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Violation of PHL 5
Characteristics of Human Persons
1. Discrimination: open, relational
Discrimination violates being open and relational because one is looking down or disrespecting
another person. He/she is not being with, by or for the other person and there is a mentality of
superiority against others therefore there is no openness and relation.
2. Smoking: embodied spirit
Every time a person smokes, he/she is slowly killing himself/herself. This violates that our body
is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are natural sacraments. Smoking is not taking care of our
body which is created by God.
3. Pornography: embodied spirit
Pornography speaks of impurity and unchasteness. It disrupts the purpose and meaning of sex
which is supposed to be in private and is an act of love for one's spouse. It violates that our
body is a temple of the Holy Spirit because pornography is directed towards stimulating erotic
pleasure for an individual's bodily needs.
4. Abortion: historical reality
Life starts when a sperm and egg meet which eventually becomes a fetus and develops which
proceeds to the natural stages of human life. It violates historical reality because it stops the
development stages of life which is created by God and each and everyone has a purpose
given by Him.
5. Envy: unique yet equal
Envy is when one thinks to need to have what another person has in order for them to be equal.
But this violates being unique at the same time equal because despite being unique in our own
ways, our equality is rooted on the truths of the dignity of human persons.

6. Despair: rational, conscious

Having despair is completely losing hope. This violates being rational and conscious because
one's mentality is demoralized one cannot rationalize or have a reason to think positively and
think that there is a brighter side in life.
7. Individualism: open, relational
Individualism believes that one is more important than the other. This violates of man being
open and relational because one thinks that everything is revolved around him/her and he/she
has no concern for others.
8. Bullying: open, relational
Bullying is similar to discrimination but it is an act. It is a way of one harms the other person in a
verbal and non-verbal manner. This violates on one being open and relational to his fellow
9. Atheism: embodied spirit, historical reality
Atheism is not believing that there is a God. This automatically violates both man as an
embodied spirit and a historical reality because we are all created by God and we live by His will
and grace.
10. Habitual cursing: rational, conscious
Speaking is voluntary, we are culpable of what we say. Cursing is bad in itself and it being
habitual is worse. This violates that we are rational and conscious because of the fact that it
becomes second nature.