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Story Information
Author: Chaplain118
Title: Harry Potter and the Curse of Love
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Chapter Views: 1381
Chapter Rating:
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fanfic, all these
characters are the works of JK Rowling and Bloomsbury Publishing.
The sun rose over the Forbidden Forest, chasing away the morning mist and
illuminating a castle known by the Wizarding World as Hogwarts. It is the
beginning of September, but the castle seems dead and lifeless. The grounds
still look the same, except for a white tomb that now lay near the lake.
Hogwarts is still open, but the incident of the death of Albus Dumbledore in
the previous year showed that the castle is just as dangerous as the outside
Crack! A hooded figure in black robes appeared just beyond the gates of
Hogwarts, and was soon joined by twenty others.
"Wands out my loyal Death Eaters, we'll be the ones that run Hogwarts now."
Lord Voldemort whispered as he pointed to the gate and tapped the heavy
chains on the gate. Instantly, the chains slid off the gate, opening it. As
Voldemort approached Hogwarts, he looked at the solid oak door and smiled,
it's good to be back. He wasted no time to find the office that once belonged
to Dumbledore. With a slight chuckle, he blasted apart the stone gargoyle
guarding the office. Voldemort knocked on the door, but instead of
Dumbledore, he heard a female voice say "Enter."
Slightly taken aback, Voldemort narrowed his eyes and entered the door; only
to find Minerva McGonagall sitting in the desk that so long has been
"Hello, Professor. My name is Tom Riddle, and I wish to apply for the post of
Defense Against the Dark Arts." Voldemort said in the most human voice he
can muster, but at that moment McGonagall looked up and her eyes widened
in fear.
"You," she whispered.
"Me, I waited to receive that job for fifty years, and I won't accept a no for
an answer." Voldemort replied as his glaring red eyes narrowed.
"You can't teach here, not after what you have done." McGonagall pulled out
her wand and pointed it at Voldemort.
"My dear professor, after what I have done, I believe I have every right to
teach here. I feel that there needs to be a change in the Wizarding world, a

change long overdue, and I feel that I will be the one that will enact that
change. Wine?" Voldemort offered as he lazily twirled his wand and conjured
two glasses and a bottle of wine.
"Change, what change will that be? I thought you intend to kill as many as
possible in the Wizarding world, not change it." McGonagall asked
suspiciously, wand still pointing at him.
"The change is simply a shift in priorities. You see professor, I feel the
Ministry of Magic is incapable of protecting our secret in this modern
world now. You know it as fully as I do, our world is crumbling. The muggles
have gained an ever present upper hand, and that we cannot allow"
Voldemort sneered as he took a sip and continued. "Why all the foolish wand
waving, Professor, let us be open and plain with each other. Offer me the job,
and I shall redirect my energies to rebuilding the crumbling Wizarding world.
McGonagall's wand flew out of her hands and into the fireplace.
"An excuse to kill innocents, no matter how carefully worded, is still the
greatest crime one can commit. You shall never teach here, nor will you ever
approach Hogwarts again." McGonagall stood up, her voice cold and harsh.
And just how exactly do you plan on stopping me? Voldemort asked,
raising his wand.
I cant, but there will be others that can. McGonagall asserted.
"Others you mean, Potter? Potter is no threat. He is simply an obstacle that
must be removed. Voldemort smiled.
The prophecy foretells that you will die because of Potter, it is destiny that
you will be stopped. McGonagall replied.
Prophecy, you have the prophecy? GIVE IT TO ME! Voldemort yelled
The prophecy is not for you to hear. McGonagall spat.
Oh is that how it is? VERITAS! Voldemort barked, a jet of white light shot
out from the tip of his wand and impacted McGonagall in the chest.
Now, professor, can you hear me? Voldemort asked.
Yes McGonagall responded monotonously.
Good, give me the prophecy. Voldemort ordered.
Without hesitating, McGonagall retrieved the pensieve from the desk and put
it on the desk. After hearing the prophecy, Voldemort released McGonagall
from the Extortion Curse.
Thank you professor, you have solved a great riddle for me. Voldemort
No, impossible McGonagall faltered, and then speaking to herself, Albus,
I failed.
So be it." Voldemort sneered and aimed his wand and pointed it at
McGonagall's forehead and whispered "Avada Kedavra."
A jet of green light connected McGonagall and Voldemort's wand as she was
flung back against the paintings of past headmasters and headmistresses of
Hogwarts and landed on the ground, her eyes now lifeless.
With a chuckle, Voldemort strode toward a case holding a ruby encrusted
sword and spoke in parseltongue.

"Come Nagini, your usefulness will be fulfilled."

The giant snake slithered into the office and coiled itself in front of
Voldemort. He smiled at it as he pulled the sword of Gryffindor out of the
case and put it next to Nagini. Voldemort aimed his wand at Nagini to strip
her of the piece of soul that he had concealed within her and transferred it
into the sword of Gryffindor. Then he conjured a sheath from nowhere, put
the sword in and strapped it around his billowing robes.
"And now, to get little Harry to come back to Hogwarts," Voldemort smiled
as he grabbed a handful of Floo powder, tossed it into the fireplace and
yelled, "Number 4, Privet Drive."
Voldemort stepped out of the fireplace and looked at the house in disgust and
he called out
"Harry Potter!"
"Who's there!" a deep voice replied as a fat man with a handlebar mustache
stepped into the kitchen wielding a shotgun in his hands.
"Where's Potter?" Voldemort asked, raising his wand at Uncle Vernon.
He left almost a month ago. Who the bloody hell are you?" Vernon Dursley
"Potter stayed with you for seventeen years and yet he NEVER told you who
I am?" Voldemort bellowed. His glaring red eyes widened, causing Vernon
Dursley to recoil.
"N-no, who are you?" he asked Voldemort shakily. Just then Petunia Dursley
and their fat son, Dudley, entered the kitchen.
"Vernon, what's going-" she stopped in mid-sentence as she set her eyes on
Voldemort and shrieked.
"You...what-what do you w-want?" She asked.
"Why, I just want to find Harry." Voldemort replied lazily. "However it's
evident that you have decided to protect him from me, very well then."
Voldemort aimed his wand at Dudley but before he performed the curse, an
idea sprang into his mind. His mask-like face split into a smile, one of the
most inhuman smiles that the Dursleys had ever seen. And then Voldemort
undid what he had done for an entire year against Harry.
He opened his mind to Harry and then pointed his wand once again to
Dudley. A cruel smile played across Voldemort's face as he whispered
Dudley's scream bounced off the walls of the kitchen. Voldemort, clearly
enjoying this, laughed the same high cold laugh as when he had killed
Harry's parents. Vernon aimed the shotgun at Voldemort's face and fired, only
to have the bullet deflected into the ceiling.
Dont you have something better to do than to shoot me with THAT?
Voldemort pointed contemptuously at the shotgun and with another flick of
the wand, the shotgun was transformed into a snake, which promptly
wrapped itself around Vernon Dursleys neck. Voldemort waved his wand
and the snake fell to the floor. Uncle Vernon was on the ground, trembling
and trying to catch his breath.
You filthy muggle, its high time that your kind is exterminated for good.

Voldemort whispered. Beg for mercy and maybe I can make your death
Beg for death? Who the ruddy hell do you think you are, Uncle Vernon
barked, some of his courage was coming back. You cant boss me around,
But exactly what Uncle Vernon will do, no one will ever know because at the
particular moment Voldemort bellowed AVADA KEDAVRA!
Vernon Dursley flew into the fireplace. His eyes empty and blank, he was
dead. Petunia screamed as she ran toward Voldemort only to be knocked
backwards by what seemed to be an invisible wall.
Dont touch me, you muggle filth! Voldemort spat, Crucio!
Aunt Petunia began writhing on the floor from what seemed like a thousand
white-hot knives stabbing her. But the torturing was boring Voldemort, and
he muttered Marionetionem!
Aunt Petunia jerked up as if she was a puppet, she moved toward Dudley
with her hands outstretched.
Good job, Petunia, now grab that snake on the floor and strangle your son!
Voldemort smiled.
Aunt Petunia, crying the whole time, picked up the snake and wrapped it
around Dudleys neck.
Dudley, still trembling on the floor from the Cruciatus Curse, looked up in
fear at his mother, hoping that this was a nightmare, hoping that he would
just wake up and be fine. But upon seeing Voldemorts terrible eyes flashing
with amusement, he knew that he was going to die.
Voldemort looked down at the whimpering Dudley, chucking while Aunt
Petunia wrapped the snake around her sons neck and tightened it, chuckling
while Dudley turned from pink to blue to purple until his gasps were gone
and he was still, and laughed when he released Aunt Petunia from the Puppet
curse and she fell down crying about murdering her own son.
Looking at Aunt Petunia in amusement, he whispered "Exsanguis corpus"
and cackled as she exploded in a shower of blood.
It is noon, and a pattern of light danced above Number 4, Privet Drive. The
pattern was a skull with a snake slithering out of the mouth, the Dark Mark.
Inside the kitchen, painted in the Dursleys blood were the words:
"I am at Hogwarts"
And hundreds of miles away, Harry Potter felt his lightning shaped scar burn
and saw his only living relatives murdered by himself.

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Story Information
Author: Chaplain118
Title: Harry Potter and the Curse of Love
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Chapter Views: 739
Chapter Rating:
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, all of these characters are
the wonderful work of JK Rowling and Bloomsbury Publishing
The Message in Blood
Harry screamed, clutching his scar.
"Harry, what's wrong?" Ron asked.
"I saw...Him." Harry replied. His scar was burning.
"You saw Voldemort?" Hermione asked and Ron winced upon hearing that
"Yeah, I saw him, and he murdered the Dursleys." Harry replied.
"Wait, that's a bad thing in your opinion?" Ron asked.
"I hated them, but I never wanted them dead!" Harry yelled.
"Harry, are you sure that what you saw was true? I mean, that's what
Voldemort did in our fifth year to lure you into..." Hermione reminded him
and her voice trailed away before she mentioned Sirius.
"It had to be true. I haven't felt my scar burn at all last year. Dumbledore"
Harry's green eyes filled with tears upon mentioning the past headmaster's
name, "Dumbledore said that Voldemorts been using Occlumency against
"That means if all of a sudden he opened his mind now, he WANTS you to go
back to the Dursleys!" Hermione, almost to the brink of tears, reasoned.
"I have to go see it then, won't I?" Harry said as he grabbed his invisibility
cloak and his wand.
"No Harry you cant." Hermione drew her wand and pointed it at him.
"Why cant I go?" Harry asked.
"Because if you go, Voldemort will kill you; and you can't kill him. Not
without destroying the remaining four Horcruxes." Hermione said.
Harry clenched his hands around the fake Horcrux that he had taken from the
island in the middle of the cave two months ago.
Hermione, I have to go. Theyre my only family. Harry reasoned.
Were at war Harry, we have to make sacrifices! Hermione begged, with
tears in her eyes.
Im sorry, I have to go. Harry replied.

Please dont, at least stay for me. Ginny appeared at the doorway.
I cant, I wish I could, but Harrys voice trailed away.
Then be careful, please. Ginny said. Ill be waiting for you when you get
Thanks Ginny, Harry smiled, I love you.
"Are you going to be back at Hogwarts?" Hermione asked. It was a foolish
question really, seeing that Harry had already said that he wouldnt go back
to Hogwarts even if it did remain open.
"I won't, there's too much painful memories at that castle." Harry replied.
"Still, I have to go back to the Dursleys, good luck at Hogwarts, you three
have to leave for the train in a while, don't let me keep you."
With a crack, he disappeared.
Harry appeared at Privet Drive, what he saw was an image of utter chaos.
Muggles were pointing at the Dark Mark with fear, but couldn't get in the
house. So it was true, Harry thought as he put the invisibility cloak on and
snuck into the house without trouble. A charm must've been cast to keeps
Muggles out. He saw the Dursleys, all dead in the kitchen. Uncle Vernon was
in the fireplace, Dudley lying next to him with a snake tightly wrapped
around his neck. However, the worst was Aunt Petunia, she lied in the middle
of the floor, her body was so disfigured that it took a tremendous amount of
courage for Harry to look at his aunt. There was blood everywhere; it seemed
as if Voldemort had used the Sectumsempra curse on Aunt Petunia. Harry
looked at the walls and saw to his horror the words:
I am at Hogwarts.
Harry's eyes caught something in Aunt Petunias hand, a video tape. With
trembling hands, he took the video tape out and played it.
The mask-like face of Voldemort appeared in the TV.
"Hello Harry, as I presume, you have found the bodies and the message.
However, here's a piece of news you don't know. I have total control of
Hogwarts and term starts very soon. Your filthy mudblood and blood traitor
friends will be at my mercy. Perhaps you would like to return to Hogwarts
this year; and play the hero again." Voldemort sneered as the tape ended,
leaving Harry in silence and horror.
Hermione and Ron boarded the Hogwarts Express for the first time without
"Who'd you reckon would be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts
teacher?" Ron asked.
"Someone with experience in the field I guess." Hermione replied as she
began to read Darkest Curses and Counter-curses, What You Need to Know.
The train ride was uneventful. Neither Malfoy nor Harry was on the train,
leaving Ron and Hermione to discuss things.
I can't believe you're not Head Girl." Ron said as he took a bite out of the
Pumpkin Pasty that he just bought.

"Me neither, but I guess Dum- I mean McGonagall has her reasons."
Hermione said, not taking her eyes off the book.
"What'd you reckon Harry's doing right now?" Ron asked.
"I hope nothing dangerous." Hermione said, looking at Ron with an
expression that he had never seen on her.
"Hermione, why are you looking at me like that?" Ron asked.
"Huh, what," Hermione asked back.
"You were looking at me like you were in a trance or something like that."
Ron replied, his ears turning red.
"You mean you still haven't figured it out?" Hermione asked, incredulous.
"Figure what out?" Ron asked.
"You never noticed last year when I was dropping all those hints?" Hermione
asked, clearly hurt.
"What hints?" Ron asked thickly.
"I really like you! You couldn't figure that out?" Hermione said, tears running
down her cheeks.
"Oh, well I really like you too, since our second year, you know, when you
were petrified and" Ron muttered, turning a brilliant shade of red.
I knew it, I always knew that you liked me. Hermione smiled and went
back to reading her book.
CRACK, Harry appeared in the compartment, his face white with fear.
"Harry, what's going on?!" Hermione asked.
Hes at Hogwarts. Harry replied as the lights in the compartment suddenly
extinguished and he heard the familiar rattling breath of the Dementors.
"Lumos," Harry muttered and swept his eyes across the compartment. The
rattling sound of the Dementors' breath grew louder. The compartment door
suddenly broke down with a BANG and a Dementor glided in.
Harry's vision clouded as the chill washed over him. He was back in the cave
and he heard Dumbledore:
<i>please dont hurt them, hurt me instead!
I want to die! I want to die! Make it stop! KILL ME!</i>
Harry couldn't stand it anymore. His wand slipped from his fingers and he
fell to the floor. He heard someone familiar yell his name in the distance but
was too weak to decipher whom. He felt the clammy hands of the Dementor
grab him, smelled its putrid rotting breath, and knew that he was about to
have his soul taken away.
Suddenly, a bright light flashed as a Patronus flew into the Dementor and
drove it away. The lamps reignited, and the air became warm once more.

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Story Information
Author: Chaplain118
Title: Harry Potter and the Curse of Love
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Chapter Views: 718
Chapter Rating:
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, they belong to JK Rowling
and the Bloomsbury Publishing.
Return to Hogwarts
"Who...cast that...Patronus?" Harry asked weakly as he pulled himself up to a
sitting position.
"Me," a girl with flaming red hair said.
"Ginny," Harry gave her a weak smile, "thanks."
"Don't mention it," she replied and took his hand into hers.
"So Harry, who were you talking about?" Ron asked.
"Voldemort, he's at Hogwarts." Harry replied.
"You-Know-Who? But how is that possible, there are aurors and spells to
keep him out." Ron said.
"And if he wants to get in, nothing can stop him." Harry replied angrily, and
then added "Now that Dumbledore's dead."
"We'd better change, I can see Hogwarts." Hermione said.
Harry picked up his wand and conjured up his school supplies and the book
The Art of Horcruxes that he had left in Godric's Hollow after he visited his
parents' graves.
"Where are your books, mate?" Ron asked.
"Didn't buy 'em, I thought I won't be going back." Harry replied. He had not
found any more Horcruxes since Dumbledore's death and he had already lost

quite a bit of hope.

"Why the sudden change of mind?" Ron asked as he put on his robes.
I didn't want you lot to be in danger, I have to see if Voldemort is sitting on
that seat." Harry replied.
The train grinded to a halt at Hogwarts, Harry stepped off and saw Hagrid
marshalling the first years toward the boats.
He proceeded onto the castle with apprehension, would he see Voldemort's
mask-like face on the high table?
Harry was thoroughly surprised to see Professor Sprout greet them at the
Welcome back to Hogwarts, this year has started badly enough, Professor
McGonagall was murdered this morning. She said grimly as she led them
into the castle.
Murdered? Hermione asked.
Yes, murdered, but the strange thing was the gargoyles let whoever it is that
murdered her in. Professor Sprout sniffed.
The queue entered Hogwarts but the person sitting on the high table was not
Whos that? Ron asked as Lavender Brown gave a giggle when she saw the
new Headmaster.
Harry knew why Lavender giggled; the person sitting on the seat was very
handsome. He had jet black hair, a pale face with high cheekbones, and he
was rather tall. The man seemed like Tom Riddle, but Riddle had gone
through the transformation of the Horcruxes and became the inhuman Lord
Voldemort. Harry was perplexed, who was this man?
When he told the thought to Ron and Hermione, they werent as concerned as
he was.
Oh come off it Harry, thats not Voldemort. From what you told us,
Voldemorts face doesnt even look human. This new Headmaster is
obviously human. Hermione reassured him as the new students were sorted
into their Houses.
Still, Harry tried to argue, but at that exact time, the man stood up and the
Great Hall became quiet.

To our new students, welcome to Hogwarts, to our old students, welcome

back. The new Headmasters voice rang out across the Great Hall.
I have good and bad news to share with you, first the bad,
Professor McGonagall was murdered by Lord Voldemort this morning.
There was a sharp intake of breaths as many people winced upon the
mentioning of the name.
Now the good news,
We have new, more stringent protective barriers around the school, barring
anyone with a Dark Mark from entering. I am pleased to say that this will
allow you to focus on your schoolwork. I am happy to announce that
Professor Iona will take the post of Transfiguration and I shall take the post
of Defense Against the Dark Arts.
And without further ado, let us fill our empty stomachs and hurry to your
warm beds. The Headmaster smiled as everyone began to eat.
Isnt it strange that he didnt mention his name? Harry asked Ron as he
took a bite of his treacle tart. Ron wasnt listening, as he and Hermione were
locked in a fierce kiss that seemed to last for hours. Harry sighed, turned
towards Ginny and asked her the same question.
I thought it was strange too, he seemed really familiar She trailed off.
After the feast, Harry went with Ginny towards the Gryffindor Tower. Ron
and Hermione were behind them, holding hands and snogging. Then, a
thought struck Harry. He left Ginny, ran up to his dormitory and fumbled
through his trunk for the Marauders Map.
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good, Harry whispered and tapped the
map. Ink lines and dots appeared on the map. Harry looked at the
Headmasters office, but the dot that paced the room had no name.
Harry cursed as he tapped the map again and whispered Mischief managed.
Ron and Hermione entered the dormitory, lips still locked. Harry wondered
for a brief second whether they could breathe and decided to find out.
Ahem, he cleared his throat and the two broke apart.
What? Ron asked, panting for air.
Have you two been like that nonstop since the feast? Harry asked,

More or less, Ron coughed. Why?
Well I was wondering, how do you breathe? Harry asked, clearly amused.
You know mate, I never paused to think about that Ron replied and went
back to snogging Hermione.
Right, Harry muttered as he went down to the common room and fell
asleep in front of the fire.
I believe you have useful information about him. Harry asked; his voice
high and cold.
I dont know what youre talking about. Someone replied, but Harry
couldnt make out whom.
On the contrary, you know very well what Im talking about, but refuse to
tell me. Harry sneered as he raised his wand and whispered Exsanguis
Harrys scar burned as he woke up. He could hear Rons screams of horror
coming from the dormitory. He drew his wand and ran up to the dormitory.
Ron was awake, but a puddle of blood was on the bed where Neville used to

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Story Information
Author: Chaplain118
Title: Harry Potter and the Curse of Love
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Chapter Views: 696
Chapter Rating:
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, they belong to JK Rowling
and Bloomsbury Publishing
The Cup of Hufflepuff
Harry stared at the bed where Neville used to lay and clenched his fist. What
am I doing at Hogwarts? Harry thought bitterly as the blood dripped from the
Harry, are you alright? Ron asked when he saw the murderous look on
Harrys face.
Take the Marauders Map and keep it, Im leaving Hogwarts. Harry replied
as he grabbed his invisibility cloak and strode out of the dormitory.
The news of Nevilles death spread quickly throughout the school. Hermione
was especially worried when Ron told her about Harry.
You dont think that hell go after You-Know-Who right now, do you? Ron
asked her.
No, Harry has more sense than that. He just needs to find all the Horcruxes
before he tackles Voldemort. Hermione replied.
But we dont know about the item that used to be Ravenclaws Ron said.
Actually, we do. Hermione corrected. It was in Hogwarts, a History. It had
objects the four founders were especially fond of. Gryffindor favored his
sword, Hufflepuff her cup, Slytherin his locket, and Ravenclaw her earrings.
Harry looked back at Hogwarts and fought back the tears that were welling
up. He closed his eyes, saw Godrics Hollow and with a CRACK. He

Where else would he keep the Horcruxes? Harry asked himself as he sat in
front of his parents graves.
The locket was in the cave. The diary was at Malfoys. The snake is always
by Voldemort himself. The ring was at the house of Gaunt, Harry thought.
The cup cant possibly at Hepzibah Smiths house because her family raided
it looking for the cup.
Harrys eyes suddenly widened. How could he be so stupid? All summer long
the image of the orphanage kept popping into his mind. Yet he never paused
to think thats where a Horcurx would be.
Harry tightened his grip on his wand as he disappeared from Godrics
The orphanage has seen better days. The walls have collapsed, the roof has
caved in, and no one has occupied it for the last forty years. However, there
seem to be an invisible barrier that kept troublemakers and other people out
of the ruins. The contractors that wanted to turn the orphanage into a landfill
were perplexed. No matter what they did, their equipments just cant seem to
get past what used to be the orphanage fence. Rumors had it forty years ago a
dark haired pale man appeared at the orphanage. There were bodies strewn
across the floor after he left, but no damage to the corpses at all. The press
had a field day with this, but the story soon lost interest with the launch of
Harry knew none of this as he appeared at the orphanage. His eyes scanned
the ruins for obvious magical marks that Dumbledore said Voldemort left
behind. Harry felt a chill run down his spine when his eyes fell upon the
general area where Tom Riddle used to live. Harry pointed his wand at the
ruins and muttered, Reducto.
The walls were blasted apart from the Reductor Curse. Harry inched closer,
gravel crunching under his foot. There was a box; the same box that Riddle
used to keep his childhood trophies. Harry reached out to grab the box but
stopped short, remembering that Voldemort would use a powerful curse to
keep someone from taking the Horcrux. He tapped the box and said.
Specialis Revelio! Nothing happened. Frowning, Harry grabbed the box
and opened it. Hufflepuffs cup was there; he reached down and pulled it out
of the box. The cup emanated a warm glow as Harry examined it. The badger
carved into the cup looked unnaturally real. For a quick second, Harry
thought he saw the badger move.
Something grabbed Harrys shoulder. Harry tried to shake it off, but it didnt
budge. He pointed his wand at it and yelled, RELASHIO!

A vine flew off and Harry turned around and found himself staring into the
massive trunks of an unknown plant.
Cracks appeared in the ground where he was standing as the more vines
appeared and advanced toward him. Harry remembered the picture of a
Brazilian Flesh Eater from Herbology, Professor Sprout had mentioned
something about it, but he couldnt recall what.
He was surrounded by Inferi. One of the vines snapped fifteen feet into the
air and swung its tip like a club. Harry aimed his wand at it and bellowed,
A flaming X shot out from the tip of his wand and hit the vine. It gave a
gurgle-like scream and fell to the ground, writhing as the fire burned on its
cold surface. The other vines, blind to what they have seen, advanced toward
Harry slashed the air wildly with his wand and screaming Incedio! But the
vines kept advancing toward him. As soon as one was down from the fire,
two more would take its place. The vines advanced toward him; one of them
grabbed his neck. Harry was surprised by its incredible strength. The vine
lifted him into the air flung him like a rag doll. The Flesh Eater grew more
violent as a burst of blood emitted from his mouth. A wooden spike suddenly
shot up and impaled his stomach and more blood spurted out. Harry felt his
world swim around him as suckers attached themselves to his wounds and
began to suck his blood out of him. The vine on his neck tightened,
determined to squeeze blood out of his face. His brain screamed for oxygen.
More vines grabbed him. Harry felt his arms being ripped from his sockets.
His screams of pain fell on deaf ears and he knew he was going to die. He
saw a bright red flash of light in whats left of his vision. The vines released
him and turned toward the light. Harry seized his chance, and aimed his
wand at the sucker still attached to his stomach. He murmured weakly
Circum Incendia!
A ring of fire burst from his wand and separated him from the vines and the
suckers, which howled upon touching the flames. Harry turned and saw the
red flash was Fawkes. The phoenix landed on his shoulder and he felt a sense
of confidence rush through him. Harry grabbed Fawkes and the phoenix
lifted him from the orphanage.
Harry looked at the cup once he reached Godrics Hollow. His elation was
gone. He has no idea how to expel the soul from the Horcurx. He pointed his
wand and the Horcrux and said uncertainly, Reducto. The Reductor Curse
bounced off the cup and shattered a tree. Fawkes gave a cry and dropped a
piece of parchment on Harrys lap. On the Parchment, in the slim
handwriting of Dumbledore were the words:

Animus ex rem ad aires plu Horcrux

Harry stared at the words, aimed his wand at the cup and said Animus ex
rem ad aires plu Horcrux. The cup glowed and a scream emanated from it as
he saw a vague image of Voldemort that floated from the cup and dissipated.
Harry looked at the cup. It was now cracked in several places.
The badger on the cup now seemed faded and blurry. Tears fell from
Fawkess eyes onto his wounds as Harry clenched his hands around the
Horcrux. Only two more Horcruxes lie between him and Voldemort. Only
two more Horcruxes left before the fulfillment of the prophecy.

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Story Information
Author: Chaplain118
Title: Harry Potter and the Curse of Love
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Chapter Views: 728
Chapter Rating:
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. They belong to JK Rowling
and Bloomsbury Publishing.
The New Teacher
Ron and Hermione ran down the corridor. They were late for the first
Defense Against the Dark Arts class of the year.
You know, we mightve made it if you had actually done your Charms
homework! Hermione hissed as she took a seat.
How is that my fault? Slughorn gave me double detention for melting my
cauldron! Ron whispered harshly.
Settle down. The Headmaster walked in and everyone became quiet
Now as I understand, you have had six different teachers in this subject. He
swept his eyes across the room.
This is your seventh and final year at Hogwarts. With the return of Lord
Voldemort and his followers, it is imperative that I teach you how to perform
the Unforgivable Curses. He said.
Ron and Hermione exchanged looks.
But, sir, arent those illegal? Lavender Brown asked tentatively.
Yes they are Ms. Brown, but the Death Eaters will no doubt use these curses
against you. Therefore, he paused, you must be equally merciless against
Whats he playing at, teaching us the Unforgivable Curses? Ron whispered
but Hermione shushed him.

Perhaps you would like to tell me why you are not listening, Mr. Weasley?
The teacher swooped down upon Ron.
Ersorry Professor Ron paused. He didnt know what the teachers
name was.
Ah, how very rude of me, my name is Professor Peter Riddle. He said as he
strode back to the desk.
Hermiones brow creased upon hearing that name. Professor Riddle mustve
caught it for he asked.
Is something wrong Ms. Granger?
Nonothing. Hermione quickly said.
Very well then, back to the subject of the Unforgivable Curses, Professor
Riddle clapped his hands together. You will each find a partner and I will
issue you two spiders. You will then each use the Imperius Curse on the
spider and tell it to back flipping off the table. We have about fifteen minutes
left, which should be plenty of time for you to get the hang of the curse. Go.
Ron instinctively walked to Hermione.
No Mr. Weasley, it is obvious that you cannot concentrate around Ms.
Granger. Professor Riddle glared at him. How about working with Mr.
Thomas; Ms. Granger, you shall work with Ms. Brown.
Ron got his spider and looked at it in contempt. He pointed his wand at it and
muttered Imperio. The spider simply looked at him and did nothing. He
looked around the room. Everyone else was doing just as badly as he was. By
the end of the lesson, only Hermiones spider managed to follow her orders
of doing a back flip off the table. Professor Riddle beamed at Hermione and
awarded her thirty points.
I see you have much potential. He said after class, Are you of a pureblood
wizarding line?
No sir, Im Muggle-born Hermione replied coldly.
Professor Riddles eyes widened in surprise, but there was no mistaking of
the red gleam that flashed across his eyes.
I cant believe how much homework Riddle gave us! Ron complained that
night. A three foot essay on the effects of the Imperius Curse; as if we dont
have enough to worry about.

Riddle Hermione whispered, clearly thinking deeply.

Hermione, are you okay? Ron asked.
Wasnt Voldemorts last name Riddle? Hermione asked suddenly.
I dont think so, why? Ron asked back.
Before Hermione had a chance to answer, a phoenix landed in the common
Fawkes! Ron exclaimed.
It looks like hes carrying a letter. Hermione examined the leg and detached
the parchment.
Its from Harry! She squealed.
Really? Ron ripped the letter from her hand and read it out loud.
Dear Ron and Hermione.
I have found Hufflepuffs cup and destroyed it. There is only two more
Horcruxes left before I kill him. How are you guys? Say hi to Ginny for me
and write back as soon as possible.
That was short. Ron said, clearly disappointed.
Ooh, that reminds me. Hermione said as she grabbed a fresh parchment
and wrote their response.
Dear Harry.
Congratulations on destroying the cup, Ron and I are fine. Ill be sure to say
hi to Ginny for you. But there is something you should know.
Our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher seems a bit shifty. His
name is Peter Riddle. Wasnt that Voldemorts name? Anyway, today, he
taught us how to use the Imperius Curse. Hope to hear from you soon.
There, Hermione said when she finished.
Thats shorter than I expected from you. Ron said as he took it and gave it

to Fawkes.
Oh shut up, Hermione said and returned to her essay.
Ron didnt reply, but merely smiled at her.
What? She asked, oblivious of the sly grin on his face.
Do you know what Im thinking right now? He asked.
Not now Ron, we have to finish our homework. Hermione blushed.
Why? Tomorrows Saturday, well have all day to finish it. Ron said as his
hands locked with hers.
Ron, dont. Hermione giggled as he caressed her face.
The nights still young. He whispered and brushed his lips against hers.

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Story Information
Author: Chaplain118
Title: Harry Potter and the Curse of Love
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Chapter Views: 751
Chapter Rating:
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters; all these are the works of
JK Rowling and Bloomsbury Publishing.
Authors note: Hermione was hit by the Daggers curse by Avery, this curse
will be performed again in the next chapter.
Fall of the Hero
Think! Harrys mind urged him. Where else could Voldemort hide the final
horcrux? His hands clenched his hair as he racked his brains for an answer.
Where could it be? he whispered to himself, Where?
Suddenly, Harrys scar began burning once more. Unable to shut out the
images Voldemort threw at him, Harry fell to the ground screaming.
The images came in bursts. A room, a graveyard, Tom Riddles gravestone,
Cedrics dead eyes staring at him, and the wands connecting.
I KNOW! Harry yelled, suddenly free of the images that were burned into
his mind. Looking at his trembling hands, Harry closed his eyes and saw
once again, that terrible graveyard where Voldemort arose from the dead.
I hope everythings alright with him, I miss him so much, Ginny whispered
as a tear rolled down her cheek.
Hell be okay. Hermione patted Ginnys shoulder reassuringly, Harry can
take care of himself. Youll see.
Hey you two, lets get going if were to get to Hogsmeade on time. Rons
head poked through the double door of the castle.
Ron! Hermione reproached him.
Oh, sorry Ginny, dont worry, Harry will be fine. Ron said. He can
succeed, I know it.
Its not that, sometimes, I feel as if he wont be the same person anymore, I
feel as if hell be changed Ginny whispered.
Well, nothing like a good cup of firewhisky to help calm your nerves. Ron
quipped as the three made their way to Hogsmeade.
Hogsmeade had changed for the worse after the death of Dumbledore. The
Three Broomsticks is closed, and Madame Rosmerta was now behind the
bars of Azkaban for her involvement in Dumbledores death. The only good

place for a drink was the Hogs head, and the three ordered their drinks and
sat down.
Careful to not show their affection in front of Ginny, Ron chose to grasp
Hermiones hand under the table, only to receive a warning look from his
lovers eyes.
Its okay with me, really, Ginny smiled, I just need sometime to adjust.
Oh, Ginny, its okay to cry, just get it out of your system. Hermione
But before Ginny could reply four black-robed figures apparated into the bar
and surrounded the three.
The Dark Lord requires your presence. One of the figures sneered.
What have we done? Ron asked incredulously.
Ask no questions, and perhaps we will be merciful. The second figure
Since when have Death Eaters been merciful? Hermione asked coldly.
SILENCE MUDBLOOD! the first figure barked.
This little Mudblood is too mouthy for her own good, maybe we should
show her some discipline. What say you Yaxley? the third figure giggled.
Splendid idea, the Dark Lord did not say to bring them back undamaged.
Yaxley, the first figure, replied with a hint of amusement in his voice as a
wand appeared from his robes, wielding an unspoken horror.
Harry appeared in the same desolate graveyard he escaped from three years
ago. His hand trembled at the though of the last time he was here, but this
time, he was ready.
Ah, Harry, so good of you to come. A cold, silky voice whispered.
Harry turned and saw into the chalk white face of Voldemort. He raised his
wand and aimed it at the thing that had ruined his life.
Oh whats this? No recognition for your old friend? Harry, I thought
Dumbledore taught you manners before he died? Voldemort sneered behind
those glaring red eyes.
Expelliarmius! Harry yelled at Voldemort, who simply blocked the spell
with a flick of the wand.
Harry, Harry, Harry, close your mind before you attack. I thought that Snape
had taught you that last year. Voldemort laughed.
At the mention of Snapes name, Harry felt rage course through his veins.
Red-hot anger stabbed him at all sides, he could not think, save for the
thought to hurt everything in his way.
Ah, anger, the greatest tool a dark wizard can possess. Use anger to your
advantage Harry. Use it to concentrate all of your hate upon me. Use it to
strike me down, to kill me, to make me pay for all that I have done.
Voldemort smiled.
AVADA KEDAVRA! Harry bellowed, knowing that he had made the
wrong move, knowing that Voldemort was immortal for all practical
purposes, knowing that he would fail because of this blunder. A jet of green
light shot out from his wand, Voldemort, anticipating the attack, simply

Harrys rage now reached a critical point, he could no longer bear that
sneering face, he had to act, he had no choice, and he had no must
destroy the horcruxes.
Ah yes, the horcruxes, how silly of me, Voldemort whispered. You cant
have a proper duel without them.
Having said this, Voldemort waved his wand, and the two horcruxes appeared
in front of Voldemort. Harry gasped as he saw the sword of Gryffindor
hanging in the air.
Surprised? Well, I figured that the sword must have a better use as a horcrux
than a museum piece, well, animis de horcrux plu aires Voldemort waved
his wand and the two horcruxes flashed and fell to the ground.
Yaxley stabbed his wand under Hermiones chin as the two Death Eaters
restrained Ron and Ginny, while the third one suspended Hermione a few
inches off the floor.
Such a pretty neck, dont you think Avery? Yaxley asked the Death Eater
holding Hermione.
Pretty for a Mudblood, maybe, but not for a pure-blood. Avery snarled.
True, true, Yaxley nodded, tracing his wand across Hermiones neck, a cut
appeared, oozing blood where his wand touched her skin. She screamed as
the wand slashed again and again.
You like that? Maybe next time youll think twice before opening your dirty
mouth! Yaxley laughed, clearly enjoying the sport. Taking a step backwards,
he started slashing the air wildly; gashes appeared on Hermione, tearing
away her robes until she floated in front of him, naked and bleeding. Avery
laughed and hooted.
Look at that, shes trying to cover herself, as if thatll save her! Avery
laughed, tears running down his eye from amusement.
Well, we better make a full job out of this, if we bring them back like that,
the Dark Lords going to want to know whats up, then how do we explain?
Yaxley growled.
All right, but I get to have the fun. Avery smirked as he grabbed
Hermiones neck and forced her onto the ground.
Harry stared incredulously at the fallen objects; they had lost the soul that
gave them the sinister glimmer.
Surprised? Voldemort asked. Yes Harry, I have just destroyed the last
horcruxes if thats what youre wondering. Im sure that you have figured it
out by now that YOU are a horcrux. Therefore, I have no need of other
horcruxes, as long as youre alive.
No, I dont believe you, that cant be true! Harry took a step backward.
Cant it Potter? Search your feelings, look deep within yourself and youll
know it to be true. Voldemort whispered.
Harry fell to his knees, his mind blurry; the realization that HE harbored
something of Voldemorts within himself was revolting. He raised his head
and looked into those glaring red eyes.
Surrender to the truth Harry, surrender and youll be free, pledge yourself to

me and together we will rule the Wizarding World! Voldemort yelled.

Hermione lay on the ground, crying, robes had been conjured up from out of
the air and put on her but nothing could ease what had just happened, how
she had been violated.
Pathetic Avery, pathetic. Yaxley shook his head, I could have made her
scream twice as long.
Well then you do it master of curses! Avery yelled.
Hey, morons! the figure holding Ginny barked, We have to return to the
Dark Lord now. Its already past the designated time because of you two! You
can show Avery how its really done after the Dark Lords given us our
With these words, the two Death Eater disapparated with Ron and Ginny,
leaving Avery and Yaxley with Hermione, still trembling on the ground with
tears flowing from her face.
You had better make her scream twice as long. Avery sneered as he too
Shaking his head in amusement, Yaxley grabbed Hermione by her bushy hair
and with a crack, disapparated as well.
Harry, I mean you no harm; I only wish that we become allies. I can teach
you magic beyond those that you have learned, beyond those that you ever
knew. Voldemort smiled. All you have to do is look at me in the eye and
itll soon be over.
CRACK. Four Death Eaters appeared, carrying Ron, Ginny, and Hermione.
Ah, you have brought the spectators! Voldemort exclaimed, turning his
attention back to Harry, look me into the eye and youll be in peace!
Hermione, are you okay? Ron crawled over to Hermione.
Hermione sat there, her eyes unfocused, unable to say a word; she fell into
his reassuring arms and buried herself in his shoulder.
Harry stared at the eyes; he felt something bore into him. Then, as if a great
chasm in him has opened, he felt his soul ripped away from him. The pain
was so intense that he fell to the ground, screaming, then he became still.
HARRY! Ginny yelled and ran up to him. Voldemort merely stood there,
Harry, wake up, wake up! Ginny cried, You cant be dead, you cant be
Hes not dead, merely, transformed. Voldemort smiled poisonously.
Harrys eyelids fluttered.
Harry? Ginny asked tentatively.
Harry opened his eyes, but gone were those pools of green that had often
flashed with optimism, gone were the spark of courage that had melted her
heart more than once, and gone were the flash of hope that inspired her so
many times. Ginny dropped him and gasped in horror at what she saw.
His eyes were now blood red with slits for pupils.

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Story Information
Author: Chaplain118
Title: Harry Potter and the Curse of Love
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Chapter Views: 692
Chapter Rating:
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters; all these are the works of
JK Rowling and Bloomsbury Publishing.
Chapter 7
The End of the War
Harry, Voldemort whispered, can you hear me?
Yes, Master, Harry muttered in a toneless voice.
Good, then in that case Voldemort smiled, kill the redhead.
Harry turned to Ginny, whose eyes are now filled with tears, and aimed his
wand at her.
But before you kill her, make it interesting so that our guests, Voldemort
pointed to Ron and Hermione, will be sufficientlyahentertained.
Yes, Master, Harry said once again in that toneless voice.
Harry, dont do this, youre not a killer, Ginny pleaded.
Quiet, blood traitor, Harry spat.
Harry Ginny sobbed, I loved you.
LIAR! Harry bellowed and pointed to Ron and Hermione, you brought
THEM! You brought them to stop me, to interfere! I HATE YOU!
No, no, no, no Ginny was beyond words now, she lay on the ground,
CRUCIO! Harry pointed his wand at Ginny. Her screams filled the
graveyard like water fills a cup.
Expelliarmius! Ron yelled and a jet of red light flashed toward Harry, but
only to be parried off by a flick from Harrys wand.
Harry looked at Ron with his new eyes; the mere sight of them sent a chill
down Rons spine.
Expelliarmius! Ron yelled again, only to have the same effect as before.
You really want to die early, dont you? Harry whispered.
No, and I dont plan to! Ron said, his wand pointed at Harry.
Mortuus corpum ab humi! Harry bellowed as he pointed his wand to the
graves. A pale hand burst from the ground, followed by its owner. Then
another, and another, until an army of Inferi broke loose from their graves

and advanced toward Ron.

Impedimenta! Incarcerous! Stupefy! Ron yelled at the Inferi, but the dead
kept coming despite the curses.
Harry waved his wand, and the Inferi stopped in their tracks. Turning to Ron,
he whispered coldly.
Dont interfere.
cried at Harry.
Love? Who are you fooling, Weasley? Love is nonexistent. I dont want
love, I want POWER! Harry yelled.
You werent like this before, Harry! You used to care about those around
you! Now youre like HIM! Ron pointed to Voldemort then continued,
Remember what Dumbledore told you? Love is the strongest form of
magic! Find the love thats still within you!
Dumbledore was a fool! Harry bellowed hysterically. There is no power
with love! Power comes from pain, death and destruction!
OPPUGNO! Harry pointed his wand at Ron. The Inferi rushed forth and
began to tear Ron apart, piece by piece.
Circum incendia Hermione whispered, still sobbing from the effects of the
Daggers curse Avery performed on her. A ring of fire appeared around Ron,
scattering the Inferi.
GLADIISECUTUM! Harry bellowed at Hermione and slashed the air.
Hermione felt once again the heart-piercing pain she felt back in Hogsmeade.
Unlike when Avery performed the curse, she felt the pain sink deeper and
deeper into her skin until it became an unbearable torture. The pain kept
building until she fell to the ground, unmoving.
See, Avery, THATs how you do it! Yaxley pointed at Hermiones still
Dont go to sleep tonight. Avery brandished his wand at Yaxley.
Oh, what are you going to do? Tickle me to death? Yaxley sneered.
Avery looked away, fuming.
Accio Ginny! Ron yelled while Harry was busy torturing Hermione.
AVADA KEDAVRA! Harry yelled at Ron, a jet of green light shot out
from his wand and struck Ron directly in the chest. Turning his wand on
Ginny, he whispered,
So you didnt bring them to stop me did you? You loved me did you? How
many more times are you going to lie? Huh? Gladiisecutum!
Now it was Ginnys turn to scream, blood ran down her face, arms, legs, and
body as Harrys wand slashed again and again. Harry laughed and felt the
empty chasm inside him widen.
Harry Ginny whispered when he raised his wand. I loved you.
Save it, Harry sneered, we both know that was a lie!
Harry Ginny crawled to him, I really did.
Stay back! Harry pointed his wand at her again, something fluttered in him.
There was something about Ginny that he tried to remember, but the chasm
within him swelled and blocked all of his thought save for one: to kill her.

Harry Ginny was trying to stand, but her body was too mutilated by the
curse and she fell into Harrys raised arm. Youre not evil. Look
deep within yourself and find
She raised her bloodstained hand and touched Harrys cheek. Pushing herself
up, she kissed him.
Get away from me. Harry threw her down onto the ground
Harry, while were young, Voldemort whispered.
Harry looked down at Ginny, there was something about her that made
killing her seems wrong.
Harry look for the goodness still left in you. This time it was not
Ginny that spoke, it was Hermione. You loved Ginny dont kill her.
Harry raised his hand and touched the blood Ginnys hand left on his face
and for a moment felt a flutter in his heart, but the chasm raged again and
split wider inside his soul. Suddenly, a feeling of warmth poured out from his
heart and seemed to chase away the chasm, but only for a short while. The
chasm returned, but not as strong as before.
Her mi o ne. He croaked, whats happening to me?
Harry? Voldemort inquired, raising his wand.
Harry remained standing, his wand pointed at Ginny, who now lay
unconscious. He felt something warm wash over him, and felt the chasm
GINNY! He cried, dropping to his knees and picking her up in his arms.
Renervate! Please, dont be dead! Please!
Harry? Ginnys eyes opened and she grabbed his hand. I knew it
But the curses that Harry had thrown at her were too much for her physical
body, still clasping Harrys hand, her eyes closed forever.
Harry sobbed as he held the dead Ginny in his arms, unaware of Voldemort
coming up behind him.
Suddenly, he was lifted off the ground and pinned to a gravestone.
I will teach you that NO ONE defies me! Voldemort spat.
I hate you! Harry yelled as he tried to free himself from the
Good, let the hate flow out, then you can be mine AGAIN! The chasm
came back, wider and more painful than ever.
NO! Harry yelled. He remembered Ginny, remembered Ron and Hermione
and realized that the only way he could defeat Voldemort is to fill his heart of
one emotion: love. Pointing his wand at Voldemort, he felt a voice in his
mind say te amo.
TE AMO! Harry bellowed. A burst of white light emitted from his wand
and engulfed the entire graveyard. Voldemorts big glaring eyes stared at the
light in terror, and suddenly the Dark Lord began screaming.
Harry stared in wonder as Voldemorts features morphrd from the snake-like
face back into the handsome face of the young man that he would have
grown into. The features continued to morph, until it appeared that Voldemort
had aged, but he was still as handsome as ever. Then, giving out a weak
moan, Voldemort fell to the ground.
Harry you did it! Hermione smiled at him.

MASTER! Avery yelled.

Hes gone Yaxley said, unbelieving.
One by one, death eaters began apparating to the graveyard, only to fall to
their knees, mourning the death of Voldemort.
POTTER! KILL HIM! a large death eater snarled.
Harry stood there as thirty killing curses flew toward him. The curses
bounced off each other and smashed into everything, graves, birds, death
eaters, Harry, and Hermione.
As Harry felt the killing curses strike him in the chest, he felt happy. He
had completed his mission. Peace would now spread over the Wizarding