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December 13th 2015 .:. .:. Room 301

Pathways Kids Weekend Small Groups

This Curriculum is for the 6, 7, and 8 year olds.

This Weeks Scope

Bible Story: Yes, Mary, This Is a Savior (Gabriel appears to Mary) Luke 1:26-38
Bottom Line: God saw our greatest need. Whose needs do you see?
Memory Verse: God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son. Anyone who believes in
him will not die but will have eternal life. John 3:16, NIrV
Life App: Compassioncaring enough to do something about someone elses need.
Basic Truth: I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Welcome Time
What You Need: Offering container, did the kids bring their money from their mosquito container?
What You Do:
Invite kids to put their offerings in the offering container as they arrive.
Ask kids how they did on the Compassion Challenge, talk about the Bite Back Campaign as
well. How did they love others? Be ready to give an example of how you loved someone this
Remind kids compassion means caring enough to do something about someone elses need.
What do they think is something people need? If necessary prompt them with some questions
and they can give you a thumbs up if they think it is a need or a thumbs down if they dont think
it is a need. For example: Do people need food? A dog? Water? A baseball bat? Ice cream?
Friends? A TV? Mosquitos? Rain?

Activity #1
What You Need: Puppet Activity Pages; 1 Mary and 1 Gabriel puppet for each kid, markers or
crayons, tape
What You Do:
Give each kid a Mary and Gabriel Puppet.
Kids can decorate their puppets any way they would like.
Help kids tape the two tabs together so the puppets fit on their fingers.
Once the puppets are finished, review the story with the kids. Below is a sample story review.
Be sure as you go through the review, kids use their puppets to act out the answers to your
Story Review:
(Hold up your Mary puppet) Who is this? (Mary; encourage to kids hold up their Mary puppet)
Mary is just hanging around and suddenly who shows up? (An angel; everyone holds up their
angel puppet)
The angel introduces himself to Mary. What do you think he said to Mary? (Hi Mary, I am an
angel. My name is Gabriel.)
Mary was afraid when she saw the angel. When you are afraid, what do you do? (Pause for
answers.) Mary didnt run and hide but I wonder if she was shaking because she was afraid.
(Encourage kids to shake their Mary puppet)
The angel had a message for Mary from God. Does anyone remember what the message
was? (Dont be afraid, God is pleased with you, you will give birth to a Son, Jesus. Jesus will
be great, etc.)
The angel said to Mary, The Holy Spirit and the power of God will make it happen. And then
what did Mary say to the angel? (I serve the Lord, May God make it happen, etc.)
What You Say:
You did a great job retelling the story. God saw our greatest need; we needed a Savior, a Rescuer.
People all around us have needs; there are people in our lives who could use help. But before you can
show compassion and care enough to do something about someone elses need, you have to be able
to see peoples needs. You have to keep your eyes open and be willing to treat others the way you
would want to be treated. God cared about us so much that [Bottom Line] God saw our greatest
need. Whose needs do you see?
[Make It Personal] (Share about a time when someone showed you compassion by seeing
something you needed and helping you. Maybe your car got a flat tire and someone saw you
needed help fixing it. Or someone saw you were having a rough day so they stopped and asked
if they could pray with you.)

Activity #2
What You Need: No supplies needed
What You Do:
Tell kids to think about a need theyve had in the past. It could be a time when they were
nervous about a big test. Maybe it was when their family was going through a hard time.
Ask kids to now think about how God helped meet that need. Maybe they prayed and He helped
them remember what they studied for the test. Perhaps God gave them peace or sent a friend
along who knew just what to say.
Give kids a few moments to silently thank God for meeting that need.
What You Say:
God, thank You for meeting our needs. We especially thank You for seeing our need for a Savior.
Thank You for sending Jesus to earth to meet that need. You are amazing, God. In Jesus name, amen.
[Bottom Line] God saw our greatest need. Whose needs do you see?

Activity #3
What You Need: Comic Strip Activity Pages, markers or colored pencils
What You Do:
Hand out the Activity Pages.
Ask kids to look at the two pictures in the first row. Invite them to explain what is happening.
Explain that theyre going to do a live comic strip. Theyll pose to show the scenes in the comic
Choose one kid to be the Poser and two others to be the mom and the baby. The Poser will
pose the others to show the two scenes in the first comic strip.
Then give kids a couple minutes to complete the first comic strip by drawing a picture of how
they could help fill a need in that scenario.
Next, choose another kid to be the Poser.
Repeat with the second comic strip scenario and then let kids draw the third scene.
Then ask kids to come up with their own complete scenario. Choose two new Posers to show
their scenes in front of the group.
Give the group a few minutes to draw either a comic strip that was presented or to make up
their own for the third strip.
What You Say:
We dont really live in a comic strip, but we come across real scenarios every day where we can see a
need and figure out how to meet that need. Be on the lookout for times in your own life where you can
decide what that final scene will look like, just like we did here. A need weve been hearing about is for
mosquito nets to protect kids at night while theyre sleeping. Even if you cant give enough money to
buy a whole net yourself, whatever you DO give will be combined with what everyone else gives, and
together, we can all make a huge difference! [Bottom Line] God saw our greatest need. Whose
needs do you see?