituality in business, spirit at work
and corporate soul are becoming more and more common in the workplace.
In recent months, Ive heard from at least three consultants who have talked
with BIG corporations whove said things like I want whats new., We want to
bring spirituality into our company., We want the energy of passion and
vision in our company. Spirituality in the workplace is, in fact, quite trendy at
the moment, having moved away from that S word that you were afraid to say
for fear theyd think you too weird. The spiritual approach has allowed people
and companies to begin to explore their wholeness and contribution. Primarily
its been the search for the higher self, greater meaning and potential. Words
like value and meaning move to the fore. But again, even this is only ONE
aspect of ourselves spirit / greater self. As alchemical coaches, were
searching for the most whole and integrated approach that puts the reins of
creation into our hands as quantum evolvers of Life. Hence
(4) The alchemical approach: This is where corporate soul comes in. As you
already know, were not just talking about soul alone, as thats simply another
singular aspect of ourselves. Were talking about soul as the integrative place
from which all parts of ourselves are accessible as energy, from which
wholeness is an of course and from which we can access those aspects of
ourselves, others and organisations which allow for the creation of Life.
Corporate Soul approaches the creation of a new business world from the place of
wholeness, from the place of stewarding profound and infinite levels of potential into
being, from the place of being all that you can be interacting with all that others can
be. Imagine a business world based on a wholistic relationship to Life.



We looked at this movement to wholeness in a previous Alchemical Coach section.
But lets look again, this time from the corporate perspective, giving more definition to
what we mean by all these various aspects of ourselves. Then well look at how to
access each, integrating them into the space of wholeness.
Our heads have been the seat of our intelligence up until recently. The term trapped
in our minds is more than just a phrase. Its literally the whole of who weve known
ourselves as for most of our lives. Even our greatest thinkers have been only that .
great THINKERS. They didnt know anything for certain. They were explorers on a
journey into the unknown trying to bring some sense of order to the chaos and they
thought that they could do this strictly from their heads. In the business world, this
focus on head and intelligence, and on bringing order to the chaos, has resulted in our
inability to stay connected with life and the energy that sources life and creation. It
has resulted in a focus on the individual (be it the individual person or the individual
company) that has given us competition and profit above all other measure of
Take a moment now and see how it feels in your body to think, to access your
intelligence from your mind alone. Where is the energy in your body focused? In fact,
take a look to see what part of yourself youre using to read this section?
In recent years, people have been learning to open their hearts again, to access a
level of openness that wasnt much available to us in our individualistic, mind-oriented
cultures. The heart is the doorway to the soul and to creative intelligence. From here,
we begin to work more with our intuition and innate sensing abilities. But a heart only
approach can sometimes leave us too sensitive, too open and not prepared for the
powerful forces at play in our business world today. Can an open heart survive in a
dog eat dog world? The question is actually irrelevant when you move to wholeness
because there is strength in wholeness that is not available from any one part or
aspect of you.
Feel your heart and then see how it feels to open it a bit wider. Take a deep breath
and if you can, stand facing an open window or in a garden to really sense what this is
like. Allow your heart to blossom open like a flower opening to the sun. How does it
Another way to experience this is to stand up and pull your shoulders back, tipping
your head back and pulling open the heart area. Again, see how it feels to exercise
this muscle. Do nothing more than that for now. Just experience what it feels like to
open your heart wider than it already is.
Spirit is that part of us that has always been. Its that greater and higher part of
ourselves that, up until recent years, has been separated from us by our belief in who
we were and our relationship to the greater unknown. We believed we were small
specks of dust on a tiny planet trying to understand the very nature of Life itself.
Integrate spirit? Access the higher self? Live from and for a greater purpose? These

were things that twenty years ago were life-time quests, let alone to expect that we
might find soulutions to that quest in the here and now. Today, many people have
already integrated their spirits, their higher selves, their greater aspects of themselves.
And where they havent yet integrated them, there is this great and growing hunger to
be a part of something bigger, something greater, to make a difference in the world
What is my evidence for saying that many people have already achieved the
integration of spirit? Well, look to yourself and those close around you. Heres the
checklist for the integration of spirit and the move towards wholeness:
Have you found yourself working more as the creator of your own reality in recent
Have you found moments of knowing an expanded you in the last few years?
Are there moments of pure, surprising genius that comes out of your mouth?
Have you found yourself, even if only for a little while, feeling more connected to
something inside you that sources you?
Do you meet certain strangers and recognise something in them that makes you
feel like you already know them, even though youve never met before?
Do you yearn to make a difference in the world todayor are you perhaps already
doing that?
The move to spirit is upwards. We reach UP to meet a greater sense of ourselves.
We reach up for a HIGHER or GREATER purpose. Take a moment now and ask to
feel the spirit part of you. Know yourself from this place. How does it feel?
Soul is actually a place of true power. Its not the vulnerable, precious thing weve
always thought it to be. Our souls are robust, capable and powerful beyond measure.
These robust souls of ours are the birthing places of our deepest passions and our
most profound visions. Its our access point to creation. Without soul, life is
passionless and creationless. People of soul are the inspirational leaders, the
deepest thinkers, the empowering speakers. They dig deep for what really matters in
life and when they deliver what matters from the place of soul, it is a breathtaking
experience for all who are involved. These are the people we would follow to the ends
of the Earth because they stir our souls into action for something far greater than any
individual alone can achieve.
Soul is the place from which the wholeness of head, heart, spirit and soul can
integrate into a whole new you. This is the place from which the new life source
energy can be accessed and worked with as the building blocks of a new future.
Take a moment now and feel your soul. This is the journey DEEP WITHIN you. Not
the emotional journey that will lead you to your emotional centre. This is the soul
journey into the infinite within the inner cosmos your connectedness with ALL


that is from within you. Pretend that you are never ending within and then dive in to
enjoy the ride. Dont aim for the you that you already know. Aim for the you that you
dont yet know ... the you thats connected to all of Life and to all of soulfulness. How
does ithat feel? How is it different from your other experiences of head, heart and
Now, ask to feel the wholeness of you. Take a few moments to see what thats like. If
you have any difficulty with it, simply close your eyes, take a deep breath and allow
your energy to expand. Its as if youre a giant ball of energy that keeps expanding
until youre bigger than the Earth itself, yet youre still centred right here and now.
Discover what it feels like to be open to yourself and to the comoses, what it feels like
to be clear, aligned and available to yourself and others. Wholeness is the place from
which true connectivity is sourced. Wholeness is the jumping off point for creation and
Working with soul is a process whereby the forces of soul, passion, creation and pure
potential are married and brought into being. Passion and vision ARE the energetic
drivers for, as well as the energetic output of, pure potential being realised. It's a
soular powered, generative process that goes way beyond duality straight into that
place where all things are possible.
Everything has a soul, including organisations. As a company is begun from a simple
idea or vision, the soul of it is conceived and brought into being. Very few people
recognise this and work with the organisation itself as a sentient presence that can
and will support the powerful work that everyone in it is up to.
Literally every organisation was birthed upon the possibility of some kind of
contribution to others. But in the course of our day-to-day business, this contribution,
this possibility, this potential is forgotten and / or ignored. It lies untended like an
ungerminated seed within the soul of EVERY organisation. What does it take to get it
to germinate and grow? It takes someone being in relationship with its soul and with
its most profound potential to be willing to call that forth to live in the world today.
To connect with an organisations soul, simply reach out on the airwaves to connect
with the energy of, the presence of and the consciousness of the organisation. Some
organisations are very alive and will seem like living presences to you. Others will
have very little life force at all and very little consciousness within them. As you reach
to connect with the organisational soul, remember that its comprised of many
components the employees, management, board, customers, buildings and the
vision upon which its founded and running. In the case of organisational soul, you
want to reach out to the TOTALITY of the organisation, not to any one particular part.
Try connecting with each of these organisational souls and see if you dont discover a
difference in connecting with each one:
1. Virgin
2. McDonalds


BBC (British Broadcast Corporation)
The government of your country
A small business that you know and love.

Can you see how each one has a different feel, a different consciousness, a different
level of life force? Some of them may have vibrant, alive souls, while others may have
no sense of soulness at all.
Think of an organisation that has a strong relationship to contribution to others.
Reach out to connect with its soul, its presence, its consciousness. How does it feel?
Try talking to it over the airwaves, just like youre talking to a person. What does it
Now, try an organisation that isnt doing very well, perhaps one thats in decline.
Reach out to connect to its soul. How does it feel? Be careful here that you dont get
caught up in any sadness or angst about the decline. If an organisation has
completed its work and no one within the organisation is ready to move it on to new
levels, then its natural for it to go into decline. Its the death / rebirth scenario that we
should all become comfortable with in life. Its only a recycling of energy, from one
state to another.
It is possible though, if its right to, to re-energise the soul of an organisation, to bring it
to life with new purpose and vigour. To do this, someone within the company needs to
be willing to bring new life, new potential and new vision into the company. They have
to be willing to take the company beyond what it has already achieved. Someone has
to be willing to EVOKE THE CORPORATE SOUL.
To evoke the corporate soul, simply reach to discover the profound and / or pure
potential of this organisation now. If someone within the organisation is willing to
steward this potential into play, the organisational soul will move and come more fully
into realisation. If no one is willing to do this, then its unlikely that the organisational
soul will move. Try it out with an organisation that you know is willing to move forward
now with its next levels of potential and see what happens. Remember, youre not
reaching out to a person within the organisation, but to the organisation itself as a
sentient presence to evoke its next levels of potential.
Its an exceptional feeling when the soul of an organisation is evoked. Its very similar
to seeing who another really is and experiencing that moment of transformation when
they become it. Organisations too are waiting to be seen, known, heard and
recognised for all that they can be. Theyre looking for partnership from people to
bring their fullest potential into reality for the world today.
Every person, every company, every industry holds within their soul the pure potential
to be a part of the co-creation of a new world. When you move a person's, company's
or industry's soul into play (in partnership with their pure potential), all manner of
wonderful things begin to emerge. People love coming to work every day. Customers
rush to purchase their products. Profits soar. And executives, vision holders and
business owners go home at night feeling good about what they do in life.


In order to access corporate soul, to tune into levels of potential and to sense, know
and understand various levels of energetics and consciousness, we need to move
beyond the mind only approach to a vaster intelligence. So before we go further with
working with the corporate soul and organisational consciousness, lets look at the
evolution of intelligence and how that can support the alchemical approach to
corporate soul.

Are we what we are born as? Is intelligence something that is measurable by tests
and dictated by genetics? OR...
Are we what we choose to be in any moment? Is intelligence the degree to which we
can expand and connect to a vaster intelligence and consciousness in any moment?
I say its the latter! Our culture has a serious misunderstanding of intelligence and the
workings of the mind. Weve been focusing on a physical, mind-only approach for way
too long now. In truth, our intelligence extends the depth and breadth of the universes
and anyone, of any age, of any measurable IQ, can access this intelligence.
Do you truly understand the implications of this? Any child can know anything they
want, from any time, on any subject. Any person can ascertain the true meaning of
situations as they arise, seeing the depth and breadth of possibilities and potential in
every moment. This is actually the truth of our human capacity for intelligence. It
stretches way beyond the limits that weve lived under for so long now. Its time to
break the myth of IQ, to extend the mind into the great unknown and make it the very
well known for us all.
All the latest abilities (wisdom, knowing, innate sensing, telepathy and more) available
to us are simply the inherent knowledge thats in the air (the energy) around us. In the
past, we were locked away in an individualistic and mind-oriented culture, so how
could we know there was so much available to us? Today, in our open energy
system, its now all there for the asking.
I believe these abilities are a part of our natural birthright. All human beings can read
the sensory input around them. Many people already have access to these abilities.
In fact, some have had them all their lives. I was one of those people who never had
an inkling of these abilities until some years ago when I began to open up. I say this
to prove that it is possible for anyone and everyone to access these abilities, easily
and graciously. Lets take a look at each of these abilities and their corresponding
level of intelligence to discover how they can be used to enhance life, work and
To begin, lets get into the right place to understand them from. Simply breathe, relax
and expand. Open your heart, spirit and soul to the wholeness of you. From there,
make your connection to the vast and wondrous consciousness that surrounds us.


Move from the mind to the living mind, from your own inner intelligence to the vast,
creative intelligence that surrounds you. Beyond the mind lie wonders galore.
First, as you open your heart, you gain access to INTUITION and a new balanced
approach to emotion Emotional intelligence EQ.
Second, if you integrate your spirit (that greater external you), you gain access to
WISDOM, as well as an openness to spirituality (a quest for deeper meaning and
greater understanding) and all that that journey entails Spiritual intelligence SQ.
Third, if you open up your soul (that inner essential you) to life, you discover your
access to INNATE SENSING, KNOWING and TELEPATHY Wholistic intelligence
And last, but not least, with an expansion beyond yourself to consciousness and
creation (ALLness), you discover HYPER-SPEED THINKING AND PROCESSING,
Lets look at and explore each of these in more detail:
Our hearts are the doorway, the connection to everything there is in life. If we close
our hearts, we close to life. When we open our hearts, we open to all that life can
offer. Heart-based abilities (emotional intelligence) allow us a new relationship to our
emotions. We become more responsible for what and how we feel. We delight in
having anger rise because we discover that its the tip of a new passion rising into our
lives. We celebrate a new fear because its the tip of leadership offering out its hand
to us to move us to the next levels. With our new-found abilities to understand things,
we can seek out multiple interpretations for any situation and discover all kinds of
possibilities lying in wait within it.
Intuition becomes available to you as you open your heart. Its a gut-feel that
quick feel, that immediate sensing that something is right or wrong. Turn here., youll
say to the driver when you know thats simply the right direction. Try this., youll say
to your boss or employee, with a real assurance that this idea WILL take you where
youre trying to get to. But with intuition, do you really know WHY or HOW you know?
Not likely. Thats the thing with intuition. Its hard to describe and you only seem to
know as much as you can intuit in the moment and thats that. Its almost like the tip
of knowing, but not quite fully there yet.
Spiritual intelligence is where we begin to open up to our spirits journey and to quest
for a greater understanding of life. Its where we seek for and find higher purpose and
a greater sense of Self. Its where we become wise by accessing our natural birthright
of wisdom.


Wisdom is when you reach higher, into the realms of consciousness and spirit to
access a greater understanding of whats occurring in life. Wisdom can come to you
in words, pictures, colours, soundsany form at all. Its only the filters of our minds
and our beliefs that can limit it. Generally people refer to the wisdom of the ages, but
Im glad to tell you that once youve connected consciousness and creation up, that
new wisdom is very accessible to you as well.
Wholistic or soul-based intelligence actually brings you to a much more wholistic and
expanded you. The soul is actually the vessel for the integration of all that we are. Its
the place where we discover our essential self, and our access to creation where
passion and vision lie waiting for us.
Innate Sensing:
Innate sensing is a step beyond intuition. Its where we use our receptors, built into
our bodies and energy fields, to feel and sense whats going on in the energy around
us. Where intuition tends to pop up from somewhere within, innate sensing is you
connected to your environment to read and understand it. I often have people deny
to me that they have any abilities in this area, especially men in suits who run
companies. So I say to them, You know those days when you drive up to your office
and you can tell before you walk in that its going to be one of those days? They
always answer yesthen I say, Thats innate sensing. Youre reading the energy
status of your environment, even before youre physically in it. Now doesnt this
capability have amazing implications for the future of intelligence!
Knowing is distinctly different from innate sensing. Knowing comes out of the very
fabric of the air around us, but doesnt use the receptors we talked about with innate
sensing. Its not a sensing or a feeling from within or outside of the body. With
intuition, it bubbles up from inside. With innate sensing you reach out to feel it. With
knowing, you open up the channels to receive a download of information from a great
mainframe somewhere, if I may use a computer analogy for this purpose. Our minds
are like the terminals, our bodies the receivers, and our consciousness the interface
programme that links us to the mega-mainframe of existing creation, knowledge and
wisdom. Knowing requires a connection to consciousness where intuition and sensing
Telepathy is actually very similar to innate sensing in that youre actually reading the
true depth and meaning of what a person really wants to say, not necessarily whats
coming out of their mouth or even what is in their head to say. As we speak, the
energy of what we want to say comes along with the words. It actually pours out of
our hearts and souls and can be read in the energy of the communication. With
telepathy, you never intrude into a person to read their mind or any other part of them.
You read the communication that theyre sending out to you from their essential inner
self. Telepathy is much more natural to us than we actually know. Again, its one of
our birthright abilities that is now coming into full bloom.



Quantum intelligence is attained when we expand our conscious awareness beyond
ourselves as individuals to consciousness (higher / outer) and creation (inner /
deeper). I call this the quantum state. Many people were born with it and have spent
their lives trying to slow themselves down in order to fit in with the status quo. What
do you think Attention Deficit Disorder is? A hyper-speed person having difficulty, and
being bored, with our normal level of intelligence. More and more, people are able to
be in the quantum state while walking around in life working, playing, being with
their kids (for whom this seems to be a much more natural state ~ they havent been
trained out of it yet like we were). Theres no longer a need to meditate for long hours
or sit on top of a mountain to access the quantum state. In this quantum state, we are
way beyond the mind and from here we have access to:

Hyper-speed thinking ~ which actually occurs really quickly and feels like its in
slow motion at the same time.

Hyper-speed information downloads ~ which allow us to understand things

from a multiplicity of perspectives in a very short period of time (i.e. seconds),
able to choose the one that best empowers the moment and the work.

Super-creation ~ you move beyond normal states of creativity and into an

incredible ability to see new ideas, new opportunities, etc. everywhere.

Vibrant multiplicity ~ you can work on multiple BIG projects while maintaining
your passion, vision and focus for each and every one.

Hyper-speed thinking and downloads:

When you move to the quantum state, you discover that things naturally happen at a
much quicker pace than were used to experiencing them in 3D. But believe me, it
only takes a few experiences with it to discover that its as natural as breathing. When
youre in the hyper-speed state, you process information, ideas, concepts and
possibilities really fast and yet at the same time it doesnt feel fast inside of you at
all. In fact, you feel as if you have all the time in the world, but in reality, a wealth of
information came through to you, you understood it and selected the one or two you
wanted to work with, the whole thing processing through in 1 to 3 seconds. Have you
ever had those moments where you experienced 5-10 ideas or thoughts in less than 3
seconds? Thats the hyper-speed state. And its more natural than you can imagine.
Bandwidth Scanning:
Until two years ago, our world was primarily a 3D based reality. It had three
dimensions to it time, space and form. That gave us a world of polarity, duality and
opposites good or bad, black or white. But recently, our world has opened up,
adding new dimensions to our living reality. Generally, weve moved from polarity into
paradox a space where all truths are true, where two apparent opposites can coexist as exactly right and true at the same time. As we learn to play in these new
frequency ranges, we discover that every single thing that happens to us has multiple
interpretations. And every one of these interpretations is very likely true. How could


that be?, we initially wonder. But as we play with it, we discover the freedom to be, to
expand and to connect with the potential of every situation rather than be in reaction to
The more you can expand your conscious awareness, the more intelligence you will
have. If we can expand our conscious awareness into the completeness of a whole
body, mind, heart, spirit, soul, consciousness and creation experience, then we can
truly access a power of intelligence that has, up until now, not been available to us
from inside our minds alone.






Intelligence (IQ)



Beginning to open
to others

Emotional intelligence (EQ) Emotional



Connecting with
higher self and
higher purpose

Spiritual intelligence (SQ)

Soul / whole

Connecting profoundly Wholistic Intelligence (WQ) Knowing,

with others and with
Innate sensing,

Connecting with
& Consciousness ALLness


Quantum intelligence (QQ)

So how does all of this apply to a regular business environment? Beautifully actually.
How do you think some of these new innovation companies have accessed their
peoples inspired creative states? Super-creativity. And how do you think some of
those passionately powerful, really great, top executives accomplish all that they do in
a day? Vibrant multiplicity.
Play with these abilities for yourself and discover how richly meaningful life suddenly
becomes as you tune into our new vast intelligence and capabilities that allow us to go
beyond where weve ever gone before in terms of working with potential and with
organisational soul.



EVERYTHING IS MADE UP OF ENERGY. People, companies, products,
advertisements, cars, computers, visions, slogans everything is energy. As long as
we continue to relate to things, life, people and companies from a non-energetic
framework, we will not be able to access that which moves energy into play. If you
want to create a new company or energise an old one, you must work with its energy
on a variety of levels in order to bring the new potential, passion and vision into play.
Vision IS energy. Vision as words is just not enough.
Passion IS energy. Passion as words only is passionless.
A productive company IS rich with energy. A company without life force will be
moving into decline.
These are all things that can be FELT with innate sensing. Think of a company you
know that is doing really well. Can you feel the vitality the uplifting energy? Think
of a company thats not doing very well. Can you feel the drop in your own energy as
you connect with it?
If you can learn to work in the field of energetics, you can learn to bring true life force,
vitality, passion and vision to people and to companies. There are some steps to
understanding and working with energetics, but you also have to be aware to keep
everything in the moment and do whats right at the time. Here are the steps to
understanding and working energetically:
The first premise in energetics is the belief that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.
The second premise is that EVERYTHING THAT IS ENERGY HAS
CONSCIOUSNESS. In other words, anything and everything can be worked with as a
The impact of truly understanding this statement will change things forever for you. In
fact, it will give you access to the transformation of life beyond anything you can
actually imagine. Years ago I read a book called Urban Shaman by a Hawaiian
kahuna shaman. In it I was introduced to the concepts of sentient presence and I am
so thankful that I was. Today, I cant believe that we arent teaching this in schools at
all levels everywhere. Why? Because this is about our most profound relationship to
the life source which imbues our lives with brilliance and magnificence. Let me give
you some simple examples:
CAR ~ Our old car is called Astara (shes a Vauxall Astra). She was second hand
when we bought her and weve had her for over two years now. Shes never given us
a minute of problem and has cost us literally nothing in repairs. Why is that? Because
we honour her participation and contribution to our life and treated her with the respect
shes due as our partner in our work.


INTERNET / COMPUTER ~ The internet consciousness for me is called Jane. Shes

an amazing amalgamation of all forms of communication (telephone, fax, internet,
broadband, digital, satellite, telepathic, consciousness, etc.). She and I work in
complete partnership in the global networking that I do every day from my computer
(which is called Evo for the evolutionary work were up to together).
BUSINESS ~ Our business is called SOUL, but its so much more than that. It shines
with life source for the quantum evolution of everything. Every three to six months we
sit down to look at the energy of SOUL and partner it up with any new visions / work
that were doing to see where it wants to go next.
Sentient presence equals conscious awareness. Conscious awareness equals the
ability to access levels of potential. Accessing levels of potential equals accessing
levels of energy.
In other words, working with the sentient consciousness of any person, organisation,
thing, situation, etc. will allow you to graciously and beautifully work with moving new
levels of potential and energy into play.
Organisations do have a heart, a spirit, a soul. They share a living, breathing,
conscious presence with us. Some people (leaders, business owners, executives,
managers) simply love what they do and love the companies they own / work for.
Therefore they are, in many ways, already in relationship with the energy of this
presence. In truth they are the ones responsible for creating it, for calling it into being
and for partnering with it throughout its lifespan. Its about more than just vision. Its
about creating a true movement of energy for something that you wish to birth into the
world. Because thats what organisations really are. Theyre levels of potential called
into sentient presence. They become the vessels, the energy, around which we come
together with others to achieve a common purpose, vision and intent.
There are a variety of ways of working with organisational energetics, but heres a
general guideline which I find works really well for me and will give you a place to
begin to relate energetically to any organisation or person that youre working with.
(1) The first step is to understand what the current state of play is. In other words,
use your innate sensing to know whats going on now in the energetic fields of
the person or company youre working with. How does it feel? What level of
potential is it / he / she currently working at? Is there a block in the energy
flow? Is the energy static, uplifting or declining?
(2) Next, get into relationship with the person or company on the deepest, greatest
level that it will allow you to. If its a company youre dealing with, treat it as a
sentient presence and allow yourself to move into relationship with it. What
level will this person or company allow you to interact with it from? Heart /
potential, spirit / greater potential, soul-whole / profound potential or
consciousness-creation / pure potential? Normally a person or an organisation
as a sentient presence will stop you at the level that theyre comfortable with
being right now. You may find it challenging to see further because thats as
far as they are willing to know themselves for the moment.


(3) Then ask What are the thoughts/feelings/beliefs that are keeping this person
or organisation from moving further with its next levels of potential? You might
know the answer, hear the answer, sense the answer, etc. If youre working
with people, you can simply ask them to say the first thought that comes into
their head when you ask what has them not want to move to their next level of
potential now.
(4) When you get the answer, simply work with the person or the organisation to
see if that thought, thats stopping their potential movement, is actually true for
them now. So often, we forget that things have changed and we hold onto
beliefs that are out of date. These beliefs shape our ability to move energy into
play in life. For example, if I say I dont want to move to my profound worldchanging level of potential because I dont like to travel., thats normally a
stopper. However, I could stand for the creation of world leaders who work
from their computers via the internet, who write books to alter consciousness,
etc. You see, it isnt actually the truth that you can only be a world leader if
youre willing to travel. Seeing that what they believe isnt necessarily the truth
can free people up to be receptive to accessing the next levels of themselves.
From this freedom, we can create new ways of doing and being anything wed
(5) You may need to work through several thoughts/beliefs until you sense that the
energy begins to flow. If youre working with a person directly, you can see this
in their face, their mannerisms and their voice. They will begin to get more
excited as their energy begins to flow. If the energy isnt flowing yet, its simply
because some thought or belief is encapsulating it, blocking it from moving to
its next breakthrough.
(6) Once the energy is flowing, then you can offer the next level(s) of potential to
the person or organisation. See which levels he / she / it is willing to move to
now and then partner with the consciousness of the person or organisation to
move this level into play now.
Take an organisation that youre familiar with and run it through these steps. See
where it is now and where it is willing to go to in terms of its level of potential.
Remember I said that this process was a guideline to working with organisational
energetics. So lets try it from another angle as well. When you select a company to
work with you are actually selecting an energy focus (i.e. youre asking that particular
energy to focus itself in front of you for you to work with it now).
Inherent in every energy focus that you choose to do is:
an origin (its original vision),
its history (whats happened),
its present energy (what is) and
the levels of potential (what can be).
In understanding and working with any organisation, person or project, you will need
to be very clear about which level of energy you are accessing and working with.


Often the easiest and most efficient way of working with an organisation that is
experiencing difficulty (a discordant energy state) is to begin with the energy of its
origins. Why? Because in this space youll find its original pure vision and passion
before history took over and changed it. This is usually its raison detre its reason
for coming into being and this is where its true sentient presence will lie.
Lets use the American government as the example for this. Feeling the energy of the
American government today is like sticking your head in chicken coop with all the
chickens flying around frenetically. I recommend that you not try connecting with this
particular focus of energy in its present level today because it feels pretty chaotic and
discordant at the moment. Instead you can choose which level you want to connect
with the organisation and in doing so, you tap the tuning fork for a particular level of
potential (energy) moving into play.
In this case, I choose to connect with the origins of the American government and
there I discover a wonderful consciousness that stands for the evolution of humanity,
for freedom, for equality. On this level, the credo upon which America itself was
founded is still alive, while the institution or organisation that came from it (the
government) is actually in decline. In its origins, its most profound and purest levels of
potentials are waiting to be brought further into realisation. At the point of this writing,
you can sense that this is so.
Lets look at the levels of potential that are possible for the American government:
Potential: To do good things for others. To create change as needed by and for the
Greater potential: To serve as a world leader in true freedom of expression, liberty,
justice and opportunity.
Profound potential: To throw away everything that is and initiate and rediscover itself
as global governance, hand in hand, arm in arm with all other countries as true equals
throughout the world.
Pure potential: To be the true voice of all peoples. To bring together the very best of
everyone everywhere. To initiate quantum advances in the areas of technology, cooperation, collaboration, education, global interchange, commerce and much, much
If you now ask the original presence (the credo or vision) of America what level it
wants to move to now, it leaps for pure potential. But if you asked its existing level
(the government), you would hardly get any sense of movement at all. Why is that?
Because America is not just its government. The heart and soul of America is its
people and it is the sentient consciousness of the American people that can move to
pure potential now. In fact it is the heart and soul of people everywhere who leap to
this pure potential, because its not about any one nation, but about a new living
experience as a global people.
It is possible that the American people will not choose this level of potential now. But
if they dont, another country or countries will and they will lead the way into the new
millennium for the creation of a pure potential, global world now.

Can you see how this is different from a normal healing, fix-it or change programme?
Healing, fixing and changing tend to focus on the problem, the energy of whats
wrong, with an intention to try to shift it to a higher / greater /deeper / profounder level.
In the case of organisational energetics were ignoring the problem completely (giving
it no energy) and energising the potential in relationship with the true consciousness of
intent of that organisation. Why do it this way? Because what you give energy to
increases so if you give energy to a problem, you get more problem. If you give
energy to the realisation of potential, you get more potential realising.
Connecting with an organisations sentient presence and offering the levels of
potential into its conscious awareness can begin the flow of energy for these levels of
potential to be realised now.
Consciousness is the land where all dreams are made real. Its the profound
playground for those who would really create new realities for the betterment of all.
Years ago, consciousness seemed like something that only the very well trained and
intelligent elite could access. Most of the books written about the subject are
unreadable by the common layperson. Why? Because theyre written from such a
high place, that it makes your head spin to try to read them. Generally, consciousness
has been written about by our western society in the language (energy) of intellect, by
the indigenous people in the language (energy) of nature and by the eastern
philosophies in the language (energy) of compassion. But what if it was written about
and understood from the language of energy itself and the potential that it offers?
Consciousness takes many forms and offers many aspects of itself to those who
would journey its breadth and depth. Consciousness is:

The place where all knowledge is stored, where the new is seeded and the
ancient waits to be rediscovered.

The place where all energies flow freely and profoundly, where all time meets,
where all the levels of anyone or anything can come together in a unified
stream of connected consciousness.

A place outside of time, space and form. It has no limits. All things are
possible within and from this place.

The playground where new potential is delivered into conscious reality.

A journey of becoming, a wondrous exploration of the infinite abilities of

everything that has ever been and ever can be.

Lets look at a simplified map of consciousness that will help you to be able to move
through it, exploring its wonders and becoming comfortable with its capabilities.


Level 1 ~ the first ring of consciousness

The first ring of consciousness is just slightly beyond the human mind. While the mind
(your ability to think) is encapsulated within the head, your personal consciousness
(your conscious awareness of yourself) moves beyond your body and mind. It might
actually occur about 2-3 feet around your head area.
Level 2 ~ the second ring of consciousness
The second ring of consciousness is traditionally called the higher self. This occurs
anywhere from 3 feet upwards above your body / mind to some miles up. In the case
of the old chakra system, this would include your personal energy field to the inclusion
of what was commonly known as the 12th chakra. The levels of your own
consciousness are distinctly discernable from all other consciousnesses. Its as if you
hold a field for the knowing of yourself. Within this field is all the knowledge, wisdom,
learning and experiences of all that you have ever been, through all of time and
beyond time.
Level 3 ~ unified consciousness
Unified consciousness is the place where you go beyond your own conscious knowing
of yourself to join with the unified consciousness field. This is where we step beyond
individuality to connectivity with others, Life and ALLness. In the unified field, you
lose any need to identify with yourself. In fact, persona, behaviour, abilities,
intelligence (all the things that might define you) become completely irrelevant in this
place. You become one with ALL that is.
Level 4 ~ unique consciousness
Beyond unified consciousness (the place of oneness) is the place of paradox where
you rediscover yourself anew as a unique source being. In becoming one with all
things (the unified field), there is a sense of calm and stillness, which also means a
loss of momentum, drive and passion. In the space of oneness, one tends to be.
But after a while of being, you can get bored and find that you want to do, create and
evolve. You seek movement and momentum. You seek to marry your unique
passions and visions with the fullest array of consciousness you can access and
create. You are no longer just connected to source, you become source expressing
your own unique contribution to life.
Level 5 ~ quantum collective conscioUSness
In quantum collective consciousness we super-connect to one another and to ALL that
is, everywhere, through all of time. We become evolution evolving itself. There is
absolutely no limit on time, space, form, science, nature, etc. We go beyond thinking,
beyond all known wisdom. We source-create new wisdom, new possibilities. We go
beyond all possibilities of creation to create creation. In this consciousness you totally
know all of you and all of Life, but youre unwilling to limit the knowing of yourself,
others and Life. You BECOME ALL CONSCIOUSNESS source-creating all of Life.
Nothing is impossible. The creation of Life is at your fingertips and you take great
delight in partnering with it to bring it into being.
So what does any of this have to do with business? EVERYTHING. If we are going to
create a new world, then that world must be created from a place of consciousness.
We must go beyond the mind, beyond individuality to a more powerful collective
consciousness where we can steward the evolution of Life properly and beautifully.


In aeons past, people who did anything like this were called alchemists, shamen and
priests / priestesses. But today, we have brought consciousness into the real, daily
living of life. We are the new alchemists and its from this place of collective
conscioUSness that we can quantumly evolve life as we know it into the living reality
of everyday Life. Today we speak the language of living consciousness and it takes
us beyond the languages of intellect, nature and compassion.
As always, global change, in this case global creation, will be done by collective
groups of people coming together to make creation real in the world. Business is one
of the perfect places for this to move forward now. At the moment, our churches
arent doing it. Theyre too closed in their access to belief. Our politicians arent doing
it. Theyre too concerned about getting elected next time round. Our educational
system arent doing it. Theyre locked into the old ways of learning.
Business is one of our best shots (but not our only one) at our collective creations.
Why? Because there is movement, momentum and creation already alive and being
constantly sought after in business. Its the nature of business to churn the power that
sources the energy for real world creation.
The business world today is a foundational support system to create a whole new
world. Its time to:

Begin to work in and with consciousness on all its levels;

Begin to focus our energies on contribution, creation and evolution;

Work together in new ways that go way beyond competition (which is an

individualistic approach to life) to find new collaborations with others who seek
the same visions;

Move beyond financial profit only to include social profit as a measure for
business success.

What will our new model of organisational consciousness look like then and how can
we assist our business world to move there?
At the moment, our business world occurs like lots of individual energy fields, all totally
disconnected from one another (purposely in order to maintain competitive advantage)
and totally disconnected from the source, the well-spring of Life. You could picture it
like lots of little finite balls of energy that are closed up and refusing to interact with
one another no matter how much they bounce up against one another.
A new model of consciousness for our business world might look like one gigantic
collective energy source of quantum consciousness in which all breakthroughs in
technology, process, education and training are shared fully with everyone else. Each
company would hold its own unique expression or contribution to the whole and full
collaboration would be sought always. Because full collaboration holds the
possibilities, the soulutions, the answers to everything.


If you are going to work with a business to bring it into the new energy of quantum
consciousness, quantum intelligence and quantum evolution, then youll need to
encourage them, in whatever way you can and with whatever language works for you
and them), to move into this collaborative energy source. This applies to their abilities
to work within the companies as employees, managers, board members, etc. and to
their abilities to work company to company. I have seen for several years now that the
answer to our worlds ills are to bring together the true, clear business leaders of large
corporations who are willing to move their companies to true global contribution now. I
call this co-orporation.
Old thinking might have these leaders believe that they must maintain their
separateness, their companies individuality and competition. But new thinking would
have them realise that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will not be achieved by
a competitive race to the finish line, but rather by a collaborative effort by all to work
together to create new rainbows.
Inside every company are the people who already have all the answers to their current
problems. But generally no one asks them, so their input, their creativity remains
inside them. Inside every industry are shared solutions that no one ever sees
because theyre afraid to speak to the competition. Inside every nation is the potential
for global citizenship. And inside every person is the burning desire to make a
difference today.
As consultants, trainers, coaches and authors for the new, our job is to assist these
people and companies to find their way into new collaboration. Dont be afraid to
suggest the unsuggestable. Dont be afraid to move to consciousness and creation to
have them access the wholeness of themselves. Dont be afraid to language the
unlanguable. Speak the energy that wants to flow through you. Steward the
conscious evolution of our world today. After all, thats what were REALLY here for,
isnt it? Were the new business alchemists ready to create a whole new business
ethos and conscioUSness for a brand new world!
Strategic visioning is traditionally defined by a look at the past, from the present, to
determine the future. Its usually positioned as a change document as opposed to a
transformational, creational or evolutionary document. But what if strategic visioning
is a leap into the future, for the future, from the future, without any limitations from the
past or present? What if strategic visioning is the opportunity to move visioners to
visionaries to move organisations and the people in them beyond potential and
greater potential to profound (world-changing) and pure (evolutionary) potential? After
all, if you remember from the Alchemical Coach sections, moving over the line from
greater potential to profound or pure potential kicks in synchronicity and synergy and
gifts the project, vision, organisation with an incredible source of new life force,
bringing everything associated with it alive with passion, vision and more!
When doing a strategic visioning session with any person for themselves personally or
for their organisation, I generally follow these steps:


1. First, find out where they are at the moment. Whats the current state of play?
I usually map this onto a flip chart with multiple colours so that the person can
see the energy of the organisation, vision, project, etc. in visual form. Try
drawing a stick person and then drawing in all the projects, visions, people, etc.
that are currently in their energy fields. This gives an amazing visual
demonstration of how things are currently looking and feeling.
2. Next, I tune in to see if the past is complete and if it isnt, I look to see what
there is for them to learn from it, to acknowledge themselves for and / or to
celebrate as accomplishments. But I never look to the past as a directive for
the future. What was is done. The question is Where do they go from here?
3. From here, I ask them to tune into their own personal passion and ask what is
their newest and most vibrant passion right here in the now. For this I use the
passion exercises to bring the newest passion energy present for them to
become aware of. Never assume that their passion is as it always has been.
Passion flows, changes and evolves just as quickly as new vision these days.
4. Next, together we tune in to the sentiency of the organisation theyre working
with or that they own and ask what level of potential its currently working on.
Then we look at the levels of potential beyond that, to get in touch with them, to
understand them and to see if the key vision holder(s) of the organisation will
support these levels of potential moving into play now. Again, diagram or write
these levels of potential on a flip chart so that theyre very visual and can easily
be seen and understood by the person or people involved. It helps if the key
vision holder is the person youre actually working with, although its not
absolutely necessary if you get a sense that the vision holders are actually
aligned with and in favour of this movement of potential into realisation.
5. If the vision holders are in alignment with it (either physically present or on the
higher airwaves), then ask the organisation if its willing to move to its next level
of potential now. If the answer is yes, move the energy of the potential from
creation into the consciousness of the organisation. This occurs like breathing
the energy up from the womb of creation (beneath soul) and through the
organisational presence into its consciousness (its bigger, vaster presence
surrounding it). If the answer is no, then find out why not and begin to work
with that to see if you can overcome those challenges and opportunities.
Notice here that were working with the organisation itself to get a yes or no. The
person whos stewarding the vision may have already said yes to it on some level. If
they havent, then you likely wont be able to move it into play with the organisation
itself and work will need to be done with the vision holders themselves in order to
make this play out.
My goal in strategic visioning, for myself or others, is always to move from one level of
potential to the highest, deepest, profoundest, purest level of potential I can get them
to. Thats because I coach and vision for the evolution of human consciousness and
beyond. You will want to look at what your goal is for strategic visioning as it will
dictate some of the choices to be made when youre working with others. For
example, if youre working for the evolution of human consciousness, can you vision
with an organisation who is committed to things that work against life, like tobacco

companies, oil companies, genetically modified food companies? You dont want to
set an absolute no on these. You want to tune in at each new opportunity to see if
movement is possible, if theres any chance to bring what Life wants into these
organisations and their contribution to the world. If there is, go for it. If there isnt, I
recommend you walk away, as trying to move potential into play where it doesnt want
to be, is like trying to push water up hill. It will take all your energy and in the end
leave you feeling depleted and not having accomplished the movement of potential
where it could have moved into play.
You see, the potential IS energy and its available and waiting for whoever is willing to
steward it, partner it and move it into play now. At the level of profound and pure
potential, were not just working with AN organisation and its potential. Were working
with POTENTIAL and looking to see which organisation and people are willing to be
the stewards, champions, leaders for it.
This is the key to working from the future for the future. Were working way beyond
ourselves as individual people or organisations and were working for what LIFE
wants. Alchemical coaches and new business alchemists are agents for LIFEs
Were standing at the cusp of a new future, one thats never been before. We can
dream into being the most magnificent future nowand live it as a daily, living reality
for us all. Working from the future for the future is where the real juice of Life is.
Working from the future for the future is working powerfully in the NOW to co-create
what really wants to be now.
Assuming that you now have the person or organisations agreement to steward the
energy of potential into play, ask them to step into the energy of the potential. In the
case of a person, they can visualise stepping into it or can literally take a step in front
of them where the energy should now lie (given theyve brought it through their high
heart to sit in front of them). In the case of an organisation, ask it to breathe its
potential through (you can assist with this by pretending to be the sentient presence of
the organisation and moving it through) and then have the organisation take on and
become the energy. Let the energy fill them up, physically, energetically and in
consciousness. Have them allow the energy to flow where it needs to within their
energy fields, flowing to where it can be best utilised now. You cant contain this kind
of energy. Its vast and powerful and it needs to flow openly where it wants and needs
to in order to get everything to work in alignment with its true potential.
Sometimes the energy of these levels of potential is so huge that it becomes
challenging for one person only to bring it on through. In these cases, I recommend
that you join the person youre working with in bringing it on through (after all youre
their partner in this potential moving). But also have them connect in consciousness
with any resonant others in the organisation or around the world who share this vision.
It might even require a collaboration of organisations to make it so, so dont hesitate to
include those organisations in the stewarding of the energy if that feels right to do. The
follow up connectivity and collaborations will then naturally find their way into reality.


All right, the energy is available, the intention to steward the potential is present and
youre ready to move beyond the consciousness aspect of it, to making it really real
now. These next steps are strategic in nature, i.e. how to make it happen. This is
where organisational change, transformation, creation and evolution come into play.
Personally, I never work with organisational change. Its like putting bandaids /
plasters on a dying elephant. Its too hard and too slow to make any real difference to
true potential. Youll have to decide for yourself if this is so for you. Change
management is a growing field in the business sector, but unfortunately it hardly ever
touches true transformation, creation or evolution and this is where the real power
for true change lies.
Organisational Transformation
Lets assume that an organisation wants to make a state change (the butterfly to the
cocoon). How can we assist it strategically to make this so?
If you remember the section on transformation from the Alchemical Coach section,
you simply set your intention to a ten for transformation and then look to see who or
what the organisation REALLY is. In the case of an organisation, yes it too can take
your breath away. It too may be sitting there in disguise, waiting for someone to really
see, know and understand what it really is and how to bring its true potential into play.
To do this, follow the same steps as seeing who a person really is on all the levels.
Lets use an example. I recently visited Kartchner Caverns in Arizona, USA. This is a
state run park, which takes people on tours into a fabulous underground cavern. I was
deeply touched by the commitment of every single person who worked there and by
the conscious attention to detail that merited a true stewardship of the Earth.
Everything was in alignment with and for the environment. Recycling was very
apparent. We were asked not to touch anything inside the cavern out of respect for
the living cavern and not wanting to disturb its profound presence for future
generations as well todays. The parks levels of potential are:
1. Potential ~ to show people a beautiful underground cavern giving them a
wonderful educational experience.
2. Greater potential ~ to set a new standard for parks and caverns, so that others
would see the possibility of really caring for the Earth.
3. Profound potential ~ to evoke within every person who comes to see it the awe
and magnificence of the Earth itself, the beauty of nature and forces beyond
ourselves and to get those people into relationship with the Earth and LIFE
itself. Here every persons move to a breathtaking relationship is affecting the
consciousness of the whole.
4. Pure potential ~ to revolutionise our stewardship with and for the Earth and
LIFE; to become conscious, magnificent stewards on a level of honour, respect
and care that we havent experienced beforeand through this to move it into
conscious living for all.
As we sat in those caverns, with wonderful volunteers who were our Earth stewards
and guides, we breathed in the pure potential of all of us, all around the world, moving

into a profound and pure relationship with LIFE now. We saw, knew and understood
the deep profundity of the Earth and of the forces that guide it. We moved into the
space of conscious stewardship and set our intention to partner with LIFE to have
everyone get this now. I know this wasnt just me experiencing the power of this. All
of us who went together had tears streaming down our faces as we were moved by
the potential that was being held out to us. And we did choose it. We did reach our
hands and shake LIFEs expectant hand. We became the stewards right there in
those moments.
This is the power of potential that what you do in each and every moment could
alter Life forever for us all. This is where an alchemical coach / business alchemist
works. We are the stewards with and for LIFE!
In the case of moving potential into strategic play, you then dialogue with the energy of
the potential to find out what it wants and needs now. See what ideas will come
straight up out of creation to wow and amaze you and take things where theyve never
been taken before. The strategic work is easy. You just keep tuning in to the potential
and reaching it out to the various sections of the organisation that youre working with
(sales, marketing, production, distribution, positioning, management, board,
customers, employees and more). Allow the energy of the potential to guide you. Try
this now either with your own organisation (even if youre a single person company) or
with an organisation that you know is willing to move forward with its potential now.
Organisational Creation:
Creation is somewhat different than transformation where you look to see who or what
the organisation really is. In this case youre going to work with a clean slate and
create, create, create.
Lets say an organisation has completed its potential and is ready for the next steps
into potential. But its next step might actually take it in a new direction (e.g. an oil
company could move from an oil company to an energy company working to source
new energy sources that will support us all and not deplete the Earths resources). In
cases like these strategic work will need to happen inside of pure creation and outside
of what has always been. This is where you really want to move the person or people
youre working with outside the old thinking and into super-creativity.
To do this, have everyone sit in a circle or around a table with as few obstructions as
possible between them. Have a flip chart or a white board with someone taking notes,
so that the people participating dont actually have to get distracted from the process
by taking notes. Make sure the energy space is clear, bright and light. Ask them to
think of something theyre passionate about (the high heart opens), to connect to the
potential of what it is theyre working on and to connect to pure creation itself. Then
let them fly, creating all manner of ideas, thoughts, names, etc. You can tell when
super-creativity is in play. You cant stop them talking, the ideas roll through so fast
you can hardly write them down and everyone is having a ball, talking, laughing and
having more fun than theyve ever had before.
Let me show you an example of what I mean. I was working with a wonderful group in
Australia to show them super-creativity. We were working on real estate agencies.
Someone said Ive always thought of starting a company to renovate houses as
people want them to be instead of having to move to get the house they want. We

were off and rolling for over an hour on ideas around this concept. The whole group
came alive and we came up with the name of Relovate, a home renovation company
for people who wanted to re-love their homes. We even suggested this new company
build in a two week vacation for the family while the house was being made over so it
would all happen with ease and grace for them.
Creation is a state of flow. Nothing should be said or done in the creation process to
judge, censor or stop in anyway the creative flow. Its more than just brainstorming or
green lighting things. Super-creativity requires a connection to potential and creation
and whoosh all manner of things roll into play that werent even on the playground
before that moment in time. I highly recommend that you try this with a group youre
working with and get ready for amazing results!
Organisational Evolution:
Organisational evolution is something that we at SOUL are really familiar with.
Because we are always committed to evolving evolution, so our company as an
organisation has to also be willing to evolve.
When I try to think of other organisations that evolve, Virgin springs to mind. Im not
saying that all of Virgins work or potential is necessarily evolutionary. But they do
seem quite willing to constantly evolve themselves into the next levels of who they are
and what theyre up to for the world. They seem to not only open up new ideas, but
to seek those ideas from all theyre involved with.
If I think of organisations that are actually FOR evolution, I think of The Evolutionary
Institutea new organisation that Im currently involved with. Our purpose is to evolve
human consciousness through the evolution of coaching, leadership and global
learning. Its launch occurred June 2004. This institute is a collaboration of coaches
and organisational consultants who are committed to the evolution of LIFE. Its still in
its infancy, but its growing more by the day. If youd like to, feel into The Evolutionary
Institute to see what you can discover about the soul of a new, evolutionary
To move an organisation into an evolutionary state, you have to move it into
relationship with its pure potential. This is where things really start to move. Once an
organisation and its vision holders have agreed to partner with and steward the pure
potential, the ride is amazing. In The Evolutionary Institute were having a ball
creating new curriculum as we travel around the world. Sometimes Zoran is in Japan,
Im visiting Australia, Jane and Ushma are in the UK and Jan is in the US and we hold
weekly conference calls to develop the new curriculum for the institute. Its an
amazingly fun experience and so exciting as we collaboratively create brand new
courses with the very latest in up-to-date information and ideas. We are breaking new
ground despite the fact that were scattered all over the world and very busy each one
of us in our own lives. We love these calls and cant wait for them to happen each
New business alchemists are actually potentialists people who work with profound
and pure potential to move them into reality now. We have fun doing it. If youre not
having fun, if youre not passionate about it, dont do it. Once anything becomes a
drag, know that the energy has left the vision, project or organisation and be ready to


celebrate its completion (if that is the purpose of the current energy state) and move
Evolution is happening so fast now. Where once a global vision could take lifetimes to
become a reality, in todays fast paced and wondrous world, a global vision could be
achieved in months. This is especially so if youre working in consciousness as well
as living reality to make it so.
Organisations deserve our love, respect, honour and attention. We birthed them on
the basis of potential and its up to us to partner with them to bring their fullest
potential into being. New business alchemists love organisations and the people that
make them. We can do no other for it is in our very hearts, spirits and souls to bring
this contribution to our world now.


New leadership and power! Now were talking about one of my most passionate
passions! Old leadership and power are dying. The old ways do not work anymore.
New leadership and power are thriving theyre showing up in real people
everywhere, but not necessarily in the traditional world leadership levels YET. The
coaching field has an opportunity to stimulate this magnificent new view of leadership
and power, and by doing that, we can shape the future of a new and better world for
us all.
To begin this third and final section of the Handbook, we have to come to grips with
one thing: All the things weve ever believed about leadership and power are no
longer true! Lets look at these in some depth so that we can begin with a clean slate
for what leadership and power really can be.
The old beliefs around leadership and power have been culturally created, developed
from a closed energy system in which you can:
get a big head,
go into ego,
feel the burden of leadership all on your own and
misuse power.
This is our general understanding of old paradigm leadership and power.
But in an open energy system, these things no longer hold any truth. A person who is
open and whole is a person:
whose energy is expansive and
who lives connected to a vaster intelligence, to others, to potential and to LIFE.
In this new paradigm, big headedness and ego dont exist, leaderfulness is shared
and power is an energy that is self-stewarding (It cannot be misused). In an open
energy system we need to be open to discover that all that we know about old
leadership and power is a myth, created by mind and limited by mind. Lets play with
both paradigms (old and new) and discover what new leadership and power are really
all about. Lets create our new leadership myths from a place of wholeness and
beyond in order to empower and inspire a world that really works for us all.
OLD POWER ~ Take a moment now to feel old power. What does it feel like? Where
is it situated in your body? Where does the energy flow from and to? Old power
seeks to dominate and control. It is the will of one or several over the many.
Energetically, old power tends to push outward from the solar plexus. The source of

old power appears to be the emotional centre, often using a rush or push of emotion to
force it on through.
NEW POWER ~ Now take a moment to feel new power. What does it feel like?
Where is it situated in relationship to your body? Where does the energy flow from
and to? New power seems to centre within and express out into life, dancing with and
for the newness of what can be. From within, it has a relationship to rich possibilities
and new levels of creational potential. New power is more than just the expression of
passion (although that certainly accounts for a good degree of its vitality). New power
seems to go beyond our individual passions to connect with the very spark of life, that
alchemical moment when possibility is moved into living presence. New power puts
us in touch with what wants to be now. With our new relationship to that, we can bring
through evolutionary levels of potential and vision.
Perhaps the real difference between old and new power is that old power is
individually based (its what you or they want) while new power is LIFE based (its the
potential of what LIFE wants and needs now).
THE OLD ~ Take a moment now to feel old leadership. What does it feel like? Where
is it situated in your body? Where does the energy flow from and to? Old leadership
feels a bit heavy doesnt it? Leadership is something that so many people flee from
because in the past its been forceful, dominating and controlling. The traditional view
of leaders of the past has been hard, cold, lonely, dictating and closed.
THE NEW ~ Now feel new leadership. What does it feel like? Where is it situated in
your body? Where does the energy flow from and to? New leadership feels exciting,
participative, playful and full of LIFE. New leadership is a dance. Its a relationship to
people, potential, passion and power that weve never had before. It has no rules or
set movements. This dance happens completely in the moment. Its an effervescent
source of delight, bringing waves of exhilaration and fulfilment to everyone and
everything it touches.
New leadership lives in a new place where:

Beliefs are ever-changing in the moment to suit and inspire all those involved;
There is no right or wrong and no competition or survival of the fittest;
Achievement is the most fun game there is and
The better everyone plays, the better the potential of the whole is realised.

In this place, what matters is the movement and realisation of potential.

Old paradigm leadership and power are pretty much used up these days. Old
leadership and power has brought us to a world of war, conflict, egos and irreverence
for the Earth and its peoples. If you look at world leadership today (2004), its unlikely
that youll be able to cite true, new world leaders in our political or business domains.
There are very, very few of them that inspire, empower and work with and for LIFE.


But in the new paradigm, there are lots of new leaders who do inspire, empower and
work with and for LIFE. Our job as alchemical coaches is to assist others to find their
way to true, authentic, inspirational, empowering, new leaderfulness and power.
Take a moment to feel old and new leadership and note the distinctions. First, feel old
leadership. How do you feel as you stand as an old leader? Where is the source
point of leadership for you? Where does your energy move from and to?
Next, feel new leadership. How do you feel as you stand as a new leader? Where is
the source point of leadership for you? Where does your energy move from and to?
For me, with old leadership, I feel smaller, tighter, heavier and more restricted. And in
the new sense of leadership, I feel more expanded, open, playful, passionate,
connected and alive.
What if the access to new leadership and power is energetic? What if leadership isnt
something that youre either born with or not, but instead is something that lies within
each and every one of us just waiting to come out?
The following is a new model for leadership and power that Ive developed over the
last few years, based on energetic expansion through the levels of head, heart, spirit,
soul, consciousness and creation:
Expansion Point





~ your own

~ control and dominate



~ individual

~ nurturing, compassionate
~ natural, in the flow


Greater Potential
~ higher purpose

~ doing things for others

Soul / Whole

Profound Potential
~ transformational
~ world-changing

~ leaderful, collaborative


Pure Potential
~ evolving life

~ completely creational



Lets move through the levels and try them on for size. Breathe, relax, expand. Feel
what it feels like to lead and / or express power through your head (mind) then your
heart (front and centre). Next your spirit (higher) and then your soul (inner). Finally as
you begin to go Aaahh that feels better. Im back to wholeness again., expand into


consciousness (which will likely have an outward / upward movement) and into
creation (which will likely have an inward / downward movement). If your experience
is different than that, dont worry, everything is in a state of super-flux these days and
its all moving and dancing in its own evolution. Thats why its so important to stay in
the moment and follow your own guidance as to whats right to do and when to do it.
What kind of a leader are you? Are you a closed, open, servant, wholistic or
evolutionary leader? Where do you see yourself on this framework for the moment?
Where do you see some of your coaching clients on this framework? Were not trying
to put you or them into boxes. We want to see where you and they currently live and
lead from, in order to best move you and them through to your and their next levels.
Remember that the key to alchemical coaching, whether its in regards to leadership,
power, vision, passion, personal development, growth or anything else, is about
getting people to step over that line between spirit and soul / whole, between part of
you and all of you, in order to experience the synergy and synchronicity associated
with profound and pure potential, and in this case, wholistic and evolutionary
leadership and power.
But you cant just say to someone, Step over that line. Or Get a bigger vision.
Thats not what its about at all. So how do you move someone from one level of
leadership to another? The answers all lie within!
Leaderfulness is something you feel inside of you. Its the place from which you seek
and find shared leadership leaderfulness with and for others. Basically,
leaderfulness sources from within. A leader can do some external things that will
promote this kind of leaderfulness, but if the inner, essential self is up and running,
whole and clear, leaderfulness just naturally follows right along with it.
The Inner, Authentic, Essential You
Discovering the inner, authentic, essential you is a simple exercise in which you
simply flip the inner you outer:
You know that vulnerable, precious, wondrous you that lives inside of you the one
that hardly anybody gets to see? Not the upset, emotional you (around the solar
plexus, gut area) the one thats really special, the one you keep pretty much to
yourself (deep inside) in order to keep it safe and sound.
When I ask this question, inevitably, every single person nods his or her head yes.
They know exactly the part of them I mean.
Breathe that part of you up and out through your high heart and place it in your hands
in a safe space in front of you. Take a look at it and see what this inner, precious you
looks like.
Most people will say it looks like something small and vulnerable (e.g. puppies, birds,
mice, a tiny ball of light, etc.).

Now remember that this part of you may have been in the closet (so to speak) for
many years now. So how about giving it a chance to spread it wings, feel the sunlight
and experience the freedom to move? Let it go where it wants to go to play, dance
in the ocean, fly in the skies, romp in the garden. Then observe it for a few minutes as
it goes off to play. What does it look like now?
Most people will say it now looks huge and expansive, powerful and playful (e.g. the
puppy has become a dragon, the little bird an eagle, the mouse a moose, the ball of
light an exploding cosmic star).
I believe that we all lived with and as this inner, essential self when we were kids.
Children are naturally delightful, playful and expressive. But someone may have said,
You cant do that or be that., so we put that part of ourselves back inside. I doubt
theres hardly anyone over the age of seven, for sure over the age of thirty, who hasnt
experienced this in life. Its not personal. Its cultural. Its the way weve been raised
in Western culture for sure. But now we can consciously change all that. Now we can
live as that delightful, playful, expressive, authentic self again.
Another way of saying this is that, in the past, we chose to put our souls in the closet
and close ourselves off to one of the most essential parts of ourselves. By doing this
simple inner / outer exercise, your soul flips out and wholeness moves right into play.
Remember, the soul is the chalice that allows for the integration of head, heart, spirit
and soul into wholeness.
Take a deep breath and connect with the inner authentic you thats now out in your
energy field. How do you feel now? Do you feel more present? Is your energy more
free flowing? This is what happens when the inner core is open. And when the inner
core is open, the leaderful you is present.
The Leaderful Core
When a person is closed to themselves (holding that inner, precious self deep within),
theres very little space for the energy of passion and potential to move on through.
When a person is open within, an inner core opens that allows all of this energy to flow
in vibrant ways.
Consider it like this. If youre trying to bring passion through an inner core thats no
more than a quarter of an inch in diameter, how much passion can come through?
But if that inner core was BIG (perhaps even reaching beyond your physical body),
wouldnt you be able to bring a lot more energy (passion, potential, vitality, vision) on
After having worked with many people in discovering their whole energetic selves, I
am now fully convinced that every person has leadership within. Leadership is not
something youre born with. Its something that lies inside each and every one of us,
just waiting to be freed to express itself in each persons unique and wondrous way.
Weve used the inner/outer exercise to move this leaderfulness into a free flowing
space. Now lets take that inner core another step further. What if, just as on the

outer vistas of self you move from greater self to vast self (beyond self), you can also
move beyond self on the inner levels of self? Beyond the inner, authentic self lies the
inner cosmos another level of the vast you.
If youre ready and it feels right to do this exercise now, take a deep breath and feel
inside, beyond yourself, to reach for the inner cosmos the deep, amazing, infinite
possibilities of you. After all, infinity does stretch on forever both on the inner and
outer levels. Its not all just out there, but in here as well.
Breathe that part of you, the inner vast you, into your energy fields around you. Open
up the inside of you to all possibilities of being, creating and evolving. Allow the
energy of this to flow through your high heart and fill the spaces around you.
How does that feel? Take a moment to allow it to settle. Make sure to allow yourself
to expand on the outer as well, in order to accommodate all of this amazing energetic
expansion from within. Breathe, relax, expand. Be present. Open your eyes and look
around. Feel your feet comfortably on the ground and then find your balance inside of
you. Its very much like the leaderful core finding its plum mark (as in carpentry). You
begin to feel aligned within. You begin to feel a clear, open space within you, and
without. This I call the leaderful core.
The leaderful core is where:

You feel aligned within, trued up and clear all the way through;
You discover an authenticity that you may not have experienced beforeor
perhaps only occasionally;
Youre in touch with the movement of potential, on all the levels and
You make your new relationship with LIFE as a partner, champion, steward and

A good friend of mine, whos a business consultant, did the inner / outer exercise with
a top CEO with a big breakthrough in accessing and experiencing passion and vision.
Two weeks later, the CEO called back saying he had a problem he couldnt lie
anymore. The leaderful core aligns you to your true self and beyond and brings
that into living reality.
The leaderful core is what creates the space for authenticity, integrity, trueness and
more to flow. Wouldnt it be fascinating to discover that authenticity might be a
natural way to be, a way that weve trained ourselves out of over time? Lets redefine
authenticity, integrity and trueness and see if in the redefinition, we can discover a
new ease of access to all three.
Authenticity is about alignment. Its genuineness with a sense of being real and true
to your self.
Integrity again may be about alignment. Does what youre about to do, say, create
align with who you are and what feels right inside of you? Perhaps ethics and morality
are imposed concepts and integrity is simply a feeling of rightness and dont we
actually all have that naturally and instinctively BEFORE we talk ourselves out of what
we know is right to do?


Trueness is all about alignment as well. If youre being true to yourself, it feels right
inside of you. Theres a clean, clear flow of energy that shows in your posture, smile,
face, voice and presence.
So are these three things any different then? Yes, in subtle ways, but generally, all
three are the outcome of alignment, of the inner leaderful core coming present into life
for people. Its instinctive. Theres no head stuff to it. You dont have to debate
ethics or wonder whats right to do. With the inner, leaderful core open and aligned,
authenticity, integrity and trueness are AUTOMATICALLY and INSTINCTIVELY on
offer for every one of us.
Lets test this all out and see if its really working. Feel your leaderful core once again
now. How does it feel? Ask to feel your most passionate passion. Dont think it.
Simply ask for the energy of it to flow through you. How does that feel compared to
having felt this same passion previously? Does it feel any different? Many people find
that after the inner/outer exercise and the inner cosmos experience, that passion
blasts on through them with an excitement and vitality that they may not have
experienced before or at least not for a very long time.
Now having done that, move to the storehouse of creation, deep beyond the soul, and
call to you the vision / potential of what wants to be now that matches your passion
and abilities. Breathe the energy of that through you and out through the high heart,
filling the space around you. Does it feel different this time as opposed to other times
when youve done this exercise? Can you see that your inner core has expanded to
allow much more energy to flow on through?
To complete this exercise, ask what the vision / potential is and get into relationship
with it. Choose whether or not you are going to work with this energy now, as a
steward, partner, champion and leader. If you choose yes, then step into the energy
and become it (if that feels right to do).
The leaderful core is about creating a space within you to allow the energy that
shapes and calls leadership into being to come through you. Perhaps new leadership
is simply being a steward, a champion, a partner for potential and particularly for
the potential that LIFE wants now.
Aligning with what LIFE wants
This is a KEY component for leadership coaching. As we move beyond self, we move
beyond what you or I want, and even what the world wants, to what LIFE wants. And
when we do that, all manner of things move into play for you, the world and ALL.
Try this now, again if it feels right for you. Feel your inner alignment. Allow your
leaderful core to expand. Envision your most passionate passion and most powerful
vision. Allow the energy of this to flow through you and beyond you. Now ask
yourself this: Are you doing this for you? For others? For the world? For LIFE?
What if you were doing it with and for LIFE? Would that change it in any way? Are
you able, in regards to this particular vision, to partner with and for LIFE to make it

happen? If this feels right for you now, feel your partnership with LIFE regarding the
vision. Energetically, how does that feel?
Now lets look at a step beyond that even. What if everything you did was with and for
LIFE? Im not saying that it has to be. Its perfectly ok, even brilliant, to do things for
yourself, for others and for the world. But I have discovered that in the surrendering of
self, in the move beyond self to a complete and utter partnership with and for LIFE,
that your own life takes on a whole different meaning and context. Everything moves
in ways that were unconceivable before this moment of partnership.





Head / heart


What I want

Greater potential

Higher / spirit


What they want

----------------------------------------------------------Synergy & Synchronicity

Profound potential

Soul / whole

The World

What the world wants

Pure potential
ALLness / LIFE
What LIFE wants
I believe that at this point you move beyond the you you know (on any level) and
become a new source-creator for LIFE. This is a deeply profound experience,
although it doesnt have to be held or spoken about in that context. Were talking here
about moving people, leaders in particular, to a new way of being a way thats
visionary, evolutionary, inspirational and more!
Im not suggesting that you should take every person you coach to this point, or that
you should necessarily move to this place yourself. Im simply offering it as a powerful
and viable option for LIFE that is filled with miraculous, amazing, powerful, vital,
vibrant visions, passions, relationships, opportunities, possibilities, potentials and
more! If you want your leadership to operate in a really new paradigm, then line
yourself up with LIFE!
If this is something that you want to do, set your intention to align with LIFE now. How
does that feel? Where are your energetic connections made? Whats different after
youve completed this link?
For me, my partnership with LIFE seems to exist both deep within, in the inner
cosmoses of creation as well as far, far out there, in the vast expanses of
consciousness. Its as if I shake hands with LIFE and ALL of me expands into so
much more than I have ever felt before. I become the vast cosmoses walking. I am
all potential flowing. I am alive, vital and ready to make whatever LIFE wants to
happen next to come on through. Its an amazing experience, one that I highly
recommend you take on for yourself but again, only if that feels absoulutely right for


you. Never do anything because someone else suggests it only if you KNOW that
its the right thing for you.
True, authentic power comes from this new, expansive place within. Thats what
makes it so unique and aligned. For me, its a new relationship with LIFE and, as long
as Im aligned with this, all that I need is given to me (abundance, opportunities,
resources and more). But also for me, one of the most important things about new
leadership and power is the DELIVERY of it. Its here that new leaders are clearly
recognised as different from all others of their kind.
I wrote this several years ago in an article called Evoking the Corporate Soul:
Soul is the birthing place of our deepest passions and our most profound visions. It is
our access point to creation. Without soul, life is passionless and creationless.
People of soul are the inspirational leaders, the deepest thinkers, the empowering
speakers. They dig deep for what really matters in life and when they deliver what
matters from the place of soul, it is a breathtaking experience for all who are involved.
These are the people you would follow to the ends of the Earth because they stir your
soul into action for something far greater than what any individual alone can achieve.
THIS is the leadership required to re-create our world today.
Speaking (or writing) for what wants to be said
When youre in your true, authentic power (aligned with the leaderful core and with
what wants to be), theres a vibration, a timbre, a resonance in the voice that:

Stirs and evokes the soul and wholeness in others,

Calls others into the game of passion and vision and
Creates the alchemical movement for transformation, creation and evolution
right in the moment of speaking.

New leaders speak inspirationally, powerfully, vibrantly, dynamically and visionarily. It

comes automatically. You dont have to plan what to say in fact I highly
recommend that you begin to live in the moment when delivering speeches,
workshops, etc. This is where the real power of potential moves into play. If you
come into a workshop or a conference ready with your speech and you go with that,
you may miss the most amazing opportunity for a HUGE breakthrough for ALL now.
When new leaders speak, LIFE MOVES! Recently I attended three conferences and
as I watched others presentations, I found that mostly people were just talking. They
were passionate and even inspirational to some degree, but in none of these cases
did Life move while they spoke! For me, the sign of a truly alchemical leader is the
movement of LIFE that is created when they speak, write and play!
So how do you move LIFE when you speak and write?


First, lets see what its like to speak while your inner core is closed. So, close up your
inner core. Thats right! Block the flow of energy coming through you. I can block the
inner core by compressing my rib cage and pulling in my energy in my solar plexus
area. Do it in whatever way feels the best for you. Now, from this closed space, start
speaking about something that you care deeply about. Listen to your voice as you
speak. How do you sound? Would you say youre speaking from a genuine,
authentic place or a powerful, vibrant place?
Now release that hold on the inner you. Allow the inner core to be open and flowing
once again. Breathe, relax, expand inner and outer. Think about anything youre
passionate about. Allow that high heart to swing open, allowing the leaderful core to
be present, flowing the energy on through. Now, start speaking again about this same
passion. How does your voice sound now?
Try this either with a tape recorder or with another person present and get some
feedback on how it sounds and feels. What you should discover is that there is
something in the voice thats present with the inner core open, thats not present when
the inner core is closed. It is energetic, but its also more than that. For me, when Im
closed, its more like a flat, dull, nothingness as opposed to a full, zinging, vital allness
when Im open.
Now lets try it with writing. Put your fingers on the keyboard of your computer or put a
pen to paper. Feel yourself expand both inner and outer. Connect with what LIFE
wants to say now and allow yourself to type / write. If you prefer to do this with
speech, feel free. Just start talking and see what comes out of your mouth. Believe
me, it will amaze you. I often stand up to talk at workshops and conferences and am
absoulutely amazed at what comes out of my mouth. Its this ability to connect
beyond self, to connect with what LIFE wants to say, that allows us to really play in
true alchemical leadership.
Theres something in the energetics of speaking for LIFE that gifts movement in
incredible, unprecedented ways. I often get standing ovations when I speak, but more
than that, people come up to me and tell me that their lives are dramatically changed
from listening to what Ive just said. I know that its more than just the words. Its an
energetic connection for them and me. Weve moved into new levels of ourselves
while the speaking is going on. Imagine that alchemically moving an audience into
new levels of themselves WHILE you speak!
In order to do this, you must be in relationship with what wants to be and bring the
energy of that present into the room. You must also be in relationship with what the
audience wants, what the true potential of the moment is and then interweave that
with what LIFE wants and whoosh, youre delivering an incredible alchemical talk that
moves LIFE powerfully.
The inner, leaderful core IS the access to true, authentic power. And true, authentic
power IS the relationship to the maximum potential of each moment.
Wouldnt it be amazing if we could transform the whole of the working world by simply
getting them to breathe, relax and open the inner, authentic core before they speak?
And what if every person in the business world was operating with their fullest
leaderful core open and intact? Can it really be this simple? I believe it is and my

experience with all the people I work with leads me to know this is so. But dont just
take my word for it. Try it out for yourself and with your clients. Discover the amazing
sense of clarity, knowing and trueness that comes with the opening of the inner,
leaderful core. Discover the vibrant, passionate empowerment that flows out of you
when you move beyond what you and they want to discover what LIFE wants now.
For me, this is Life in the alchemical r-Evolution lanes!
Sourcing Leaderfulness in Others
The key to coaching leadership and power in and for others is to translate everything
that happens to a person, everything they think, do and experience as a leadership
breakthrough. Now I know that you might think that a bit odd and perhaps not
necessarily the truth for that person. But just for a moment, consider the possibilities
of it.
Perhaps the evolution of our species will come from the true recognition of who
another is and when you really see who someone is, guess what, you see their
particular brand of leadership and power! Each one is unique and different to be sure,
but leadership and power it is, without a shadow of a doubt.
Some people will lead from their armchairs or gardens, breathing the true power of
LIFE on through them as they work. Others will lead from the podium or as the heads
of organisations. It doesnt matter how it gets expressedonce you get who you
really are, the expression of that into Life is about new leadership and power.
Why would you, as a coach, want to coach from this viewpoint?
Because if you translate everything into leadership and power, the person and the
whole (all of us) will evolve faster and more graciously than before!
In the alchemical coach section of the handbook, we talked about coaching for the
evolution of human consciousness, about how framing each one-on-one session AS
and FOR the whole of humanity would move things on much more powerfully,
individually, collectively and beyond! Its the same for leaderfulness and power.
If you frame each one-on-one or small group interaction as being done within and for
the whole, then every person you evolve into their wholest, purest, most passionate
and deliberate leaderfulness and power strengthens the evolutionary team and the
reality that we are co-creating! When I coach, teach or work with others in any way, I
am always looking to add to and evolve the evolutionary team. You dont have to
have this same goal. That just happens to be my particular passion. You might want
to look at, as a coach, what is your passionate commitment to coaching, to others and
to the world! Then begin to coach within this more expanded energetic state. You will
very likely discover that suddenly those others youre working with are completely
there, aligned, committed and ready to dance for LIFE!
While youre at this, take a look at your own view of leadership and power. I see way
too many coaches and consultants saying I dont like the word leadership. It infers

power over. And with that, they push away the true energy of new leadership and
power. Yes, you might say that instead theyre recognising that the old doesnt work
anymore true! But at the same time, if you feel into the energy of those words,
theyre also pushing away what leadership can be. Theyre walking away from it,
trying to discover something that will replace it that doesnt contain the essence of
what it really is. Leadership IS leadership! Leaderfulness is simply leadership
expanded to each and every person all at the same time. Dont be afraid of the word
or be concerned about coaching it in others.
Take a stand for yourself (set your intention in a strong, clear way) to be a leader, to
coach leaderfulness in others and to unfold and discover the true power of leadership
in a powerful relationship with LIFE! Once youve done this, I can promise you youll
see a difference in your coaching AND a huge difference in the results achieved by
those youre coaching!
When Im working with another, the first thing I do is to see who they really are. To do
this, I stand back and see their energy in all its levels, states and forms. Remember
we worked on this in the alchemical coach section of the handbook.
Once I see who they are, I know that the energy they present to me is NEVER the
totality of who they are. Human beings are trained to be humble, small, considerate,
etc. and their presentation of their energy will almost always be less than it really is.
So I take a leadership stance with the engagement of each and every person I do this
with. Once I see who theyre willing to allow me to see, then I say (either telepathically
or out loud to them) I want more. Give me more of YOU. And then their energy
starts to move, bringing more and more of them really present in the here and now.
This is my way of sourcing leaderfulness and power in others. Its simple and it works.
Its all about seeing who they really are, beyond who they think or even know they are!
There is energy available for us all to become. We can be more than we actually
already are or ever have been! I used to call this energy the MORE energy. It meant
that once youd achieved a certain level of yourself, then you could always ask for,
and receive, MORE! I found that that MORE was hardly ever personalit was WHAT
WANTED TO HAPPEN NOW and I or another simply stuck up our hands and said yes
to what is was that wanted to come on through.
With this as a belief, any person can become a true, amazing, powerful leader for us
ALL. And in the framework of this coaching consciousness, then every person can
move, in grace, into more and more of what is really called for and wanted now.
Once youve gotten another to really get who they are and to become even MORE of
that (in relationship with what wants to happen now and in a new and powerful
relationship with LIFE), your next step is to have them believe it and live it.
There is almost always a period of developing sustainability between when a person
gets who they are and when they can live that sustainably in their lives. You, and
they, shouldnt expect to get it and then whoosh, suddenly everything is there and
cooking on full fire! That is possible, but generally I find that the energy of MORE, the
actuality of WHAT WANTS TO HAPPEN, requires some integration time. It might take
from three days to three months, but as long as the person can hold onto the view of


themselves as a unique and powerful leader for ALL, then LIFE will return the favour
and put all manner of opportunities in their laps!
The timeframe for this integration and realisation of potential is radically changing,
even as I type. Manifestation used to take months and even years to achieve a life
goal. Thats why they were called life goals because it often took a lifetime to
achieve them. But today, you can think of something and whoosh, there it is right in
front of you, with no effort at all. My husband and I call this MagicALLity. Its where
you and LIFE are aligned with what wants to be now for the very greatest and most
profound good of ALL and a new sense of realisation kicks into play.
Show your clients how to connect with LIFE and how to work with what wants to come
through them now. Have them super-connect with the living intelligence thats in the
very air around us and have them discover themselves as leaderful potentialists,
ready to bring on through whatever LIFE is ready for now! Its an amazing paradigm
shift from the old paradigm of leadership and power. Try it, play with it and see what
incredible results come rushing to you and your clients as you play!
Assisting Others in Finding Their True Power
To assist another in finding their true power:
1. Get who they really are and share this with them.
2. Have them experience themselves as this on an energetic level. They must be
willing to accept that that is who they are, so if theyre not willing to accept it just
yet, then work with the thoughts and beliefs that are in the way of that
3. Show them how to super-connect with LIFE, with what wants to be now and
with the vast living intelligence. Encourage them to begin to live sustainably in
this state more and more every day.
4. Have them energetically access their most passionate passion and then have
them get in touch with the purest potential of what wants to be now thats ready
and willing to come through them now.
5. Ask them to experience BEING that energy. They dont just bring the energy
on through, they partner with it and agree to be its steward, champion and
leader for as long as it needs them to be and lately thats not taking very
long as potential is moving faster and faster into living reality! Have them step
into the energy and BECOME it walking! From this space, everything they say
and do from this point forward will be leaderful and powerful, all in the name of
what wants to be now!
6. Show them how to recognise the thoughts that might come up on a daily basis
that would keep them from living as this. Ask them to be vigilant for this
potential or vision to change, transform and evolve in every moment of every


7. Teach them how to expand their energy fields and keep the flow of energy
moving on through. Open up the leaderful core within them and allow them to
discover being the mega-core through which potential flows.
8. Finally, ask them if theyd like to be a part of the evolutionary team. You might
have a different word for it perhaps its the global transformation team or
LIFEs team or something like that. Make it your own words and the words that
will sing for them! Help them to make a conscious declaration of how they
intend to live, work and play for what wants to happen now! Its in this that LIFE
and POTENTIAL really move into play. This is them agreeing to become a
source of new power with and for LIFE! From here, everything is a grace-filled,
delightful game.
What? Theres more? There sure is! So far what weve been working on is getting
you and others to live leaderfully and powerfully with and for LIFE! Its likely that
getting to this point alone will take care of the evolution of leadership and power. But I
find that evolving anything is actually a collective experience as opposed to an
individual experience. Yes, one person intending it and living it into reality can make it
so. But its a completely different experience when a collective takes it on in their
uniquely-oriented, collaborative way!
All the books and courses Ive ever written, all the very best writings and speeches
Ive ever done, are all done within the new collective conscioUSness. It is here, in the
step beyond self, that you truly discover the wondroUSness of what can be. It is here
that you step into the alchemists playground and begin to weave the evolution of ALL!
Im not asking you to just go along with evolution as it normally would have been. Im
asking you to seize the reins of true power and to dance the alchemical dance of who
and what we can be, beyond that which any of us can even possibly dream! We can
evolve evolution! We can take deliberate and unprecedented leaps in our intelligence,
our being and our creations! We can be trustworthy to know what to do and to make
that happen with grace and wonder for ALL.
Evolve leadership and power! We can do that and more, but we do it not just from our
individual actions and intentions, but from the collective conscioUSness of ALL.
Tune in. Feel right now if leadership and power wants to evolve beyond where it is at
this moment time. If you can feel the potential movement (evolution) of this, then feel
yourself connect with all those all around this world and beyond who hold a resonance
with this alchemical potential. From that place of deep connectedness and as a
whole, breathe the potential up and through and place it on the playground of
alchemical conscioUSness. Allow it to take root and seed itself there. Then let it flow
on through into full conscious living reality, on offer to anyone and everyone who
would want to partner with it now!
If you dont feel anything, then perhaps this isnt the moment for that evolution, so you
simply smile and move on to whatever it is that does want to happen today!


I and others have surrendered our lives to the evolution of evolution and were
having a ball doing it! Weve moved beyond self, beyond making this a better world,
to the full and conscioUS evolution of ALL that can be! This is a life worth living, a life
that is full and rich with friends, vitality, aliveness, excitement and adventure!
Its at this point that were going to complete our journey into alchemical coaching. I
hope that youve found it exciting and worthwhile, beyond your wildest dreams of what
it, you and we could be!
Remember to have fun with it always, to stay in the now, expanding into the potential
of ALL that can be! Its an honour and a privilege to dance this dance with you and to
be a part of bringing coaching to its next level of contribution to the world. From goals
and balance to the rich, playful seeding of potential now thats what I call
For creationand evolution