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1 .According to area India is ___largest country in the world.

Ans. 7th
2. Second largest producer of rice
Ans. India
3. state of india with the largest area under forest- Madhya
4.largest state in india-rajasthan
5.largest residential university in asia-banaras hindu university.
6.smallest state in india-goa
7.largest nandi in india leepakshi temple.
8.largest buddisht monastery in india-tawang.
9. gives largest petroleum gas ongc
10.2nd largest state by area- m.p.
11. largest private sector bank- icici.
12. biggest ship building yard- Vishakhapatnam
13.largest cantilever bridge- howrah bridge.
14. largest city Kolkata.
15.india's largest and oldest museum-indian museum , Kolkata.
16.oldest paramilitary force- assam rifles.
17. largest urban population state- Maharashtra.
18.largest mosque- jama masjid.
19.largest share of india national income in- primary sector.
20. largest revenue from- excise duties.

21.indian bank with largest branches abroad s.b.i.

22.largest mutual fund organization- unit trust of india.
23.factors responsible for biggest problem for indias cotton textile
industryRising cost of production.
24.largest profit from public sector org.- oil and natural gas
25.largest irrigation canal in India- Indira Gandhi canal.
26.largest land holding in india- family holding.
27.largest % of agr. Holdings-marginal holdings.
28.largest nationalized bank of india- s.b.i.
29.single largest donor to india- ussr.
30.largest concentration of s.t. population acc. To 2001 censusm.p.
31. largest concentration of s.c. population acc. To 2001 censusu.p.
32.biggest port during mughals- surat.
33. largest area under tea cultivation- india.
34.largest representation in lok sabha and largest % of reserved
35.largest contribution to total combined annual tax revenue of
centre, state , and u.t . in india union excise duties. to hindi largest spoken in Indian sub continent- Bengali.
37. largest s.c in- bihar

38. 2nd largest spoken in india- telugu.

39. province having largest no. of members in constituent
assembly-united province.
40. largest deposit if iron ore-bihar and odisha.
41.largest crop area by rice.
42. largest earner of foreign exchange for india tea.
43. largest coastline in india- andra p.
44.largest salt lakes- Gujarat.
45. biggest coral island- Lakshadweep.
46. highest aravli peak- guru shikhar.
47. 2nd largest river basin in india- Godavari.
48.longest river- ganga.
49. 2nd largest basin in peninsular india- Krishna basin.
50.largest southern most single island in india-minicoy island.
51.largest zoo in india-kolkata.
52.largest producer of teak producer-m.p.
53.largest natural rubber producer in india- kerala.
54.state with largest avg. size of holding- rajasthan.
55.largest producer of pepper- kerala.
56.largest coffee growing stata- Karnataka.
57.largest groundnut producer Gujarat.
58.largest food crop of india-rice.
59.largest cattle u.p.

60.max. edible oil in india is produced from- groundnut.

61.largest milk producing countries india stands on- 2 nd.
62.largest producer of arecanut kerala.
63.largest fresh water fish in india- west Bengal
64.biggest producer of cashewnut- tamil nadu.
65.largest producer of sesamum in india-tamil nadu.
66.largest tea producing state in India- Assam.
67.largest coal deposit in India damodar valley.
68.largest coal producing state in India- Bihar.
69.largest bauxite producer- bihar.
70.largest producer of gypsum- rajasthan.
71.leading producer of mica- bihar.
72.largest producer of manganese- odisha. present, India 's largest mineral resource- coal.
74.biggest oil refinery in India- koyali.
75.biggest hinterland port in india Bombay.
76.major sea port handling the largest volume of india's foreign
77.sea port that is largest exporter of iron ore from Indiavishakhapatnam.
78.india's largest run off river- ganga.
79.largest quantity of iron ore is exported from india through the
ports ofVishakhapatnam and mormugao.

80.state with largest length of roads- Maharashtra.

81. Industry in which the largest no. of woman are employed in
india- tea.
82. India is leading producer of cheese.
83. Largest industry in india- textiles.
84. State that accounts for the largest share of industrial
production and capital investment-Maharashtra.
85. State with the largest area- m.p.
86. Largest state in India in population- u.p.
87. Largest city situated on river gomti- lucknow.
88. Biggest public sector undertaken in India- railways.
89. Largest city in India acc. To 1991 census- Mumbai.
90. State with propotiontely largest area covered with forestsarunachal p.
91.state that account largest softwood resources in indiahimachal p.
92.largest district of rajasthan-jaisalmer
93.largest coconut producing state kerala.