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1. QUESTION: What is a ` road`?

NTREBARE: Ce este un drum rutier?

ANSWER: A track, road, street, alley, roundabout, passageway, bridge or any open
place the public has the right to cross.
RSPUNS: O pist, drum, strad, alee, sens giratoriu, pasaj, pod sau oricare spaiu
deschis unde se permite trecerea.
2. QUESTION: How is ` road` defined?
NTREBARE: Cum definii un drum rutier?
ANSWER: The part of the road paved or improved because it is meant fot he
passage of vehicles, or has vehicles passing throu it.
The road does not include the shoulders(sides).
RSPUNS: Partea unui drum rutier pavat sau amenajat pentru a servi drept drum
rutier pentru vehicole ori permite trecerea vehicolelor pe el.
Drumul rutier nu include i trotoarele.
3. QUESTION: What is the road part designed for driving a vehicle?
NTREBARE: Care este partea drumului rutier pe care se poate circula.
ANSWER: Only the road itself
RSPUNS: Se poate circula doar pe drumul rutier.
4. QUESTION: What does the term shoulder of the road include?
NTREBARE: Cum definii termenul de trotuar?
ANSWER: The space attached to the side of the road, which doesn`t have a
pavement on it, up to the edge of the drain tunnel, or up the a width of 3 meters
from the edge of the road, the closer of the two.
RSPUNS: Spaiul de la marginea drumului rutier, care nu are asfalt pe el, delimitat
de canalul de scurgere al strzii, sau spaiu de pe marginea drumului rutier cu o
lime de 3 metri, sau ceva asemntor cu cele dou deschieri.
5. QUESTION: What is `a one way road`?
NTREBARE: Ce este un drum rutier cu un singur sens?
ANSWER: A road that allows the vehicles on it to drive in one direction.
RSPUNS: Un drum rutier care permite trecerea pe el doar ntr-o singur direcie.
6. QUESTION: What is `separation space`?
NTREBARE: Ce este spaiul de separare de pe mijlocul drumului rutier?
ANSWER: A traffic island, structure, marking of area, garden, unpaved area etc
which devides a road length-wise
RSPUNS: O insul de pe drumul rutier, o structur, o zon de pe drumul rutier
marcat, poate fi i un spaiu verde grdin, o zon far asfalt care mparte un
drum rutier pe mijlocul lui pe lungime.

7. QUESTION: For what purpose is the separation space built?

NTREBARE: Care este scopul spaiului de separare de pe mijlocul drumului rutier?
ANSWER: In order to create a separation between opposite directions of traffic.
It can not be parked on or stopped at.
RSPUNS: Scopul este de a separara cele dou direcii opuse de trafic de pe drumul
Nu este permis parcarea pe acest spaiu sau oprirea.
8. QUESTION: What is `structured separating space`?
NTREBARE: Ce este un spaiu de separare construit, strucurat?
ANSWER: An area made of elevated stone, safety rail, or vegetation which divides a
road length-wide
RSPUNS: O zon marcat prin ridicarea unui pavaj, o zona marcat prin
semnalizatoare sau de vegetaie care mparte un drum rutier pe mijlocul lui pe
9. QUESTION: Does the type of road change when it has a separation space in
the middle?
NTREBARE: Se schimb tipul drumului rutier cnd are un spaiu de separare pe
ANSWER: A separation space divides a two way road into 2 one way road.
RSPUNS: Un spaiu de separare poate mpri un drum cu circulaie n ambele
sensuri n 2 drumuri n acelai sens.
10.QUESTION: On which side of th separation area must a driver pass?
NTREBARE: Pe ce parte a spaiului de separare poate circula un ofer?
ANSWER: Always on the right side, unless marked differently by a traffic light.
RSPUNS: ntotdeauna pe partea dreapt doar dac nu este marcat diferit de un
11.QUESTION: What is a lane?
NTREBARE: Ce este o band de drum rutier?
ANSWER: A part of the width of the road, whether marked or not, which is sufficient
for the movement of one column of vehicles(excluding two wheeled vehicles).
RSPUNS: Parte de lime a drumului, marcat sau nu, care are limea potrivit
pentru circulaia unei singure coloane de vehicole (excluznd vehicolele pe dou
12.QUESTION: What is pavement?
NTREBARE: Ce este un trotuar?
ANSWER: A part of the width of the road, that is not a road, located on the sides of
the road and meant for pedestrian traffic, whether on the same level of the road or

RSPUNS: Parte de lime a drumului, care nu este carasabil, pe ambele pari ale
drumului rutier cu scopul de a circula pietonii pe el, la acelai nivel cu drumul rutier
sau nu.
13.QUESTION: Is a driver allowed to drive on a pavement?
NTREBARE: Este unui ofer permis s circule pe trotuar?
ANSWER: No, unless he is crossing it in order to enter a yard.
RSPUNS: Nu, doar dac vrea s-l traverseze pentru a intra ntr-o curte.
14.QUESTION: What is path?
NTREBARE: Ce este o trecere?
ANSWER: A passageway or part of it, that is not a road and is not designed for a
certain type of road users.
RSPUNS: Un pasaj sau parte din el, care nu este drum rutier i nu este construit
pentru anumii participani la trafic.