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Date: 19th November 2015
Class: 4th
No. of Students: 20
Language Skills: listening, writing, speaking
Time of Lesson: 50 min.
Lesson: Thanksgiving is on Thursday
Type of lesson : fixation of knowledge/ developing skills and abilities
Tipul leciei: fixare de cunotine/ dezvoltare de abiliti i deprinderi
1 to pre-teach useful vocabulary or structures that the learners are likely to need;
predarea vocabularului nou i folositor de care elevii vor avea nevoie
2 to enrich Ss` vocabulary;
imbogirea vocabularului elevilor
3 to encourage free conversation and develop fluency;
ncurajarea conversaiei libere i dezvoltarea uurinei n exprimare
4 to extend Ss`vocabulary concerning Thanksgiving
extinderea vocabularului elevilor pentru Ziua Recunotinei
O1 Speak about the days of the week.
S vorbeasc despre zilele sptmnii
O2 Accomplish comprehension activities based on the text.
S realizeze activitile de nelegere bazate pe text
O3 Make up sentences using the new words.
S alctuiasc propoziii folosind cuvintele noi.
Specific competences:
Competene specific:
By the end of the class the students will be able:
La sfritul orei, elevii vor fi capabili s:
1 to name the days of the week;
numeasc zilele sptmnii
2 to use the words referring to Thanksgiving in a context;
s foloseasc cuvintele noi n context
3 to understand the information from a text and to answer questions related to the text.
s neeag informaiile dintr-un text i s rspund ntrebrilor.
Anticipation problems:
Probleme anticipate:
1.Ss might feel shy to speak English.

Elevii s-ar putea simi ruinai s vorbeasc n englez

2. When completing the exercises from the handouts, Ss may need help with some of the
words. Therefore, the T`s role is to monitor the class and interfere when necessary.
Elevii ar putea avea nevoie de ajutor n rezolvarea exerciiilor . Rolul profesorului este de a
monitoriza clasa i de a intervene cnd este necesar.
Organization: Whole class, Group work, Pair work, Individual work, Team work.
Organizare: ntreaga clas, grupuri, perechi, individual,munca n echip.
Types of interaction:
Teacher- whole class
Teaching Techniques / Methods: balloon game,song The days of the week, puzzle,
brainstorming, matching, video watching, replacing images exercise, Flag` game.
Tehnici/metode: jocul balonului, cantecelul zilele saptamanii, puzzle, potrivire, exerciii de
nlocuire a imaginilor, jocul steagurilor.
Teaching aids: worksheets, board, markers, clue cards, laptop.

ACTIVITY 1: Warmer
Aim: to introduce the topic of the lesson and assure Ss accommodation to the English class.
Scop: a introduce topical leciei i a asigura acomodarea elevilor la ora de englez.
1. T greets the Ss, asks for the absentees and how they feel. T also asks about the
homework and checks if they did it right.
Profesorul ntmpin elevii, ntreab de abseni i despre cum se simt.De asemenea,
corecteaza tema.
2. T invites Ss to play the game the balloon. A students catches the balloon from the
teacher. On the balloon there are written the days of the week and other words they
learned by now. When a student catches the balloon, he/she has to make up a sentence
with the word that comes to his/her thumb.
Profesorul invit elevii la jocul balonului. Pe un balon sunt scrise zilele saptamanii i
alte cuvinte nvate de elevi pn acum. Cnd un elev prinde balonul, trebuie s
alctuiasc o propoziie cu cuvntul peste care este aezat degetul su mare.
3. T changes the studentsnames. They will pay more attention to the class activity.
Profesorul schimb numele elevilor. Acetia vor fi mai ateni la activitatea din clas.
4. T informs Ss about the aim of the lesson.
Profesorul anun obiectivele leciei.
Interaction: T-S, S-T
Classroom organization: Whole class
Timing: 5 min.

ACTIVITY 2: Lead-in
Aim: to reinforce vocabulary related to the days of the week.
Reamintirea vocabularului legat de zilele saptamanii.
1. T groups the students and give them pieces of paper on which they have the days of
the week, the wods today, tomorrow and yesterday, and the numbers from 1 to
Profesorul grupeaza elevii si le da bucati de hartie pe care sunt scrise zilele saptamanii,
cuvintele astazi, ieri, maine si numere de la 1 la 7.
2. T puts the numbers on the whiteboard, S have to decide the order of the days and to
choose a person from their group to go to the whiteboard and put the days in the order.
Profesorul pune numerele pe table, iar elevii trebuie sa decida ordinea zilelor saptamanii si
sa aleaga o persoana din grup care sa mearga la table sis a aseze zilele.
3. T then asks some questions related to the days of the week.( What is the second day of
the week? Which is the 6th? What is your favorite day of the week?)
Profesorul pune cateva intrebari referitoare la zilele saptamanii ( Care este cea de-a
doua zi a saptamanii? Dar a 6 a? Care este ziua ta preferata?)
Interaction: T-S, S-T, S-S
Classroom organization: Whole-class, Group work
Timing:10 min.
ACTIVITY 3: The song
Aim: to develop listening skills
Dezvoltarea aptitudinilor de ascultare
1. T plays a song. Ss listen and sing if they want to. They can also dance.
Classroom organization: Whole class.
Timing: 3 min.
ACTIVITY 4: Flag game
Aim: to develop listening skills
1. Ss are given some flags. They will hear some sentences and they will rise the green
part of the flag if they agree or the red part if they do not agree with the affirmation.
Elevilor le sunt impartite steaguri care au o parte verde si o parte rosie. Elevii vor auzi
cateva propozitii iar daca sunt de accord cu acestea vor ridica steagul verde, in caz contrar,
steagul rosu.
Interaction: T-S, S-T
Classroom organization: Whole-class
Timing: 5 min.

ACTIVITY 5: Thanksgiving
Aim: to develop team work
1 Ss are asked if they know what do we celebrate today and writes the title on the
Elevii sunt intrebati ce sarbatorim astazi.
2 Ss are divided into two groups. Each group has some words/ images related to
Thanksgiving in a part of the class. Between the words related to Thanksgiving, they
also have other words, related to Christmas or other holidays. They have to find the
words in the shortest time and then come back to their desks. The team that does this
first win a card with a new word related to Thanksgiving.
Elevii sunt impartiti in doua grupuri. Fiecare grup are cateva imagini si cuvinte referitoare
la Ziua Recunostintei intr-o anumita parte a clasei. Printre cuvintele referitoare la Ziua
Recunostintei, s-au strecurat i cuvinte care apartin altor sarbatori. Elevii trebuie sa
gaseasca cuvintele potrivite sis a se intoarca la banca lor. Prima grupa care termina castiga
un card cu un cuvant nou.
Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-Ss.
Timing: 5 min.
ACTIVITY 6: Word matching
Potrivirea cuvintelor
Aim: to develop speaking skills, attention
1 T asks Ss to match now the words they took from the class and the images they think
they represent.
Profesorul cere elevilor sa potriveasca imaginile gasite cu cuvintele pe care le reprezinta.
2 T checks if Ss did it right and then asks the Ss to stick the images and the words on
the whiteboard.
Profesorul verifica daca elevii au gasit cuvintele potrivite iar acestia le lipesc apoi pe
Interaction: T-S, S-S
Classroom organization: Group work.
Timing: 5 min.

ACTIVITY 7: I am grateful for

Sunt recunoscator pentru
Aim: to develop speaking skills
1. T gives Ss some cards with words. In groups, they have to decide what they are
grateful for and come and stick it to the whiteboard. Each student will come and stick
a card and then say something about what they are grateful.
Profesorul ofera elevilor cateva foi pe care acestia au cuvinte. Elevii trebuie sa decida ce
cuvant li se potriveste si sa vina la table, sa lipeasca cuvantul si sa spuna pentru ce sunt

Interaction: T-S, S-S, S-T

Classroom organization: Individual work, group work
Timing: 7 min.
ACTIVITY 8: Catch me if lying
Prinde-ma daca mint
Aim: to develop speaking skills and listening skills
1. T asks Ss to open their book on page 16, where they have a text related to
Thanksgiving. T reads the text first, then Ss read the text and then they pay attention to
T sentences. If the sentences are true, they rise the green and if the sentences are
false, they turn the flag to red.
Profesorul le cere elevilor sa deschida cartea la pagina 16,unde este un text despre Ziua
Recunostintei. Profesorul citeste textul intai, apoi citesc elevii si sunt atenti la propozitiile
spuse de professor. Daca propozitiile sunt adevarate, elevii ridica steagul verde, daca nu,
partea rosie a steagului.
Interaction: T-S, S-S, S-T
Classroom organization: Individual work.
Timing: 7 min.

ACTIVITY 9: Homework
Aim: to practice
1. T tells the Ss that their homework will be to practice and learn the new words.
Tema va fi repetarea si invatarea cuvintelor noi.
Classroom organization: Whole class.
Timing: 1 min.
ACTIVITY 10: Feedback
1 T gives Ss small pieces of paper, red and green. They have to give T back the orange
one if they liked the lesson or the green one if they didn`t.
Profesorul ofera elevilor bucatele de hartie rosie si verde. Daca acestora le-a placut ora,
vor returna profesorului bucata verde de hartie, daca nu, pe cea rosie.
Interaction: T-S, S-S
Classroom organization: Whole class.
Timing:4 min