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OREO Graphic Organizer

Pupils prior learning

The students have had two days of persuasive writing lessons. They have an introduction to
the persuasive strategies and what it means to persuade someone.

Cross curricular skills focus

Communication: Students will take part in discussions and contribute comments. Students
will also plan, organize, and edit writing.

Learning intentions
Students will be able to identify strategies within a text
Students will be able write their own persuasive piece using the OREO graphic
Read the book to the students.
o What is Pigeon trying to persuade you to do?
o What strategies did the pigeon use? Emotion, logic

Thinking skills and personal capabilities focus

Self-Management: Students will focus and sustain their attention on their
writing. They will also have to manage their own time and seek help if

Being Creative: Students will be creative in the generation of questions and
ideas for their writing as well as experimenting with new ideas.
Students will be working together to generate ideas.
Students who need extra support will have the classroom assistant
and I to help and less sentences required.
Students who need more of a challenge will have more sentences in
their piece.
Suggested Success Criteria (AfL)
I can point out persuasive strategies that I see in a book.
I can use the OREO graphic organizer to create of own persuasive

Role of the teacher

Observer: The teacher will observe student work and watch their actions.

Facilitator: The teacher is aiding the students as they come up with
writing topics and then writes about them on their own.

Brainstorm a list of persuasive topics on the board
o TV in room, later bedtime, eat more junk food, no more homework, no
uniforms, no school on Friday, laptops at school, ice cream in the
cafeteria, etc.
Introduce the graphic organizer: OREO PowerPoint
o Do an example together on the board: Stay up later
Students do their own using the topics we generated.
o Use the OREO worksheet

Gauge how far each student has gotten and decide whether more time is needed the next
day. See how comfortable students feel with this organizer: Thumbs up or down

Assessment/ Monitoring
Look over student work and observe through out lesson

Key Questions

What is Pigeon trying to persuade you to do?
What strategies did the pigeon use?
What are some good topics for persuasive writing?

Dont Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late book/PowerPoint
OREO PowerPoint
OREO Worksheet