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Gravitational acceleration = 10 m/s2.

Use ballpoint to answer the question.

1. Taurid meteor shower with fireballs peaks on November 11th and 12th 2015. One night, Patrick sees a fireball
(brighter-than-usual meteor) across the sky. If the fireball travels 10 km across the sky when Patrick sees it
for 0.5 second, determine the speed of the fireball.
2. Two cars are 325 km apart and travelling toward each other. Car A travel with speed of 50 km/h while car B
travels 80km/h in opposite direction. How far they are from each other after 2 hours travelling?

3. In a MotoGP competition, Marquez passes Rossi at a constant speed of 50 m/s in a straight track. Rossi, who
currently has speed of 40 m/s, then accelerates at 4.0 m/s2 and takes a time t seconds to draw level with
Marquez. Calculate:
a. the time taken for Rossi to draw level with Marquez.
b. the distance travelled by Rossi when he draw level with Marquez.

4. A bus, initially at rest at a station, starts to moves with constant acceleration. After it runs, on first
observation the velocity is 1 m/s and 20s later (after the first observation) the velocity is 11 m/s. Calculate:
a. Acceleration of the bus

b. displacement of the bus from the station after 1 minute moving.

5. Two cars are traveling along a straight track at the same direction, one behind the other. Car B is traveling at
constant speed of 10 m/s while car A, which is behind car B, is traveling at 40 m/s. When car A is 400 m
behind car B, the driver realizes that he is getting too close to car B. Therefore, the driver in car A applies the
brakes and producing a constant deceleration of 0.2 m/s2.
a. Calculate the time needed for car A to stop completely.
b. Calculate the distance travelled by car A from it started to decelerate until it completely stops.
c. Will the cars collide? Prove your statement.
Devilim, Physics Grade X, 1st sem, SMA K IBC 2015-2016

6. A bulldog runs 100 m from its home in 10 seconds to get his food. Then the dog eats the food for 5 minutes.
Finished eating, it walks back lazily to its home in 90 seconds to get some sleep. Based on the whole story of
the dog, calculate (in m/s) :
a. Its average velocity.
b. Its average speed.

7. A racing car travelling at a velocity of 50 m/s hits a safety barrier. The car comes to a halt after travelling a
distance of 40 m. Calculate the average deceleration of the car.

8. A rocket shot directly upwards into the air takes 20 seconds to return to the ground. Calculate:
a. Time it takes to reach maximum height
b. Its initial velocity
c. Its maximum height

9. A durian fall off from a 100-m tall durian tree, and sinks into the ground, creating an impression in the
ground of depth 100 mm. Calculate:
a. The speed of the durian just before it hits the ground.
b. The deceleration in the ground.

10. A bus pulls out of a bus stop and accelerates steadily for 10 seconds until its speed reaches 10 m/s. It then
travels at a constant speed for 100 seconds, then decelerates steadily to rest in a further time of 40 seconds.
a. Sketch a speed-time graph for the bus journey.

b. Calculate the acceleration of the bus in each part of the journey.

c. Calculate the total distance travelled by the bus.
Devilim, Physics Grade X, 1st sem, SMA K IBC 2015-2016

11. The displacement-time graph for an object is shown in the figure beside.
a. In which period of time does the object stay at rest?
b. Describe the motion of the object in the first 2 seconds.
c. Calculate the velocity of the object at 1.0 second.

12. In a competition, a runner has a record of her velocity-time graph

as shown in figure beside. In the graph, vs is 20 m/s.
a. Describe the motion of the runner at the last 4 seconds.
b. Calculate the acceleration of the runner at the first 2 second.

c. Calculate the distance travelled by the runner from 0 until 8 seconds.

13. Figure beside shows a velocity-time graph of an object.

Calculate the displacement of the object from its initial
position during the first 4 seconds.

Devilim, Physics Grade X, 1st sem, SMA K IBC 2015-2016