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Petrofac will be acknowledged by our industry as a leader in asset integrity management. We will ensure the safety of all the
facilities designed, constructed, operated, managed or supported by Petrofac.



Petrofacs Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility

for integrity management and assurance and are committed
to the achievement of excellence in integrity management
across all aspects of our diverse business including; design,
construction, modifications, operations, maintenance, well
management, commissioning and decommissioning. Petrofac
and its business units are therefore committed to:

To meet this commitment at Group level Petrofac will:

understanding the sources of integrity risks and managing

them effectively

maintaining appropriate standards and mitigating risks to

prevent undesired events

transparency in the reporting of the Companys integrity

assurance performance

promoting a culture in which all employees share this


develop and implement a systematic approach to integrity

management and assurance across the business

measure, appraise and report on integrity management

performance across the business

periodically review the suitability and effectiveness of this

policy, our management systems, targets and objectives

Each Petrofac business unit will:

implement a systematic approach to integrity

management and assurance within the regulatory and
other requirements of the countries in which they operate
and in line with appropriate National, International and
Petrofac Group standards

manage critical systems to ensure they perform as intended

have access to an appropriate technical authority


maintain effective and robust safe systems of work

effectively manage change

measure, appraise and report on their integrity

management performance

provide appropriate training for all staff to enable them to

carry out their work in a competent manner

engage with clients, contractors and suppliers to deliver a

high standard of integrity management performance

Responsibility and implementation

Responsibility for compliance with this policy lies with the Group Chief Executive, Divisional Chief Executives and their respective
business unit Managing Directors. It is also the responsibility of individuals to be aware of potential integrity risks and to help
to reduce these at the locations where they work. Petrofacs business units will implement this policy and will conduct periodic
audits/reviews to verify compliance and promote continual improvement.

Ayman Asfari, Group Chief Executive

June 2012