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by Shadrac
Harry makes a gruesome discovery that leads to realization that his whole life has
been a lie. He comes up with a plan to fix everything and goes back to where it all
began and meets his eleven yr old self at the Leaky Cauldron. Will bash almost
everyone. Chapter 5 rewrite now up!
Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama/Romance - [Harry P., Hermione G.] - Chapters: 8
- Words: 62,325 - Reviews: 1,273 - Favs: 2,965 - Follows: 4,337 - Updated:
2/18/2014 - Published: 2/10/2010 - id: 5734840

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
1. Prologue
2. Chapter 1
3. Chapter 2
4. Chapter 3
5. Chapter 4
6. Chapter 5
7. Chapter 6
8. Chapter 7

A/N: This idea came into my head and I've started writing it to clear my mind so I can
finish Premonition but now yet another idea has entered into my head and I've
started writing it too. Hopefully I'll get the last chapter of Premonition done soon and
move on to this and my other story more regularly. As always, Reviews are welcome
and appreciated.
You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction
Don't you know that you can count me out
Don't you know it's gonna be all right
all right, all right
You say you got a real solution
Well, you know
We'd all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well, you know
We're doing what we can
But when you want money for people with minds that hate
All I can tell is brother you have to wait
Don't you know it's gonna be all right all right, all right
Eleven year old Harry Potter walked into the Leaky Cauldron behind Hagrid. He was
still trying to come to grips with being told he was a wizard and was now about to get
his first glimpse at the world he was now a part of. 'Then again, perhaps not,' he
thought to himself as he looked around the room he'd just been led into. The room

was dark as the only light was provided by candles. It was a dingy pub not unlike any
of the ones he'd seen in the non-magical world the only difference being that
everyone was dressed like characters out of a movie he'd gotten to watch part of
before the Dursleys had caught him and locked him in the cupboard for a week with
almost no food or water. It was about some bloke named Scrooge that hated
Christmas. He'd always wondered if he'd been raised by people like his aunt and
uncle. If so, he understood why he hated the holiday, if his own experiences were
anything to go by, there wasn't much to like about it. As they made their way across
the room, the bartender called out a greeting but not to him. It was Hagrid he was
talking to.
"The usual Hagrid?" he asked in a friendly manner while picking up a glass.
"Can't, Tom, I'm on Hogwarts business," said Hagrid, clapping his great
hand on Harry's shoulder and making Harry's knees buckle.
"Good Lord," said the bartender, peering at Harry, "is this -- can this
be --?"
The Leaky Cauldron had suddenly gone completely still and silent.
"Bless my soul," whispered the old bartender, "Harry Potter... what an
He hurried out from behind the bar, rushed toward Harry and seized his
hand, tears in his eyes.
"Welcome back, Mr. Potter, welcome back." He said excitedly
Harry didn't know what to say. Everyone was looking at him. An old
woman with a pipe was puffing on it without realizing it had gone out.
Hagrid was beaming. Then there was a great scraping of chairs and the next
moment, Harry found himself shaking hands with everyone in the Leaky Cauldron.
All around him, he heard voices thanking him and saying how happy they were to
get to meet him. One woman kept going to the back of the line and he lost track of
how many times she shook his hand. It got to the point he that he just stuck his hand
out automatically knowing it would be grasped tightly as the owner of the hand would
talk to him like he was royalty. He started tuning out the voices next as they all
seemed to say the same thing and had long since started running together in his
He was feeling quite overwhelmed with it all as an ancient looking man hobbled
toward him with the help of a cane. He was wearing a black cloak that covered his
body except for the hand that held onto the cane. The hood of the cloak was pulled
up over his head. He was bent over his head turned down watching the floor as he
walked so Harry couldn't see his face. The crowd cleared him a path out of respect
and quieted as he approached Harry. When he reached him he turned his head up
slightly but seemed unable to straighten up so Harry still didn't get a good look at his

face. He was able to see a white beard and mustache below a slightly misshapen
nose. His hair was white as well and was at least shoulder length but could have
hung farther down his back. With the cloak on he couldn't tell. Harry held out his
hand out of habit expecting the old man to grab it and start speaking to him as all the
others had but, instead of grabbing his hand, the old man pushed a package into it.
"It's an honor to meet you at last Mr. Potter," he wheezed. "I wanted to give you this
gift. I think you'll find it very useful now that you've returned to the wizarding world.
Don't open it right away though, wait until you get home. I know you must be feeling
over whelmed about now but don't worry. I'm sure you'll make us all proud."
"Thank you sir," Harry responded
He grabbed the large package with both hands expecting it to be heavy but found it
to be feather light. He wasn't sure how something so big could be so light but he
chalked it up as yet another bizarre thing in what had long ago become the most
bizarre day of his life. The man then craned his head a little more with what looked
like great effort to look at Hagrid.
"It's good to see you again Hagrid," he said even wheezier than before. "I miss the
talks we used to have over tea. I even miss your rock cakes and fudge. Will you
make sure he doesn't lose his package for me?"
"Certainly sir," Hagrid assured the old man. "It's his birthday after all. It wouldn't do if
he lost one of his gifts before he had a chance to open it. I'll see to it he gets home
safely with it. I'll be buyin' him a gift myself while he's getting his school supplies."
"His birthday!?" He said surprised. "Well then let me wish you a very happy birthday
Mr. Potter and wish you many more happy birthdays in the years to come. Thank
you for humoring an old man, if only for a few minutes, and brightening up my day. I
know you have pressing business to attend to so I'll leave you to it."
With that, the old man turned with great effort and left the way he came. The other
patrons soon crowded back in and he lost sight of the old man. His attention was
drawn away from the resurging crowd by the sound of Hagrid speaking to someone
"Professor Quirrell!" said Hagrid. "Harry, Professor Quirrell will be
one of your teachers at Hogwarts."
"P-P-Potter," stammered Professor Quirrell, grasping Harry's hand,
"c-can't t-tell you how p- pleased I am to meet you."

"What sort of magic do you teach, Professor Quirrell?"

"D-Defense Against the D-D-Dark Arts," muttered Professor Quirrell, as
though he'd rather not think about it. "N-not that you n-need it, eh,
P-P-Potter?" He laughed nervously. "You'll be g-getting all your
equipment, I suppose? I've g-got to p-pick up a new b-book on vampires,
m-myself." He looked terrified at the very thought.
But the others wouldn't let Professor Quirrell keep Harry to himself. It
took almost ten minutes to get away from them all. At last, Hagrid
managed to make himself heard over the babble.
"Must get on -- lots ter buy. Come on, Harry." He said finally and led Harry out of the
The old man had slipped an invisibility cloak over himself as soon as he was back in
the shadows and out of sight. He was standing straight up now, the cane held in his
hand and above the floor unneeded. He watched the crowd surround the boy again
and wondered how it hadn't made him claustrophobic but, if being locked in a
cupboard his entire childhood hadn't done it, then being swarmed by a crowd of
admirers wouldn't have either. When he saw Quirrell with his back to him, he
instinctively reached for his forehead expecting to be hit with a searing pain before
catching himself. That piece of Voldemorts soul was no longer there so it couldn't
hurt him anymore. He brushed some hair out of his eyes and then fingered his scar
out of habit. Age had caused his forehead to wrinkle to the point that it was now
virtually impossible to see and almost as hard to locate by touch but he knew right
where it was. He also had the urge to walk up to the possessed professor, cut
himself and touch him to preemptively stop him from going after the stone but knew
that that would raise too many questions and affect too many events that still needed
to transpire for his plan to work.
He found it ironic that, with his penchant for saving people, he was now forced to rely
on an eleven year old boy. That the boy was his younger self was of little comfort to
him because he still had to hope that the boy would be able to do what he had failed
so miserably to do himself. He needed the boy to save him. Strictly speaking, that
wasn't true. If his only reason for doing this was to save himself, then he never would
have done it. He wasn't that selfish. No, he came back for her. That he would be
saved in the bargain was merely an added benefit not why he was here. An image of
someone he'd thought was a friend but now knew that he never was came into his
mind. He'd come to save her from what that 'friend' would do to her. What they would
all do to her. If the boy followed the plan, they'd never get the chance this time.

He was pulled from his thoughts when he heard Hagrid speak and watched him lead
his younger self to the back. Careful to avoid the patrons who were returning to their
tables, he made his way to the small courtyard he knew they were headed to. He
watched as Hagrid tapped several bricks on the wall with his umbrella. The bricks
started to move and he watched as young Harry got his first glimpse of Diagon Alley.
Despite his age and the deep seated disillusionment he felt in his soul, he still felt a
small thrill as he looked upon Diagon Alley again as he had the first time. He saw the
awe in his younger self and knew exactly how he felt. He thought then as he knew
this boy did now that once he left for school, he would never have to return to his
relatives but that was not to be. At least with the normal turn of events had he not
come back but part of his plan included rectifying that situation sooner rather than
After giving his younger charge a moment to take it all in, Hagrid lead him into the
ally. Harry watched them go wishing he could follow them. It felt good to be here
again. It was here that he was still innocent thinking the wizarding world was the
answer to all his prayers. Where he came from there were no answers just missed
opportunities and bitter disappointments. His greatest accomplishment; defeating
Voldemort was by far overshadowed by his greatest failure and it was the boy, who
was starting to disappear as the bricks moved back into place, that would have to
keep it from happening again. Soon the bricks were back in place and he was once
again cut off from Diagon Alley. He checked to make sure no one was coming then
took off the cloak, folded it up and put it inside his robe. He then stuck his hand in his
pocket and pulled out the portkey that was stored there. He took one more look back
into the pub to make sure no one was coming then whispered "mischief managed"
and disappeared.
He reappeared in the living room of a house. A sudden weakness hit him and he had
to lean against a wall for support. He'd completed his mission and returned to his
own time but it had exhausted his magical core. Under normal conditions, his core
would recover in a few days but he knew he didn't have that much time. He was 150
yrs old and, without his magic to sustain him, his body was weakening quickly as he
began to feel his age the way a muggle would. He knew it was the price he would
have to pay and he was okay with it.
There was one more thing he wanted to do in the time he had left and pushed away
from the wall and headed for the back door of the house. He used the cane for real
this time as he walked while pulling a vial out of another pocket with his other hand.
He'd had the foresight to include a couple vials of pepper up potion among the things
he'd decided to carry with him on his last, and in his mind, most important mission.
He popped the lid off with his thumb and drank down the contents quickly. He felt a
surge of energy as he walked through the door and headed towards the back of the

He got halfway to where he was going when the potion wore off. He leaned against a
tree while downing another potion then took off again. The second potion wore off as
he got to where he was going. As weakness hit again, he fell to his knees in front of
two tombstones that sat near a tree at the back of the property. Facing the one on
the left he spoke through labored breathing.
"Well, I did it," he said while trying to catch his breath. "I know you probably don't
approve but I had to do something. I guess all that stuff you always told me about
messing with time was true. Nothing changed unless I created an alternate timeline.
If that's the case, then there will be at least one timeline where hopefully you'll be
His eyes filled with tears and he paused while he removed his glasses and wiped his
eyes to clear his vision.
"I hope you don't mind my grave being next to yours but I figure it's the closest I'll
ever be to you again. I don't expect you to forgive me and I will never forgive myself
for letting you down so I'll understand if you refuse to speak to me if I make it to
heaven not that I expect to make it there, after all, failures like me don't deserve
eternal happiness."
He felt his strength start to wane and knew his time was just about up. He reached
out with all the strength he had left and fingered the letters on the stone he'd been
talking to as fresh tears escaped his eyes.
"I love you," he said his voice shaking. "I wish I'd been able to tell you while you
were still here. I wish I wouldn't have been so blind to what was going on around me.
Hopefully, the boy I just left won't be so blind and will truly make his world a better
place. I've done all I could and now it's time for me to leave this world to its fate and
they're welcome to it."
He crawled shakily to the other tombstone and lay down in front of it. He reached
into his robe and pulled out a stone with a rune carved into it. It started glowing as
did a similar rune on the tombstone. He crossed his arms over his chest holding the
stone over his heart. A minute later he breathed his last and the runes glowed
brighter as they were activated and transported the body into the casket that was
already buried beneath it and also had a similar rune carved into the lid. The
tombstones now looked like they had before he'd come there except that his
tombstone now had a date of death on it.
No one would ever know what happened to Harry Potter. He would have simply

disappeared off the face of the earth never to be seen again. Stories that would be
written about where he might have gone or what might have happened to him would
be high on sensationalism but low on facts just as the disappearance of Hermione
Granger had been over a century before. No one would ever know that they were
buried next to each other behind a house on an unplottable piece of land in the
English countryside. They would rest for all time as close to each other as this world
had ever allowed them to be.
He woke up in what seemed to be the same place he ended up after Voldemort hit
him with a killing curse in the forbidden forest. All around him was darkness. He was
lying on the floor of wherever he was. The floor was solid but it was neither hard nor
soft. Out of memory he wished for clothes and soon found himself dressed. He stood
up expecting the shadows to morph into kings cross again but nothing happened
until a voice spoke behind him.
"Harry," the voice said happily.
It was a voice he'd never expected to hear again. He turned quickly and found
himself looking into the most beautiful brown eyes he'd ever seen. Expecting to see
anger and contempt in those eyes, he was shocked to see joy and Love in them
instead. He covered his face in shame as tears welled up in his eyes and turned
back around.
"No," he said to himself. "I'm in heaven. That's not right, I don't deserve it. I should
be in the other place. I fail-"
He was interrupted as a hand softly touched his shoulder and turned him back
around. His hands were pulled away from his face and replaced by softer ones that
gently turned his face back up until he met those eyes again.
"You didn't fail me Harry," Hermione said comfortingly. "You didn't know. If you had,
you would have saved me. I don't blame you. You were a victim too. But we're safe
now. They're all in the other place so they can't hurt us anymore."
Harry reached out and caressed her face. She smiled in response and he smiled
back. He'd dreamt of being with her for so long it was hard to believe she was really
there. After a few moments, he couldn't contain himself anymore and pulled her into
a tight hug never wanting to let her go. He heard her giggle and felt her hug him just
as tightly.
"I love you Hermione," he said his face nuzzled in her hair.
"I love you too," she responded pulling back just far enough to kiss him.

They held each other for a few minutes until he felt her pull away. When she turned
around like she was leaving, he grabbed her again a sudden fear gripping him.
"No!" He yelled panicking. "I can't lose you again! Please don't leave me!?"
The last words were said in pure desperation. He was suddenly afraid he was in the
other place after all and was only being given this brief moment with her before she
was taken away from him for all eternity as fate's final act of cruelty to him. He was
determined to hold on to her with everything he had. He wouldn't lose her again
without a fight. Then her voice brought him back to reality.
"I'm not leaving you Harry!" She said reassuringly her voice slightly muffled as he
held her head against his chest.
He loosened his grip and she pulled back far enough to meet his eyes then reached
up and caressed his face her expression deadly serious.
"I'll never leave you again," she said her eyes filling with tears. Then her expression
softened as a smile returned to her face. "I'm taking you with me."
"Where?" He asked returning her smile.
"Well," she answered him. "You haven't seen your parents in almost a hundred and
fifty years. I thought it was high time you paid them a visit."
He felt a surge of excitement at the thought of seeing them.
"Where are they?" He responded enthusiastically.
"There," she said pointing in the direction she'd come from.
He looked and saw a bright light that seemed to be beckoning him towards it.
Feeling peaceful at the thought, he nodded his head and together they walked into it.
As the light touched him, he felt all the anger and sorrow that had filled his heart for
most of his life leave him only to be replaced by love and joy until that was all that
was in it. As he disappeared into the light, he realized he was heading on to the next
great adventure at long last where he was always meant to be; with Hermione.
The end of one reality ..... The beginning of another.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Harry Potter sat on his bed in his new bedroom at number four Privet Dr. He'd
previously been living in the cupboard under the stairs but when his first Hogwarts
letter came addressed to that cupboard, his relatives became terrified that someone
would discover how they treat him and moved him to Dudley's second bedroom.
Dudley wasn't happy and threw a fit about it but for once didn't get his way so Harry
now had a bedroom of his own for the first time in his life.
His wand was in his lap and several of his books for his new school were on the bed
next to him. He'd taken his stuff up to his room as soon as he'd gotten back to his
relatives house and had stayed there ever since looking through his school supplies
wishing he could leave the next day for his new school and what he hoped would be
a life away from these people that he'd been forced to live with far too long.
Unfortunately, he still had a month to wait before he could leave this place behind.
He'd been going through his books looking for spells he could use to keep his uncle
and cousin away from him until then but so far hadn't found any he could use. He
looked in the trunk for another book only to find he'd already gone through all the
books he had. Then he saw something he'd forgotten about while shopping for his
school supplies and talking to Hagrid about why he was famous. He reached down
and picked up the package that had been given to him by an odd old man who
seemed to know Hagrid. His new friend had told him later that he had no idea who
that man was.
He sat back on his bed and set the package on his lap. 'Open it tonight when you get
home,' the old man had told him. Well, he was home or as close as he had to a
home so he could open it now. He carefully removed the plain brown paper it was
wrapped in then lifted the lid off the box. His excitement at opening what he thought
would be a fantastically magical gift quickly turned to disappointment at what he
found inside the box. It was much larger inside than it looked from the outside. The
box held an assortment of figurines and odd looking jewelry along with what felt like
a pair of long candles wrapped in the same brown paper that had covered the box
and two books. One was a large heavy leather bound book with no writing on the
cover and the pages were blank as well. The other book was titled 'See the truth for
yourself; A guide to micro expressions,' it was clearly not a book on magic so it must
be a book from the non magical world or muggles as Hagrid had called them.
The figurines were an angel, an odd looking cup, a clear glass ball the size of the
palm of his hand, a snake and a large polished black stone. The jewelry consisted of

two matching necklaces. The chains were silver with pendants shaped like skeleton
keys. He decided to unwrap the candle sticks and found that they were actually
wands. One of them looked eerily familiar. It looked just like his and even felt warm
when he held it like his did except this wand clearly had some wear on it. There were
nicks in the finish and even a burn spot or two. The other wand wasn't familiar and
didn't respond to his touch.
Confused, he started putting everything back in the box thinking his uncle might be
right and that wizards really were freaks. As he picked up the leather bound book he
misjudged the weight and nearly lost hold of it. As a result, the book fell open and an
envelope fell out. He set the book down in the box and picked up the envelope. It
had his name on it. His curiosity piqued, he opened it to find a letter inside.
Hello Harry,
Prepare to be shocked. I'm the man who gave you the package, but that's not the
shocking part, my name is; Harry James Potter. That's right; I'm you only I'm from
the future. You see, I made a right mess of things when I was where you are or more
specifically when you are and decided to go back to your time and try to fix what I
could. Before you start thinking the Dursleys are right and you are worthless, I want
you to know that a lot of people helped me screw it up. In fact, that was the main
reason I had so many problems and the main thing I hope to fix. You see, many
people who claimed to be my friend were actually working against me which brings
me to my first instruction for you. Don't trust anyone unless the book tells you they're
trustworthy. There aren't many but there are a few people you can trust with your life
but tell no one about me or this package except the person one of the necklaces is
for or anyone you both agree can be trusted with your secret.
I know it looks like I gave you a box of junk but I assure you every item is an
important part of my plan to create a better life for you and those you will grow to
love in the coming years. I'll tell you what they are and what to do with them when
the time comes but for now you only need to be concerned with the necklaces and
the books.
The book on micro expressions is a muggle(non-magical folk) book that will help you
learn to tell if someone is lying to you. It won't tell you why but you will know if they're
being honest with you or not. You'll also be able to read their emotions no matter
how much they try to hide them. The other book is charmed to appear blank until
certain conditions are met. Once you read this letter and follow the instructions the
first few pages will be visible to you but no one else until you grant them permission
to read it. Not even the most powerful wizard will be able to break through that
protection. After that, more pages will become visible prior to certain events in the

time line that I feel you need to be warned about or as instructions on previous
pages are completed to reveal the next set of instructions. The book contains
instructions and warnings regarding several events that I lived through and want to
help you with so you will have an easier time or be able avoid them all together. I
have also included several spells; some that I created, others that I think will help
you and will be visible to you when you're able to learn them. Most of what's in the
book are instructions to train you for what's to come. That was another problem.
Hogwarts is a good school for normal wizards but I had a dark wizard after me and
was never given the training I needed to deal with him properly. As a result, it took a
lot longer than it should have and caused many needless deaths. I found out that my
lack of training was intentional but more about that later. Like with everything else,
you need to keep this training a secret unless I tell you otherwise in the book. Before
school starts I will tell you about your new school and the people you will meet. I will
tell you who to trust and how to handle each person and again before each school
year after this. Remember I know who you'll meet and what will happen each year
and will prepare you for it.
The necklaces are portkeys. What's a portkey? You're probably asking about now. A
portkey is a magical device that wizards use to travel from one place to another.
They are usually set up to transport someone to a specific location but these are
keyed to everyplace I know you're likely to want to go in the years to come and the
place I set up for you. They're also charmed to protect you from spells and potions
designed to influence and control you. I'll tell you about those spells and potions
along with the people who'll try to use them on you later. I also charmed the chain
and clasp not to break and to be irremovable by anyone but you. This way there
won't be anything or anyone that can take this protection away from you.
The package isn't the only thing I've left you. I've also set up a safe house that no
one in your own time knows exists so, if you find yourself in great danger, you'll have
a safe place to escape to. Nothing physical or magical will be able to stop your
escape. They will even work at Hogwarts where only portkeys made by the
headmaster are supposed to work.
The reason there are two necklaces is because there is another person that I want
you to give it to. You will find out who and when in the book. Yours is the one with a
'HP' on the back of the pendant. Put it on and never take it off. Also it would be a
good idea to keep it hidden inside your clothes so no one will know you have it. To
go to the safe house you need to say 'sanctuary' while touching the pendant. If
you're wearing it under your clothes, you merely have to speak the trigger word to
activate it. Make sure you take the book with you the first time so you can read the
first section when you arrive. Keep the book with you at all times and check it often

to see if any pages have been revealed. The book will glow if new pages are visible.
I have no doubt that part of you is sure that this is just some clever prank but I
assure you it's not. I'm also pretty sure your next thought is something like 'why
should I trust you?' If so, I'm glad to see you've taken my 'don't trust anyone' advice
to heart. To convince you that I'm telling the truth I've included additional pages to
this letter detailing our early years with the Dursleys and what you've suffered at
their hands. Since I know you've never told anyone about it, the only way I could
know is if I lived through it myself.
If that's not enough, try the portkey out. If it works and the first section of the book
becomes visible you'll know I at least didn't lie about that. Trust me Harry. I know
what your dreams are now and what they'll be later and I intend to help you make
them all come true. Train hard, study what I tell you and work hard in school. You are
smarter than you think. Together we'll make the Dursley's, Voldemort and everyone
else who has or will seek to harm you or those you care about pay. Take this letter
with you to the safe house and leave it there or destroy it so no one can ever read it
without you knowing. You should take the package there as well so its contents
remain safe until their needed. Good luck!
Harry set the letter down still skeptical despite the fact that whoever wrote it had
correctly anticipated his questions and picked up the extras pages that were still in
the envelope and began to read his supposed life history. His doubts vanished
rapidly as virtually every detail of his life was written on the pages in his hand. As
crazy as the idea of a time traveler was, he couldn't come up with any other
explanation for how this person knew so much about him. He decided to try the
portkey later after his relatives went to bed. He took the necklaces out of the plastic
bag they were in and looked for the one with his initials on it. The first one he
checked was blank but the next one had 'HP' on it just like the letter said.
He'd just put it on when his Aunt yelled at him to go downstairs and fix supper. He
carefully put the pendant under his shirt and headed downstairs wondering if he
would get to eat any of the dinner he would cook. 'Probably not' he thought to
himself. As usual he was right. He got two slices of dry bread and a half of glass of
tepid water from the sink. He went back to his room hoping the letter was real and
wondering if the safe house would have any food. He felt his stomach growl and
couldn't wait to find out.
Several hours later, he was sitting on his bed reading the micro expressions book
when his bedroom door burst open and his uncle stepped into the room.

"Boy! We're going to bed now." He said with his usual bluster. "I'd better not catch
you outside this room before morning. If I find you stealing food or messing with our
things I'll lock you in here without food for the rest of the summer you hear me!?"
Harry controlled the urge to roll his eyes. Normally he'd have been terrified of his
uncle but, now that he had a place to go (or so he hoped), he suddenly felt bolder.
However, he didn't want to set him off just yet in case it was all a prank so he
responded like he always did.
"Yes uncle Vernon," he said gulping and trying to act as afraid as possible.
His uncle didn't say any more he just turned and left closing the door behind him
leaving Harry alone again. He went back to his book and had to admit he found the
subject interesting. He continued to read for another hour until he was sure his
relatives were all asleep then put his book back into the package with everything
else, picked the box up and stood beside his bed. He closed his eyes momentarily
saying a silent prayer that he wasn't about to end his magical journey before it had
even begun then took a deep breath and whispered "sanctuary".
He felt a tug in his gut and he was pulled away from his bedroom and soon found
himself lying on a floor with his eyes closed. He slowly sat up and opened his eyes
hoping with everything he had that he wasn't in his bedroom. He was sure that, if he
was, his uncle would show up at any moment to yell at him for making noise. He was
elated when he saw that he was in a sitting room. There was a fire in the fireplace
and several cozy looking chairs as well as a few couches. The box was on the floor
beside him and there was a soft glow coming from it. He got up, picked up the box
and moved to one of the chairs and sat down. It was wide enough to allow him to set
the box down beside him. He removed the lid and looked inside to see what was
glowing. Just like the letter had said, the big book was glowing. Excited to see what
was on the new pages, he quickly grabbed the book and opened it on his lap and
began to read.
Congratulations on making it to the safe house. I'm glad you believed me enough to
use the portkey and hopefully you believe me about everything else. I hope you
didn't land too hard. The portkey was keyed to my size but should adjust to you now
that you've used it and transport you with a nice easy landing. There's a lot we need
to go over but first, knowing what your life is like with your relatives, I left you
something in the kitchen. Go get yourself something to eat and drink before reading
any farther.
Harry smiled as he put the book down and went in search of the kitchen. The house
was fairly large. There was a living room, formal dining room, a large room filled with

things he didn't recognize, a study and a large library all on the first floor. He didn't
bother checking the upper floors because he was sure the kitchen would be on the
main floor. When he found the kitchen he was delighted to find the pantry and
refrigerator fully stocked. Wanting to get back to the book as quickly as possible, he
made a couple sandwiches and put them on a plate with some crisps (potato chips).
He opened the refrigerator to get something to drink and saw several bottles of
different types of fruit juices including pumpkin which he'd never heard of before as
well as water and soft drinks. He grabbed a coke (his relatives seemed to love the
fizzy drink but had never allowed him have any) and headed back to the sitting room.
Once there he resituated himself then picked up the book and continued reading.
I stocked the kitchen with plenty of food and drink both wizard and muggle. I'm sure
you saw the pumpkin juice and was confused but wizards drink it a lot with their
meals. It may seem weird but trust me you'll like it. You'll also find several vials of
strange liquids in the pantry. Those are magical potions. Some are for use later on
should you need them but there are a few you need to use now. The one labeled
'block' should be the first you take. You are very powerful Harry but someone put a
block on you to limit your magical power. The potion will remove the block and allow
your magical core (the source of your power) to grow naturally. There are several
potions labeled 'repair' that should be taken before you go to sleep for the next
couple weeks. The injuries you suffered at the hands of your relatives coupled with a
lack of healthcare afterwards has left you with several injuries that never healed
properly and the constant starvation has left your growth stunted. This potion will fix
all that. Be warned, both potions will be painful but for only a short time.
You no doubt saw the library but, for now, you don't need to go in there. The books
you need to study are in this room either in the box, on the shelf or your trunk back
on Privet Dr. You need to focus on the mind magics and micro expressions first. The
shelf also has books on defensive magic which is the next most important subject.
Once the block on your power is removed, you'll find it easier to focus and learn. The
big room is full of exercise equipment so you can get into shape and dueling
dummies to practice spells on. There are instructions for the equipment and I will
teach you how to activate the dummies when the time comes.
If you unwrapped the wands, you probably noticed that one of them is similar to
yours. That's because it is yours. I got the same wand you did and carried it with me
my whole life until I passed it on to you. The only difference is that it doesn't have a
tracking charm on it like yours does so you can use it without the ministry knowing.
Don't use it on Privet Dr though because there's a charm in place to detect magic
regardless of who does it. The other wand goes to the same person the other
necklace is for. Since the house you're in doesn't exist on any ministry records, you
can use either wand here.

The upper floors contain bedrooms. The top floor has a master bedroom. In it you
will find an owl. I know you love Hedwig but she will soon become too recognizable
to the wizarding world to use for sensitive deliveries so I left you a nondescript brown
one to use. I named him Krises. It's a Greek word from which we get our word crises
from. I thought it was fitting because, you may not realize it, but the wizarding world
is about to be in a crises of epic proportions and they just don't know it yet. I call him
Kris for short and he seems to like it. He's been charmed so that only you and the
recipient (and they will forget him as soon as he leaves) of your mail will be able to
see him unless you personally introduce them to Kris.
He will live here on holidays and will go to Hogwarts during to the school year. He
also knows not to approach you in the owlery (owls home) at school unless your
alone or with someone he's officially met through you and Hedwig is off making a
delivery or hunting(she'd get jealous otherwise). There is a letter in the middle
drawer of the desk in the Master bedroom that needs to be sent out immediately. It's
already addressed so tie it to his leg and give him the name on the envelope and
he'll take care of the rest. The letter should start a chain of events that will hopefully
result in you never having to set foot in number 4 Privet Dr. ever again. I know you
thought that was happening anyway but it wasn't. You would have been forced to
return next summer. Hopefully, now you won't.
Send the letter then take the block potion. It will be painful but only for a short while.
Once that's complete, go home, take the first repair potion and get some rest.
Starting tomorrow, you need to come here as much as you can so we can get as
much training done as we can before you head to school. I would recommend doing
something to get in trouble with your relatives so they'll lock you in your room
allowing you come here whenever you want. Either way, keep reading your books
and come back soon so we can get started.
There were no more pages to read so he closed the book and decided to explore the
rest of the house. It was like the book said. The upper floors were nothing but
bedrooms and bathrooms. There was plenty of room should he ever need to hide a
bunch of people here. He made his way to the top floor and quickly found the master
bedroom. It was easily the size of three of the regular bedrooms and had its own
bathroom. There was a sitting area in one corner and a desk in another. One of the
windows was slightly open. Next to it stood a perch and on it was a large brown owl.
He hooted when Harry entered and his large eyes just stared at him.
"Hello Kris," He said cautiously. "I'm Harry and I guess you belong to me now boy."
The owl just stared for few more seconds then suddenly flew toward him. Harry
braced himself for an attack but instead the bird landed softly on his shoulder and

nuzzled him. He carefully reached up to pet him and was relieved when Kris leaned
into his touch. Harry then smiled at his new friend.
"Well I'm happy to know you too," he said softly so he wouldn't startle him.
"Hopefully, we'll get to know each other better soon but I have things I need to do
now and apparently so do you."
Kris seemed to know what his new master was referring to because he immediately
flew over to the desk and stuck his foot out. Harry walked around to other side and
began searching the drawers until he found the letter. There was also a small piece
of parchment explaining how to attach the letter to Kris's leg. He read them quickly
then looked up to see that the owl had moved to his side of the desk and was again
holding his leg up. He looked at the letter and saw that it was addressed to someone
named Amelia Bones, Head of DMLE whatever that was. He then tied the letter to
the owl's leg. As he did this, he happened to notice the clock on the wall and realized
just how late it was then met the bird's eyes.
"This letter needs to go to Amelia bones," he told his newest pet while lightly petting
him. "She's probably home in bed at this hour so you should wait until morning to
leave. Are you going to be okay with that letter on your leg until then?"
The owl responded with a soft hoot while leaning into the hand petting him before
flying back his perch where he seemed to settle in like he was going to sleep.
"Okay, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then," he said watching the bird preen himself.
"Thank you for doing this for me. Oh, the book didn't say anything about expecting a
response back so I guess you don't need to wait for one."
The bird looked up at that and gave another soft hoot before returning to his
"Well, good night then," he replied feeling weird carrying on a one sided
conversation with bird. What felt weirder was the fact that the bird seemed to fully
understand everything he said. He wondered if he would ever get used to the odd
world he'd suddenly become a part of as he headed back downstairs. He went to the
kitchen first to get the potions he was supposed to take then returned to the sitting
room. He sat back down on the couch and got into a comfortable position then
picked up the potion labeled block and removed the lid. He then braced himself
before downing it in one gulp.
He immediately felt pain in his stomach and chest. The pain seemed to be in the
very center of his body, yet it was difficult to pinpoint an exact location. There was
pain in his chest near where he figured his heart was but it wasn't affected by his

heartbeat. There was pain in his stomach but it wasn't in the same place nor did it
feel the same as the stomachaches he'd had in the past. Then the pain started
moving around. The pain shot down both of his legs then his arms before shooting
up into his head. The pain then seemed to pound against his skull and intensified
until he thought his head would explode before mercifully subsiding.
It was about five minutes before he felt like he could move again. When he opened
his eyes and stood up he noticed a difference. Everything seemed clearer to him as
if he'd been looking through distortion all this time. He felt different too. He felt
something, he wasn't sure what, but something that seemed to surge throughout his
body not unlike when he'd accidentally touched a live wire when he was younger
and had received an electrical shock from it. He also felt exhausted as well so, with
one more look around, he grabbed the other potion and portkeyed home.
Once back in his room on Privet Drive, he got into bed, drank the first repair potion
and, just before drifted off into a deep sleep, started thinking of a way to get locked
into his room until September 1st so he could spend as much time as possible at his
new house learning about his new found abilities and the magical world he would
use them in. Something told him he was about to really have some fun for the first
time in his life and he couldn't wait to get started.

Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Albus Percival Wulric Brian Dumbledore sat in his office high in a tower of the castle
that housed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry looking out the window. He
could see the grounds of the school that ended at the edge of the forbidden forest in
one direction and the gates in another, beyond which, lay the road to Hogsmead.
There was also a lake but he couldn't see it from this window. He smiled to himself
feeling like some ancient king who was the ruler of all he surveyed. In a way
Dumbledore was.
As Headmaster, he certainly ruled the school but he wasn't just a headmaster. He
was also head of the Wizengamot, the governing body of wizarding Britain and was
the main adviser to the minister of magic so, in a sense; he also ruled what he could
see outside of the school grounds as well. In fact, if the truth were to be known, the
minister was little more than a figurehead while Dumbledore wielded the true power
in Britain. He was also the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of
Wizards and therefore had a profound influence on wizarding governments all
around the world. 'Yes' he thought to himself 'perhaps I am the ruler of all I survey'.
He let go of his thoughts of grandeur and turned his mind to more immediate
concerns. In a month the boy would finally arrive at the castle. Ten years had passed
remarkably fast since he'd dropped him off on his relatives doorstep. He hadn't
needed Minerva's frantic ravings to tell him what kind people they were. He already
knew. That's why he left the child there. The boy needed to return to the magical
world broken and defeated, not pampered and arrogant as he would have been had
he stayed in their world. This way Dumbledore would be able to mold him and
control him.
He had a specific destiny to fulfill and he would see to it the boy followed the plan the
headmaster had laid out for him. That he might want to choose otherwise was
irrelevant. He belonged to Dumbledore and would do what he was told. If, after
fulfilling his destiny, he somehow survives, Dumbledore would allow him to live his
life in peace but it would be a life of the headmaster's choosing. He was a master
manipulator. There were countless people living lives he'd chosen for them and had
used whatever means necessary to force that choice on them, most of whom weren't
now and probably never would be any the wiser. Harry Potter would be no different
he was sure of that.
The boy would be tested and prepared so that, when the time comes, he would
willingly face his destiny. He would be placed in situations that will test his mettle and

temper him into the weapon he must someday become. Dumbledore would arrange
for those situations when necessary starting now. He'd encouraged Quirrell to visit
Albania over the holidays in preparation for taking over the defense post for the new
school year while also letting it slip that the Sorcerer's Stone would be kept at the
school for its protection. He'd agreed and, just as the headmaster had expected,
came back possessed.
He'd also used that dolt of a groundskeeper Hagrid to plant the seed of curiosity into
Harry's head by having him pick up the stone from Gringotts while he was helping
the boy get his supplies. He smiled as he thought of the half giant. Not because he
cared about him but because of how easy it had been to turn him into little more than
a glorified house elf eager to do his bidding. He'd known he wasn't the heir of
Slytherin all along but it was a good excuse to expel the imbecile so he took
advantage of it. He played his role as Hagrid's friend to perfection as he displayed
great disappointment when he told him there was nothing he could do for him except
offer him the groundskeeper job and a shack to live in. The fact that, as head of the
wizengamot, he could have ordered a trial that would probably have cleared him,
never even occurred to the idiot.
His presence at school, however, would help keep the boy from finding out the true
nature of the world he was entering along with the new charms professor the half
goblin Flitwick. It had been long and arduous task, not to mention taken a lot of
magic to make it seem like the freak had been teaching at the school for years. It
sickened him to have such a person teaching young wizards and witches but it was
important to make the right impression on the boy who lived. He would never help
them if he knew the truth and Dumbledore had no problems using half truths or
outright lies when necessary to accomplish his goals. The stage had to be set
properly with every prop in its place. That's all those two were anyway and, now that
they were in place, the show could finally begin with Dumbledore, of course, as the
His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his office door.
"Come in," he said with a welcoming tone.
The door opened to reveal Minerva McGonagall the assistant headmistress. She
didn't speak as she approached his desk and took a seat across from him.
"Hello Minerva," he greeted her warmly. "Have you completed your visitations of the
sponsored students?"
She still didn't speak. Instead she nodded her head a distinct look of discomfort

briefly appearing on her face before quickly returning to the business like expression
she usually wore. He knew immediately what that meant; one of the students she'd
visited had affected her profoundly. This wasn't completely unexpected. She was
once a strong proponent of all the traditions of their world including the sponsorships
but Lily Potter changed all that. She was the brightest student in her class despite
being sponsored and had somehow become Minerva's favorite student. Her
fondness for Lily caused a seed of doubt about their traditions in general and the
sponsorship program specifically to be planted in her. He'd watched that seed sprout
and slowly take root in the woman over the years. He'd hoped it would die out with
Lily's death but apparently it hadn't. He'd long feared that the time would come when
the doubt would overcome her reason and force him to eliminate her. It now looked
like, with the latest visitations, that time would unfortunately be sooner rather than
later. That would be disappointing because she was, after all, a very good teacher.
"Was there a problem with the visitations?" he asked in a concerned voice making
his expression match.
"No Albus," she responded shaking her head. "They were fine."
"Something seems to be bothering you Minerva," he said still maintaining his facade
of concern. His wand held ready just in case. "You can talk to me you know, I'm not
just your superior, I'm also your friend."
She seemed to ponder this a minute as her features softened allowing a slight smile
to appear on her face momentarily before the discomfort returned to stay this time.
"Thank you Albus," she replied finally. "I guess I'm just not as comfortable with the
sponsorships as I used to be. After visiting with all those children and parents, I can't
help thinking that our world as well as theirs would be better off if we just left those
children where they are."
He gave her a smile as he paused as if considering what she'd said. In truth, he was
pondering who her replacement would be if he couldn't talk her out of this idiotic
idea. He met her eyes again while pointing his wand at her under the desk.
"I understand your concern Minerva," he responded sympathetically. "But their lives
would be much worse if we did that." He saw her start to argue but held up his hand
to stop her as he continued. "Those children would most likely never have friends as
their special abilities would mark them as different. In time, even their own families
will eventually ostracize them leaving them to live lonely and heartbroken lives.
Through the sponsorship program, their lives are given meaning and a purpose
serving the greater good of the wizarding world. It may not be perfect but it's better

than the alternative."

He watched her, a spell ready should she refuse to listen to reason. She seemed to
consider his words for a moment before meeting his eyes again.
"I had no idea it was that bad for them Albus," she said sadly. "But surely we could
do more for them than just the sponsorships. There must be a better way!"
She looked at him imploringly with tears in her eyes and he looked at her
"I've tried Minerva," he said putting a sad expression on his face. "But you know the
current make up of the wizengamot would never allow such a change. I'm doing
what I can but you know things in our world move very slowly. It will take time.
Perhaps more time than either of us have left but hopefully, if we're lucky, we'll be
able to leave behind a better world when we're gone."
She nodded her head and seemed satisfied with his answer. Inwardly relieved, he
lowered his wand. He'd had a tough enough time keeping the defense post filled
these days he didn't want to have to worry about the transfiguration job as well. She
then put two pieces of parchment down on the desk.
"Here are the lists of the new students and the sponsoring families," she said as she
placed them in front of him. "I noticed the Weasleys on the list. I didn't think they
could afford a sponsorship?"
"They can't," he responded. "I did it for them partially in gratitude for their service to
me over the years and partially in payment for a new project that they've agreed to
help me with."
She nodded but didn't press for details. She then stood, bade him goodbye and left.
He then turned back to the window a satisfied smile on his face for having diffused
that situation. 'Yes,' he thought to himself. 'I rule much more than just what I survey'.
Amelia Bones was a tad bit cranky. She'd been awakened at what seemed like the
crack of dawn by the sound of tapping on her window. When she managed to open
her eyes she saw that it was an owl that she didn't recognize. Once she'd removed
the letter from its leg, it had disappeared and, for the life of her, she couldn't
remember what it looked like. In fact, if not for the letter, she couldn't be sure she'd
even seen an owl that morning. Still feeling half asleep, she nevertheless became
fully alert when she'd read it. It was now early afternoon and she'd spent most of the
day researching an old and presumably closed case the words in the letter
constantly running through her head.

Madam Bones
I am writing you in hopes you can correct a horrible miscarriage of justice. Ten years
ago, The Potters were betrayed by someone they trusted. That same person killed
twelve muggles the next day. That person, however, was not Sirius Black. It was
Peter Pettigrew. He was the Potter's secret keeper and he killed those muggles to
escape Sirius Black and fake his own death while framing Sirius for his crimes.
That's right, Peter is very much alive and I know where he is. He also has another
secret. He's an unregistered animagus. His form is that of a rat which is fitting given
his crimes. You can find him at the Weasley family home where he's living as a pet
rat belonging to one of their sons. They named him Scabbers.
I believe you to be an honorable woman who will work to see true justice done in this
case. Sirius was never given a trial or even questioned. He was just thrown into
Azkaban and left to rot. Be careful, there are those who will seek to stop you. Do not
trust minister Fudge or his undersecretary Deloris Umbridge. They will probably try
to make sure Sirius has an 'accident' before the trial. Albus Dumbledore is another
who would likely interfere with horrible consequences as a result. You need to keep
this as quiet as possible while getting Sirius safely out of Azkaban for his trial. Once
the public trial begins, Sirius should be safe but until then he will be in danger if
anyone finds out what you're up too so be careful and good luck.
Concerned Citizen
Being the head of the DMLE had its perks. One of them was unfettered access to
case files. The only problem was that the file wasn't where it was supposed to be.
That's was why she'd spent most of the day searching for it. She found it under
Dumbledore's name instead of Sirius'. It was odd since there had been no trial. Barty
Crouch had immediately sentenced him to Azkaban so no trial panel had been
formed. Dumbledore would have likely been the head judge on such a panel but,
since it hadn't been formed, his name should never have been associated with the
The file raised even more red flags than the letter had. Clearly no one had followed
even the most rudimentary procedures. A miscarriage of justice was a huge
understatement in this case. Under the circumstances, she had to agree with
whoever wrote the letter that Dumbledore needed to be kept in the dark. The minster
and his toad went without saying. She'd never trust them with anything sensitive if
she could help it. In her mind they were the worst sort of government officials whose
only concern was power not doing what was right.
Once her research was complete, she returned to her office after making copies of

all the documents for her personal files. As she walked through the door to her office
she told her secretary to get her an appointment with Arthur Weasley at his earliest
convenience. First thing she would do is confirm the whereabouts of Pettigrew then
figure out how to get Sirius out of Azkaban in secret for the trial. She grabbed a
bottle of firewhiskey out of her desk drawer and took a swig knowing this could get
very tricky and potentially very dangerous.
Harry was having the best month of his life even if it hadn't started out that way. He'd
taken the book's advice and gotten into trouble with his relatives. He'd pretended to
trip during breakfast one morning and spilled a whole pound of bacon into Dudley's
lap. He screamed in pain while his aunt comforted the tub of lard. Uncle Vernon
yelled and sent Harry to his room after punching him several times. A few hours later
Uncle Vernon installed a lock and cat flap on his bedroom door and told him he was
only allowed out of his room twice a day except on day he had chores to do. Harry
looked afraid until the door closed. After that he just smiled knowing it had worked.
He then began spending most of his time at the sanctuary house. Over the course of
the month, the repair potions did their job. He was now three inches taller than he
had been and not nearly as thin. He finished the muggle book and had fun figuring
out what his relatives really felt about him. They did hate him but that was no
surprise. What was a surprise was that what they felt most towards him was fear.
He'd also learned he could get answers to questions by watching people as he threw
out possible answers in conversations. This was going to help a lot when he got to
He'd also managed to build what he hoped would be strong occlumency shields.
Since no one was around to test him he couldn't be sure. He'd also learned a charm
from the book to mask his thoughts and hoped that would protect him if his shields
weren't strong enough. He'd read all of his textbooks and gotten most of the way
through the shelf. He'd never enjoyed reading and learning before like he did now.
He also found he seemed to be able to concentrate better than before and his
memory seemed almost photographic. The book had told them this might happen
with the block removed and apparently it was right.
He made good use of the gym. He exercised on the equipment and practiced spells
on the test dummies. So far he's master most of the spells from his textbooks and
some from the books on the shelf. He'd practiced with both wands and found he
could use either one equally. He was happy when he took the last of the repair
potion. They tasted bad and were a lot more than just a little painful.
On the last day of August, Harry arrived as usual. He went to the gym and got his
exercise routine done then practiced for a while on the test dummies. Once he was

done he cleaned up, made himself some breakfast then made his way to the sitting
room to eat and start reading. He'd just picked up one of the books on defense from
the shelf when he noticed the big book glowing. Setting the defense book down, he
picked up the glowing book and opened it to see what the new pages said.
Harry, if you're reading this, it must be close to September 1 st . and time to tell you
about who you'll meet this year.
'At last' he thought. 'I finally get to know who I can trust and who will truly be my
friends'. He smiled to himself at the thought of having real friends for the first time in
his life as he looked down and continued to read.

Chapter 3
A/N: Thank you for the wonderful response to my story. I've tried to respond to
reviews but there are just too many so I've decided to try to answer the most asked
questions here.
Obviously, the topic mentioned most is the sponsorships. But in the words of
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There have been many comments about pairings. At this time, the only pairing I'll
confirm is H/HR which should be obvious from the prologue. I won't say anything
about any other pairings since, other than a few adults, no other characters have
made an appearance yet. I will, However say this; although there has been those
that support as well as oppose the idea of making this a h/threesome or harem fic,
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Lastly, there's been alot of speculation about who he can and cannot trust. This
chapter should answer most of your questions while future chapters will answer the
rest. So I think I've done enough dilly dallying for now. On with the story.
Chapter 3
Harry took a drink of his pumpkin juice before returning to the book. He'd become
quite fond of the beverage over the last month. With his thirst quenched, he turned
his attention back to the new pages.
I'll start with Rubeus Hagrid since you've already met him. You've no doubt noticed
how big he is but there's a reason for it. He's a half giant. His mother was a giant and
his father was human. You'll no doubt hear a lot of bad things about giants and most
of them are true like being ill tempered, mean and violent. None of those things are
true when it comes to Hagrid however. He's got a big heart and a gentle soul. He's a
true friend and in time will be loyal to you above all others even Dumbledore. You

can trust him with your life but don't trust him with your secrets. There are two
reasons for this.
One; Hagrid is absolute rubbish at keeping secrets. He doesn't mean to be but he
doesn't always think before he speaks and therefore blurts out things he shouldn't
and ends up revealing things he isn't supposed to.
Two; at this point in time, his main loyalty is to Dumbledore and would likely give him
anything he asks for including information about you so for your own safety, keep
Hagrid in the dark about this book and everything that's associated with it.
Harry smiled at the thought of the man who gave him his first birthday present. He'd
taken a liking to him as soon as he'd rescued him from his relatives. He was happy
that the big smile and kind disposition wasn't an act but the real person. He looked
forward to getting to know him better once he was at school. In the meantime there
was more to read so he returned his attention to the book.
Next, we'll talk about the Weasleys. You'll meet most of them the day you catch the
train to school. Hagrid, bless him, gave you the platform number but didn't tell you
how to get to it. You see, there is a magical portal between platforms nine and ten. It
looks like a wall but it will let you pass through. This is where the first deception of
your new life will occur. Hagrid had nothing to do with it, he just made a mistake but
someone else decided to take advantage of it. Enter the Weasleys. They will show
up and you will hear a woman say things like 'muggle' and 'platform 9 and 3/4'.
That's Molly Weasley, she's the matriarch of the Weasley clan. She'll seem kindly
and welcoming but it's all an act including the timing of their arrival. They were sent
by someone who wants to create a relationship between you and a family that is
loyal to them and will help to guide and control you. They'll be easy to recognize
because they all have red hair. In all you will meet six Weasleys but there are still
three more that you'll meet later. Yes, they are a rather large family. Here are the
ones you'll meet this year.
Molly Weasley; as I said before she's the mother. In truth, she's pushy and
overbearing with a bad temper that she passed on to at least three of her kids. She
doesn't really care about you and won't hesitate to inform Dumbledore of anything
she learns about you.
Percy Weasley; he's the oldest child you'll meet but there are two older brothers.
He's a stickler for the rules and is an all round prat. When he gets older, he will adopt
the beliefs of whoever he works for because he respects authority above all else
regardless of whether or not it's right.

George and Fred Weasley; they're the twins. They are about two years older than
you and are huge pranksters. You'll find them fun to be around as they seem to
always be joking and playing pranks. They have something that is rightfully yours but
don't worry, in time they will give it to you.
Ron Weasley; he's the youngest son and, like you, heading to Hogwarts for the first
time. He inherited all of his mother's bad traits. He's truly the most jealous person
you'll probably ever meet. His job is to befriend you on the train and become your
best and if possible only friend. I remember feeling like I had to hold on to my
friendship with Ron at all costs. It caused me to be a lousy friend to others that were
way more deserving of my loyalty than he was. I suspect there was some kind of
compulsion charm cast on me or on him that caused me to feel that way. You won't
have that problem this time.
Ginny Weasley; she's the youngest and the only daughter. This is the only time you'll
see her this year. She won't be in school until next year. She's spent her life reading
about you and has a crush on you. You won't have to worry about her right now
because she'll hardly speak to you.
The bottom line is that none of them are trustworthy or your friends no matter how
nice they are to you. In fact, the Weasley family as a whole with the exception of one
person that you'll meet later is among your greatest enemies. They are a big reason
I had so many problems. Do not trust any of them. However, for now, go along with
the ruse including being friends with Ron. The necklace will protect you from
anything they might try to do which, at this point, shouldn't be anything more than
compulsion charms. Ron will be kind, friendly and at times funny while the twins are
simply hilarious and a blast to be around. It's okay if you find you like them at first but
don't forget what I told you. No matter what they say or do, that's not who they really
are. Just so you're aware of how sneaky they can be, once you're settled into a
compartment check the car to see how full the other compartments are. I'll bet you'll
find that quite a few of them will be empty then wait for Ron to arrive. He'll ask to join
you citing that the rest of the train is full letting you know from the start that he's a
He frowned as he read this. If this family was as bad as the book said, the last thing
he'd want to do would be to get close to them. It didn't make sense to him but he
figured the book would explain it at some point and kept reading.
Now on to the other people you'll meet.
Hermione Granger; once you're in your compartment with Ron, a girl with bushy
brown hair will show up looking for a toad that belongs to another student. She will

seem bossy and a bit of a know it all. In truth, she's a muggle born and has always
been an outcast. When she found out she was a witch she thought she'd found the
answer to why she's never had any friends. The fact is she is simply brilliant and will
come to be known as the brightest witch of her generation. She'll seem like a 'know it
all' because, for the most part, she really does. She's spent the entire time waiting
for school to start reading about the wizarding world. Naturally, she read about you
too but it will be the real you she cares about. If you've studied the muggle book I
gave you, you'll be able to see that her bossiness is an attempt to fit in with those
that have spent their whole lives in this world. She's truly terrified that, if she doesn't
fit into this world, she'll never fit in anywhere.
She is truly the best friend you'll ever have but you won't really become friends until
Halloween. Ron will do his best to keep it from happening and then inadvertently
bring it about. She's the person the other necklace and wand is for but you need to
wait until after Halloween to give them to her then take her to the sanctuary house
and show her the book. You can trust her with everything. I regret to say that I wasn't
nearly as good a friend to her as she was to me. I failed her many times. In the end
my failure to be there for her was truly unforgivable. One of the main reasons I came
back was to make sure that I, that is you, don't let her down but instead become the
friend she deserves; a friend like she was to me. Remember; don't tell her anything
until after Halloween.
He wondered what was so special about Halloween. He hoped the book would tell
him. He was also excited to know who the other necklace was for. He liked the idea
of having someone to share everything with and couldn't wait to meet her.
Neville Longbottom; He's another first year like you. He's the student that lost his
toad. He will seem to be shy and accident prone. He will also seem to scare easily
but, in time, will show that the only person with more courage than him is you. His
biggest problem is confidence mostly due to his grandmother making him use his
father's wand instead of buying him his own. His parents were attacked by some of
Voldemort's most ardent followers and tortured into insanity. They are currently in St.
Mungos and are little more than vegetables. He is a true friend. In time, you'll be
able to tell him everything but not right now and only if Hermione agrees that he
should be told. Neville never failed to stand by me but unfortunately, like with
Hermione, I let Ron keep me from being the friend to him that I should have been.
Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle; you'll have a few more visitors to your
compartment. This time it will be the blond boy you met at Madam Malkin's on your
birthday. That boy was Draco Malfoy. He along with his two goons are the children of
deatheaters (Voldemort's Followers). There are, unfortunately, many others most of
whom end up in slytherin house. Draco is an arrogant, bigoted git. The two goons

are too stupid to realize who they're following around and never question anything
he says or does. Draco will be a constant source of irritation for you as he tries to
discredit you and get you in trouble. Fortunately, he's not that smart or capable
himself so you should have no trouble overcoming anything he throws at you.
Harry was happy to know his first impression of the boy was accurate. He promised
himself to avoid the prat whenever possible. From the looks of it, he had more
important things to worry about and didn't want to waste time on people that didn't
matter in the grand scheme of things and it appeared Draco Malfoy fit squarely in
that category.
You'll find the rest of the student body to be a reflection on the society they come
from. Most will stand with you against Voldemort but most of those will stand with
your enemies afterwards. I wish I could tell you exactly who you can and cannot trust
among the students both in your year and those ahead of you but I never got to
know them well enough and never realized they were my enemies after defeating
Voldemort until it was way too late to know for sure. I can tell you this. Blood status
or more specifically bigotry based on it will play a major role in figuring out
someone's true allegiance but shouldn't be the deciding factor. You'll find that most
purebloods look down on halfbloods and muggleborns as inferior but not all of them
feel that way and those that oppose such bigotry will stand with you against it.
If you weren't the boy who lived, you'd be treated as a second class citizen because
you're a half blood. You're fame will cause you to be treated like a pureblood at least
until Voldermort is defeated. You'll find that there will be some purebloods that will
stand with you no matter what like Neville Longbottom. So don't judge every
pureblood by the actions of the majority of them. By the same token, don't assume
all half bloods and muggleborns are your friend either. Just like there are some bad
muggles, (such as your relatives) there are likely muggleborns that are not good
people either.
As for halfbloods, Voldemort himself was a half blood and at least one of his
followers was as well so they can be as much of a bigot as a pureblood. You need to
judge each person individually and let their actions tell you which side they're on. I
would suggest trying to get to know them better than I did. It will help you determine
their loyalty and you may cause someone who was my enemy to switch sides and
become your friend. Also, despite what I said about slytherins earlier, you shouldn't
judge anyone by their house. Not all slytherins are bad and obviously not all
members of other houses are good. Very few of them are in fact and I wouldn't be
surprised if you found one or two slytherins you can trust. While I can't tell you for
sure about the students, I can tell you about the faculty.

Minerva McGonagall; she's the assistant headmistress and head of Gryffindor

house. You'll meet her first. She's firm but fair and a very good teacher. She teaches
transfiguration. She's also Dumbledore's lapdog. While she seems to have a strong
mind and even stronger opinions, those traits disappear whenever Dumbledore's
around. She seems to take everything he says as gospel and does anything he asks
of her. Needless to say, you need to make sure she never finds out any of your
Filius Flitwick; He's the charms professor and head of Ravenclaw house. He's also
part goblin. He's a short, odd looking little man but is also a good teacher. He was
once a dueling champion so don't underestimate him. Like Hagrid, he is a very kind
person. He believes in doing what's right rather than what's easy and will be
someone you can depend on to back you up. He'll be a true ally but not one you
should tell all your secrets to.
Pomona Sprout; she teaches Herbology and is head of Hufflepuff house. She, like
Flitwick, is more apt to do what's right. She's a strong advocate for the students and
always willing to help any student not just the ones in her own house with any
problems they may have. I can't say anything against her. I never got to know her
very well so I also can't say for sure that she's trustworthy. You'll have to figure that
out for yourself. In my time, Neville became her star pupil so you should be able to
learn what you need to about her from him at some point.
Severus Snape; he's the potion master and head of Slytherin house. He's also the
halfblood deatheater I mentioned earlier. Supposedly he's reformed and no longer
serves Voldemort and, while that may be true, he's still a despicable human being.
He's a horrible teacher. He picks on students from other houses especially Gryffindor
and shows blatant favoritism to his own house. Dumbledore keeps him around
because he spied on Voldemort for him during the war and will do so again when he
returns. At one time he was a loyal servant to the man he refers to as that dark lord
but that's not the worst thing he's done. In time you will come to realize that he is
nearly as dark as the dark lords he's served. He is Dumbledore's right hand man and
can never be trusted. Also you need to be careful around him. He is a master
legilimens and can read your thoughts often without your knowing it so be on your
Quirinus Quirrell; he's the defense against the dark arts teacher for this year. You'll
have a different one each year. You met him at the Leaky Cauldron. I'm not sure
why, but for some reason, defense teachers only seem to stay around for one year.
It's been that way for years although, now that you're at Hogwarts, the main reason
is because most of them will try to kill you. At least that's how it was for me. Quirrell
is no exception. He was possessed by Voldemort over the summer and now has the

supposed dark lord growing out the back of his head. His goal is to get his hands on
the thing Hagrid took out of the vault at Gringotts the day you were with him. That
was by design by the way. Dumbledore wanted to encourage your curiosity so you'll
try to figure out what the item is, who's after it and try to stop them. It's the first of
many tests he plans to put you through. The item is the Sorcerer's stone also known
as the Philosopher's stone. Voldemort wants it to create a new body for himself. I'll
tell you more about it later. It goes without saying that Quirrell is not your friend.
Argus Filch; he's the caretaker for the castle. He's a squib (person born into a
magical family but without any magic in them). Squibs aren't treated very well. Filch
must have been treated terribly because he's a vicious and spiteful person now. His
greatest desire is to be allowed to torture students for rule breaking. They should
never allow someone like that anywhere near children. He's little more than a
nuisance so you shouldn't have much trouble with him. He has a pet cat that helps
him catch students who are breaking the rules so be careful if you ever need to be
out after curfew. Also, he too, will report to Dumbledore so make sure he never
catches you doing something you don't want the headmaster finding out about.
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore; I don't know why he has so many names.
His siblings didn't so it seems odd that his parents would give him so many. I half
suspect he gave them to himself to make himself seem more important. He's the
headmaster of the school and for all intents and purposes rules the wizarding world.
He holds almost as many titles as he as names. Along with headmaster, he's also
the chief warlock of the wizengamot and is the Surpreme Mugwump of the
international confederation of wizards. In case you haven't figured it out, he's the one
who sicked the Weasleys on you. He is very powerful and very evil. He is your
greatest enemy not Voldemort. Truth is, he played a large part in Voldemort coming
into being in the first place. Like Snape, he can read your mind so be careful around
him. If he ever found out about the book, he wouldn't hesitate to put you under the
imperius (control) curse to give him access to it as well as the sanctuary house then
obliviate you (erase your memories) and use them for his own purposes.
This is the reason I told you to go along with the Weasley's plans for now. You need
to keep him in the dark about your true activities for as long as possible. At this point,
you are no match for your enemies so keep your head down, train hard and study
diligently. In time you will surpass them and then you can act against them. He's the
reason you ended up with your relatives instead of with someone who would love
and care for you. He's caused many other despicable things to happen in your life
but I'll tell you about them later. Do not underestimate him. He is crafty and
manipulative. You will need to watch out, not just for yourself, but for your friends as
well. He will use any means necessary to get to you and there is not a shred of
decency in him.

That's about it for the school but there are a few more people you might get to meet
this year due to the letter I had you send so I want to tell you about them as well.
Sirius Black; he's your godfather. He was supposed to take care of you after your
parents were killed. Most people think he was the one who betrayed them but that's
not true. He was your father's best friend. Your father had three friends and together
they called themselves the marauders. They each had a nickname. Sirius' marauder
name was Padfoot. Sirius, like your father was an animagus. His form was that of a
large black dog thus the name Padfoot. Your father's form was a stag. His marauder
name was Prongs. Sirius has been stuck in prison for the last ten years and
hopefully the letter will set him free and allow you to go live with him instead of your
relatives. He will love you like you were his own son (he may even start calling you
pup). You can trust him with everything once he's free and Hermione agrees he
should be told.
You may get frustrated with her if she tends to hold off telling someone even if you
think you should but try to be patient. I learned the hard way that, when she
suggests caution, she's usually right so listen to her as much as possible. She would
never steer you wrong. I would also ask you to listen to Sirius' advice as well. He's
more familiar with the wizarding world than you or Hermione and can teach you
about it. He can also tell you a lot about your parents.
Remus Lupin; he's another marauder. His marauder name was Moony. He was the
reason they became animagus in the first place. He was attacked by a werewolf as a
child and became one himself. By becoming animagus, they were able to help him
retain at least part of his mind during the full moon. He too was a loyal friend to your
parents and was an honorary uncle to you. Like Sirius, he will think of you like his
own son and will stand by you no matter what. He's another one you can trust with
the truth when the time is right.
Peter Pettigrew; he's the last marauder. His marauder name was Wormtail. His form
was a rat and that's exactly what he is. It was Pettigrew who betrayed your parents.
Your parents took you into hiding and used a fidelis charm to hide their location.
Hoping to confuse Voldemort, they decided to make him their secret keeper instead
of Sirius. They didn't know that he'd become a deatheater. He told Voldemort the
secret and that's how he found and murdered them and tried to kill you. Hopefully,
they'll catch him, free Sirius and let the dementors feed on that bastards soul for
what he did.
Amelia Bones; she's the head of DMLE (Department of Magical Law Enforcement)
you may recognize the name from the letter. If all goes according to plan, there will
be a trial. Because it will deal with the deaths of your parents and the attack on you,

you will no doubt be notified if not allowed to attend the proceedings. If so, you will
probably meet her. She is an honorable woman. She will do everything she can to
see that justice is done. She's one of those purebloods I told you about that will
stand with you against bigotry of any kind. While she is a true ally, you need to keep
her in the dark as far as the letter, book and house goes. You should only tell the
people closest to you; the ones you think of as family. Amelia's niece is Susan
Bones. She's another student in your year. If she in any way takes after her aunt,
she may be an ally as well.
Cornelius Fudge; the current minister of magic. He'll likely be involved in any trial
and will try to curry your favor. He's little more than a figure head. The man seems
incapable of thinking for himself. He runs every decision past one of two people;
Dumbledore or Lucius Malfoy, Draco's father. He doesn't do anything without asking
one or both of them first. In fact, I'm not sure he'll even go to the loo without asking
at least one of them if they think it's a good idea. He's also a slave to public opinion
and would rather look like he's doing something than actually do anything. The only
thing he really cares about his holding on to the power his position gives him. For
now, let him think he has your support if it helps free Sirius.
That's about it for this school year. When you get to the school, you will be sorted
into one of the houses. You'll hear many theories about what the sorting is. In truth,
you'll put an old enchanted hat on your head and it will decide what house you're in.
All you need to do is keep saying 'not slytherin' and the hat will put you in the right
house. Keep studying and training as much as possible. Keep this book with you at
all times. There will be things you need to know throughout the year and there's a
mission you'll need to undertake as soon as possible but I'll tell you about it later. For
now try to enjoy what remains of your summer and make sure you don't leave
anything behind at the Dursley's house because hopefully you'll never have to
return. Good luck and try to enjoy your new school.
Harry set the book down and felt conflicting emotions go through him. One the one
hand, the prospect of having friends for the first time not to mention the possibility of
being free of the Dursleys was enough to make him want to jump up and dance
around in celebration. On the other hand, finding out about the people who wanted
to use him and hurt him not to mention those responsible for killing his parents filled
him with rage and a strong desire to kill them all on sight. He was going to have to
work on his occlumency in order to maintain control of his emotions. He didn't like
having to pretend to be friends with the Weasleys and didn't want to be around
Dumbledore and Snape at all but at least he wasn't going in blind. He liked knowing
who he could trust. It would keep him from making a mistake.
He put thoughts of the book out of his mind and picked the defense book back up.

He spent the rest of the day reading before heading back to privet drive. Holding the
book in one hand and the remaining books from the shelf in the other, he said 'Privet
Drive' and felt himself pulled home hoping this would be the last time he ever had to
use that particular activation code. When he got there, he followed the books
instructions and made sure everything he wanted was packed before getting into
bed. He couldn't wait for tomorrow. Despite knowing that where he was going was
far from perfect, he would still take it over where he was any day.

Chapter 4
A/N: Sorry this has taken so long but I underestimated the amount of work that goes
into setting up a new house. From Painting and/or remodeling several rooms to
multiple landscaping projects, the new house has kept me busy. I've already ran
three different sprinkler lines and may not be done. Anyway, Here, at long last, is
chapter four of Revolution. Enjoy and thanks again for your patience. Worry not,
neither this or any of my other stories will ever be abandoned. However, I can't
promise that life won't interfere from time to time limiting my writing time and
delaying new posts but rest assured I'm writing whenever I can and will post new
chapters as soon as possible after completion.
Chapter 4
Harry awoke to the sound of buzzing as his alarm clock pulled him out of a deep
sleep. He angrily hit the button that turned the offensive sound off annoyed at losing
the pleasant dream he'd been having until he realized what day it was. It was
September first! He was leaving this miserable place and his horrible relatives
behind today hopefully for good. He practically leaped out of his bed and got ready
for the day. He got Hedwig some fresh water and food then headed to the bathroom.
Half hour later, he was dressed, packed and trying to will the clock to move faster so
it would be time to go. Hoping to encourage his uncle to leave early, he lugged his
trunk downstairs then went back up and got Hedwig leaving them both by the door.
"What is all that racket?" his aunt yelled from the kitchen.
'Your voice' Harry thought to himself but said something different out loud.
"Sorry Aunt Petunia." He responded as he entered the kitchen. "I was just bringing
my stuff downstairs so I was ready to go."
He was careful to look at the floor and act scared. He wasn't afraid of them anymore
but angering them would only delay his departure and he wanted out of that place as
soon as possible.
"You could've woken my precious Diddikins!" she said in a worried tone. "He needs
his rest. It's very important for a growing boy like him to have plenty of sleep. He'll
probably be down here in a minute because of you and want his breakfast early so
get to it!"
She pointed at the stove and Harry had an urge to point out that the pig got plenty of
rest as he sat on his bum watching the telly or playing video games while Harry was

forced to do all the chores. And don't get him started on food. The fat tub ate enough
food to feed ten men and he was only eleven while Harry was practically starved!
Again Harry kept those thoughts to himself since he would be gone from this place
"Yes Aunt Petunia," he drawled as he began to make breakfast while again trying to
make the time move faster.
A few hours later he was seated in the back seat of his uncle's car and on the way to
London. Harry couldn't keep the smile off his face as he thought of the new life he
was heading to. As he settled in for the long ride to the train station, he had just one
thought; if he ever set foot on Privet Dr. again, it would be way too soon as far as he
was concerned.
Amelia Bones sat in her seat on the ferry that would take her to her destination;
Azkaban prison. Already she could see the outline of the island and feel the cold
dark touch of the dementors and wondered how much of the prisoner's mind that
she was going to get would still be intact after ten years in that place. Her skin was
already crawling at this distance and was less and less sure, the closer she got to
the island, that she'd last very long if she was ever sent there. Soon the ferry pulled
up to the dock and she got out quickly followed by the aurors she'd specially picked
for this job. She wanted people that were neither loyal to the minister or Dumbledore
and she was sure she'd found them.
They were both muggleborns which was odd since the pureblood establishment
went to great lengths to insure that it was virtually impossible for muggleborns and to
a lesser extent halfbloods to get jobs in the ministry but that had all changed in the
last several months as muggleborns began being hired in virtually every department
of the ministry although in the lowest levels only insuring they still had no power. She
would bet her Gringotts vault that someone was trying to give an impression that the
wizarding world was much more open than it actually was. The question was; who
was trying to make that impression and who were they trying to impress. She didn't
have the answers but she planned to keep her eyes and ears open for anything that
might lead her to them.
She reached the guard station and handed him the paperwork authorizing the
release of the prisoner. He looked them over for a few seconds before summoning
another guard to man the station. He then led them through several cell blocks until
they reached the high security section. The odor wafting from the cells nearly made
her lose her lunch and the closer proximity to the dementors had her fighting to
control the urge to flee and their guide seemed to be leading them right to the vile
creatures. She was more convinced than ever that she'd find a mindless body in

Sirius' cell. When they got there he looked about like she'd expected. He was filthy
and emaciated. His hair was stringy and wild and he didn't acknowledge that they
were even there. She realized it was mostly an act when she met his eyes. There
was a fire there that no mindless or insane person would have. She watched as his
gaze fell on all of them trying to figure out what was happening. He probably thought
they were finally going to kill him. She wanted to put his mind at ease but knew it
wasn't safe to speak until they were safely away so she put on a stern expression,
held up the document she'd showed the guard and began speaking in the most
formal tone she could manage.
"Sirius Orion Black; I have an order to bring you back to the ministry for questioning."
She spoke avoiding his eyes. "There is evidence you committed additional crimes
against wizarding kind and if proven could result in additional punishment including a
dementor's kiss." She turned to the aurors. "Prepare him for transfer."
Sirius stood up and held out his hands for the cuffs his eyes never leaving hers.
"I'll be glad to answer any questions you have," he said in a raspy voice that clearly
hadn't been used for a long time. "As long as you answer some of mine."
"I'll see what I can do," she answered him while slightly nodding her head.
That seemed to satisfy him and he didn't resist as he was cuffed and led out of the
prison. As they headed for the ferry they didn't notice the owl soaring high overhead
heading north. Once they reached the shore and were safely away, she pulled out a
portkey and handed it to one of the aurors while the other removed the cuffs. Sirius
was clearly confused at the change as he looked to her for an explanation.
"I made up the other charges to get you out of prison Sirius," she explained hastily.
"Some new information has come to light on the crimes you were imprisoned for and
I wanted to get you somewhere safe while I set up a trial."
"I didn't do it!" he said defensively. "It was Peter Pettigrew-"
"I know Sirius," she responded giving him a genuine smile. "I've already captured
him and stashed him somewhere safe now I intend to do the same with you."
Relief was evident on the man's face as his unfinished statement died on his lips. He
looked away for a moment then met her eyes again concern having replaced the
"What happened to Harry?" he asked almost imploringly.

"I don't really know Sirius," she answered shaking her head sadly. "No one really
does except Dumbledore and all he'll say is that Harry is living with his relatives and
is well cared for."
She noticed Sirius' expression briefly turn cold at the mention of the headmaster
before the concern returned. He clearly seemed to have an issue with Dumbledore
and she would love to know all about it but now wasn't the time.
"According to his birth records," she continued. "He should be starting Hogwarts this
year so hopefully I can meet him and find out more about his life. I promise I'll tell
you what I find out. These two will escort you to the safe house where you'll be able
to clean up, eat a decent meal and rest." She indicated the two aurors before
continuing. "There's also a healer waiting there to check you over. I'll arrange the trial
as soon as I can but, in the meantime, you'll be safe. I'll come to the safe house as
soon as I can and we'll talk more then but you need to get going now."
Sirius nodded as the two aurors stepped beside and prepared to activate the
portkey. He followed their instructions then met her eyes again.
"Thanks Amelia," he said finally. "It's good to know I've still got some friends in this
"I've always been your friend Sirius," she replied warmly. "I never believed you were
guilty. I only wish this information had surfaced sooner. I was afraid I was too late
and would find that the dementors had destroyed your mind. You're safe now. You
concentrate on getting your health back. I'll take it from here. I promise Peter will be
brought to justice and you'll be cleared but it still may take some time."
Sirius chuckled softly before responding.
"I've waited ten years," he said a slight note of bitterness in his voice. "I can wait a
little longer. At least I'm not in that hellhole anymore."
She gave him a smile tinged with regret that he'd suffered so long and lost so much
despite being innocent. She swore to herself that she wouldn't let anyone or
anything stop her from righting this horrible wrong. She nodded her head at the auror
that had the portkey. He activated it and the three men disappeared. She stared at
the spot they'd been standing on for a few moments lost in her own thoughts before
coming back to reality. She only hoped she could keep the minister and Dumbledore
in the dark long enough to pull this off. Either way, she would never reveal Sirius'
whereabouts to anyone until she brought him into the courtroom for his trial. For
now, she had other business to attend to and aparated to Diagon Alley where she
used the floo at the Leaky Cauldron to return to the ministry.

Harry Potter sat alone in a compartment on the Hogwarts train. He'd followed his
instructions and allowed himself to be led thru the portal to the platform by the
Weasleys. It thoroughly disgusted him to let those people near him knowing they
were his enemies but the book hadn't been wrong yet so who was he to argue. He
smiled to himself as he anticipated what would happen next. Just as the book
predicted, there were several empty compartments in the car he was in including the
ones to either side of his. He figured that, any moment now, the youngest of the
redheaded boys would show up spouting rubbish about the train being full in order to
get an invitation to sit with Harry. He took out his wand and cast the memory
protection charm he'd learned from the book on himself while he was still alone. If
anyone read his mind now they think he was only a scared little boy that was
clueless about the world he had entered. He'd just put his wand back away when
there was a soft knock on the door. The knocker didn't wait for an invitation he just
opened the door and walked in. As expected it was Ron Weasley.
"Anyone sitting there?" the redhead asked pointing to the seat across from him.
"Everywhere else is full."
Harry resisted the urge to smile in satisfaction that the Ron had just lied to him. It
confirmed that he couldn't be trusted and eliminated any doubts about the book's
accuracy. Not that he had any but if he had they'd be gone for sure after that. He
shook his head and the boy moved to the seat across from him and made himself
comfortable. He wore a triumphant smile on his face as he made his way to his seat
obviously pleased at having succeeded at getting Harry to let him share the
compartment. As he was sitting the twins showed up. They'd helped him load his
trunk onto the train earlier. They spoke first to their brother about going to a different
part of the train to see someone named Lee Jordan then formally introduced
themselves and Ron to Harry and left. Ron's eyes got big and it was clear he was
putting on a show as he acted surprised to find out who he was.
"Are you really Harry potter," he asked finally
Harry nodded allowing some nervousness to show some of which was real. Despite
having a better understanding of the magical world than he otherwise would have,
he was still uncomfortable with the idea of being the subject of hero worship. He
would prefer it if no one acted like he was anything special. The Dursleys treated him
like he was worthless while the wizarding world acted like he was a god or
something. He wasn't fond of either extreme and would prefer to just be Harry. The
book said there was one person who would see him as Harry. It said he would meet
her today and he couldn't wait.

"Oh," continued Ron pulling him out of his thoughts. "Well I thought it might have
been one of Fred and Georges jokes."
He paused for moment and looked around clearly uncomfortable with Harry's
continued silence then finally spoke again looking genuinely nervous.
"And have you really got, you know?" he said while pointing at Harry's forehead.
Harry fought the urge to roll his eyes. Instead, he played along and pulled back his
bangs so the boy could see his scar wondering how many others would ask to see it.
Ron seemed to stare at it for an inordinate amount of time before he spoke again.
"So that's where you-know-who-," he started to ask but Harry cut him off hoping to
end this topic and move on to something else.
"Yes," he responded speaking to the redhead for the first time. "But I can't remember
"Nothing?" Ron asked eagerly.
"Well," Harry replied. "I remember a lot of green light but nothing else."
"Wow," was Ron's only reply then he stared at Harry until he caught himself and
quickly looked out the window.
Hoping to change the subject, Harry asked him about his family. He spoke about
having nothing but wizards and witches in his family with more than a little pride. In
fact Harry was quite sure he saw arrogance in the boy's expression that was eerily
similar to the white haired boy he'd met at Madam Malkins and now knew was Draco
Malfoy. Ron then mentioned a rumor that the boy-who-lived had been raised by
muggles and asked if it was true. Harry reluctantly confirmed the rumor then proceed
to tell him a little bit about his life with his relatives. As he revealed something he
thought was too personal to be sharing with someone who wasn't really his friend he
looked out the window in embarrassment like Ron had done earlier and noticed
they'd left London and were now traveling through the countryside. He turned back
to his new 'friend' and the conversation continued with the topic changing a few
times until they were interrupted by the snack cart arriving.
Ron declined when the snack lady asked if he wanted anything while holding up the
lunch his mother had made for him disappointment and longing clearly etched on his
face. Harry however stepped through the door to check out the cart and see what
was available since he didn't have a pre packed lunch. He didn't really buy the show
of poverty the redhead was putting on. The boy had already lied to him probably

more than once given what he'd seen in his face not to mention the meeting with the
family being a setup in the first place. At this point he wouldn't trust a thing anyone
named Weasley said or did. He recognized some of the treats he saw since the safe
house had had some wizard as well as muggle sweets among the foodstuffs his
future self had left for him. He was mostly interested in the things he hadn't tried yet
but realized it might be suspicious if he only got those so he bought some of
everything then returned to his cabin.
He offered to share with Ron thinking this would make the redhead think his plan
was working and after a few moments of feeble protest he soon joined Harry and
together, well Ron mostly, they soon consumed most of the treats Harry had bought.
He put a look of curiosity on his face as he picked up a chocolate frog and asked a
question he already knew the answer to.
"What are these?" he asked as he held it up. "They're not real frogs are they?"
"No," Ron answered then immediately began telling Harry about the cards
mentioning the two cards he was missing from his five hundred card collection
'Agrippa' and 'Ptolemy'.
Harry smiled knowing he had both of those cards in his collection back at the safe
house. His collection wasn't nearly as big as Ron's but it was a good start
considering he'd only known about them for a month. He could see how badly he
wanted those two missing cards as he asked if could have a frog and picked it up
without waiting for an answer. Harry didn't care about the frog or the card and
opened his own frog to see what card he had. It was Dumbledore's card. He felt
anger upon seeing the face of his enemy for the first time but managed to keep from
showing it. They moved through the frogs then moved on to the every flavor beans.
As they finished those Harry noticed the scenery had changed again from empty
fields to forests, rivers and hills.
About that time a round boy that he'd seen earlier entered the compartment and
seemed to be looking for something. The boy seemed overly fearful and Harry had
an idea that it was Neville Longbottom searching for his missing toad. The boy
confirmed it a moment later when he asked them if they'd seen a toad. He then told
them that the frog kept getting away and Harry assured him he'd turn up. Neville
nodded then turned to leave.
"Wait," Harry spoke quickly causing him to turn back around. "What's he look like?"
The boy smiled clearly grateful for the help.
"His name's Trevor," he answered and proceeded to describe the toad as best he

"I'll keep an eye out for him," Harry told him then stuck out his hand. "I'm Harry
Potter by the way."
Neville's eyes got big as he nervously took the proffered hand.
"N-n-neville," he said then gulped before continuing. "N-neville L-longbottom."
"Nice to meet you Neville," he said as he shook his hand. "If I see Trevor, I'll hold on
to him for you."
"Y-you will?" he responded clearly in awe not only that the boy-who-lived was talking
to him but that he was willing to help him.
"Of course," Harry replied "Friends help each other don't they?"
"Y-you w-want t-t-to be f-friends with m-me?" he asked looking like he might faint
from the shock.
"Why not?" Harry responded. "We've only just met but you seem nice enough. I'm
willing to give it a go if you are?"
Suddenly he calmed down and seemed to stand just a bit taller at the prospect of
being Harry's friend and Harry got a glimpse of that courage the book said was
inside of him.
"I would be honored to be your friend Harry," he said. There was no stuttering when
spoke and for the first time he showed a little confidence.
"Good," said Harry as he patted him on the shoulder. "Now go find that toad."
Neville nodded while smiling and turned to go. Harry glanced at Ron to see him glare
at Neville's back. Harry pretended not to notice as he sat back down. When he
looked at Ron again, he seemed lost in the wizard card he was reading like it was
the most interesting thing he'd ever seen. Harry got his attention and he pretended
to be oblivious to the exchange between him and Neville. Harry let it pass as Ron
indicated the frog was better off lost then proceeded to talk about his rat telling Harry
about a spell he'd tried on it that hadn't worked and how it was old and his dad had
to have it put down before school started then went to his trunk and fished his wand
and a pair of socks out of his trunk to give Harry a demonstration. Before he could
do anything the door opened as Neville returned but this time a girl was with him.
Harry was sure it was the girl he was waiting for. She had bushy brown hair and

large front teeth. She was wearing her school robes and a no nonsense expression
and she repeated Neville's earlier question about Trevor
"Has anyone seen a toad Neville's lost one," she asked in a bossy voice.
"We already told him we haven't seen it," responded Ron clearly irritated at the
She ignored him as she spied his wand.
"Ohh, are you doing magic?" she asked. "Let's see it then."
She sat down her eyes never leaving Ron the excitement evident in her eyes. That
wasn't all Harry saw. The book was right. She was afraid of not fitting in. As a result,
she was trying too hard but he could clearly see her heart was in the right place. Ron
waved his wand and said the spell but nothing happened. She seemed disappointed
and thoughtful at the same time.
"Are you sure that's a real spell?" she asked. "Well it's not very good is it? I've tried a
few simple spells just for practice and it's all worked for me. No one in my family has
magic at all. It was ever such a surprise when I got my letter but I was ever so
pleased of course I mean it's the very best school of witchcraft there is I've heard.
I've learned all our course books by heart, of course, I just hope it will be enough. I'm
Hermione Granger by the way. Who are you?"
She spoken really fast and Harry was amazed that she'd been able to say all that
without taking a breath.
"I'm Ron Weasley," Ron answered a little shocked at how much and how fast she
spoke as well. Harry also noticed something else in his expression akin to how his
relatives looked down at him like he was worthless as he looked at Hermione and he
knew immediately the redhead thought he was better than her.
"Harry Potter," he answered while smiling. She was who he was waiting for after
reading about her in the book. As far as he was concerned, she was his best friend
even if it wasn't official yet.
"Are you really?" she asked but didn't act nearly as star struck as Neville had. "I
know all about you of course. I got a few extra books for background reading and
you're in 'Modern Magical History' and 'The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts' and 'Great
Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century'."
"Am I?" He asked. He'd read those books to but he was enjoying listening to her.

"Goodness, didn't you know?" she responded. "I'd have found everything I could if it
was me. Do either of you know what house you'll be in? I've been asking around and
I hope I'll be in Gryffindor. It sounds by far the best. I hear Dumbledore himself was
in it but I suppose Ravenclaw wouldn't be too bad. Anyway we'd better go and look
for Neville's toad. You two had better change you know I expect we'll be there soon."
With that they left and to Harry it seemed the light had left the room with them. The
two people the book told him would be his true friends had left leaving him with Ron
Weasley who, other than the two frog cards he'd told him he was missing, probably
hadn't said a single honest thing to him. He was pulled out of his thoughts as Ron
"Whatever house I'm in I hope she's not in it," he said obviously irritated as he put
his wand away while mumbling angrily.
Harry silently hoped that he would be in the same house as his two friends and as
far away from this redhead as possible but he had a feeling it wouldn't work out that
way. He again thought of the girl he'd just met and found her enthusiasm endearing
though he imagined that without the book and all that had come with it he'd probably
have been just as annoyed as Ron. He'd only just met her but he found himself
agreeing with the book. She deserved to have him be the best friend to her he could
be and planned to do whatever it took to do it.
They briefly discussed houses before Harry asked what his older brothers did now
that they weren't in school. That led to the topic of a break in at Gringotts. Then
suddenly they were talking about quidditch. Harry feigned ignorance even though
he'd studied up on it at the safe house. Ron launched into an impromptu tutorial on
the game as well as his experiences watching and playing it until they were
interrupted as the door opened again. This time it Draco and his goons. Harry had
been expecting them but the longer the ride went on, the more his hopes rose that
he might bypass that particular visit but unfortunately, it had arrived. He had a sneer
on his face as he introduced his companions and then himself. A part cough part
snigger drew his attention to Ron.
"Think my names funny do you?" he drawled the sneer turning to more of a snarl.
"No need to ask who you are. My father told me all the Weasleys have red hair,
freckles and more children than they can afford." He turned back to Harry as he
continued. "You'll soon find out that some wizarding families are much better than
others Potter. You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you
Held out his hand and Harry just stared at it. He didn't want to antagonize this boy. It

would only lead to more trouble down the line but he had no intention of being
friends with the arrogant prat in fact he didn't want to be friends with either one of
them. Finally he came to a decision and stood up and shook his hand noticing the
shock on Ron's face.
"I'll accept your offer on good faith Malfoy," he said as Ron's face turned red. "I'm still
learning about the wizarding world and see no reason not to accept your generous
offer of help but I will be friends with whomever I choose and won't stand for you or
anyone else hurling insults at them. That includes Ron here. You think it over and get
back to me. If you can accept that fine, if not, well hopefully the schools big enough
that we can steer clear of each other. Either way, I will respect your choice and hold
no ill will towards you and hope you'll do the same."
Draco, who'd been smiling triumphantly when Harry shook his hand became puzzled
as Harry spoke then seem to consider what he'd said as their hands dropped. He
looked down for a moment then met his eyes again.
"Very well Potter," he said finally without a sneer or any trace of his earlier
arrogance. "I'll consider it and let you know."
With that they left and he and Ron were alone again.
"What the bloody hell was that!" Ron yelled as he stood up practically in a rage. "The
Malfoys were servants of You-know-who! How could you shake his hand! Especially
after he insulted my family! I thought we were friends Harry!"
Ron seemed to look at him like he was tainted now as he waited for Harry's answer.
Harry had expected an eruption of some sort when he saw the redhead's reaction to
the handshake but was surprised that boy in front of him thought he owed him and
his family absolute loyalty for helping him get to the train and sharing a compartment
for a few hours. Either the boy was delusional or he was expecting that loyalty for
some other reason. The book had mentioned the possibility of compulsion charms
being used on him and he now wished he could check Ron for one. He wanted to
just tell him to piss off but remembered his instructions and tried to look apologetic.
"Look Ron," he spoke calmly. "Growing up, my cousin and his friends bullied me
constantly and kept me from having any friends. I was always having to look over my
shoulder because I was afraid I might get jumped. Draco and his friends remind me
of my cousin and his gang. I figured if I shook his hand it might keep me from being
a target at least for a while. I have enough enemies in the house I live in, I thought I
could do without making one on my first day at Hogwarts."
Ron seemed to consider what he said for moment and calmed a little. Just when it

looked like he was going to speak again the door opened and Hermione stepped in.
"What has been going on?" she asked clearly concerned. "I heard yelling. Were you
guys fighting? If you have you'll be in trouble before we get there."
Ron didn't say anything he just glared at her. Harry moved forward so he was in
between them as he wasn't sure what the boy would do and didn't want to take that
"We just had a slight misunderstanding but it's alright now," he said before turning
back to Ron. "Right Ron,"
Ron turned to look at him then looked at the floor.
"Yeah it's fine," he said then started to pick up the sweets he'd sent flying in his
Harry didn't think it was really all right to the redhead but he hoped that his brain
would catch up with his temper and he would remember that his job was to befriend
the boy-who-lived and let it go. He turned and helped pick up the rest of the sweets
and put them back on the seat. He turned back to talk to Hermione again but Ron
beat him to it.
"Can we help you with something?" he said rudely.
"You'd better hurry up and put your robes on," she answered him. "I've just been up
to the front to ask the conductor and he says we're nearly there."
"Would you mind leaving while we change," he replied scowling and if possible was
even ruder.
Harry wanted to slug him for how he was treating her. She was trying to be helpful
and he was being a complete git. He could also see the hurt in her eyes and knew
she was afraid she was failing to fit in again. He was sure her excitement had been
building the closer they got to Hogwarts and now that they were almost there it had
clearly reached a fever pitch. He was excited as well and would have loved to have
shared that with her but Ron was ruining it for both of them.
"Alright, I only came in here because people outside are behaving very childishly
racing up and down the corridors," she responded clearly fed up with his attitude.
"And you've got dirt on your nose, by the way, did you know?"
She then huffed and left. Ron glared at her as she left and Harry noticed it was

getting dark outside. They didn't really speak as they put on their robes. He noticed
that Ron's were a bit short on him but didn't say anything. Harry pulled out his wand
while Ron's back was turned and quickly checked him for charms. There were two; a
loyalty charm geared to Ron and a compulsion charm to place Ron above all others.
Clearly someone was determined to make sure he and Ron became best friends at
all costs. He put his wand away and finished putting his robes on thankful that the
necklace protected him from those spells. Soon a voice sounded through the train
announcing that they'd be arriving in about five minutes and gave instructions about
student's luggage before it was gone again. They made sure they had everything
they needed and sat down to wait for the train to stop. They started making small
talk and soon the incident with Malfoy was forgotten. Ron's brain had finally caught
Hermione Granger sat in a compartment with Neville and a few others. Neville
looked closed to tears as they'd failed to find Trevor after searching the entire train.
Neville was now sure the toad had jumped off the train and was lost forever. The
other kids in the compartment were talking loudly and she was finding it difficult to
think clearly. She was thinking about Harry Potter. He was nothing like she'd
expected him to be. He was kind and welcoming unlike some white haired boy she'd
seen around the train bullying other students and being an arrogant prat. That was
how she'd expected Harry to be. Not necessarily the bullying part but certainly the
pampered prince part. Yet, he didn't seem to know he was famous nor did he seem
happy about it once he found out. He seemed clearly uncomfortable with the idea of
hero worship of any kind. More importantly, he had been kind to her unlike the
redhead who was with him.
She could honestly say she didn't really like Ron Weasley and was quite sure the
feeling was mutual but he apparently was Harry's friend and if she wanted to be his
friend too she would have to make an effort to be Ron's as well. She also knew he
would probably end up in Gryffindor and planned to do everything she could to be
place there as well. A voice sounded through the train announcing that they'd be
arriving in about five minutes and gave instructions about student's luggage. She
squealed in delight as she jumped up to check her luggage before sitting down to
wait for the train to stop.
Draco Malfoy sat in his compartment while Crabbe, Goyle and his other friends
talked excitedly about Hogwarts, houses and other assorted things that Draco didn't
pay attention to or care about. He was thinking about Harry Potter. His father had
given him a job to do and he'd done it but it hadn't gone as he'd expected it to. His
father had told him Potter was a spoiled brat that would be easily fooled into
believing Draco was trustworthy allowing them to use him against the light side. He
now remembered meeting Potter at Madam Malkins and was surprised he hadn't

told Malfoy and his friends to piss off. If he had Draco would probably be plotting
revenge instead of considering what he had told him. Potter had unknowingly acted
like a pureblood. Purblood families never formed alliances at the first meeting. The
original proposal is always met with a counter proposal with the process continuing
until an agreement has been reached. Potter had opened the door to an agreement
and threw out his own counterproposal.
Draco knew what he meant by being friends with whomever he chose. Draco would
have to accept him being friends with anyone regardless of blood status including
moodbloods and even Weasleys. Draco wasn't sure he could but he'd started this
and was now bound by pureblood code to considerate it so that's what he was going
to do. Potter was nothing like he'd expected. He given Draco something he'd never
gotten, not on his own any way; respect. He'd shown him respect by shaking his
hand and it wasn't because of his name or his father but just because Draco had
offered it. No one had ever shown him that kind of respect before and he liked it.
He'd had bootlickers that had cowed down before him but that was because of his
name or who his father was not because they truly respected Draco. Potter had
treated him like an equal and hadn't dismissed him as a spoiled brat like most
people did although Draco had to admit he did act like it a lot. He knew potter had no
knowledge of his family. If he had he'd probably have cursed him rather than shaking
his hand. Weasley would probably fill him in and then he likely would have nothing to
with Draco but for now at least he would honor the handshake and hope Potter was
still willing to hear his answer.
'When my father hears-' he thought to himself then stopped in midthought. 'I've said
that so much I'm actually thinking it now'. He wondered how he became so
dependent on his father that he lost the ability to do anything on his own. Probably
the moment he learned he could and from then on he'd stopped trying. His father
had long spouted the family motto until he could recite it in his dreams. 'A Malfoy
bows to no one.' Yet he bowed to the dark lord and would've expected Draco to do
the same someday if Potter hadn't defeated him and bow to him in the meantime.
Well this was something he was going to do himself for himself and not for his
father's agenda. If both were ultimately served, fine. If not his father would just have
to learn to accept that his son was his own man. A voice sounded through the train
announcing that they'd be arriving in about five minutes and gave instructions about
student's luggage. He was already prepared so he ignored it and returned to his
thoughts as he waited for the train to stop.
Harry got off the train with Ron hot on his heels. It was as if he never intended to let
Harry out of his sight. Harry ignored his tagalong as he stepped down off the train
and looked around. It appeared that they were at a small village rather than a school.
From everything he'd heard he'd expected more. He was pulled from his thoughts by

a familiar voice.
"First years! First years over here," it was Hagrid. He was holding a lamp and
beckoning students toward him. When the half giant saw him he gave him a big
smile. "Alright there Harry?"
Harry nodded smiling at his friend then Hagrid turned his attention to the other first
"Come on, Follow me. Anymore first years? Mind your step now, follow me. First
years follow me!"
They followed him down a narrow path until they reached a lake. Across the lake
was a very large castle. Hagrid had told them they would soon get their first glimpse
of the school and this was it. All the first years stood completely still and silent as
they took in the sight before them. Hagrid brought them out of their stupor with his
next instructions.
"No more than four to a boat." He told them and drew their attention to a fleet of
small boats sitting in the water by the shore.
Harry headed toward a boat. Ron was right with him and they were soon joined by
Neville and Hermione. Ron had a look of distaste as he saw who was joining them
but Harry was happy to have his friends with him.
"Everyone in?" Asked Hagrid who was in a boat by himself. "Alright then," he
continued upon seeing that everyone was in a boat. "Forward."
The boats all started moving at once. No one spoke as they glided over the water.
They were all too busy staring at the castle. As they neared the cliff it stood on, Harid
yelled out heads down. They ducked their heads and soon found themselves moving
through a curtain of vines that covered an opening in the cliff. Then they travelled
through a dark tunnel until they came to an underground harbor where they exited
the boat onto rocks and pebbles. Hagrid found something unexpected while
checking the boats; Trevor. Neville was happy to have his toad back and gladly took
it from the half giant. Hagrid then led them through a passageway in the rock onto
the grounds and eventually led them to the huge front door. Hagrid made sure
everyone was there including Trevor before knocking on the door three times. A tall
black haired witch in emerald robes opened the door looking stern.
"The first years Porfessor McGonagall," Announced Hagrid.
"Thank you Hagrid," she answered him. "I'll take them from here."

She led them into the great hall and Harry had never seen such a big room. He
heard the sound of many voices through one door but they were led into a smaller,
rather cramped room with all of them in it. Professor told them the welcome feast
would begin after they were sorted. She talked about the importance of the sorting
and went on to describe the four houses they'd be sorted into then explained house
points and the cup that was awarded to the house with the most points. She then
told them she'd be back to get them when they were ready for them and left. He
decided to ask a question he'd probably be expected to ask.
"How exactly do they sort us into houses?" He asked Ron.
"Some sort of test I think," Ron answered. "Fred said it hurts a lot but I think he was
Soon it was virtually silent in the room. Hermione was the only one talking but she
was talking to herself. She was going through all the spells she'd already learned
worried she'd missed the one she'd need for the test. Suddenly they were all
disrupted by the appearances of ghosts. Two of them were having a heated
conversation about someone or something name Peeves. He wasn't quite sure and
soon they notice they're audience. One spoke kindly to them and said he hoped to
see them in Hufflepuff. Nothing more was said as they were interrupted by the return
of Professor McGonagall who immediately shooed the ghosts out then had the
students line up then led them out of the room and into the great hall.
Harry was amazed at the great hall; the candles in mid air, the four long tables, and
the ceiling. He heard someone talking about the ceiling and recognized the voice as
Hermione's. He heard her telling the person she was talking to about the
enchantment on the ceiling she'd read about in Hogwarts; a History. They stopped at
the front as Professor McGonagall set a stool down on the floor then placed an old
hat on it. Soon the hat started singing. Harry hardly paid attention to what it said
while waiting to be sorted. Ron was mumbling behind him but he ignored the
redhead too. The book had told him to say not Slytherin and that's what he was
going to do. Professor McGonagall told them to come up when she called their
name. The first name was Hannah Abbott so Harry figured they'd be called in
alphabetical order.
Harry barely paid attention to the names until Hermione was called up. She
practically ran to the stool and put the hat on. It was only on her head a few seconds
before the hat put her in Gryffindor. He was happy that she'd got her wish. The next
name he paid attention to was Neville's. He too got into Gryffindor but unfortunately
took the hat with him and had to bring it back. The next name he took note of was
Draco Malfoy. The hat barely touched his head before shouting Slytherin. As the

white haired boy stood up, he caught Harry eye and gave him a slight nod before
heading to the Slytherin table. Harry didn't trust Malfoy or believe they could ever
really be friends but at least he hadn't lied to him like the redhead next to him. He
would wait and see what happens with the new Slytherin and go from there. The
next name he recognized was his own. He stepped forward and put the hat on his
head. To his surprise the hat talked to him.
" Hmmm.. Difficult, Very difficult. Plenty of courage I see, not a bad mind either,
There's talent, oh my goodness yes and a nice thirst to prove yourself. Now that's
interesting. Soo, where shall I put you."
Harry began whispering and thinking 'Not Slytherin'. The hat heard and responded
"Not Slytherin eh? Are you sure? You could be great you know and it's all here in
your head and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness no doubt about that.
No? Well, if your sure better be.. GRYFFINDOR!"
The last word was spoken to the entire hall. The Gryffindor table was celebrating.
The twins were chanting 'We got Potter!' over and over. Soon it died down and the
sorting continued. Harry found himself whispering 'Not Gryffindor' as Ron was sorted
but unfortunately he too ended up in Gryffindor. With the sorting done, attention
turned to the head table where Dumbledore stood up to speak. Harry felt as desire to
curse him on sight but thanks to his occlumency managed to control his emotions.
Dumbledore's speech was thankfully limited to four very odd words then the feast
began. Harry ate heartily as he met the house ghost and got to know his
housemates especially Neville. His great Uncle Albie sounded like a horrible person.
Harry only glanced sparingly at the head table. He met Snapes eyes once and the
Professor glared at him. He felt his scar stinging then noticed Quirrell standing next
to Snape with his back towards Harry and figured the in his scar must have
something to do Voldemort coming out the back of Quirrell's head. He had no idea
why, but hoped the book would tell him at some point.
When the feast was over, Dumbledore stood again and made some announcements
including that the third floor corridor was off limits then had everyone sing the school
song before sending everyone off to bed. Harry got in line with the other Gryffindor
first years and followed Percy up several flights of stairs to the Gryffindor dorms.
Percy gave them several instructions then directed them to their dorms. He found
that his trunk was already in his dorm and quickly change into his pajamas and got
into bed. He was soon asleep and dreaming about all the amazing things he would
be learning about in his new school.
Albus Dumbledore was furious as he entered his office. The welcoming feast had

just ended a short time ago and it was only through sheer will and carefully practiced
self control that he was able to maintain the kindly grandfather persona that had
been on display during the feast. That persona was an important tool he used to
foster the leader of the light image he'd cultivated for himself in the wizarding world.
He'd used it for years to garner the trust of students and faculty alike at Hogwarts not
to mention the wizegamot and more than one minister of magic. It was never more
important to maintain that image than it had been at the feast he'd just left. It wasn't
because this particular group of students was more important than previous years
because, as a whole, they weren't but there was one student that was more
important than any other student he'd ever had; Harry Potter.
He'd met secretly with Ron Weasley after the boy had fallen asleep and was pleased
he'd been able to make friends with the boy. However, he was concerned that Potter
had made friends with the Longbottom boy and even worse shook hands with Draco
Malfoy. The charms he'd placed on the Weasley boy should have kept him from
making friends with anyone else and caused him to be outright hostile to someone
like Malfoy. He may need to apply stronger charms on Mr. Weasley in order to
control the boy properly. There was no way he could allow him to befriend a member
of a dark family under any circumstances. If necessary, he would create situations
that would most certainly create conflict between them and eventually they'd end up
the enemies he needed them to be.
He'd looked into the boys thoughts during the feast and was pleased with how open
and pliable his mind seemed to be though he seemed physically healthier than the
headmaster expected. He would have to instruct his relatives to be even harsher
with him over the holidays so he'll be even more open to Dumbledore's
manipulations. For now, it would be up to Mr. Weasley to keep the boy from studying
too hard or getting much more than passing grades. That shouldn't be too difficult
since he'd instructed the Dursley's to punish him every time he did better in school
than his cousin who, from what he'd heard, was an even bigger dolt than Hagrid.
That should have established a pattern of behavior in the boy that should continue at
Hogwarts with the help of Mr. Weasley. He moved to his pensive then placed his
wand to his temple and pulled out a silvery string that he guided into the rune
covered basin then stirred it. An image rose up of Harry and Draco shaking hands.
That handshake opened up possibilities he didn't want to think about but that wasn't
what had angered him.
He'd received an owl prior to the feast that made his blood run cold; Sirius Black had
been removed from Azkaban. One of the guards there was an old student who'd
remained loyal to him and had sent word that Amelia Bones had come to the prison
and whisked the mass murder away. Dumbledore knew Sirius was innocent but
needed him out of the way so he could control what happened to the boy. Sirius also

knew things that the headmaster did not want to come to light, he just didn't know he
knew them. He would have to visit Amelia as soon as possible and find out what was
going on and where Black was as soon as possible. The sooner he was back in
prison or dead the better as far as Dumbledore was concerned. Feeling a headache
coming on and realizing there was nothing he could do about it tonight, he slipped a
lemon drop into his mouth then headed to his private quarters to get some rest.
Sirius Black was taking a walk around the safe house. He'd been taken to a house in
the country that was unplottable. It was the wee hours of the morning, well actually, it
was probably closer to the middle of the night. The sky was clear and there were lots
of stars and a full moon. Sirius hadn't been outside or breathed fresh air in so long
he just couldn't bring himself to stay inside. The moon made him think of his friend
and fellow marauder Remus Lupin. He wondered how he was doing. Although his
first concern was Harry, he made a mental note to ask about him the next time
Amelia visited. He still found it hard to believe he was out of that place and never
wanted to lay eyes on a dementor ever again. He did have to admit however that
there was one positive aspect of his time in prison; he now knew the truth, the REAL
truth about what happened to his family the Potters. For that's what they were to
him. James was his brother in everything but blood and Lily was the sister he never
had. Harry was his godson and he couldn't love the boy more if he was his own flesh
and blood.
Sirius found out that dementors have an ability that no one is aware of not even
Dumbledore; they can break memory blocks. Dementors feed on the memories of
their victims. While feeding on Sirius, they came across a memory block and,
sensing good food behind it, pushed through it and released memories Sirius didn't
know he had. Sirius had given up at that point and in his grief intended to let the
dementors have his mind and soul if they wanted it but, once he saw what those
memories contained, he began using padfoot to keep them at bay in hopes he might
leave that place someday and have a chance to make things right. That time had
come and he planned to make the most of it.
As soon as he was a free man he would seek custody of Harry assuming he wanted
to live with him then do everything he could to protect him and keep him out of the
grasp of Albus bloody Dumbledore until he could take the old bastard down. He now
knew that the headmaster had betrayed him and his family and Sirius would not rest
until he made him pay. Pettigrew was no longer the only one he held responsible for
the attack on the Potter's. The rat was about to get his and, if Sirius had anything to
say about it, Dumbledore would be next.
A/N: For those of you who might like the idea of a redeemed Draco that becomes
Harry's friend, don't get your hopes up. I don't normally buy into the idea that he's in

any way redeemable and am usually skeptical of stories that go that direction but still
enjoy them. When I decided on Harry's response to Draco's offer, came to the
conclusion it would change things between them at least in the short term and went
with it. I havent decided how far it's going to go yet if anywhere. I have some
thoughts but haven't made any decision yet so you'l just have to wait and see. Either
way, it won't be resolved quickly but over time.

Chapter 5
Here, at long last, is the new Chapter 5. The first part of this chapter as well as
the end is the same. The middle is where all the changes are particularly the
scene that was the most controversial. I hope you like the changes.
Chapter 5
The first few days of school were annoying for Harry as everywhere he went people
seemed to stare at him. Students seemed to loiter in the halls just to get a look at his
scar. It made him horribly uncomfortable because they made him feel like he was
some oddity on display for everyone to gawk at. It also made it more difficult for him
to find his way around. As he adjusted to life in the castle, he came to realize that the
book was astoundingly accurate in its descriptions of the professors and Filtch.
Professor Sprout was very helpful in herbology and he'd taken an instant liking to
Professor Flitwick. He laughed when the little man got over excited when calling
Harry's name during role call and fell off the stack of books he'd been standing on.
He found Professor McGonagall rather intimidating and it made him wonder how she
could so easily be dominated by Dumbledore.
She opened class by laying down the law regarding behavior in class and the
consequences for breaking it then gave the class a display of transfiguration by
transforming her desk into a pig. She then launched into the day's lecture and they
all quickly pulled out parchment and quills to take notes. When she was finished, she
gave each of them a match and had them try to change it into a needle. By the end
of class only Hermione had managed to do it and was awarded points for it. Harry
was happy for her but noticed several classmates glaring at her the worst offender of
course being Ron. He hadn't managed to change his match at all but he'd only tried
a few times before giving up. The worst part was seeing her turn around to look at
her classmates expecting to be greeted with smiles only to be disappointed when
she saw the glares.
Harry could see the hurt in her eyes as she scanned the room until her eyes met his.
He smiled at her and gave her the thumbs up sign and was happy to see that Neville
was smiling at her as well. She returned their smiles with one of gratitude before
turning back to the front and once again giving her attention to the professor. He
didn't know if Ron saw what he did and frankly didn't care. He wasn't going to make
the mistake his future self did. The more he got to know her, the more he realized
how much of a kindred spirit she was. She, like him, had spent her life on the outside
looking in just wishing someone would give them a chance to prove they weren't
worthless freaks. He'd also come to realize the same held true for Neville. In the

wizarding world, he was too famous to be cast aside and discounted like he was in
the muggle world but they weren't. Neville was considered one step up from a squib
and Hermione was just an uppity muggleborn but they had something going for them
that no one else had not even Ron; they were The-Boy-Who-Lived's best friends
even if they didn't know it yet and he planned to be the best friend he could to them
consequences be damned!
Filch was as annoying as the book said he was and just as easily avoided despite
trying to get him and Ron in trouble for trying to gain entrance into the forbidden
corridor on purpose. They were only there because Ron had insisted that it was the
way to the great hall after he'd clearly gotten lost on the first day. Harry knew the way
to the great hall and also knew what was beyond the door thanks to the book but
played along to keep up appearances. Filch was beside himself when Dumbledore
took their side and didn't punish them but instead gave them a map so they could
find their classes more easily. The caretaker walked away mumbling about wishing
for the old days when he was allowed to properly punish students. Harry knew what
he referred to and agreed with his future self that someone like Filch should never be
allowed anywhere near children.
Friday morning arrived and, as Harry ate breakfast he was dreading what was to
come. It wasn't having tea with Hagrid that had him worried; he was looking forward
to that. It was double potions with Snape that had him nervous. He'd learned from
the book how the first class would go and it went without saying that he wasn't
looking forward to his first potion lesson. Add in the fact that Snape was one of his
worst enemies even if he wasn't supposed to know it yet and the Last thing he
wanted to do was head to the dungeon after breakfast. Despite his reservations, he
made his way to the potions classroom and was seated with parchment and quill out
ready to take notes when the door slammed open announcing the potion master's
The book had briefed him on the questions Snape would ask along with the answers
but he also had practically memorized his potions book so would have known the
answers anyway. He'd thought long and hard about how he would respond to them.
His future self hadn't known any of the answers and had been mercilessly attacked
for it. He also figured to get similar treatment if he confidently gave the correct
answers so he decided he would answer one question confidently, act like he was
guessing on one and purposely miss the other that way he couldn't be accused of
being either an idiot or a know it all. He listened to Snape's speech and had to admit
it was rather stirring. He didn't have to wait long before the questions started.
"Potter!" Snape yelled. "What would I get if I added powder root of asphodel to an
infusion of wormwood?"

Harry did his best to look nervous and waited several moments before answering.
"I-I don't know Professor," he said purposely stuttering.
He'd decided that this was the question he'd miss because it was the first and most
difficult of the three plus it had the added advantage of throwing the git off thinking
Harry didn't know anything. Snape's sneer got a little more pronounced after His
answer as his eyes bore down on Harry even more as he prepared to ask his
second question.
"Tut, tut," He said in response shaking his head slightly. "Fame clearly isn't
everything. Let's try again Potter. Where would you look if I told you to find me a
This time Harry put a thoughtful look on his face before answering.
"I think I read about those," he said trying to appear like he was racking his brain to
remember. "I know they're useful for treating someone who's been poisoned."
He paused for moment nearly scrunching his face up as he tried to appear to be
desperately trying to remember what he'd read. Again he waited a few moments
before meeting the professor's eyes again.
"I think it's a small stone," he continued. "As for where you find it I'm not sure but I
remember reading that there was something that could only be found in the stomach
of a goat. I don't know if it's a bezoar but that would be my best guess Professor."
Snape looked shocked that he'd stumbled into the right answer but soon the sneer
was back on his face. 'Probably thinks I was just lucky,' Harry thought to himself.
'Thinks he'll still get to humiliate me after the third question but he's unfortunately
"What is the difference Potter between Monkswood and Wolfsbane?" Snape asked
his eyes never leaving Harry's.
Harry smiled which immediately caused Snape to frown. He made sure it was a
relieved smile he put on his face and not an arrogant one before he answered.
"I know that one Professor," Harry answered calmly. "They're the same plant. It also
goes by the name Aconite."
Snape was clearly stunned. Harry was sure he was raging inside but the potion
master hid it well. Soon the sneer was back on his face.

"You'll need to do better than that Potter if you want to be successful in this class,"
he said finally trying to goad Harry one last time. "While you were correct about the
bezoar it was merely a lucky guess. As for the first question, they make a powerful
sleeping potion know as the draught of living death. Perhaps next time you'll come to
class more prepared."
Harry smiled inwardly at the git's obvious attempt to get under his skin. He instead
put an apologetic look on his face as he responded.
"I'll do my best Professor."
Again Snape looked apoplectic with rage. Harry had left him no opening to release
that anger on him so he was forced to look elsewhere. The rest of the class was
paying rapt attention so Snape had no one to pick on. Finally he exploded at the
whole class.
"Well!?" he yelled finally. "Why aren't you all copying that down!?"
The whole class quickly pulled out quills and parchment then began to write.
Throughout the confrontation, Hermione had her hand raised to answer the
questions while both Ron and Neville appeared both nervous and sympathetic
towards him. There were several snickers heard coming from the Slytherins during
that time including Crabbe and Goyle but Draco wasn't among them. His expression
was indifferent for most of it but he caught Harry's eye afterwards and gave him an
almost imperceptible nod of approval at how he'd handled the situation. Harry
returned the nod but was still unsure what to make of the Slytherin. He wasn't given
any time to think about it as Snape put them into pairs and had them work on a
potion to cure boils.
As he worked on his potion, he noticed Neville about to make a mistake and
intervened. He quickly moved over to the table where Neville and Seamus Finnigan
were working and grabbed Neville's arm as he was about to throw something in the
"Hold on Neville," he said hastily as the boy turned toward him. "You need to take
the cauldron off the fire before adding the porcupine quills otherwise you'll have quite
a mess."
Neville thanked him as Seamus removed the cauldron from the flame then Harry
returned to his own table and continued working on his own potion. Snape had been
watching Draco work who seemed to be the only student he liked and hadn't noticed.
Snape spent the rest of the lesson complementing Draco while insulting everyone
else especially the Gryffindors. Harry was relieved when it was over. He left the

classroom looking forward to a quiet lunch followed by an afternoon with no classes.

The only damper was when Ron invited himself along for tea with Hagrid. He'd
hoped to get away from the redhead for awhile but apparently that was not to be.
Squaring his shoulders and knowing the day would come when he'd be free of his
unwanted tagalong, he made his way out of the dungeon and on to the rest of his
Amelia Bones sat in her office working on the mountain of paperwork that covered
her desk. She was praying that one of these days the criminals would take some
time off then maybe she could catch up and actually get to see the top of her desk
again. She put the finishing touches on the file she was working on and had just
opened the next one when her assistant stepped into the office.
"Sorry to bother you Amelia," she said apologetically. "But you have a visitor who
says it's urgent that he speak with you."
"Who is it Mona?" she asked.
"Albus Dumbledore," Mona answered nervously.
Amelia spent the next several minutes shouting every curse word she knew. Having
forged her career at a time and in a profession that was male dominated, that list
was quite long. She'd also dealt with muggle law enforcement on several occasions
so her repertoire included both worlds. That still wasn't enough and by the end she'd
branched out into other languages as she decided the English language wasn't up to
the current task while she vented her frustration. Once she'd calmed down, she
noticed that Mona had gone pale. Grateful that the silencing charm on the door kept
her tirade from being heard outside her office, she concentrated on comforting her
now scared assistant.
"My apologies dear," she said patting the girl's hand. "A visit from the headmaster
was the last thing I wanted to have to deal with today."
"Shall I send him away?" Mona asked.
Amelia would've loved to say yes but she knew the headmaster wouldn't just go
away but would keep hounding her until she talked to him.
"No," she said finally. "That'll just make things worse. Did he, by chance, tell you
what this was about?"
She didn't really need to ask the question but she was trained to be thorough. She

knew that the headmaster had somehow found out that she'd taken Sirius out of
Azkaban. She knew the two aurors she'd taken with her hadn't talked so that meant
that one of the guards had. She didn't like the idea of Dumbledore having an
informant in her department even if it was only a prison guard and made a mental
note to start an investigation to root out the guard who had clearly proven he couldn't
be trusted. Her training kicked in again and she quickly expanded it to include her
whole department and those who may be loyal to Fudge and Voldemort as well as
Dumbledore then expanded it again to include those who were loyal to anyone but
She momentarily thought she might be becoming paranoid but quickly realized she
was just being practical. She had to rely on the people under her command to have
her back just as she had theirs. Many in power had been assassinated by someone
under them so that they could move up. It had happened quite often in the ministry
with the perpetrator getting away with it completely or being able to buy their way out
of most if not all the consequences of their crime. There were even a few instances
of the killer still getting the position they wanted even after it was known what they
did. No, she had to do whatever was necessary to make sure she was as safe as
possible especially given the dangerous task she'd undertaken in trying to exonerate
Sirius Black. She was brought of her thoughts by her assistant's answer.
"No, he said he could only reveal that to you."
She wasn't surprised. She was well aware that Dumbledore was someone who liked
his secrets and never willingly divulged anything he didn't have to. She was quite
sure he took great pleasure in setting the stage so that when he did reveal
something he would come off looking like the wisest man in the world while
wizarding kind groveled at his feet in gratitude for getting yet another great revelation
from the greatest wizard of their time. She couldn't deny his reputation but was
quickly coming to believe that, in truth, he was nothing but a fraud.
"Very well," she responded. "Keep him waiting for a few more minutes then send him
Mona nodded then left the office. Amelia used that time to prepare for the
headmaster. She took a few deep breaths then brought up her mental shields once
she felt more relaxed. She was well aware that the old man was a master legillimens
and had no intention of letting him read her mind if she could help it. She really didn't
think he would try but wasn't willing to take a chance in case this meeting went badly.
She'd just gotten them up when the door opened and the aged wizard walked in
dressed in garish robes of the type he seemed to delight in wearing. He smiled when
he saw her and his famous eye twinkle was in full force. She mentally fortified her

shields one more time as she returned his smile.

"Good afternoon Amelia," he greeted her kindly. "I appreciate you seeing me on such
short notice."
She didn't buy the kind grandfather act one minute but decided to play along for the
"It's not a problem headmaster," she responded while gesturing to the seat across
from her. "What did you need to see me about? Mona said it was urgent. Has
something happened at the school?"
He actually looked insulted for a moment then the kindly expression returned.
"Certainly not," he responded as if it was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever heard.
"Hogwarts is the safest place in Britain. No, I'm here because it's come to my
attention that you've removed Sirius Black from Azkaban."
"And just how did it come to your attention headmaster?" she asked raising her voice
to seem upset.
It wasn't completely an act. She was bloody furious that all her careful planning to
keep it quiet had been for not. She was hoping to knock the headmaster off balance
and get some idea who his source was. There was a flash of shock at her reaction
but soon the calm demeanor was back on his face and she knew it hadn't worked. It
was so quick that only her extensive training and experience allowed her to see it.
"Amelia," he replied a little condescendingly. "I'm the head of the Wizengamot and
the headmaster of Hogwarts. I daresay there's not a person working in or for the
ministry that hasn't, at one time or another been a student of mine including you.
Many of those have become dear friends over the years that pass along useful
information from time to time. I rely on those friends to keep me informed so I'm not
caught unaware especially when it concerns a potential threat to Harry Potter like
Sirius Black. Now I must know why you've removed him from prison and where
you're keeping him. It's essential that I be allowed to inspect the facility to insure
there's no chance of him escaping and possibly harming the boy."
His tone became steel toward the end and she knew this was not a request but she
was never one to cow tow to anyone. If she was, she would never have risen
through the ranks to her current position. There were many times in her career that
some arrogant idiot thought they could intimidate her only to find her more than a
match for them. Rufus Scrimgeour was the last one who tried it. He thought he was
a shoo-in for the head position when it came open despite the fact that she had

seniority and a better record in the department. He'd condescendingly told her not to
worry that he would make her his assistant.
His goal was to intimidate her or destroy her confidence so she would withdraw
herself from consideration. She responded by hexing the smirk right off his face. She
hadn't actually intended to apply for the job but after that she went for it with
everything she had and Scrimgeour never stood a chance. This was her show now.
She didn't answer to Dumbledore and had a half a mind to tell him where he could
stick his demands but that wasn't the best tactic to take at the moment. No, she had
to at least appear to give in a little and hope it would be enough to appease the man
across from her because she had no intention of divulging Sirius' whereabouts to
"Very well," she said finally and didn't miss the slightly smug and victorious smile that
graced his face momentarily before quickly being replaced by a simply expectant
one. "Some new evidence has recently been uncovered that sheds some light on
Black's activities during the war. I have moved him to a secure facility and away from
the dementors so that, when the time comes, he'll be competent enough to face the
charges against him and be able to name any accomplices he may have had."
"I see," the old man answered appearing contemplative. "And just what is this new
"I'm sorry headmaster," she replied shaking her head. "But I cannot reveal that at
this time. I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the trial like everyone else."
She watched as he carefully schooled his features into an expression of
disappointment. He completed the effect with a loud sigh.
"Amelia you wound me," he responded clearly trying to guilt her into changing her
mind. "You were always one of my favorite students; eager to learn with a good head
on your shoulders. Surely you don't think me incapable of discretion?"
"Certainly not headmaster," she answered him amazed at how hard he was pushing
her for information. "But as you once told me and was later driven into me during
auror training; the fewer the people that know a secret, the less chance there is of
someone telling it. I mean no offense to you sir, but I believe this is too important to
take even the slightest risk of it getting out."
She watched him as he again put on a display of disappointment complete with and
even louder sigh. 'It's not going to work no matter how many times you do it old
man,' she thought to herself.

"Very well," he said finally. "Is it possible for us to go inspect the facility now?"
"I'm afraid that's another request I cannot grant sir," she answered him
apologetically. She wasn't sorry at all but needed him to think she was.
There was no mistaking the shock on his face at her words. There was something
else in his expression as well but it was only there a moment; anger. She smiled
internally at that. It let her know that, at least for the moment, she was getting the
better of him. The twinkle left his eyes and his expression became as hard as his
tone had been earlier.
"Amelia," he started his tone clearly indicating he'd humored her all he was going to.
"I've explained why I need to inspect the facility. I respect your need for secrecy but
I'm afraid I must insist on this."
She felt the urge to hex him for talking to her that way, but she'd chosen her tactic for
this meeting and so far it was working. She'd just have to stick with it and hope her
luck held.
"With all due respect headmaster," she responded struggling to maintain her
apologetic tone. "I've worked too hard on this to risk anything happening to Sirius
before the trial and, while I trust you implicitly, I don't trust all of your associates."
She didn't have to mention anyone by name because she could tell from his
expression that he knew who she referred to.
"Severus Snape has my full confidence!" he replied confidently.
"And that's my problem headmaster," she responded quickly. "You vouching for him
doesn't change the fact that he was a deatheater. I also happen to know that he's
maintained relationships with other suspected deatheaters like Lucius Malfoy. I never
believed the claim he and others made that they were imperioused. Black could
have information on several unsolved deatheater attacks including who carried them
out. His testimony could implicate Snape, Malfoy and several others in those attacks.
I wouldn't put it past any of them to try to Silence him if they got wind of it. No, you're
just going to have to accept my assurance that he's well guarded and is no threat to
Harry Potter."
She watched as he clearly went through an internal struggle no doubt trying to
contain his own anger at being unable to get what he wanted from her. She again
smiled inwardly at his reaction and was once again grateful for her training that gave
her insight she otherwise wouldn't have. Finally he settled down and struck a pose
designed to incur sympathy. He leaned back in his chair his right elbow supported on

the arm of the chair while his forehead rested on his right hand.
"My apologies Amelia," he said sounding positively defeated. "I didn't mean to try to
run roughshod over you. I just wanted to protect Harry. I've only known him the short
time since school started but I've become quite fond of him. I hope you can forgive
an old man his over protectiveness?"
She wanted to shout from the rooftops that she'd beaten the great Albus
Dumbledore in a battle of wills but realized it wasn't quite over yet. There was one
more thing she hoped to get out of this meeting and he'd just given her the opening
to ask for it.
"No apologies are necessary sir," she responded. "I feel the same way about Susan.
There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect her. However, concerning Mr. Potter, I'll need
to speak to him before the trial and it goes without saying he should be in
"No," he replied shaking his head. "Harry is too young and shouldn't be burdened
with this. I'm afraid I can't allow that Amelia."
"I wasn't asking headmaster," she said allowing some hardness in her tone for the
first time. "I'll subpoena him if I have to. He's old enough to hear about what
happened to his parents and he deserves to hear about it firsthand plus he ought to
have the chance to tell the court his feelings on the sentence they'll no doubt be
handing out. I appreciate you wanting to spare him but how do you think he'll feel
hearing about it from the other students or by reading it in the prophet? No matter
how difficult this may be for him, this is for the best headmaster."
She held his gaze unflinchingly waiting for his response. She was elated when he
finally looked down and nodded.
"Thank you sir," she said gratefully. "I promise I'll make this as easy on Mr. Potter as
I can."
"I'll be there to make sure you do," he responded putting a smile on his face that she
knew was fake. "Well, I have a school to run so I best get back to Hogwarts. Let me
know when you want to see him and I'll make sure he's available. Good day Amelia."
She stood and shook his proffered hand and told him good bye as well. She sat back
down and breathed a sigh of relief after he left. She couldn't believe how well it had
gone. She wasn't foolish enough to think she'd really bested the old man. He was far
more formidable than the display he'd just put on. No, for whatever reason he'd been
unwilling or unable to bring out his big guns. Perhaps he felt he'd learned enough

from the conversation to realize he didn't need more than what he'd gotten. She
didn't know and at that moment didn't care. She'd avoided giving anything important
away and that was enough for her. She just hoped it would last until the trial. She
pushed those thoughts aside and returned to the pile of paperwork hoping she'd be
able to make a dent in it by the end of the day.
That evening she left the ministry and, as soon as she was able to, ducked into an
alley. Once she'd verified that she was alone, she checked herself for tracking
charms. She found one along with an answer to one of her earlier questions.
Dumbledore had somehow managed to put a tracking charm on her without her
knowing. Unfortunately for him, she'd long made it a habit to check herself for
unwanted charms whenever she left the office. She'd learned that lesson in constant
vigilance from her mentor Alastor Moody. He'd been tracked by the use of a charm
once. The resulting attack had cost him an eye. He never made that mistake again
and made sure every auror he taught learned it as well.
She now knew why he'd given up so easily. He'd figured to be able to simply follow
the charm to Sirius' location so he didn't need her to tell him. He was in for a shock.
She only hoped it wouldn't mean another meeting. One was more than enough for
her. She quickly removed the charm and moved to the end of the alley then
banished it onto a stranger passing by. She smiled at thought of where that might
lead the old bastard. Hopefully it would keep him busy for a while. She made her
way back into the alley until she was blocked from view. It was time to fill Sirius in on
the meeting she'd just had. Maybe, just maybe, she might get some insight into why
he wasn't happy with the headmaster at the same time. With that thought she pulled
out a portkey, activated it and disappeared from the alley.
Albus Dumbledore was not happy when he left Amelia's office. He'd expected her to
treat him like everyone else did; with reverence. He'd expected to get what he
wanted from the woman with little or no effort but she'd surprised him. She wasn't in
awe of him like most people were and had in fact refused him. What's more she did
it in a way that would be construed as respectfully declining his request rather than
an outright refusal to cooperate. Her arguments being completely logical didn't help
matters either. He didn't like that he'd had to capitulate but she'd left him little choice.
He had to hand it to her; she'd handled herself well. He'd let her think she'd won but
he knew better.
He learned long ago that a tactical retreat was a good way to get an opponent to
drop their guard and he'd used that on the woman to great success. He'd
surreptitiously placed a tracking charm on her while they shook hands then he'd
returned to his office and waited. He was alerted when she left the ministry and took

note that she wandered around Diagon Alley going in and out of various shops
probably making sure she wasn't being followed. She'd even spent some time in an
alley no doubt checking to see if anyone might follow her in there. Finally, after about
an hour or so, she aparated out of the alley. She reappeared somewhere in
Scotland. He knew that wasn't where her house was and it brought a smile to his
face. He now knew where she was keeping Sirius.
He was still smiling as he sat in his office making plans to deal with Sirius Black once
and for all. It never ceased to amaze him how easy it was to manipulate and control
the wizards and witches of magical Britain. Amelia Bones was no exception. He had
no doubt she'd been surprised that she'd achieved a 'victory' over him. He was sure
she was sitting in the safe house at that very moment practically gloating about
successfully defying him. Unfortunately for her, he would soon shatter that illusion. It
was really for the best anyway. It wouldn't do for anyone to think they could ever
really be allowed to tell him no.
He was Albus Dumbledore. For all intents and purposes, he ruled magical Britain
and was therefore the one who got to decide what happened in it not some witch
with delusions that she actually wielded any power. If circumstances had been
different, he would have just killed her and moved on but he needed her to find
Sirius. But now that he knew where the man was, he could, if he so desired,
eliminate the troublesome witch. In fact, the more he thought about it the better the
idea sounded. He could use her death to add another murder charge on top of the
others the former marauder was charged with. A quick trial and he could make sure
he was kissed this time. It would kill two birds with one stone as the muggle saying
As appealing as that idea was, allowing Sirius to have a trial was a risky proposition.
He still had enemies in the wizengamot like Lucius Malfoy who, despite claiming to
be imperioused and therefore escaping punishment for his crimes, was, in fact a
death eater. As such, he would know that Sirius Black was no death eater but had
actually been a close ally of Dumbledore's during the war. While he may be content
to let Sirius rot, it was possible Malfoy might call for veritiserum in the hopes of
damaging Dumbledore's reputation. That was a risk he couldn't afford to take. No, he
needed to eliminate Sirius now.
The only question now was who to use. He'd learned long ago the benefits of having
others do your dirty work. He needed someone who hated Black enough to kill him
and wouldn't mind eliminating anyone who got in the way. One name immediately
came to mind. Yet another smiled graced his face as his plan became fully formed.
He sent off a patronus message to summon him then once again enjoyed the view
from his office window while he waited.

Severus Snape stood pondering the possible reasons the headmaster could have for
summoning him so urgently as he allowed the moving staircase to carry him up to
the office door. He knew he could have climbed along with the stairs and arrived at
the door sooner but wanted the extra time to prepare himself.
To the world at large, Albus Dumbledore was the very epitome of sainthood but
Severus knew better. If anything, he was even darker than Voldemort. He was every
bit as ruthless as the self styled Dark Lord but was far more subtle. As a result, he
had the entire wizarding world willingly bowing at his feet. Snape couldn't help but be
impressed by what the ancient wizard had accomplished.
That was the reason he changed his allegiance from Voldemort to Dumbledore
during the war or at least one of them. He'd come to realize that Voldemort was a
homicidal maniac that was as apt to kill his followers as he was his enemies. He
quickly realized that winning the war would likely make being his servant even more
dangerous. For, while the Dark Lord was clearly insane, he was also extremely
paranoid. It wouldn't take much for him to be convinced that his deatheaters were
plotting to overthrow him now that the light was defeated causing him to take action
to eliminate the threat.
Severus Snape joined the death eaters because he thought they were the means by
which he could attain the three things he most desired; Power, revenge on his
enemies and, most importantly, Lily Potter. The latter was forever beyond his grasp
now but the first two were his thanks to Albus Dumbledore. That meant he would do
whatever the headmaster asked of him no matter how unpleasant the task might be.
He set those thoughts aside as he reached the top of the stairs, stepped to the door
and knocked lightly.
When he heard a muffled 'come in' through the door, he opened it and stepped into
the office. The old man was staring out the window behind his desk as he entered
but quickly spun around to greet his guest.
"Ah, Severus," he greeted him a satisfied smile on his face. "Thank you for coming
so quickly. I have need of your services tonight old friend."
"Are you feeling ill sir?" Snape asked worried. "Surely Madam Pomfrey would be
more suited to-."
He was cut off as Dumbledore let out a throaty chuckle.
"I feel fine Severus but I do appreciate your concern," he said smiling gleefully. "Your
superb potion skills aren't what I need from you. I have learned that Amelia Bones

has removed Sirius Black from Askaban with the intention of putting him on trial."
His outward reaction was almost nonexistent thanks to his occlumency but, behind
the calm faade, angry didn't come close to describing his emotional state. He was
beside himself with rage. It was on of the few joys he had in his life. The knowledge
that he held a position of authority and respect in wizarding society while Sirius
Black, the man he probably hated more than anyone else except maybe James
Potter, rotted way in Askaban. In fact, he had taken great pleasure in knowing that
bastard had gotten what was coming to him. He couldn't bear the thought of it
coming to an end. The old man had promised him that Black would never see the
light of day again! He swore he would see to it that the so called marauder never
received a trial!
'I told you we should have had him Killed but no!' He thought furiously as he stared
impassively at his master. 'You always think you know better don't you
As the emotional storm played out in his head he calmly ask the most important
question that he not only desperately needed an answer to but now knew was at the
heart of why he was summoned.
"So what are we going to do now?!" He asked indifferently.
"I'm afraid we are going to have to act quickly if we want to prevent that from
Happening," Dumbledore answered him. "I tried to persuade Madam Bones to allow
me access to Black so that I might better assess the situation but alas she refused
and has left me no choice but to take a rather drastic course of action."
He paused momentarily as his features morphed into a mischievous smile.
"Despite Amelia's best efforts," he continued clearly happy with himself. "I have
managed to learn where she is keeping him and that is where you come in Severus.
I need you to see to it that this situation is resolved permanently."
It was the last word 'permanently' that stuck out to the potion master. Could the old
man really mean what he thought he meant? There was only one way to find out.
"Are you saying what I think you're saying Headmaster?" he asked hopefully. Being
allowed to kill Sirius Black would be a dream come true but the old man had
steadfastly refused all his previous requests for permission to do so.
"It was my hope that he could be kept in Askaban," Dumbledore replied not really
answering the question. "I thought there may come a time where he might still be of

some use to us. I could imagine a scenario where, given the proper impetus, he
might use his 'special' skill to escape from prison where he would likely become the
most wanted man in Magical Britain. By offering him sanctuary we would, in effect,
make him indebted to us allowing us to use him to further our plans especially as
they pertain to Harry Potter."
Snape's distaste for the boy was evident in his response.
"That boy is as arrogant has his father. I fail to see how he could possibly be as
important to your plans as you think he is. He clearly came to class unprepared and
brewed a potion that was barely passable. If that is any indication of how he is in his
other classes then I doubt he will ever be more than a mediocre at best wizard. As
for Black, what possible skill could he possibly possess that would enable him to
escape from a prison where, up until now, it has been impossible to escape from?"
"You have only had one class with Mr. Potter Severus," Dumbledore responded
reproachfully. "I would recommend you not make snap judgements but wait until you
have had a chance to get to know him. However, regardless of his skill level, that
boy is the key to all our plans. As for Sirius, he has the same special skill that
Minerva possesses,"
"He's an animagus?!" Snape asked shocked.
Dumbledore merely nodded his head in response.
"His form is that of a big black dog," The headmaster said finally. "But that is
irrelevant now. Should he become a free man, he would undoubtedly become a
hindrance to us rather than an asset and that is something I cannot allow to happen
so I am giving you full reign to do whatever is necessary to stop it from happening."
"Are you sure that's what you want?" Snape asked just to be sure carefully masking
his joy at getting the answer he'd hoped for. "As I recall, Black was among those
members of the order that gleefully hung on every word you uttered like blathering
house elves. I'm sure that, once free, he would happily do so again."
Snap wouldn't have been surprised if he had a sneer on his face as he spoke. It
was, after all, his most common facial expression.
"Possibly," Dumbledore replied. If he was irritated at Snapes attitude he didn't show
it. "But I don't think it would be prudent to take that chance therefore my previous
instructions stand. You will need this portkey" he handed him an old sock that looked
like it hadn't been washed in years as he spoke. "It's tied to a tracking charm I placed
on Madam Bones that will take you to Sirius Black's location."

"Very well," he responded and made to leave before the old man had a chance to
change his mind.
He had almost made it to the door when the headmaster's voice stopped him in his
Snape slowly turned around afraid his fears were about to be realized.
"Yes?" he responded hesitantly.
"It goes without saying that no one can know it was you," Dumbledore said
cryptically his eyes boring into him. "I trust you understand my meaning."
"Of course Headmaster," Snape answered nodding his head slightly. He wasn't to
leave any witnesses. He had no problem with that.
"Very well," The old man responded apparently satisfied with his answer. "You may
go now."
With that dismissal Dumbledore turned back toward the window and never saw
Snape's hasty departure.
He practically ran down the steps and out of the castle in his eagerness. He couldn't
wait to get his shot at Black. He had dreamed of this day for years. He had even
developed a special curse just for this occasion. He made it to the edge of the
grounds in what he suspected was a record time. He now knew the headmaster
expected him to kill Bones as well and had no problem with it as his mind was
focused on the prize at the end of the tracking charm he was following. He quickly
disillusioned himself then activated a portkey tied to the tracking charm and
He reappeared near what he would consider a modest cottage. It looked to be about
three stories and was probably big enough for a fair sized family. It was clearly in the
country as there were no other houses in sight. There was no doubt about it; she'd
pick a good location to hide Black in. It would also allow him to carry out his plan
without drawing too much attention. He carefully made his way around to the back of
the house surprised that there weren't any wards around it looking in windows to see
where they might be. He didn't see them anywhere. There was a couple he would
guess were about Molly Weasley's age in the sitting room but no one else appeared
to be on the main floor of the house. He quickly realized they were on one of the
upper floors. The couple must be a pair of aurors in disguise.

Seeing that there was no one in the kitchen, he quietly opened the back door and
entered the house. He carefully avoided the sitting room and made his way up to the
first floor. He worked his way carefully through the first floor until he found himself in
the library. There was only a girl that looked to be about sixteen or seventeen in the
room. She was sitting at a table with several books stacked around her. There was
no sign of the two people he was looking for. On a hunch, he cast a silent detection
spell and found that the charm was in the same spot as the girl was. A cold fury
settled into him as he realized what happened; the Bones woman had found the
charm and had placed it on the girl to throw the headmaster off.
The more he watched the girl read the angrier he got. He had finally gotten his
fondest wish; permission to kill Sirius Black only to have the rug pulled out form
under him. Before he'd been indifferent at the thought of Killing Amanda Bones but
now he had a strong desire to have her head on a pike. But she wasn't there so his
anger grew unabated until he found himself hating the girl in front of him more and
more each moment for her part in this outrage. That she'd had no idea she'd been
used in such a way made no difference to him. In his mind she was now a coconspirator and Dumbledore had ordered him to leave no witnesses after all. He
pulled out his backup wand and pointed it at her.
He learned the benefits of carrying a second wand from the Headmaster especially
one that nobody knew you had. It helped you cover your tracks and gave you an
advantage should someone manage to take your primary wand from you. He'd
purchased his from an illegal wand maker operating in Knockturn Alley.
He sent his special curse; a cutting curse coupled with a spell to block any attempt to
stop the bleeding. The curse hit her in the neck. She screamed as a hand
immediately went to her now bleeding neck. Blood was flowing quite freely and she
quickly fell to the ground. He heard rapid footsteps and soon the couple he'd seen
before rushed into the room. The woman shrieked at the sight of the bleeding girl
while the man went into action and started casting spells trying to stop the flow of
blood. He stood there reveling in their misery as the girl slowly bled out. The man
was whispering to the girl between spells and Snape realized he was speaking
The woman fell to her knees beside the girl tears running down her face. She too
began speaking French to the girl. When the girl finally expired she screamed out in
agony while the man, who was crying as well, pulled her into his arms to offer what
comfort he could. So lost were they, first in trying to save her, then in their grief, that
they never even gave a thought to who had done this or why.
Snape stood there until he became annoyed at the woman's screaming then sent a

powerful reducto that hit the man in the back and blew through him before blowing a
hole in the woman's chest. They died almost instantly their bodies falling into the
pool of blood that had come from the girl. He ended the disillusionment charm
thinking he no longer needed it then removed the charm from the girl. It was as he
turned to leave that he saw them. Standing just outside the door were two more kids.
One was a boy about ten years old. He was staring wide eyed at the scene before
him. The other was a girl that was no more than six or seven. She seemed to be in
complete shock.
As the potion master turned his attention to the new arrivals the boy went into action.
He grabbed the girl by the hand and took off down the hall dragging her behind.
Snape quickly followed as they ran up the stairs to the second floor. They ran down
another hall and into a room at the end. The boy pushed her inside then closed the
door. As he approached the door he heard the sound of the door being locked. A
quick alohamora and the door swung open. The boy stood in front of the girl and had
backed up to the wall. Snape was now enraged at this boy for making him chase
after him and sent a curse that had the boy convulsing on the ground as his organs
slowly liquefied. It was a rather painful way to die but as far as he was concerned the
boy had earned it by running. He then turned his attention to the girl.
She didn't scream or cower in fear. She just stared at him unflinchingly. Unlike
before, her eyes were clear and focused as they met his. It unnerved him that she
just stood there but that made it easy for him. He didn't relish chasing another child
down. He was almost tempted to spare her but she could identify him and he
couldn't allow that. She would go be with her family in the next great adventure or in
hell he didn't really care either way. He raised his wand again and this time decided
to be merciful and used the killing curse on her. She immediately fell to the ground
lifeless. He stood there for a moment admiring the courage with which she faced her
death then searched the rest of the house. He didn't find anyone else in the house,
not that he'd expected to, then he made his way outside. He knew he needed to get
back and let Dumbledore know what happened not something he was looking
forward to. He reapplied the disillusionment charm on himself then, hoping to further
distort the truth of what happened here, pointed his wand straight up and cast the
dark mark.
He quickly made his way to some nearby woods and had just reached the edge as
several pops announced the arrival of the Aurors. Death eaters would be blamed for
this and, if he was lucky, no one would ever know the truth. He watched them for a
few minutes disappointed that Bones wasn't with them. Promising himself once
again to make her pay, he activated his portkey and returned to Hogwarts.

Far away from there in south Whales was another house that also sat in the country
with no neighbors for several miles. There were five occupants of the house. Two
aurors, Sirius Black, a house elf named Tilly and Amelia Bones. The Aurors were
elsewhere in the house while Tilly was popping in and out as needed while Sirius
and Amelia ate Dinner. Sirius was feeling much better than he had the day she'd
gotten him out of Azkaban. With the care of the healers and a good diet he'd gained
some weight back. His almost obsession with being outdoors these days had done
away with his pale complexion. Quite frankly, he looked and felt like a new man. He
listened as she'd told him about the meeting and was impressed that she'd managed
to hold the old man off. He wasn't a fool and wasn't the least bit surprised when she
told him about the tracking charm. He knew his feelings regarding the old man must
have showed on his face when he saw flashes of curiosity on hers. He had no doubt
she'd ask him about it before long. As it turns out, he wouldn't have to wait at all.
"Sirius," she began carefully. "It may be none of my business but I can clearly see
that you have issues with Dumbledore. I can't help being curious as to why."
He didn't want to lie to her since he owed her for his freedom from that hell hole he'd
been in but wasn't really ready to trust her with everything just yet. He might be in
the near future but not now. He paused a moment as he considered how to answer
her. When he did speak he forced some mirth into his eyes in an effort to mask his
true feelings and hopefully avoid more questions he wasn't ready to answer.
"I'm just a little put out at being left to rot," he answered finally. "Dumbledore is the
head of the Wizengamot and should have done more to get me a trial. He had the
power and influence to get it done and yet it never happened. I'm sure there's a good
reason for it but it doesn't make my stay in that place any easier to accept."
He now knew why he'd been abandoned but needed her to believe he didn't at least
for now. He could tell by her expression she didn't really believe him but the nod of
her head let him know she was willing to except what he said for now. Relieved, he
tried to turn the conversation away from Dumbledore and on to those he truly cared
"Have you found anything out about Harry?" he asked desperate to know how his
godson was.
"He's at Hogwarts," she answered him. "Dumbledore's agreed to let me meet with
him to inform him about the trial. When I do I'll make sure he knows the truth about
the proceedings as well as you. I've also arranged for him to be there so you'll be
able to see how he is for yourself."

The joy he felt at thought of seeing Harry had him smiling almost unconsciously.
Things were going as he'd hoped they would. He could only hope they continued
along those lines because he had to get free and gain custody of Harry. Only then
could he protect him like he should have been doing all these years. He only hoped
Harry would forgive him for letting him down.
"Were you able to find out anything about his life up until now?" He asked hungry for
any information she might have only to be disappointed when she shook her head.
"I'm afraid not Sirius," she replied sadly. "But when I see him I'll try to find out all I
can. I wish I could tell you when that will be but I have to move very carefully with
this and as a result very slowly. I promise you it will happen but I just don't know
when. Is there anything else you need in the meantime?"
"As a matter of fact there is," he responded. "Do you happen to know where Remus
Lupin might be?"
"Not at the moment but I'm sure I can find him," she answered. "With the ministry's
stance on werewolves, he might've been forced into the muggle world to find work.
Is there a message you'd like me to pass along?"
Sirius nodded as he spoke.
"Let him know the truth about what happened that night. He deserves to know that
much. If it would be possible, I would love to see him and catch up. If not, at least try
to make sure he comes to the trial."
"I'll tell him," she replied. "I'm not sure it would be safe to bring him here but we'll see
how it goes." She glanced down at her watch before continuing. "It's getting late I'd
better head home."
She started to get up but he stopped her by placing his hand on her arm.
"You'll never know just how grateful I am for what you're doing for me and Harry
Amelia," he said sincerely. "I'll do my best to show you how much I appreciate it but
I'm quite sure it'll never be enough." He turned deadly serious as he continued.
"Listen to me carefully. If I should end up questioned under veritaserum, under no
circumstances can you allow me to be asked any questions regarding Dumbledore."
He knew he was confirming her doubts from earlier but this was too important to take
chances on. He'd intended to keep her in the dark but she was risking a great deal to
help him and he needed to do what he could to protect her. There was no mistaking
her shock at his words but he continued before she could respond.

"If the wrong questions were asked, the answers would put you, me and Harry in
great danger."
"Sirius if you have evidence of wrongdoing-" she started but he quickly interrupted.
"Nothing I can prove at the moment," he responded. "And I doubt we could make
anything stick to him right now if we did. One day soon I'll have all the proof we need
and be able to move against him but until then we have to keep him in the dark for
our sake as well as Harry's."
He could see she was clearly conflicted over this and waited patiently while she
made her mind up about it. After a few moments she met his eyes again and
nodded. He gave her a grateful smile then they said their goodbyes. He watched her
as she walked toward the door admiring the courage this woman had to have to do
what she was doing for him. She hadn't reached the door yet when it opened
revealing one of the aurors. He immediately went up to her and handed her a piece
of parchment. She opened it and starting reading without missing a step. When she
suddenly came to a complete stop he knew something was wrong. He quickly stood
up fully prepared to help any way he could.
"Has something happened?" he asked earnestly. "Is it Harry?"
She turned around quickly shaking her head.
"There's been an apparent deatheater attack tonight." She said and he was sure he
was the one now looking shocked.
"Who'd they attack?" he asked when he found his voice again. He found it
impossible to believe. All the deatheaters were supposed to be in Azkaban or
reformed. Though he never bought the imperioused excuse used by Malfoy and
others, he didn't think they would risk themselves unless Voldemort returned and as
far as Sirius knew he hadn't. It just didn't make any sense.
"The ambassador from the French ministry of magic and his family," she answered
him. "I have to head back to the ministry to coordinate the investigation."
They again said goodbye then she left. A deatheater attack made even less sense to
him after finding out who the victims were. He had an idea there was more to this
then met the eye but he would have to wait to find out. He thanked Tilly for a
wonderful meal then decided he'd had enough excitement for one evening and
headed to bed.

The weekend and most of the next week passed rather quietly for Harry. The
attention he'd been getting seem to wane in the wake of a story in the prophet about
a murder that had taken place on Friday. It seems while he was having tea with
Hagrid there was a deatheater attack. According to the article, the French
ambassador, his wife and three children were killed in the first deatheater attack in
almost a decade. Harry wondered if it had anything to do with his return to the
wizarding world but Hermione had simply told him that was rubbish and that he
wasn't responsible for anything those people did no matter what their motivation
might be. Ron had simply shrugged while glaring at Hermione for butting in to their
conversation. He wanted to slug the redhead but controlled himself. Harry thanked
her and actually felt a little better. She smiled at him then returned to her book.
The topic of conversation changed when a notice was posted in the common room
announcing that flying lessons would begin that Thursday. There were many groans
upon finding out they would be learning alongside the Slytherins. Harry was rather
ambivalent about it himself. He was a good Gryffindor and was loyal to his own
house of course but that only went as far as simple house rivalries. He had no
particular issue with any student and certainly wouldn't simply because they
belonged to that house. He was well aware that several of his fellow Gryffindors
would hate someone the moment the sorting hat was removed from their heads if
sorted into Slytherin. Ron Weasely was chief among them but he preferred to judge
people by their actions rather than where in the castle they slept. In a way, he was
glad to be with the Slytherins. He still wasn't sure what to do about Draco Malfoy and
thought this class might help him make up his mind about him.
Draco had honored the handshake thus far and hadn't acted even remotely hostile
towards him. He hadn't acted overly friendly either but it was still a far cry from what
he'd expected after reading about him in the book. He'd expected snide comments
and constant attempts to get him into trouble not this. It made him reassess his
thoughts toward the blond boy. He didn't think he could ever really trust him with all
his secrets but perhaps he could turn him into an ally of some sort. He didn't know
and frankly the next move was Draco's. What he did next would likely answer all of
his questions but Harry found himself unsure of which way he wanted it to go. The
idea of Draco Malfoy turning away from the pureblood supremist ideology he had
been raised to believe was preposterous. He just couldn't see how Draco could ever
really come around to his way of thinking. You just couldn't get more philosophically
opposite than he and Draco were.
Also a concern was the flying lesson itself. Not because he was nervous about
learning to fly but because of what the book said was supposed to happen during
that lesson. There was supposed to be a confrontation with Draco that would lead to
him ending up on the quidditch team. His handshake with the blond Slytherin

seemed to have eliminated the possibility of their being a confrontation and now he
had no idea how he was going to get on the team. Although, in the grand scheme of
things, he wasn't sure just how important it was to accomplish that particular goal.
Still, he would have to try and find some other way to get on the team if not. It wasn't
the first time he worried if he'd changed too much with that handshake. He couldn't
exactly take it back now so he'd have to make the best of it.
Breakfast Thursday morning had him thinking that Draco had made his choice.
They'd all been listening to Hermione give them flying tips from a book titled
'Quidditch Through the Ages'. Neville was paying rapt attention while almost
everyone else seemed bored. Ron was glaring at her when she wasn't looking and
Harry again felt the urge to slug the git. She was trying to help him but, as usual, he
was ungrateful. Harry was listening almost as much as Neville not because he
needed the help, he'd read the book during the summer, but because he enjoyed
listening to her. Also, he appreciated the effort she was making to help her fellow
Gryffindors and he wanted her to know that at least someone was grateful for it. She
was interrupted by the arrival of the morning mail. Harry didn't get anything which
wasn't unusual while most of his classmates received letters but Neville received a
small package.
The entire table watched as he excitedly opened it to reveal a small glass ball about
the size of a large marble. It was filled with white smoke. Neville told them it was a
remembrall. As he was displaying how it worked the white smoke turned red. A
shocked Neville was momentarily rendered speechless as he tried to figure out what
he'd forgotten. He was only pondering it for a few seconds when the remembrall was
ripped out of his hands by Draco Malfoy who just happened to be passing by the
table at that moment. Ron jumped to his feet while Harry stood up slowly intent on
merely asking the Slytherin to return it but more than willing to force the issue if
necessary. He knew it would end the truce but he'd vowed to himself to be a good
friend to Neville and that's what he was going to do. He never got the chance as
Professor McGonagall intervened almost immediately. Draco hastily dropped it onto
the table claiming he was only looking at it then left with Crabbe and Goyle following
in his wake and didn't even look in his direction. He and Ron sat back down and
finished breakfast before heading to class.
That afternoon, as they headed out to the grounds for the flying lesson, Harry didn't
know what might happen. For whatever reason, Draco had targeted Neville at
breakfast just like the book said would happen and Harry had to wonder if the class
might go the same way. They lined up and listened to Madam Hooch's instructions
then all yelled 'up' at the same time. His broom flew into his hand immediately while
the others had to shout multiple times to get their brooms to move. Neville was one
of the last. Madam Hooch then told them how to mount a broom and what to do on

their first flight. Harry began moving toward Neville as the professor began counting
down. He knew what was going to happen from the book. He knew Neville was
going to kick off too hard in his nervousness and the broom would take off with him.
Harry wanted to prevent that from happening but Neville kicked off before he got
close enough to grab him.
He immediately mounted his broom only to be grabbed by the professor.
"Just what do you think you're doing Mr. Potter?" she asked sternly.
"Going to help him Professor," he replied.
"You'll do no such thing-," she said firmly but was cut off by a scream.
Harry turned to look and saw that Neville had fallen off the broom and hit the ground.
The professor then ignored Harry and ran over to check on him.
"Broken wrist," she muttered. "Come on Boy, It's alright. Up you get," she then
turned to the rest of the class. "None of you is to move while I take this boy to the
hospital wing. You leave those brooms where they are or you'll be out of Hogwarts
before you can say quidditch!" she then turned her attention back to Neville and
muttered words of comfort while leading him away.
No sooner had she left then Draco started out by insulting Neville only to be told off
by Parvati. Draco briefly turned his attention to her before picking something up that
turned out to be Neville's remembrall. Harry again knew this could end his truce with
Draco but, in his mind, Neville's friendship was more important than any truce with
Draco would ever be. Harry was about to say something but Ron beat him to it.
"Give it here Malfoy!" Ron yelled threateningly.
Draco ignored him and took off on his broom. Ron looked like he was going to follow
until Harry stopped him by putting a hand on his shoulder.
"I'll do it," he said quietly. Ron looked ready to argue at first but then nodded his
Harry mounted his broom but was stopped as he felt a hand on his arm. It was
"Harry you can't," she said frantically. "Madam Hooch said-"
He held up a hand to stop her and she fell silent.

"I know what you're going to say Hermione," he replied calmly. "And I appreciate
your concern but Neville is my friend and he deserves to have his friends stand up
for him since he can't stand up for himself right now. With any luck, I'll be back on the
ground long before she gets back."
Hermione stood there for a moment in thought then nodded and stepped back as he
kicked off. He flew up until he was face to face with Draco. He'd been sneering down
at Ron daring him to follow but once he saw Harry take off the sneer disappeared.
As he met Harry's eyes, his expression became a combination of curiosity and
"What are you doing up here Potter?" he asked his tone devoid of emotion.
Harry could see he was nervous and trying to cover it.
"I'm here for the remembrall Malfoy," Harry responded.
"Why do you care?" he asked with a hint of a sneer.
"Remember what I told you about insulting my friends?" he asked and saw Draco
visibly gulp.
"Y-you're friends with the squ- er Longbottom?" he asked.
"Yes since the train," Harry replied. "He's really a nice bloke you know. I think you
could like him if you gave him a chance. He's even a pureblood like you."
Another sneer briefly crossed his face and Harry knew he didn't think Neville was
anything like him.
"It's your choice Malfoy," he said when Draco remained silent. "But he is my friend
and I would appreciate it if you left him alone. Now may I please have the
Draco sat for a few more moments then nodded. He held it out but, before Harry
could grab it, Draco's broom suddenly spun around nearly throwing him off. As a
result, Draco let go of the remembrall to grab on to the broom. Because of the
motion of the broom he ended up throwing it up. It flew high then began to fall. Harry
immediately took off after it. He went into a steep dive and managed to catch it just
above the ground then landed softly. Draco was already on the ground. The
Gryffindors surrounded him to congratulate him but before they could a loud voice
called out his name.

"Harry Potter!" He turned to see Professor McGonagall running toward him.

As she got close, he thought she looked anything but happy."Never in all my time at
Hogwarts-," she started but then stopped as though unsure of what to say. "How
dare you! Might have broken your neck-."
"It wasn't his fault professor-," Parvati interrupted but McGonagall would have none
of it.
"Be quiet Miss Patil!" she said sternly.
"But Malfoy-," Ron started only to have the intimidating professor round on him as
"That's enough Mr. Weasley!" she said silencing the redhead. "Potter! Follow me
Harry started following her feeling truly afraid. The book said she would put him on
the quidditch team but that did nothing to quell his fear. He hoped that would happen
but he was still worried he might be expelled. If he was, he could only hope they
didn't snap his wand. He'd still have the one his future self sent him but he liked
having a backup. His biggest worry wasn't training; he still had the safe house for
that. No it was not being there for Hermione and Neville that worried him. He still
didn't know what would happen on Halloween but had a feeling he needed to be
here for it. She led him in the main doors and up the marble staircase. After that she
led him down one corridor and up the next. He gave up trying to figure out where she
was taking him and just prayed it wasn't to the headmaster's office. She finally came
to a stop outside a door. She poked her head inside and her next words answered
his prayers.
"Excuse me Professor Flitwick," she asked kindly. "Might I borrow Wood for a
He knew who Wood was from the book so wasn't surprised when an older boy
stepped out into the hallway. McGonagall then led them to an unused classroom
and, after shooing Peeves away, told Wood she'd found him a seeker. He didn't
really pay attention to the rest of the conversation. He was too overjoyed that he
wasn't being expelled. He was also happy to have managed to get on the team but
that wasn't nearly as important to him. He did manage to answer all of Woods
questions and nodded when McGonagall warned him to train hard before dismissing
At dinner Harry was sitting with Ron. He'd told him what happened and while

outwardly he seemed excited, Harry could see he was really jealous and angry.
Probably thinking it could have been him if he'd gone after Draco like he intended to.
Harry wasn't concerned with Ron's feeling of being robbed and ignored it. Ron's
older brothers, the twins Fred and George stopped by and congratulated him before
leaving to find their friend Lee Jordan. Moments after they left, Harry had another
"Having a last meal Potter?" It was Draco Malfoy but he didn't say it with an attitude
and there was no sign of the sneer he used on almost everyone. In fact, he looked
downright nervous. Crabbe and Goyle, however, looked smug and, well, oblivious as
always. "A-are you taking the train back to the muggles?"
He could tell the blond Slytherin was afraid he'd gotten Harry expelled and wasn't the
least bit happy about it. He'd schooled his features and tone carefully so it wasn't
readily apparent but Harry was able to pick up on it. Harry kept his face impassive as
well so Draco would see he wasn't expelled or angry with him. There was a flash of
relief on his face before it was gone and Harry silently thanked his future self for the
book on micro expressions because without it he would have missed it and many
other things as well. He started to speak but Ron beat him to it.
"At least Harry doesn't run away when he doesn't have his bodyguards!" Ron
snarled. "Thought you were going to wet yourself in fear out there today."
"The only thing anyone has to fear from you Weasley," Draco responded his sneer in
full force. "Is to be mistaken for food and being eaten."
Where Ron had gotten a few giggles, most of the onlookers outright laughed at
Draco's comeback some involuntarily. Harry had to rely on his occlumency to keep
from joining them and still needed to fake a cough. Ron's face turned beet red as he
"Care to find out?" he responded. "Unless you're too afraid."
He was hoping for more giggles but there was silence as his dig fell flat. Draco
looked from Ron to Harry taking not that Harry hadn't stood up with Ron before
turning back to the redhead.
"I'll take you on anytime," he responded deepening the sneer on his face. "On my
own, tonight if you'd like. A wizard's duel." He then looked Ron up and down. "You do
know what a wizarding duel is don't you Weasley? Although, with your family
perhaps not."
Again there were more laughs and Ron's face turned almost purple. Harry thought

he might attack the Slytherin any moment.

"Of course I do," he responded. "Harry's my second, who's yours?"
Draco looked nervous again at the mention of Harry's name but began looking at
both of his friends. Just as he was about to answer he glanced at Harry. Harry
almost imperceptively shook his head hoping Draco understood. Draco gave a slight
nod in his direction then met Ron's eyes again the sneer returning to his face.
"You know what Weasley," he said finally. "You're not worth risking expulsion for.
Unlike you, I've got a future to look forward to."
With that the three Slytherins left. When Ron turned toward him he quickly schooled
his expression so it would look like he was glaring at the retreating Slytherins. Ron
seemed to except that and they returned to their meal.
Dumbledore sat at the head table watching the confrontation hoping his plan had
worked. He'd disillusioned himself and headed out to watch the flying lessons. He'd
wanted to see if the boy took after his father in that area. He was pleased to see that
he had. He was also pleased to see that he and Malfoy appeared to be at odds. He'd
watched Malfoy take off and Harry follow. He hoped to see a battle but instead saw
them talk calmly with Draco about to hand over the item Harry was after. 'This would
not do' he thought to himself then pulled out his wand. He sent a jinx at the
Slytherin's broom as Draco held out his hand. The jinx caused the broom to spin
and, if he'd held it, would have knocked the boy off the broom possibly killing him
because of how high he was. As tempting as that idea was, he'd released it after the
first spin. The item went flying and Harry went after it while Malfoy quickly headed to
the ground. He was pleased at the boy's skill as he caught it before landing himself.
The icing on the cake was the appearance of McGonagall. Being marched off unsure
of his fate was sure to make the boy hate Malfoy. He knew McGonagall wouldn't
punish him too severely if at all. In fact, he would probably be hearing from her later
about a possible exception to the first year broom rule. He would of course allow the
exception and find himself quickly in the good graces of young Mr. Potter. He'd
headed back to his office with a smile on his face. He now sat at the faculty table
having watched yet another confrontation and congratulated himself on yet another
success. Because of Mr. Malfoy's friends, he hadn't had a clear view of the boy but
could see him glaring at the three Slytherins as they departed. The fact that the main
argument seemed to be between Malfoy and Mr. Weasley did nothing to dissuade
him as the final glare was all the evidence he needed to know he'd ended any hope
of them ever being friends. He rewarded himself with a second dessert ignoring the

fact that he always had a second dessert due to his sweet tooth and enjoyed the rest
of the meal.
Draco Malfoy sat on his bed pondering the day's events. He'd been carefully
avoiding anyone he thought might be Potter's friends and in one day he'd had a run
in with two of them. What's worse he'd started it in both instances. He still wasn't
sure what he wanted to do about Potter and after today wasn't sure if it was still an
option. The incident at the flying lesson was foremost on his mind. He didn't know
what happened with the broom and was afraid Potter would think he did that on
purpose. He was relieved when Harry caught the remembrall until he heard
McGonagall's voice. If he'd gotten Harry expelled, there would have been no coming
back from that. That was why he'd approached him at dinner. He wanted to find out
what happened. The fact that Potter was neither angry nor sad told him all he
needed to know. He hadn't been expelled and knew it was an accident. He'd
intended to walk away but then Weasley opened his mouth.
If there was one thing he knew for certain, it was that he could never be friends with
Ron Weasley. If Potter ever tried to make that a condition of their friendship, all bets
would be off. His temper had gotten the best of him and he'd responded to the
redhead without thinking. He hadn't been fooled by Potter's fake cough and had to
wonder if he really like Ron Weasley or if it was just an act. Maybe Potter just
thought his comeback was funny. Draco wasn't sure but he was coming to realize
that the Gryffindor golden boy possessed some Slytherin traits as well as Gryffindor
courage. He crawled under the covers as he continued to try to figure out what to do.
As he felt himself drifting off, he decided to distance himself from Potter for now to
clear his head and give himself time to figure out what he really wanted. With his
decision made, he succumbed to his fatigue and fell asleep.
The next several weeks went by without incident for Harry Potter. Between
homework and quidditch practice, he'd been too busy to notice how quickly time was
going by. Add in early morning trips to the safe house to work out and continue his
private studies and his days were quite full. Draco Malfoy had avoided him since the
first flying lesson. He hadn't so much as looked in Harry's direction much less talk to
him. The argument with Ron had apparently driven the Slytherin away and it was
beginning to look like the separation would be permanent. It was also possible that
events outside the castle were distracting Draco and his fellow Slytherins and
accounting, at least in part for his continued silence. The deatheater attack had
caused quite an uproar at the ministry according to the Daily Prophet.
There seemed to be new articles every day concerning the ongoing investigation into

the attacks. The ministry had been bending over backwards to appease their French
counterpart. Anyone who had been associated in any way with the deatheaters had
been sacked from the ministry. Any wizengamot Member was stripped of their place
on the council and barred from the ministry. It didn't matter that they'd been cleared
of all wrongdoing due to being imperioused, appearances were everything so people
like Draco's father now found themselves on the outside looking in. They also found
themselves under investigation and many were calling for them to be arrested and
questioned with veritaserum but thus far Fudge had blocked all attempts probably
because he was afraid of what they might say about him. The book had told him that
Fudge was corrupt so it wouldn't surprise him if the minister was merely protecting
himself. Either way he had to except that, for now, he and Draco were at an
impasse. As long as Malfoy didn't come after him or his friends, he was willing to let
things lay for the time being. Halloween was another matter.
As it drew nearer, he got more and more nervous. Every time the book glowed he
thought it would tell him what to expect but it never did. How was he supposed to
know what to do if the book didn't give him instructions? As he climbed into bed the
night before Halloween, he'd never felt more nervous. The book still hadn't told him
anything and currently wasn't glowing. He had a hard time getting to sleep as he
worried about the next day. It was the day that was supposed to finally make him
and Hermione friends. He couldn't wait to have someone he could share everything
with. He only hoped he didn't mess it up. He tossed and turned for a few more hours
until he finally fell asleep.
Hermione Granger sat in the common room with a book in her lap. She was sitting in
a comfortable chair by the fire. There was no one else in the room as the rest of the
Gryffindor's had long since gone to bed. This wasn't the first time she been up late
like this. She liked being in the common room late at night. It was quiet without
distractions so she could read, do her homework or like tonight; just think. It had
been almost two months sent she'd left home and come to her new school. She'd
been so excited when she boarded the train but now? Now she was beginning to
wish she'd never come to this place. She'd tried, she really had, but it didn't seem to
make any difference. She'd hoped that the reason she hadn't fit in at her old school
was because she was magical and didn't belong there but she didn't seem to fit in at
Hogwarts either and was beginning to think she never would.
She'd tried to be helpful to the other Gryffindors. When they had questions she'd
give them the answers if she knew what they were or look them up if she didn't. She
thought they'd be grateful but they weren't. If anything, they were annoyed with her
for sticking her nose in their business. She also knew they talked about her when
they thought she couldn't see or hear them. They didn't even bother waiting for her

back to be turned but sat in groups in the common room whispering to each other.
She knew they were talking about her because every once in awhile they would
glance up at her before they all dissolved into laughter. They thought she was lost in
her books and couldn't see what they were doing but she'd always had good
peripheral vision and could see them clearly. She was quite familiar with the pattern
having lived with it in her old school but it didn't make it hurt any less in fact it hurt
The worst of the lot was Ron Weasley. He tended to glare at her whenever he saw
her then return to whatever he was doing. He seem to always be in Harry Potter's
company and she had no doubt Ron was doing everything he could to turn him
against her. There were only two people who hadn't treated her terribly. One was
Neville but he was so shy that they hardly spoke to one another and could hardly be
considered friends. The other was Harry Potter. From the moment they met on the
train, he'd never been anything but nice to her. She still remembered the first
transfiguration class. Harry and Neville were the only ones who seemed happy for
her when she'd completed the assigned task. Her feelings were hurt when she saw
the glares from the other students but then she looked at Harry. His smile was
genuine and warm. She could see the shock on Ron's face at his response but he
didn't seem to care.
His response to her at the flying lesson surprised her as well. He didn't tell her to
bugger off in fact he was patient as he spoke to her. That he was willing to risk
expulsion for Neville simply because he was a friend was shocking to her. She'd not
had many friends, well, if she was being honest, she hadn't had any friends but, if
she ever did, she could only hope they'd be there for her like Harry was for Neville.
In truth, she wanted Harry to be that friend but Ron Weasley seemed bent on
keeping that from happening. She didn't think she could take much more
disappointment. She would try to hold out a little longer but, if things didn't change
soon, she'd write her parents and ask to go home. She looked down at her book and
realized she was no longer in the mood to read. She marked her place, closed the
book and headed up to bed.
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Chapter 6
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To Blah: I don't want my readers to empathize with Dumbledore. I want them to
hate his guts. I have not made Dumbledore like Voldemort. Voldemort is like
Darth Vader (Assuming you're familiar with star wars) obsessed with power
and willing to do anything to get it. He is brutal and unforgiving to both his
enemies and followers. Dumbledore is like Emperor Palpatine (Again Star
Wars), working within the system to orchestrate his rise to power. Palpatine
created a galactic incident on his home planet then became the biggest and
loudest voice criticizing the galactic republics lack of action resulting in the
removal of the current chancellor (Minister of Magic in Harry Potter terms)
then got himself elected to take his place. He would later orchestrate a galactic
civil war to get the republic senate to grant him special powers and declare
martial law. He used those powers to eliminate his enemies the Jedi then
declared himself emperor while claiming that the real villains were the jedi.
Dumbledore similarly used his great charisma to make people think he was the
second coming of Merlin while secretly plotting to take over the world with his
partner/lover Grindelwald. Grindelwald was more like Voldemort and just
wanted to force the world to capitulate while Dumbledore saw the benefits of
subtlety. Eventually their disagreement resulted in them parting ways.
Dumbledore continued to build his reputation while Grindelwald started his
war against the world. The world eventually turned to Dumbledore to save
them and he did so making him practically a god in their eyes not unlike how
they would view Harry Potter later on. He used that adulation to gain the
positions of power and influence he now holds. As time passed he became the
wizened leader that everyone turned to for answers and now stand as the
ultimate authority on magic not just in Britain but also the world. In short,
Dumbledore was willingly given power by the people without having to fire a
single curse. As for the murders, Dumbledore was angry at being duped and

wanted to take it out on someone. Being alone in that country house afforded
him the opportunity to let his darker side out without anyone finding out about
it. Also Dumbledore has one glaring character flaw; he is unable or unwilling
to share his secrets with anyone so it is unlikely he would trust anyone to
handle anything he considers important. Therefore he would handle Harry and
Sirius personally and wouldn't wait and take the chance of it getting too far out
of hand. He would be subtle, if possible, in his approach, but not patient.
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Chapter 6
Harry Potter was so angry he had half a mind to throw the book into the fireplace
and be done with it. It had never told him what was supposed to happen on
Halloween and he didn't know how he'd gotten through it in one piece.
Harry woke up early Halloween morning after sleeping fitfully all night. He got ready
for the day and headed to the common room hoping to find Hermione there. He
found her reading by the fireplace and found a seat nearby and pulled a book out of
his bag. He pretended to read but was really watching her. Since the book hadn't
told him what was going to happen, he'd decided to essentially be her shadow so he
could keep an eye on her. The only thing he knew was that something would happen
that would finally make them friends. The book had informed him that it was Ron,
with the help of compulsion charms no doubt, which had kept them from becoming
friends sooner.
His dislike for her had caused several arguments that had kept them distant if not
outright refusing to speak to each other but that all changed after Halloween. The
three became inseparable and would later be dubbed 'The Golden Trio'. He had a
feeling that it wasn't a nice quiet chat that caused the change. No, he was quite sure
that it was something a lot worse. He knew Voldemort was in the castle and wouldn't
put it past him to do something that might put students in danger. Since he was sure
whatever it was would somehow involve Hermione, He'd decided staying close to

her was the best way to make sure he ended up where he was supposed to. He
didn't think it would be too difficult since they had all their classes together but didn't
know what he would do if she decided to go to the library. He was quite sure there
was no way Ron would willingly go there and would expect Harry via the charm to
agree with him.
He sat there watching her turning his gaze down to the book he held open in front of
him every time she looked up. He silently tried to will her to stay there until Ron
came down. He didn't want to have to explain to Ron why he didn't wait for him but
would if he had to. Sometime that day Hermione would be in danger, he was sure of
it. It was far more important to be there for her than making the git happy. He wasn't
sure if he could come up with a good excuse but either way he wasn't going to let
her down. Thankfully he didn't need to worry.
She seemed quite content to just sit there and showed no interest in going down to
breakfast. It wasn't long until Ron made his appearance and suddenly he was afraid
the redhead would make him go to breakfast and she would still be sitting there.
Luckily he made his presence known in his usual loud way causing her to look up.
There was clearly a look of distaste on her face when she caught sight of him. She
quickly closed her book, put it in her bag and stomped out of the common room.
He quickly suggested going to breakfast and Ron immediately agreed. Harry led him
out of the common room at a near run hoping she hadn't gone to the library. Ron
commented on his pace and he passed it off as being very hungry. The redhead
seemed to except that excuse and actually started going even faster as apparently
he really was starving; not that that was anything new for him. Harry had never seen
anyone eat so much in his life and he lived with two gluttonous whales; his cousin
and uncle. He mentally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her sitting at the
Gryffindor table munching on some toast with a book open in front of her. He quickly
made his way to the table and started filling his plate while Ron sat across from him
and did the same thing. He ate quickly so he would be done when she was then
washed it down with pumpkin juice.
She again seemed to get lost in the book she was reading so his haste wasn't
necessary. While she read; he chatted with Neville while Ron continued to stuff his
face ignorant of anything else going on around him. Soon breakfast was over and
he, Neville and Ron stood up to head to class. When he noticed Neville with them,
Ron gave him a dirty look that the other boy missed but Harry saw it. It didn't really
surprise him but he didn't dwell on it as he had more important things to worry about
at the moment like their bushy haired fellow first year Gryffindor. He turned to check
on her and saw that she was only a few steps behind them. Their eyes met and he
gave her a smile which she reciprocated then he returned his attention to Ron and

Neville and continued on to class.

The morning classes went by without incident making Harry more and more nervous
as the day went on. He was hardly able to eat anything at lunch as his nerves were
so frayed even the thought of food made him nauseous. After lunch was charms with
professor Flitwick and Harry quickly realized that what he was waiting for had
probably arrived. Flitwick separated them into pairs and the moment he put
Hermione and Ron together he knew that this could and probably would spell
trouble. He was proven correct as about halfway through class Hermione began
yelling at the redhead who was swinging his wand wildly in a vain attempt to levitate
his feather. The attention of most of the class was quickly drawn to the spectacle as
she told him what he was doing wrong in her normal bossy fashion.
Of course, that was never going to sit well with him especially with the whole class
watching. He crossed his arms, a look of outrage on his face, and not too kindly
challenged her to do it. She huffed then proceeded to wave her wand fluidly and say
the incantation just as she'd instructed him to and almost immediately her feather
began to rise. The professor applauded her success and called everyone's attention
to it apparently unaware they were already watching. Harry didn't miss the dirty looks
that were once again aimed her way or that Ron rested his chin and arms on his
books and pouted for the rest of the class. He also didn't miss the hurt on her face
and made sure to catch her eye and smile while giving her thumbs up. Neville did
the same and she gave them both a grateful smile in return.
After class Ron caught up with him and Harry could tell an angry explosion was
imminent. He tried to stave it off by bringing up quidditch in hopes of distracting him
but it didn't work.
"It's no wonder no one can stand her!" he shouted in the hallway outside of class.
"She's a nightmare honestly."
Harry was about to tell him he was wrong and to shut up when he heard a sniffle as
someone knocked into him. He turned and saw that it was Hermione. As she moved
away he was sure he'd seen tears on her face. He rounded on the redhead once
again feeling the urge to slug him.
"I think she heard you Ron," Harry said barely controlling his anger. That control was
put to the test when the redhead smirked clearly unconcerned.
"So," he responded. "She must have noticed she's got no friends."
He then seemed to realize he had an audience and quickly changed his expression
to make it look like he was uncomfortable or even remorseful about what happened

but Harry knew it was a lie. He looked away before he gave in to the urge to pummel
the git and noticed that everyone seemed to be nodding their heads in agreement
with him. Everyone, that is, except Neville. He was glaring at Ron and Harry thought
he might be considering attacking the redhead as well. Harry wanted to run after her
but he'd had enough of this attitude everyone seemed to have toward her and was
determined to put an end to it.
"You're wrong Ron," he said as calmly as he could manage at the moment. "She has
at least one friend."
"Who?" He asked incredulously the smirk returning to his face as he looked around.
"Me," Harry answered simply.
Ron immediately met his eyes the shock clearly evident on his face.
"What?" Ron replied loudly. "You can't be serious mate!"
"I am Ron," He respond then turned his gaze to the rest of his fellow Gryffindors who
were paying rapt attention to their exchange and looked equally shocked. "I'm done
putting up with everyone treating her like rubbish. She's a good person and a fellow
Gryffindor so the next time you feel like bullying her or saying something rude to or
about her just remember she now has a friend that will stand up for her."
"Make that two friends!" Harry turned to see that it was Neville that had spoken. He'd
moved from his earlier position and was now standing next to him a determined look
on his face. Again Harry saw a flash of the Neville the book said he would become
as he stood unflinchingly facing down his housemates. He gave Neville a grateful
smile before turning his gaze back to Ron and continuing.
"That includes you Ron," he said firmly not caring that his ears were turning red
again in preparation for another explosion. "I won't listen to you bad mouth her
anymore. Now if you'll excuse me I have a friend to check on."
He turned and started after her with Neville following him. They'd gone about fifteen
feet when Ron finally spoke.
"Harry! What are you doing?" he yelled. "We have another class to get to!"
He turned and saw that the explosion had been averted by the shock of seeing him
walk away. Harry looked at him as if he'd said the sky was purple with pink polka

"I already told you Ron," he said a little impatiently. "I'm going to check on
He turned around again only to have the redhead yell his name even louder.
"Look Ron," he responded annoyed. "I don't have time for this. Head to class. I'll
meet you there."
He then continued down the corridor and around a corner ignoring Ron as he
continued to call out. They weren't able to find her and he hoped to see her in the
next class but she wasn't there nor did he see her for the rest of the afternoon. It
wasn't until they were heading down to dinner that he found out where she was. He
overheard Parvati telling Lavender that she was crying in the girls bathroom and
wanted to be left alone. Harry was angry that they'd just left her there. Ron again
tried to look unhappy about it but he could see that the redhead was enjoying
hearing how upset she was. Harry glared at him when he looked away and noticed
Neville doing the same. He was walking behind them and Harry knew he'd heard
what Parvati had said as well.
Throughout the afternoon Ron had acted as if the incident had never happened.
He'd never asked if Harry had found her but Harry noted he was careful not to insult
her showing he hadn't really forgotten. They entered the great hall and began to fill
their plates. The decorations were breathtaking but Harry didn't take much notice of
them. He kept his eyes on the open doors hoping she would show up soon. He
shared a look with Neville who was sitting across from him and was fairly certain
there was a nonverbal agreement made between them to head to the girls bathroom
if she didn't show up to the feast. When the doors finally opened he started to rise
and go meet her only to be disappointed to see that it was professor Quirrell.
He ran toward the head table screaming about a troll being in the dungeon before
fainting in an extremely theatrical fashion. There was only a moment of shock before
panic ensued as students began screaming and running toward the exit. They were
stopped by a loud voice yelling 'Silence!' Turning Harry saw that the speaker was
Dumbledore. He immediately implored everyone to not panic then ordered the
prefects to escort the students to their dormitories while the teachers were to follow
him to the dungeon. Percy soon had them rounded up and on their way back to the
tower. Harry didn't pay much attention to Ron's brother and began purposely walking
slowly so as to fall behind the rest of the Gryffindors. Ron seemed annoyed at how
slowly he was walking probably wanting to get to the common room quickly so he
could get back to eating again. When they reached a spot where Harry thought he
could get away from the watchful prefect, he stepped out of line and pulled Ron with
him. Ron seemed even more annoyed as he ripped his arm free from Harry's grasp.

"What are we stopping for?" he asked impatiently.

"I've just thought," he said thoughtfully. He wasn't feeling thoughtful at all. From the
moment Quirrell fainted he knew what he had to do. What the book hadn't told him;
save Hermione from the troll. "Hermione."
"What about her?" Ron asked and there was no mistaking the sneer that appeared
on his face.
"She doesn't know about the troll." He answered wanting to knock that sneer off his
face with a beater's bat. The urge got stronger as a smile appeared on the redhead's
face. Harry was sure he was enjoying the thought of what that troll would do to her.
Then he apparently remembered what Harry had said before because the smile was
quickly replaced with a look of shock.
"That's not our problem mate," he responded clearly not interested in helping her.
"Besides, the troll is in the dungeon not up here. Dumbledore's probably already
taken care of it and she's probably in the common room enjoying the feast right now.
Come on; let's head up to the tower. If we're lucky, my prat of a brother will never
notice we were gone."
He then turned and took a few steps in the direction of the common room obviously
thinking the matter settled until he realized Harry wasn't following and turned back to
face him.
"Come on mate, let's go," he said clearly annoyed but Harry simply shook his head.
"I'm going to the girl's bathroom to make sure she's okay," Harry replied firmly. "With
or without you."
Ron didn't respond right away and stood there for a few moments clearly having an
internal debate before meeting his eyes again.
"Fine," he said finally. "But Percy better not catch us."
With that they headed down a different corridor unaware that someone had seen
them step out of line and decided to follow them. They'd only gone a little ways when
they heard footsteps behind them. Ron immediately panicked and whispered 'Percy'
while pulling him behind a large stone griffin. It wasn't Percy; it was Snape.
He was heading in a direction that was clearly not toward the dungeon. As they
began to move again, Harry realized he was heading toward the third floor but, at
that moment, he didn't care what Snape was up to. He just wanted to find Hermione

but he did make a mental note of it for later consideration. They'd only made it a little
further when Ron stopped him again.
"Do you smell something?" he asked before Harry could complain about the delay.
Harry breathed deeply through his nose and immediately regretted it. There was
something foul in the air and it seemed to be getting stronger with each passing
moment. Then they heard a growl and quickly hid in the shadows. It wasn't long until
the troll came into view. Harry had never seen a troll before and, after seeing this
one, never wanted to see another. The troll went past them, and moved on down the
corridor until it came to an open door. The creature paused momentarily before
ducking and disappearing through it.
As they approached the door, they saw that there was a key in it. An idea quickly
formed in his head as they crept closer to the door. If they could trap the troll in the
room, he might be able to get Hermione to safety without having to face it. As soon
as he got close enough, he lunged at the door to close it quickly turning the key to
lock it. They'd only gone a few steps from the door when a scream let Harry know
he'd made a big mistake. Turning back around, he realized just how big of a mistake
it was. He'd been paying so much attention to the troll and the door that he'd missed
the sign indicating what the room was; the girl's bathroom.
He quickly unlocked the door praying that he hadn't gotten her killed and rushed in.
Hermione looked frozen with fear while the troll used its club to destroy sinks as it
moved toward her. Harry began throwing debris at it and yelling to distract it while
moving towards Hermione as well. He heard Ron doing the same thing and turned to
see that he'd stayed by the door. The troll seemed confused until something large
and metal hit its head causing it to turn back toward the door. It wasn't Ron that had
thrown it; it was Neville.
Apparently, he'd noticed them step out of line and had followed them. The troll
immediately started moving toward them. Ron took a step back and Harry thought
he might run at any moment but Neville took a step forward glaring at the troll as if
daring it to try something. Harry, meanwhile, called to Hermione but she was still out
of it and didn't respond. Deciding Neville and Ron needed his help more at that
moment, he ran up behind the troll and jumped on its back managing to wrap his
arms around its neck causing his wand to go up its nose.
The creature howled in pain and began swinging its club wildly trying to remove him.
Neville began throwing more debris at it this time aiming for its legs trying to do what
he could to help. Ron just stood there until Harry yelled at him to do something. He
then pointed his wand at the troll and said clearly (and, Harry noted, exactly as

Hermione had instructed in class) 'wingardium leviosa'.

Suddenly, the club flew out of the troll's grasp and hovered above it. It only hung
there for a few moments before crashing down on its head. It swayed back and forth
a few times before falling face first to the floor. Harry stood up then pulled his wand
out of its nose and wiped it clean on the troll's trousers. It was then that Hermione
finally spoke.
"Is it dead?" She asked as she walked toward them.
"I don't think so," Harry replied. "I think it's just been knocked out." He then turned to
Neville. "Thanks for the help Nev," he then noticed Ron's ears turning red and
decided to try to diffuse the oncoming explosion if he could. "Good job on that spell
Ron," that seemed to placate the redhead so Harry turned his attention back to
Hermione as Neville spoke.
"No problem mate," Neville replied then looked at Hermione. "You okay Hermione?"
he asked before Harry could.
"I'm fine Neville," she replied.
They didn't get a chance to say anything more as they suddenly heard the sounds of
several footsteps indicating either a group of people or something with a lot of legs
was approaching at a fast pace. It was only a few seconds later that three professors
charged through the door. Professor McGonagall was first followed by Snape and
then Quirrell. Quirrel let out a small yelp then sat down on a toilet holding his heart at
the sight of the troll while Snape examined the creature. McGonagall ignored it
completely as she focused on them and immediately demanded an explanation.
"What on earth were you thinking of?" she asked looking angrier than they'd ever
seen her. "You're lucky you weren't killed! Why aren't you in your dormitories?"
Harry noticed Ron still had his wand up probably still impressed with himself while
Neville was back to being the scared little boy he'd first met. Apparently their head of
house scared him far more than a troll ever could. He was about to answer when
Hermione jumped in.
"Please Professor McGonagall," she pleaded. "They were looking for me."
"Miss Granger?" McGonagall asked clearly shocked at what she'd heard.
"I'd gone looking for the troll," she said quickly. "Because I-I thought I could deal with
it on my own, you know, because I'd read all about them."

There was no missing the shock on Ron's face at hearing her lie for them. It was
enough to get him to finally lower his wand and pay attention to what was going on
as she continued.
"If they hadn't found me I'd be dead now," she spoke earnestly. "Harry stuck his
wand up its nose while Neville threw things at it to distract it then Ron knocked it out
with its own club. They didn't have time to come and fetch anyone. It was about to
finish me off when they arrived."
Harry tried to look like this story was the truth for her sake and noticed Ron and
Neville doing the same.
"Well, in that case," McGonagall responded thoughtfully while staring at all four of
them. "Miss Granger! You foolish girl! How could you think of tackling a mountain
troll on your own?"
Hermione hung her head as their head of house spoke. Harry wanted to speak up
and tell the truth but quickly realized that this was Hermione's way of paying them
back for coming for her so he kept silent as McGonagall continued.
"Miss Granger, five points will be taken from Gryffindor for this," she said fixing
Hermione with a stern glare. "I'm very disappointed in you. If you're not hurt at all,
you'd better get off to Gryffindor tower. Students are finishing the feast in their
Hermione left and she turned her gaze on the three of them. Ron gulped while
Neville began to visibly shake in fear. Harry felt nervous as well but didn't care what
happened to him at that point. Hermione was safe. That was all that mattered to him.
"Well I still say you were lucky," she said much more calmly this time. "But not many
first years could have taken on a fully grown mountain troll. You each win Gryffindor
five points. Professor Dumbledore will be informed of this. You may go."
Ron and Neville both calmed visibly when they heard they were getting points for
this but that didn't stop them from leaving as fast as they could as soon as they were
dismissed. Harry followed them and no one spoke until they were two floors up.
"We should have gotten more than fifteen points," Ron grumbled.
Harry couldn't believe he was worried about that rather than being relieved that they
weren't in trouble. He also realized that the redhead had made a mistake and
decided to correct him.

"Ten, you mean," Harry responded. "Once she's taken off Hermione's."
"Good of her to get us out of trouble like that," He replied. "Mind you, we did save
"She might not have needed saving," Harry argued. "If we hadn't locked the thing in
with her."
"Not to mention she wouldn't have been in there at all if you hadn't hurt her feelings."
It was the first time Neville had spoken. His words were rather blunt but there was no
anger in his tone. Ron turned toward him and Harry could tell he was taking offense
anyway but Harry stepped in before he could get a full head of steam going.
"He's right Ron," Harry said quickly causing the redhead to turn his glare on him. "I
saw you looking uncomfortable when you heard she'd been crying." He knew Ron
had faked that but knew things would go better for all of them if he thought he'd
fooled them. "But it doesn't matter now. You more than made up for it by going after
her tonight."
He really hadn't but Harry had no desire to see another fight. Neville didn't look like
he completely agreed with him either but nodded his head anyway. That seemed to
placate Ron and they continued on and soon came to the portrait of the fat lady.
They all said the password at the same time and entered the common room. It was
packed and noisy as everyone was eating the food that had been sent up except for
Hermione who stood alone by the door. Suddenly Harry felt embarrassed though he
didn't know why. He noticed the others were acting the same way and were avoiding
eye contact. No one said anything for a few moments then, just as the silence was
starting to get uncomfortable, they all spoke at about the same time saying the same
thing; 'thanks'. Then they all hurried off to get plates.
Something was different after that. Once they'd gotten their food, without saying a
word, they found seats together. As they ate, they chatted pleasantly like friends do.
Even Ron joined in when he wasn't stuffing his face. They didn't talk about anything
even remotely important and pointedly avoided talking about the evening's events.
Harry didn't know how it happened, but they'd all become friends. Well, Harry,
Hermione and Neville had. Ron was acting friendly but Harry could tell he didn't
mean it. They hung out in the common room until the day's events caught up with
them then headed to bed with an agreement to meet for breakfast the next morning.
That had been a few hours earlier. Harry had climbed into his bed and pulled out the
book like he did every night and noticed it was glowing. He was still sitting on his bed
glaring at the glowing book on his lap. He was still bloody furious but his curiosity

was beginning to get the better of him. Finally, unable to take it anymore, he opened
the book and started to read.
I imagine you're a bit upset at me for not telling you about the troll.
'A bit upset?' Harry thought to himself before continuing to read. 'That's the
understatement of the century!'
You need to understand that I knew what would happen because I lived through it
myself. I knew it would most likely happen the same way because I purposely
avoided having you do anything that might affect this moment in my past. I knew that
you would get to Hermione in time and that you and Ron would save her. I knew that
McGonagall would give you and Ron five points each for saving her and take five
points from Hermione. It was the lie she told that got Ron to stop trying to drive her
away and allowed us to become friends. I wasn't sure that would happen without the
troll incident to bond you so I decided to let it happen. I didn't tell you before hand to
keep to from interfering with the confrontation outside Flitwick's classroom that
started the whole thing in motion.
I knew I could control how this moment played out for the most part and felt it was
necessary to do so. As we continue to make changes, your time line will become
more and more different from mine until my history will no longer matter to your
timeline. That won't happen for several more years I suspect. Until then, please trust
me. I have yours and Hermione's as well as everyone else you will come to care
about's best interest at heart. When you're ready to accept that please read on for
your next instructions.
Harry still wasn't happy but had to admit the book was probably right. He'd been in a
right state all day trying to be alert for any and all threats wishing he knew what was
coming so he could stop it before it started. Part of him still wished he could have but
he couldn't argue with the results. He was now free to be friends with both Neville
and Hermione. It was then that he remembered that the book never mentioned
Neville being there at all and realized he'd already changed things a little. It really
wasn't a big change but it was a change. He released his anger and looked back at
the book for his next instructions and found only one sentence written there.
It's time to tell Hermione.

Chapter 7
A/N: Wow! This has been way too long in coming hasn't it? The last 1 1/2 - 2 years
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Chapter 7
*** In Case you skipped my A/N, you need to read Chapter 5 before reading
this as the original chapter has been taken down and replaced with a new
version and this won't make sense otherwise.***
Amelia Bones sat in an unused classroom at Hogwarts fighting a strong urge to
vomit. She was there to inform Harry Potter about his godfather's upcoming trial but
it wasn't the thought of meeting him that caused her current condition. It was having
to interact with Albus Dumbledore. It only took one look at the teenage victim for her
to know who had killed the ambassador and his family. She had immediately
recognized the girl she'd placed the old man's tracking charm on. It was only her
experience at schooling her features from her days working undercover that allowed
her to hide the shock and guilt she felt for her part, however small and innocent it
may have been, in the death of that family.
She had expected him to be annoyed or perhaps even angry when he found out she
had sent him on a wild goose chase but never would have believed him capable of
what was done in that house. In her mind, he was now on par with Voldemort or

perhaps even worse. She wasn't sure if he did it himself or sent someone but
suspected the latter. Albus Dumbledore wasn't one to get his hands dirty if he didn't
have to. The question was who could he have sent? Her money was on his pet
death eater Severus Snape. She only wished she had some proof so she could bury
the both of them. As it was, she felt like she needed another shower just being in the
same room with the old man.
She tried to push those thoughts out of her mind as that had no bearing on why she
had come to Hogwarts. She had been waiting for about fifteen minutes. She'd tried
to use that time to prepare herself but couldn't get the image of the girl out of her
head. Amelia had thought it was harmless misdirection when she placed the tracking
charm onto the teenager. She never dreamed that that one action would lead to not
only the girl's death but the murder of her whole family. She expected Voldemort to
be ruthless like that but couldn't believe that Albus Dumbledore, a man she once
admired above all others, could be a party to such a heinous act of violence.
She was pulled from her thoughts when the door opened. Dumbledore entered
followed by an eleven year old James Potter. At least that's who he looked like to her
except for the eyes of course. Those were all his mother Lily. Sirius had told her as
much from his memories of Harry as a baby but his description didn't come close to
the real thing. He seemed nervous but there was no noticeable fear as he followed
the headmaster toward her. Once the introductions were taken care of, she got right
down to business wanting to get away from the old man as soon as possible. She
only hoped she could avoid running into the potion master because she wasn't
entirely sure she could control herself if she saw the man she was now sure was a
cold blooded murderer. She had only been speaking to Harry for a few minutes when
she was interrupted by a knock on the door.
Albus went to the door and opened it to reveal Minerva McGonagall on the other
side. They had a short whispered conversation before he turned back to her. He
seemed to be having an internal debate for a few moments before meeting her eyes.
Whatever decision he had come to it was clear he wasn't very happy about it.
"My apologies Amelia," he started in an apologetic tone. "It would seem that our
caretaker, Argus Filtch and his pet cat, have become victims of a prank." A slight
mischievous smile graced his features as he continued. "Apparently he is convinced
that the Weasley twins are responsible and is demanding that I handle this
personally. Therefore, I'm afraid that I must, for the moment, take my leave.
However, I will try to take care of this matter as quickly as I can and, if possible,
rejoin you. Otherwise I'm sure Harry here can pass on any pertinent information to

"Certainly Professor," Harry agreed enthusiastically.

Amelia paused for a moment as if in thought. It was only for show as she wanted
nothing more, at that moment, than for him to leave. She wanted a chance to talk to
Harry alone and, at this point, the farther away she was from Albus Dumbledore the
"That would be fine Headmaster," she answered finally. "But I can save you both the
trouble. The trial has been set for Nine A.M. two weeks from today. I trust it won't be
a problem excusing him from classes that day?"
Now it was the old man's turn to pause in thought. She wouldn't be surprised if he
was doing it for show as well if only to delay his leaving.
"Well then perhaps we can just conclude this meeting and let young Harry here get
on with his day," he responded and she couldn't help notice that he had turned on
that damned twinkle of his hoping to charm her into agreeing but her newfound
dislike and the utter revulsion she felt toward the man rendered her immune to his
"I'm afraid not," She replied. "There are some other things I need to discuss with
Harry but the date and time of the trial is all you really needed to know so there is
really no need for you to stay considering you apparently have other matters you
need to attend to."
She was, once again, grateful for her training. Otherwise, she would have missed
the headmaster's anger at being dismissed. She didn't care if he was happy about it.
She just wanted him to leave. He stood there for a few more moments, probably just
to save face, and then left.
Amelia was then surprised to see Harry visibly relax once Dumbledore was gone.
She wasn't sure what to make of that but filed it away for future reflection. She also
reasoned that it might not mean anything. Albus Dumbledore was an intimidating
figure, after all, especially to a first year. Of course, to a first year, every authority
figure is intimidating but, if that was the case, why wasn't he nervous with her? She
didn't know but that wasn't the time or place to dwell on such things so she turned
her attention back to the boy in question.
She hadn't lied to the Headmaster. There were a lot of things she would have liked
to talk to Harry about like Sirius' innocence but knew she couldn't risk it. She didn't
know how close to Dumbledore he was and was too close to getting Sirius his
freedom and the boy in front of her out of the old man's control to take the chance.
So instead she spent the next twenty minutes doing exactly what she said she

would. Going over details of the trial and what he should expect hoping she would
have another opportunity in the near future to talk with him more freely hopefully with
Sirius there as his guardian.
She decided to just take what she could get and spent a few minutes asking him
about his classes and his overall Hogwarts experience so far once her official
business was taken care of. He talked freely about his life in school including that he
had made some friends in the short time he'd been there. Amelia happily had lots of
good information she would be able to pass on to Sirius at Dinner later. Including
that his godson was a very pleasant young man to talk to. Thanking him for his time,
she finally bade him goodbye before making her way out of the castle.
Albus Dumbledore was beyond angry at being dismissed like an errant first year by
that Bones woman. He was further annoyed by his caretaker's petty vendetta
against the Weasley twins. It took him far longer than it should have to resolve the
situation. So much so that the classroom was empty by the time he made it back
there. He was now forced to hurry through secret passageways and other less
traveled paths that most of the student body didn't know about in order to hopefully
'accidently' bump into the boy so he could find out what was said after he left.
Amelia Bones had been almost openly hostile toward him the whole time she was in
the castle. He knew that she probably suspected he was behind the murder of the
French ambassador and his family but all she really had was suspicions. It didn't
matter to him that those suspicions happened to be correct. She had no proof so, in
his mind, she should have treated him with the respect he believed was due him.
She was just lucky that the boy was in the room or he would have gladly shown her
just what her place in this world was. His thoughts then turned to the cause of all
He was very angry when Snape told him what happened. So much so that he very
nearly took a page out of Voldemort's playbook and used the torture curse on his
potion master. It was bad enough that Black wasn't there but then he had gone and
cast a Fiendfyre on the situation by killing the family that lived there. He had to
admit, however, that Severus' decision to cast the dark mark to cover their tracks
was a stroke of genius that had paid dividends Albus could never have anticipated.
The dark side had taken a huge hit. Lucius Malfoy and his fellow death eaters that
had manipulated and bribed their way out of prison by way of claiming they were
under the imperious curse were, at least for the time being, no longer obstacles for
him to overcome in the Wizengamot. A welcome opportunity he intended to take full
advantage of starting with pushing for the removal of the utterly corrupt minister of

He had allowed Cornelius Fudge to win the position thinking he would be the perfect
figure head; indecisive and easy to control. He was well aware of Fudge's penchant
for using his various positions to line his pockets and wasn't particularly concerned
about it. Being corrupt wasn't a problem for the headmaster as long as it was for the
benefit of Albus Dumbledore. Cornelius, unfortunately, sold out to Lucius Malfoy thus
making himself a liability. One Dumbledore was now determined to eliminate.
Severus' actions helped that endeavor far beyond the removal of the death eaters
from the Wizengamot. The ambassador and his family were unprotected that night
largely as a result of Fudge's policies. Albus had learned that they had arrived a few
days ahead of the scheduled arrival of their protection detail under the mistaken
assumption that the British Ministry would be providing security for them in the
With all the cutbacks in the DMLE, specifically in the auror department, the Ministry
simply didn't have the means to provide that security. That alone should be more
than enough to call for a vote of no confidence. Albus had no doubt that most of
those cuts were at Lucius Malfoy's urging. After all, there was no better way to take
over a country than by having someone on the inside minimizing its ability to defend
Despite the positives there was still one huge negative; Sirius Black. That wasn't
Severus' fault however. No, the blame for that fell squarely on the shoulders of
Amelia Bones. There was almost no one he wanted dead more at that moment than
that infernal woman! There was really no way to stop Sirius from getting a trial now.
He'd tried to coerce Black's location out of her then attempted to track her to his
location. Both attempts had backfired horribly. It was obvious now that another
tracking charm was useless and, if her attitude towards him earlier was any
indication, it would be a very cold day in hell before she would ever willingly give him
the time of day much less tell him anything about Sirius Black.
No, he had no choice now but to hope he could somehow gain enough influence
over Sirius once he was free to still maintain some control over the boy. He pushed
those thoughts to the back of his mind for further consideration later as he spied his
"Mr. Potter?" he called out to the first year smiling inwardly as the boy jumped in
He'd noticed the boy's nervousness earlier and didn't think he would have any
problem getting any pertinent information from him about what happened in the
classroom after he was all but kicked out. Harry looked around nervously until he

spotted the Headmaster then shuffled over to him.

"Yes sir?" Harry responded respectfully with only a touch of nerves when he got
Albus reveled in the respect the boy was giving him in that moment. It was proof that
most of his goals concerning the boy were going exactly as he had expected them
to. He wanted the boy to look to him above all others for guidance. He needed Harry
Potter to have an unshakable faith in his headmaster. All of his plans depended on it.
His friends should help that along greatly.
He hadn't wanted the boy to have any close friends beyond Ron Weasley who was
spying on Harry for him. However, the other two should prove useful as well with the
additional compulsion charms he put on them after they became friends. The charms
were purely for insurance purposes as it was likely they would have done what he
wanted without them.
Neville Longbottom was, from the short time the headmaster had been able to
observe him, practically scared of his own shadow. Therefore it was highly unlikely
he would ever dare to do anything but exactly what he was told to do. Albus had no
idea how he was sorted into Gryffindor.
Hermione Granger, on the other hand, Rivaled Harry in courage except when it
came to rule breaking. She had an almost pathological need to please authority. As
a result, her first response to any crises would always be to ask a staff member for
help or encourage her friends to do so. Any such requests would rapidly make their
way to the headmaster thus keeping him in the loop on the life of his most important
The compulsion charms were to make sure that continued to be the case. He put on
his best grandfatherly smile to put Harry at ease. A feeling of satisfaction went
through him upon seeing the boy visibly relax in response.
"I just wanted to apologize for having to leave you alone with Madame Bones Harry,"
he said keeping his tone friendly. "And to see if you had any questions or concerns
about anything you discussed after I left?"
"Not really Professor," he answered simply. "She tried to tell me what the trial and
The Ministry would be like but, seeing as how I've never been there, I probably won't
really understand everything she told me until I'm actually at the trial."
"That is probably true," he replied smiling inwardly at how easy it was to get the boy
talking to him. "But I wouldn't concern yourself with that too much Harry. Most

witches and wizards spend little if any time in the ministry and therefore wouldn't
understand what Madam Bones said any more than you did. Did you talk about
anything else?"
"She asked how school was," Harry responded a smile appearing on his face. "I told
her it was great and that I liked being here. I told her all about my friendship with
Ron. How we met on the train and became best mates. Oh, and I told her about
Neville and Hermione too."
"I'm glad you are enjoying your time here Harry," Again he smiled inwardly.
The compulsion charms were working perfectly making Ron the most important
person in his life at the moment. That was exactly how he wanted it for the time
being. When he was older, adjustments would obviously have to be made but, for
now, it was fine the way it was.
"Was that all?" he continued putting on his best concerned look wanting to be sure
he learned all he could from the boy.
"Yes professor," he answered. "Except for the goodbyes of course,"
"Very well," Albus replied returning to the grandfatherly smile and turning his twinkle
on full force satisfied he had gotten all the pertinent information. "Feel free to come
to me should you have any questions or concerns later on Harry. I won't hold you
any longer as I suspect your friends are anxious to hear all about your meeting."
The boy gave him a smile in return and nodded his head then turned and hurried
away quickly. Albus turned and headed the other way confident things would go just
the way he wanted them to once he had Sirius Black under control.
Harry hurried around the corner before slowing down to a normal pace happy to be
away from the headmaster. He had enjoyed talking to Amelia Bones and was looking
forward to the trial and hopefully his godfather's freedom. He knew Sirius was
innocent from the book and he couldn't wait to be free of his relatives but that was
still two weeks away. Right now, he had another problem he needed to figure out.
A few weeks had gone by since Halloween and he still hadn't told Hermione about
the book. It wasn't from lack of trying but simply a lack of opportunity. Ron, it
seemed, was determined to never let Harry out of his sight. It didn't help that
suddenly Hermione and Neville as well seemed to want him around all the time. It
was very different from how they acted toward him before they had all become
friends and Harry knew why; at some point, compulsion charms had been placed on
them probably by Dumbledore.

He hadn't been able to get Hermione alone but had managed to find an opening to
check them both for charms. After two weeks of frustration he had finally come up
with a plan that he hoped would work but that would be for later. Right now his
friends were waiting in the Gryffindor common room and he had just reached the fat
lady's portrait. He gave the password and slipped inside as soon as it was open.
He was immediately surrounded by his three friends wanting to know what
happened. He spent the next hour telling them all about the meeting as well as his
talk with Dumbledore afterwards then they talked about the upcoming trial and how
he felt about it. Obviously he didn't tell them the truth but instead said he was happy
to see his parents' betrayer face justice. He even put an angry expression on his
face to make them think he truly hated Sirius.
After that, they talked about school and other meaningless subjects until it was time
for dinner. After dinner they played a few games of exploding snap then Hermione
read a book while Harry and Neville switched off playing chess with Ron. It was Ron
that yawned first then everyone else followed suit and before long they all headed to
bed. Harry didn't go to sleep though. Instead he lay awake waiting for Ron and
Neville to fall asleep. When he heard their distinctive snores, he knew he was clear
to put his plan to tell Hermione in action. He also hoped to be able to take care of
something else the book wanted him to do while he was at it.
He got out of bed slowly, grabbed his backpack then quietly tip toed out of the dorm.
He headed back down to the common room hoping Hermione would be there. It
wasn't the first time he had snuck out of bed late at night. He'd done it several times;
at first because he was still getting used to sleeping in the castle and later because
of what was happening the next day. He had trouble sleeping the whole week before
Halloween for obvious reasons. In almost all those instances, he found Hermione
sitting in the common room reading a book usually by herself as it was normally
empty after ten.
He didn't know why she was always up so late but hoped to find out someday. Right
now, he just wanted her to be there tonight. He wanted to tell her. He was tired of
keeping all of this to himself. Plus, he wanted to give her the necklace so she would
be safe from the compulsion charms and anything else they tried to use on her.
When he got to the common room, he was relieved to see her sitting in her usual
chair by the fire a book open in her lap. He made his way over to her purposely
making some noise to avoid startling her. She didn't look up or otherwise show any
indication she had heard him approach until he was only a few feet away. Then she
spoke but never moved her eyes off the page she was reading.
"What are you doing up Harry?" she asked finally looking up to meet his eyes at the

end of the question.

"Couldn't sleep, you?" he responded simply while throwing the question back to her.
He suddenly felt extremely nervous about how she would react to what he wanted to
tell her but was still determined to go through with it. He just decided to start with
some small talk and work his way to it as quickly as he could rather than just blurting
it out to start with. Plus, he had no intention of bringing it up in the common room.
No, he decided he would get her to follow him on his other mission first then give her
the necklace and once they were at the safe house, drop the rest of it on her there.
He only hoped she would still be his friend when it was all said and done.
"Lavender and Parvati were having one of their gossip fests when I went up there,"
she responded with a bit of annoyance in her voice. "They were talking so loudly I
wouldn't be able to concentrate on my book much less be able to sleep. This isn't the
first time it's happened either. Honestly! You would think they would have the
decency to show their dorm mates a little courtesy and have their chats down here
where they won't impose on anyone!" She seemed to realize all at once that she had
gone on a bit of a tirade and looked up at him sheepishly. "Sorry Harry. I guess I'm
just a bit fed up so why can't you sleep?"
"I've just got a lot on my mind I guess," he answered edging closer to the topic he
really wanted to talk about.
She nodded her head a look of sympathy coming over her face.
"Let me guess," she replied after a few seconds. "You've been thinking about your
parents haven't you? Oh, Harry I'm so sorry. I know this must be difficult for you. You
must think badly of us. I mean, we just kept pushing you for more information and
never considered how you might be feeling about all of it except what you thought of
Sirius Black of course."
"It's ok Hermione," he responded. "Of course I've been thinking about my parents but
I have been doing that constantly since I found out the truth about them when I
learned I was a wizard. Truth is I've always wondered about them for as long as I
can remember and never believed the lies I was told."
He trailed off and turned away as he felt an unexpected swell of emotion at the
direction this conversation had turned to. He quickly shook it off and turned back to
her as he had far more important things to tell her and didn't have time to dwell on
those feelings at the moment. She spoke up though before he could try to get the
conversation back on track.

"Who lied to you about your parents Harry?" she asked hesitantly clearly worried she
might be prying.
"My relatives," he answered simply.
He was through worrying about what his relatives said or did now that he had a real
chance of never having to see them again. Hermione, on the other hand, looked
horrified by his answer.
"Why would they do something like that," she asked once she found her voice again.
"It doesn't matter Hermione," he replied shaking his head. "I know the truth now and
that's all that matters. Anyway, that's not why I can't sleep. You see, there is
something else that I have been keeping from everyone for a while now but I don't
want to keep it to myself any more. I need to share it with someone I can trust."
He watched her face to see how she would react worried she might get scared and
refuse to listen but she only looked thoughtful as she considered what he said.
Silence fell for a few minutes until he began to get worried she might not be thinking
at all but simply ignoring him hoping he would take the hint and go away. Finally she
met his eyes again a smile on her face letting him know his fears were for naught.
"I'm glad you want to talk to someone Harry," she said finally. "But wouldn't you
rather be telling Ron this instead of me? I mean, he is your best mate after all or, if
it's something really important perhaps you should tell Dumbledore. I could go get
Ron for you and Neville too if you wish?"
He wanted to scream 'No!' when she mentioned Dumbledore's name but managed
to control the urge. He had to remind himself that she didn't know the truth yet not to
mention the charms that were controlling her. He knew he needed to get her
necklace on her as soon as possible but, for now, he just needed to convince her to
go with him.
"Thank you Hermione but no," he answered her quickly as she had made to get up
obviously expecting a different answer from him. He held up his hand to stop her and
she sat back down as he continued. "Right now, I only want to tell you but, when I'm
done, I will gladly tell anyone you think should know alright?"
She nodded her head another smile gracing her face obviously happy that he had
chosen to trust her with his secret first. She sat back in her chair as if to get
comfortable then started patting the chair next to her invitingly.
"Ok Harry," she said warmly. "You've got my undivided attention."

He shook his head in response and her smile was quickly replaced by a look of
"Not here," he said trying to explain his negative response. "I can't take the chance
of someone walking in and overhearing."
She nodded her head indicating she understood as she replied.
"But where can we go?" she asked looking worried. "Your dorm room is full of
sleeping boys and you can't come to mine. Even if you could, the gossip mongers
are probably still at it. If they were to overhear us talking, the whole school would
likely know your secret by breakfast tomorrow."
She looked thoroughly disappointed and he was quite sure she believed there was
no solution to their problem which meant she wouldn't get to hear what he wanted to
tell her at least not tonight.
"I know a place where we can talk where no one will be able to listen in," he said
quickly causing her to immediately perk up. "Follow me."
She closed her book and set it aside as she happily stood up and did just that until
she realized they were approaching the Gryffindor house portal. She then grabbed
his arm to stop him and began speaking in hysterical whispers.
"Harry! We can't!" she said looking terrified. "It's after curfew! If we get caught we
could be in a lot of trouble! I can't risk it after the troll! It might be enough to get me
expelled! Please Harry we just can't-"
He'd put his hand over her mouth to stop her rant. Her eyes were still wide with fear
but she made no attempt to remove his hand so she could continue. Instead she
seemed content to wait and see what he had to say.
"It's ok Hermione," he said when she was calm. "We aren't going very far and I
promise you we won't get caught."
The book had given him the exact time the prefects rounds would end which had
already passed as well as exactly where the roaming professors would be at this
hour. He didn't know how his future self knew that information but he didn't doubt it.
He then removed his hand and was relieved when the rant didn't start up again. She
still looked fearful but she was also clearly considering what he had said.
"How do you know that?" she asked still looking a bit unsure.

"I can't tell you that here," he responded. "But I will if you come with me."
He watched as her curiosity battled with her fear until there was a clear winner. He
only hoped it was the curiosity that won otherwise his plan would have failed before
it had even begun. When she nodded her head he knew it had. He then led her out
of the portal and on to the next phaze of the plan.
He pushed open the Fat Lady's portrait and quickly made his way down the corridor
ignoring the Fat Lady when she asked where they were going. He kept up a steady
pace until he reached the stairs and climbed until he reached the seventh floor. He
continued his pace on the seventh floor until he reached a dead end. There were no
doors or windows, only a tapestry of a wizard teaching a group of trolls to dance. He
signaled for Hermione to stop then began walking up and down the corridor while
thinking 'I need a place to hide something" over and over like the book had told him
to. As he walked, Hermione stood there silently a look of confusion on her face. That
changed to shock when a door appeared across from the tapestry after his third
pass. He quickly moved to the door, opened it and beckoned her inside.
He followed her through the door and was amazed at what he saw. There was stuff
as far as the eye could see stacked floor to ceiling in some places. Trunks,
cauldrons, furniture and lots of things he didn't recognize seemed to go on without
end. He was suddenly worried he might not be able to find what he came here for.
Hermione was just standing there, eyes wide, just taking it all in. he decided to try to
break the spell the room had on her so they could get a move on and get to the most
important thing he needed to do tonight; tell Hermione everything.
"Pretty impressive isn't it?" he asked her.
She glanced at him quickly before returning her gaze to the piles of things all around
"I don't know how a room this large could fit inside the castle?" she replied a look of
awe still plastered on her face. "It must be at least ten times larger than the great hall
perhaps more."
"Magic," he answered her playfully.
She rolled her eyes at him but the corners of her mouth moving up in a slight smile
belied any real annoyance at his cheeky remark.
"Do you know what this place is?" she asked her curiosity once again showing

"It's called the Room of Requirement." He answered matter-of-factly.

"How did you find out about it?" she asked her curiosity clearly split between
exploring the contents of the room and getting an answer to her question.
"From this," he answered simply while showing her the book for the first time having
pulled it out of his backpack.
Her eyes were now locked on it all thoughts of the room they were in forgotten as
she was now far more interested in seeing what else there was to learn in its pages.
"Could I borrow it sometime?" she asked timidly though her desire to get her hands
on the book was clearly etched in her face.
He shook his head no and her expression turned from hope to disappointment.
Worried he was upsetting her which was the last thing he wanted to do; he quickly
spoke up so she wouldn't think he intended to keep it from her.
"Don't get me wrong Hermione," he said hastily. "I'm going to let you see it but I have
to keep it with me at all times so I can't let you borrow it but you will always be
welcome to read it as long as no one else is around."
The disappointment left her face as he spoke to be replaced first with relief and then
another smile.
"Could I look at it now?" she asked taking a small step towards him.
"Not yet, but soon," he answered while opening the book to a page he had
bookmarked. "I need it to find something first. This book is one of the things I wanted
to talk to you about. The main thing really but I need to find a diadem that's
supposed to be hidden somewhere in here first, what ever that is."
"A diadem is a crown," she replied like she was reading it right out of a book. "It's
also called a tiara."
"Oh, good," he responded relieved." Then I know what I'm looking for. Do you want
to come with me or wait here while I get it?"
"I'll go with you of course," she answered as if it was obvious what she would choose
before a look of concern appeared on her face. "But how are we going to find it in
here? I mean this place is huge Harry. It could take ages to find it and that's
assuming there is only one diadem in here. If Neville and Ron were here it would
lessen the odds a bit. Perhaps we should wait until they can come here with us or-"

"Hermione!" he interrupted causing her to stop speaking in mid sentence but the
concern never left her face. Once again he held up the book causing her eyes to
immediately lock onto it. "We don't have to search the whole room because this has
directions to the one we are after."
He indicated the book as he spoke and was glad to see her calm down as she
listened to him.
"Well, what are we waiting for then," she said smiling enthusiastically while moving
to his side. "Let's go find us a tiara."
He returned her smile with one of his own then opened the book to the page with the
directions. He then went where the book told him to go Hermione following close
behind. They made several turns in what seemed like every direction passing by
piles upon piles of stuff left here by those that had found this room before them.
When they reached the end of the directions they found themselves standing in front
of a cabinet that looked like it had been burned with acid. There was an empty space
beside it. Just beyond it was yet another pile of stuff that contained a little bit of
everything including a bust of a warlock, a dusty old wig and, nearby, a tarnished
tiara sitting lopsidedly like someone had dropped it there quickly. Knowing he had
found what he was looking for, Harry pulled a bag out of his backpack and carefully
put the tiara inside it before putting the now full bag back in the backpack. Hermione
had stood there quietly as he collected the tiara but spoke up as he closed the zipper
on the backpack.
"Can I read the book now Harry?" Hermione asked expectantly.
"First I want to give you something Hermione," he answered her while fishing her
necklace out of his pocket. He then let it dangle out of his hand while holding it up so
she could see it.
"Harry, you don't need to give me anything," she replied while tentatively reaching
out to touch it another smile on her face.
"I want to Hermione," he said letting her take the necklace from him to get a closer
look at it. "I know you worry that, at some point, we won't want to be your friend
anymore but that's not going to happen."
Her eyes quickly left the key pendant that she had been examining while he spoke
and met his eyes a look of shock on her face that he knew what she'd been worrying
about and dreading since the troll incident.
"How-?" she was only able to get the one word out before choking up but he knew

exactly what she was asking.

"You're about to find out," he answered smiling. "But first I'd like to put that on you if
you will let me?"
She nodded her head and he moved behind her while grabbing the necklace from
her hand. She then held her hair up and out of the way while he gently put it around
her neck and fastened the clasp. He then stepped back around her while pulling a
slip of paper out of his pocket.
"You are not simply a friend Hermione, you are my best friend" he continued when
he was back in front of her. Her eyes once again went wide with shock at what he
was telling her. "I wouldn't be telling you all my secrets if you weren't. I understand if
my words aren't enough for you to believe me. I know what it's like being bullied and,
with your brains, I imagine there were many times when someone said all the right
things only to find out they only befriended you for help with their schoolwork. If
nothing else, you can hold on to yours as physical proof that our friendship is real
until I've managed to convince you."
She smiled when he said she was his best friend but that quickly changed to another
look of shock as he continued. By the end she looked almost catatonic and he was
afraid he might have broken her and was worried he might have gone too far using
what the book had told him about her childhood. She seemed to snap out of it a few
moments later and once again met his eyes.
Harry-?" she started to question him but he cut her off knowing what she was going
to ask.
"I already told you," he interrupted her gently. "You are about to find out but right now
I need you to read this out loud for me please."
She took the paper from his hand looking confused and looked at it.
"I don't understand Harry," she asked with a puzzled look on her face.
"You will, I promise," he answered her. "Please, just do it."
She hesitated a moment and he was afraid she might refuse. She was a smart girl
after all but he needed to get her to the safe house so he could tell her everything so
he tried one more time to get her to do it.
"For me?" he implored hoping he could convince her by playing on her emotions.

He waited a few more seconds afraid to even breathe while she once again had an
internal battle with herself until, like earlier, she looked at him and nodded her head.
He smiled his gratitude as she lifted the paper back up so she could read it still
holding on to the pendant with her other hand.
"Sanctuary," she said out loud finally then turned to him. "Now whaaaaaaaah-"
Right as she started speaking the portkey activated and whisked her away. The
abrupt pull of the portkey caused her to scream out but it was quickly cut off from
Harry's ears once she was gone. He quickly stuffed his necklace back inside his
shirt, put his own wand away so he would look the least threatening when he got
there and picked up his backpack then activated his own portkey. He only hoped
Hermione would give him a chance to explain before hexing him.
He arrived to find himself facing the glowing tip of Hermione's wand. She had
backed herself up against the wall a look of fear mixed with anger on her face. He
had no doubt she was prepared to fight to protect herself from whatever he might
have planned for her. He quickly dropped the backpack and slowly raised his empty
hands palms out in a non-threatening manner. She didn't give him a chance to speak
as she immediately laid into him.
"Harry James Potter!" she spoke slowly through gritted teeth and he quickly realized
he never wanted to hear her say his name like that again.
She wasn't quite yelling per se but her voice was raised and there was no missing
the malice currently permeating her tone at the moment. He mentally kicked himself
for tricking her thinking she was now going to hex him until he told her how to get
back and then never speak to him again. He also knew he had this coming so he
gave her his full attention hoping she would give him a chance to explain before
sending the first curse his way.
"If you thought tricking me into portkeying myself out of Hogwarts to-," She glanced
around quickly her wand never wavering before meeting his eyes again and
continuing. "To wherever this is, would turn me into a terrified little girl you are sadly
mistaken. I don't know how you managed it anyway. I read in 'Hogwarts A History'
that only the headmaster can make portkeys that can pass through the wards of the
school. Not even You Know Who was able to do that. How is it possible that you, a
first year, were able to do something only one adult wizard in the entire world can
do? I guess I never really knew you did I? Well that's about to change because, one
way or another, I am going to learn all there is to know about Harry Potter before this
night is over. Now start talking and I'd better like what I hear or I will hex you clear
into next week!"

He decided to start by answering the questions she asked during her long statement
hoping that would satisfy her enough to keep her from releasing the curse already in
her wand.
"This is my safe house," he answered quickly. "Well, actually, it's our safe house
now, I don't know how the necklaces work because I didn't make them and the
reason I brought you here is to tell you everything. So no hexing is required unless
you think I have it coming for tricking you in which case I totally understand and will
accept any punishment you think I deserve. However, that will mean it will be even
longer before you get your answers. It's your choice Hermione so, what's it going to
"Why do you have a safe house?" she asked seeming to ignore his question.
Harry did note that the tip of her wand stopped glowing which he took as a good sign
he was making progress and decided to let the conversation go where she wanted to
take it.
"We have a safe house Hermione," he corrected gently hoping to make her feel
more at home there. "And just like the necklaces, it was set up to keep us safe."
"Safe from what?" she asked her wand was now at her side pointing toward the
ground her curiosity apparently overwhelming her anger.
While he wanted to tell her everything, Harry definitely didn't expect to be on this
subject so quickly. As a result, he felt like they were getting way ahead of
themselves. Harry wanted to start from the beginning thinking starting in the middle
would only confuse her more plus he still needed to take care of the diadem. He
decided to answer her but try to steer the conversation towards the diadem as
quickly as possible.
"The wizarding world," he answered simply. "It's not the wondrous, happy place it
looked like the first time we entered Diagon Alley. It's filled with people that will either
try to control us or kill us. According to the book, there are only a few people that are
truly who they say they are."
"The book told you all that?" she asked her face a combination of shock and envy
that he had read it and she hadn't yet.
He nodded his head in response.
"And much more," he added causing her eyes to open even wider in amazement.

"Harry," she said after a few moments concern clearly coming through in her tone.
"How do you know you can trust what the book says? It could be a cursed book or
someone's idea of a joke or worse; it could've come from a supporter of V- you know
who!" she flinched slightly before chickening out when it came to saying Voldemort's
name then said the common phrase that everyone else used to avoid saying it. "You
should show it to Dumbledore-"
"No!" Harry yelled no longer needing to hide the truth from her. "Dumbledore is the
worst of the lot. If he got a hold of the book it would be a disaster for both of us and
anyone else it intended for us to help. This is no fairytale Hermione. I know it's hard
to believe. I found it hard to believe myself at first until I was given undeniable proof.
But we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves. I want to start from the beginning and tell
you everything then you can decide for yourself."
She had jumped a little at his outburst but had calmed as he explained himself. She
then for the third time seemed to have an internal battle with herself but this didn't
last nearly as long as others had before she met his eyes and nodded her head
"Okay," she said looking a little nervous. She turned and gestured toward the couch
as she continued. "Shall we sit so you can finally tell me what this is all about?"
"Not yet," he replied. "There is one more thing I need to do then I'm all yours."
"Harry!" She responded sounding frustrated. "You keep saying you want to tell me
something but then you keep putting me off. I'm tired of these games! Either tell me
what it is you want me to know or tell me how to get back to school!"
He winced at her tone and once again knew he had it coming but he needed to put
the diadem away before he could give her his complete attention. He only hoped he
could convince her to wait one more time.
"You're right Hermione," he said conceding her point. "I have put you off several
times. But this is the last time I promise. I just want to put the Diadem in a safe
place. According to the book, Voldemort placed some sort of curse on it because it
belonged to one of the founders."
She visibly flinched when he said Voldemort's name. Harry had learned from the
book that there was no reason to fear the bastard's name so he had been saying the
name since he first heard it. He hoped, in time, she would get over her fear of it too.
Her eyes got wide again as he finished speaking.
"Are you saying that tiara is Rowena Ravenclaw's lost Diadem?" she asked her eyes

locking onto the backpack that still sat on the floor where Harry had dropped it. "Are
you planning to use it for your classes?"
"Yes it is and of course not," he answered. "Didn't you hear what I said? Voldemort
cursed it. It's far too dangerous to use or leave in a school full of children for that
matter. Even if it wasn't, I still wouldn't use it. That would be cheating and I don't
need the help. I'm doing just fine in my classes all on my own. Anyway, the book
says there is a place here where we can lock it up so it can't harm anyone. So, do
you want to come with me to put it away or do you want to go back to school?"
Her eyes were still locked onto the backpack and he knew she wanted a closer look
at the priceless artifact inside it that was thought lost but, for them at least, was now
found. After seeing it so many times over the last hour, he wasn't surprised to
witness yet another internal struggle as she made up her mind. When she looked at
him and smiled he knew he had cleared the final hurdle and would now be able to
accomplish everything he had set out to do that night.
"Lead the way Harry," she said letting him know he read her expression correctly.
Not that he had any doubts but it was always nice to get confirmation.
He nodded his head and led her out of the sitting room towards the kitchen after
picking the backpack up. He glanced back every so often and noticed she was
looking all around as she followed him as she was getting her first real look at the
house. She actually slowed way down as they passed the Library. The door was
open so she could plainly see what the room was. He was still getting to know her
but wasn't the least bit surprised at her actions. He had already known that she
spent a lot of time in the school library not to mention always having a book in her
hands and, of course, the late night reading so he expected the safe house library
would draw her attention. Thankfully, she managed to control the urge to check it out
right then and continued to follow him.
He stopped at a door just short of the entrance to the kitchen and opened it to reveal
stairs going down to the basement. He started down them the sounds of another pair
of shoes on the stairs behind him letting him know Hermione was still following him.
At the bottom was a corridor that extended in both directions from the stairs but
farther to the right than the left. There were four doors visible as he looked back and
forth but both ends of the corridor were dead ends. Across from the stairs was also a
blank wall meaning they could only go left or right or, of course, back up the stairs.
He once again consulted the book then headed left until he came to the end of the
hallway. The walls looked to be painted a pale green color in the light of the candles
that lit the corridor. He reached out and briefly touched the wall the book guided him
to and would swear that it felt like a normal wall even though the book said it wasn't

and noticed Hermione doing the same probably following his lead.
He then looked at the book again before signaling her to step back. She complied
and he took out his wand and began to run it up one corner as high as he could
reach then across to the other corner and back down to the floor then back to the
original corner. Hermione gasped as he was going up the first side and he quickly
realized why. There was a red glowing line forming as he moved his wand along the
wall. When he was finished, the wall had a large red glowing rectangle on it. Soon
the entire wall glowed red for a few seconds before the 'finished' wall disappeared
revealing a brick wall. Then Harry began touching particular bricks with the tip of his
wand according to the instructions in the book never noticing Hermione reading over
his shoulder. When he touched the last brick the book told him to, the bricks began
moving apart much like the entrance to Diagon Alley until a door was revealed.
"Wow," she said right at his ear causing him to jump a little in surprise. She quickly
put a little space between them looking apologetic. "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you.
I couldn't help reading over your shoulder."
"That's okay," he responded smiling. "I just didn't realize you were so close is all.
You're welcome to look at it. You'll be reading the whole thing soon enough after all.
What were you saying wow about?"
She returned his smile as he spoke and moved closer until she was next to him
"Oh, I was reading about the security for this room," she answered him. "Whoever
set it up made it very hard if not impossible for anyone else to get to this door. Did I
read correctly that only your wand can reveal the door?"
"Well our wands actually," he answered her. "And only if we are the ones using them.
The protections can sense if it's our magical signatures or not."
"What if our wands get lost or broken?" she asked worriedly.
By way of an answer, he pulled out his other wand that looked exactly like the one
he had been using and held it up in full view. He couldn't believe how good it felt to
finally be able to be completely open with someone about all this. He hadn't realized
how hard it had been keeping everything to himself until now. Her eyes locked onto
the older looking and far more beat up wand then glanced at the one he had been
using. She went back and forth a few more times before her eyes went wide as she
met his again.
"How do you have a spare wand that looks exactly like your main wand only more

used?" she asked once again looking shocked.

"It came with everything else," he replied nonchalantly. "There is one for you upstairs
as well but, even without the spares, I think as long it's a wand that belongs to us it
will still work. Hopefully we won't ever need to put that to a test. You ready to see
what's on the other side of this door?"
He indicated the recently revealed door as he spoke with his original wand while
putting his spare away. She nodded her head in answer an excited smile on her
face. He smiled back then reached for the door knob. The door was, surprisingly,
unlocked but Harry figured it was probably unneeded with the wall protections. It
opened into the room. He stepped through with Hermione hot on his heels. As soon
as they were inside, the door closed all on its own. Harry quickly checked the door
and found it was still unlocked so he turned his attention to the room they had just
The door was in the corner of one wall. Room looked to be a perfect square with
each wall about ten feet long and was completely empty. On the center of the wall
with the door was a large Badger surrounded by dozens of smaller Badgers
scattered all across it. The wall itself was yellow in color. The wall on the other side
of the door was green in color with a large snake in the middle of it and, like the first
wall, had dozens of small snakes across the length and breadth of it. Across from
the door was a blue wall with a large Golden Eagle in the middle of it that followed
the same pattern as the others with dozens of small Eagles filling up the rest of it.
The last was the same as the others except the wall was red in color and the animal
used was a Lion.
They quickly recognized the animals and colors as symbols of the four houses of
Hogwarts so neither was surprised when the book instructed them to approach the
blue wall with the eagles on it; the Ravenclaw wall. Harry again read the instructions
then began touching the small eagles with the tip of his wand in what any onlooker
would think was a completely random pattern. When he touched the last one the
book told him to, the large eagle was surrounded by a glowing red line in the shape
of a square. Within a few seconds, there was a loud metallic click as the light
disappeared revealing a crack where the glowing line had been. A few seconds later
the eagle swung forward revealing the inside of an empty safe.
Harry knew what to do next. He set the backpack down on the floor, took out the bag
holding the diadem and put it inside the safe. He noticed Hermione looking at the
bag longingly and understood she just wanted to look at the famous relic. She didn't
need or want its help with her classes any more than he did. She didn't say word
though as he pushed the eagle back into place and watched as it resealed itself. He

then turned to her and gave her a relieved smile.

"Okay, now we can talk," he said happily.
She returned his smile while nodding her head in response. He picked up the
backpack, moved to the door and opened it. They both got to watch first the brick
wall open back up then the finished wall glow red before disappearing and allowing
them back into the corridor. It also let them know that the protections went back up
while they were in there so they knew they would be safe in the room should their
enemies ever gain access to the safe house. The journey back to the sitting room
seemed to go faster than the trip the basement had and, before he knew it, they
were back there.
Harry had her sit on the couch while he walked to a cabinet and pulled out the box
he had received that day in the leaky cauldron and set on the coffee table in front of
the couch then took the book out of the backpack and set it on the table next to the
box. The book was glowing but he ignored it for the moment and instead grabbed
the letter out of the box and sat down next to her. However, Hermione noticed it too
and spoke up before he had the chance.
"Why is the book glowing Harry," she asked curiously her eyes never leaving the
"It does that every time there are new pages to read." He answered simply.
It was a normal thing to him now so he wasn't in awe like Hermione obviously was.
He did wonder if he'd had a similar expression on his face the first time he saw it but,
since he was alone at the time, he would never know for sure.
"Pages are added to the book?" she asked her eyes going wide but still staying
focused on the book.
"Pages are revealed actually," he responded. "Hermione, most of the pages in the
book are blank. I've only read a small part of it so far but, again, we are getting
ahead of ourselves. I promise you will get to read everything in the book both the old
pages and the new but I want to start from the beginning because I'm worried it
might be too confusing otherwise."
Her eyes remained locked on the book for a few more moment then she sat back
and met his eyes while nodding her head.
"Okay Harry," she said flashing an excited smile. "I'm listening."

He returned her smile as he sat back while turning slightly so he was facing her as
he finally began telling her everything.
"When Hagrid took me to the Leaky Cauldron," he started feeling an immense
weight lift off his shoulders at being able to talk about this with someone. "The guy
that runs the place, I think Hagrid called him Tom, sussed out who I was and loudly
announced it as he practically ran over to shake my hand. Well that started a mad
dash as everyone in there queued up to shake my hand and thank me after that. I
don't mind telling you it was a bit overwhelming. I mean, at that point, I had no idea
what they were thanking me for."
He paused for a moment to take a breath and adjust his position as the one he was
in had become slightly uncomfortable then picked up where he left off.
"I hadn't been told anything about the magical world or my place in it. I had only
learned of its existence a few hours before. Anyway, at one point, the crowd parted
to allow an old man through. He was hunched over and walked with a cane.
Everything about him seemed ancient. I expected him to shake my hand like
everyone else but he handed me this package instead." He indicated the box on the
table as he spoke. "He told me not to open it until I got home but that I would find it
very useful. I did what he said but, to be honest, at first it looked like it was filled with
useless junk. There was a book that was blank inside, another book that was clearly
from the muggle world rather than the magical world, what I thought at the time was
two candles wrapped in paper, two silver necklaces and several odd trinkets."
At this point he reached into the box and took out the other wand.
"Here is your other wand by the way," he said as he handed it to her. "It should be
the same as yours like mine is."
Nothing happened while he held it but sparks flew from it as soon her hand touched
it. She quickly took out her wand and compared the two. To Harry, they looked
exactly alike but he was certainly no expert at such things so couldn't know for sure.
When she was done checking them out, she put them both away and gave Harry her
attention once again.
"Anyway, after seeing what was in the box," Harry continued. "I was ready to chalk it
up to a prank or the work of a senile old man. I even started putting everything back
in the box with the intention of throwing it away until I went to put the book in the box.
When I picked it up, this letter fell out."
At this point he held up the letter for her to see then handed it to her. She took the
pages out of the envelope and carefully unfolded them before she started reading.

He watched her silently as she read. Her eyes went wide and she glanced his way
more than once as she read it. He couldn't be sure what part she was reading during
those times but figured that he'd probably had similar reactions the first time he read
it as well. When she was finished she put the pages back in order and slid them
back into the envelope before handing it back to him.
"You did all this?" she exclaimed while handing it to him then quickly corrected
herself. "Er, that is your future self?"
"Apparently," He answered shrugging.
He hadn't really put that much thought into it. He'd been too busy enjoying the safe
house and everything that came with it. He hadn't had very much to be happy about
before this came along and hadn't really cared too much about where it came from
he just grabbed onto it with both hands. He wasn't surprised that she did though. He
was still getting to know her but had learned quickly that she always thought
everything through not wanting to leave anything to chance if she could help it.
"So," she spoke up pulling him out of his thoughts. "I'm guessing the extra pages the
letter refers to were the proof you told me about?"
He nodded his head as he pulled them out of a pocket in his robes. He offered them
to her but she held her hands up to stop him.
"I-I don't need to read them Harry," she said nervously. "Those are private and I have
no right to see what's in them. If, someday, you ever feel like talking about that part
of your life, I'll be there for you as your friend but it's not right for me to invade your
privacy like this."
His hand never wavered as he continued to hold them out to her.
"It's ok Hermione," he responded kindly. "This is the proof I promised to show you
and I don't mind you reading them."
She just shook her head and continued to refuse to take them.
"No Harry!" she replied a bit forcefully but there was no real anger in her tone. "I told
you I don't need to see them. If you say what's contained in them is accurate; that's
good enough for me."
He nodded his head letting her know that they did.
"Very well," she said in an almost matter-of-fact tone. "I believe you now you can put

those away."
He continued to hold his hand out while shaking his head in response.
"Harry-" she started to argue but he quickly cut her off.
"Hermione," he interrupted gently but firmly. "I told you I wanted to share everything
with you and that includes these pages. I won't lie to you and tell you I'm not nervous
or embarrassed for you to read them. In fact, if I hadn't come into all this," he waved
his hand around in a circular motion to indicate the house and everything in it as he
spoke. "I probably would have kept my life with my relatives a secret for as long as
possible but hopefully I won't have to see them ever again because I'll be living with
my godfather. I'm glad you believe me but I still want you to read them. Now will you
please take the pages my arm is getting tired holding them up."
She looked like she was going to continue arguing with him for a moment but then
nodded her head and finally took the pages. As she read them, a look of horror
came over her face and by the end she was openly crying. She carefully folded the
pages back up, put them back in the envelope and set it on the table before pulling
him into a hug.
"Oh Harry," she said still crying. "I don't know how anyone could treat a member of
their family like that. Your relatives are horrible people! I'm really glad you don't have
to go back there."
Harry didn't answer right away. He was too dumbstruck to be able to speak at the
moment. He was experiencing what it was like to be on the receiving end of a hug
for the first time. At least the first time he could remember. His parents had probably
hugged him but he was a baby at the time so he had no recollection of it. He wasn't
sure how to describe how it felt. There was a feeling of comfort, warmth and
something he had never felt before; acceptance. He also felt a little embarrassed
because it was Hermione hugging him. All in all, he rather enjoyed the experience
and hoped to get more of them in the future.
"Me too Hermione," he responded as he returned her hug feeling awkward since he
wasn't sure if he was doing it right. "But it's alright now. I have this place."
He looked around the room and, for the first time in a long time, once again
marveled at the thought that someone had set all this up for him. He wasn't sure why
he was feeling that way at the moment but figured it was probably because he was
showing it to someone for the first time changing it from a place where he was safe
but alone to one where he had a friend to share it with making it somehow feel new
to him again. He turned back to Hermione and saw that she was wiping away her

shed tears and dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief that she had probably gotten
from her ever present book bag.
"Friends I can trust," he continued giving her a smile which she returned while giving
his hand a reassuring squeeze. "And a godfather that is hopefully going to be free
soon so I can live with him and never have to see the Dursleys again."
Hermione nodded her head in agreement with his statement clearly feeling better
now. She let go of his hand and sat back her eyes immediately focusing back on the
book. Harry took the hint and finally grabbed the book off the table not noticing her
scooting closer to get a better look until he turned back to her.
"This is what I read that first night-," he said as he started to open the book intent on
starting with the first page. Apparently the book had other ideas as it wouldn't open
where he wanted it to. In fact, Harry wasn't able to turn to any of the pages he had
already read or any of the unrevealed pages either. It would only open to what was
now a single glowing page since he picked the book up. After several attempts to get
to the page he wanted, Harry finally gave up and returned his gaze to the girl next to
"Well," he started again as he opened the book to the only page he could at that
moment. "I guess that page will have to wait as the book apparently has other
He then looked down at the new page as Hermione moved even closer to the point
that their heads were almost touching in her eagerness to read it along with him.
Hello Hermione. I'm Harry Potter. Not the boy who is no doubt sitting beside you as
you both read this but his future self. You probably already know this but I thought I
should introduce myself just in case.
Harry, you need to go to the pantry and get another potion marked 'block' for
Hermione along with one of the ones marked 'Sponsorship'.
Hermione, you need to take them both immediately. Like Harry, a block has been
placed on your magical core. The other potion is to remove what I like to call the
muggleborn curse. I'm not referring to you being a muggleborn as some sort of curse
but a horrible spell that was cast on you the moment you entered the magical world
that the ministry calls sponsorships. I'm not talking about the trace either Hermione.
I'll bet that was one of the first things that popped into your brilliant mind as you were
reading this.
Harry glanced at his friend after reading that and noticed she was blushing indicating

the book had gotten very close to the mark if not nailing it right on the head. He
couldn't help but smile at how well his future self knew the girl sitting next to him as
he turned his attention back to the page.
It's a good guess but an incorrect one. I will explain more about the sponsorships
after you recover from the potions. I say recover because removing the block, as
Harry can tell you, is bloody painful.
Harry glanced at his friend again and saw that she was staring at him her eyes
raised questioningly. He simply nodded his head already knowing what she was
asking without her having to say a word then, once again returned to the page.
I apologize for my language Hermione but you'll understand soon enough. Neither I
nor the boy next to you were ever subjected to the sponsorship but, from what I was
told, the pain of its removal is nearly as bad as the cruciatis, a torture curse the
death eaters loved to use and is now considered unforgivable. You should start
reading this book from the beginning while Harry gets the potions as you have a bit
of catching up to do.
Harry, you should probably put together a small snack to bring back with you as
Hermione might need it as well as a pepper up potion as I have a feeling this is
going to take a lot out of her. We will talk again when Hermione is sufficiently
Harry finished reading then shared a brief look with her before getting up to go to the
kitchen. As he left the sitting room, he noticed that Hermione was following the
book's instructions as well as she had turned back to the first page and had already
begun reading before he could even get out of the room. He quickly put together a
mixture of muggle and magical snacks and drinks then grabbed the potions out of
the pantry. He was about to head back to the sitting room when his eye fell on the
tea kettle sitting on the stove.
He quickly fired up the stove, filled the kettle and left it to boil thinking a spot of tea
might be just what his friend would need in the very near future while he took what
he had already put together out to Hermione. She was reading intently when he
entered and he wasn't altogether sure she even noticed him place the tray on the
coffee table and leave again. The kettle had just started whistling when he returned
to the kitchen. He quickly put together a haphazard tea service including cream and
sugar as he wasn't at all sure how she liked her tea and hurried back to the sitting
She was in the same position she was in when he left but he could see that she had

made it through a few more pages while he was gone. He put the tea down next to
the other tray then sat back down next to her while she continued to read giving no
indication she knew he was there. He watched her for a while marveling at her ability
to shut everything else out and concentrate on what she needed to do a slight smile
on his face. Finally, he nudged her gently to get her attention because it was late and
they needed to return to Hogwarts soon.
Hermione glance at him briefly then turned her attention to the table and what Harry
had brought out quickly focusing in on the potions a nervous expression on her face.
He placed his hand on her shoulder in what he hoped was a comforting gesture.
Thanks to his relatives, he couldn't be sure as they never even once tried to comfort
him but he was determined to be the best friend he could be to her so he was giving
it his best shot.
"I won't lie to you Hermione," he said while picking up the first potion, the one he'd
had to take as well, and handing it to her. "It hurts but only for a short while but you
will feel better than you do now afterwards, at least I did."
"Feel better how?" she asked a curious expression coming over her face.
"After I took it," he answered her. "Everything was clearer and brighter like I'd been
in a dark room all this time and suddenly the light had been turned on. Then I felt a
surge of something akin to electricity running through my body that I think might
have been all the magic that was released when the block was removed. I can still
feel it but I've gotten used to it over time. All in all, I think the pain was a fair trade for
how good I feel now."
He watched her as she considered his words certain he was rubbish at the whole
comforting thing and hadn't helped at all when she didn't respond right away. Then
she smiled at him and gave his hand a squeeze as she took the potion from him
letting him know he was better at it than he thought. She still looked a bit nervous
and sat there a few moments more before removing the lid and drinking it down.
Almost immediately she grimaced in pain and doubled over one hand covering her
chest while the other covered her stomach. Harry also noticed a glow where her
hands were. When the glow moved to her limbs, she exhaled in slight relief until the
glow moved to her head. She threw herself back onto the couch as her hands
moved from her body to her head and cried out.
Thankfully, it lasted only a few moments before she once again let out a breath of
relief. She just lay there unmoving as Harry made her a fresh cup of tea before
moving to her side with one of the pepper up potions. He got her to drink the potion

and within a few seconds she was sitting up looking far more alert. She had a look of
gratitude on her face as he handed her the steaming cup of tea. She took a sip then
focused on the other potion that Harry held in his hand.
He could see the fear in her eyes as she looked at it and understood why. The Book
said it would be far worse than the one to remove the block on their magical cores.
He knew from experience how painful it was and was grateful that he didn't have to
worry about the second one.
"You don't have to take this one tonight if you don't want to," he said trying to make
her feel better. "You can wait until you feel more up to it." he paused momentarily
unsure what to say then an idea came to him and he continued. "You like going to
the library Hermione, maybe we should do some research to see if there is another
way to remove the curse that isn't so painful."
She seemed to consider his words for a moment then shook her head and shakily
held out her hand and took the potion from him.
"The book said I needed to do it now," she responded then gave him a grateful
smile. "I appreciate the concern Harry but I'd rather get it over and done with. I doubt
we can find any information on it anyway from the sounds of it except in the Book but
I have to take this," She held up the potion as she spoke, "before it will let us read it."
Harry nodded his head but was still worried about her. His expression apparently
showed his worry because she gave him another grateful smile as she reached over
and squeezed his hand then popped the lid off the potion.
"I'll be fine Harry, "she said trying to reassure him but her smile didn't quite reach her
eyes. "This sponsorship thing doesn't sound very good and it will be worth it to get
rid of it no matter how much it hurts. Just have the other pepper up potion ready as
I'm quite sure I'm going to need it."
With that she downed the second potion then lay back on the couch. The first hint he
had of the potion beginning to work was Hermione screaming at the top of her lungs
as her entire body began to glow. She soon began to thrash about in the throes of
agony. Harry quickly moved back to the couch and pulled her upper body onto his
lap and cradled her head to keep her from throwing herself off the couch where she
might hit the table or fall to the floor and hurt herself.
He felt a surge of guilt go through him thinking she was suffering because of him and
that blasted book. He also felt angry at the Book for putting his friend through this as
her screams continued to assault his ears. His rational side knew it was whoever put
that curse on her that was really to blame but his emotions were in control at the

moment. After what seemed like forever but was probably just a few minutes, the
glow faded and her screams died down. She was barely conscious as he tried to
coax the other pepper up down her.
The potion woke her up but she was still very weak. He held her tea to her lips as
she took a sip then helped her sit up. Once he had her propped up with the throw
pillows from the couch he reached over to the table and grabbed some of the snacks
and tried to get her to eat something as the Book said it would help her recover. He
noticed the Book was glowing but ignored it for the time being. She resisted at first
but then started to eat small bites. Little by little she started to regain her strength but
it was clear to him that it had taken a lot out of her.
When she pointed out the book was glowing he tried to tell her it could wait until she
felt better but she was insistent. She told him she suffered through the potion so she
could see what the Book said and didn't want to wait anymore. Reluctantly, he
picked up the book and sat back down beside her on the couch. He opened the book
to the right page and held it up so they both could read it.
First off, I'm sorry you had to go through that but it was necessary. Like Harry, you
are very powerful. The block not only limited your access to your own magic but
limited your magical core's ability to grow as you got older. The sponsorship would
have given others the ability to completely cut off your access to your magic
basically rendering you a squib.
The term 'sponsorship', has a positive ring to it like the Wizarding World is trying help
muggleborns and, in their perverted minds, they believe they are. They believe they
are giving their lives purpose by bringing them into the magical world and using them
for the betterment of pureblood society. Muggleborns and to a lesser extent half
bloods are treated as servant classes in Magical Britain. The sponsorship is used to
control them by giving the ruling class the ability to control their magic.
A pureblood family registers at the ministry and pays a small fee for the rights to a
muggleborn about to be of age to attend Hogwarts. The ministry then records the
sponsorship which details the family's preferences and okays a muggleborn that
meets the requirements being offered a spot in the next year group. Only sponsored
muggleborns actually make it to Hogwarts. Those that aren't sponsored get their
magic bound and obliviated if necessary.
A muggleborn isn't actually matched to a family until after graduation unless the
family needs them sooner. It's usually the Headmaster that decides which
muggleborn goes to which family but the families can request and usually get a
particular muggleborn if they desire it. Once they are designated for a particular

family, the muggelborne becomes theirs to do with as they see fit. The sponsorship
curse then becomes attuned to that family's magic giving them control over their new
'Sponsoree's' magic.
I don't want you to get the wrong idea. Some Muggleborns are treated fairly well by
the families they're given to and have a decent life even if they aren't given a choice
about it. The rare few get the life they would have chosen for themselves by getting
selected by the family of the boy or girl they are in love with. Our mother was one of
those lucky few Harry but that's a story for another time. You, Hermione, were not so
Unfortunately, you were given to a horrible family and suffered unspeakable horrors.
I won't give you the details or the name of the family just yet. I don't think either of
you are old enough to handle it. I fear you wouldn't be able to control yourselves
around them and would alert them to something being wrong and that could lead to
them finding out all your secrets. I will tell you when the time is right. For now, don't
worry about it. We aren't going to let them get their hands on you this time.
It's because of you, Hermione, that I did all this. That I came back in time and
created the safe house and this book. I couldn't let it happen again. My hope was to
save my Hermione from her cruel fate but that wasn't to be. Instead I believe I have
created an alternate reality instead of changing my own. I can live with that as long
as it works and you both get to have the life that you want. The life me and my
Hermione deserved.
Well, I think that's enough for now. If I know my younger self as well as I think I do,
it's late at night as you read this probably way after curfew. You should head back to
school. The portraits, including the fat lady, all report to Dumbledore so I would
suggest you return the way you came. I would imagine Hermione is still weak and
more than a little tired from her ordeal. I would suggest that you be seen by the fat
lady helping Hermione back into the Gryffindor house while grumbling about the
Cerberus in the third floor corridor.
Don't worry Hermione, you will read all about it in the book. Now go get some rest.
Harry, have her start from the beginning like you did. I have a feeling she will catch
up fast. We'll talk again soon.
Harry closed the book and set it back on the table then looked at his friend.
Hermione was visibly upset at what they had just read but was fairly calm or perhaps
still too weak from the potions to have any stronger reaction. He reached out and
squeezed her hand in what he hoped was a comforting gesture. She squeezed his
hand in return while giving him a grateful but obviously tired smile letting him know

he was successful.
He quickly put the remaining food and drinks away then put The Book in his
backpack along with the other books Hermione would need to start reading. He then
turned to Hermione who still hadn't moved.
"Ready?" he asked her.
She nodded and he helped her up. He threw the back pack over one shoulder and
pulled her close to his other side wrapping his arm around her waist to keep her from
falling while he portkeyed them back to school. He took them back to the Room of
Requirement then helped her back to the Gryffindor tower remembering to mumble
about a three headed dog as he passed the portal. He walked her to the stairs to the
girls dorms and watched her climb after she told him she could make it on her own
then headed to his own bed happy that he had accomplished what he set out to do.
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