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Richard Wyke

(713) 239-4251
Summary: 6+ years of experience in IT, Programming and Web Development.
Database/Applications design:
Programming and design skills
Excellent problem-solving abilities
Strong analytical skills
Hands-on and proactive
Knowledge of web technologies, and tools
Programming code:
Technical/Programmer specifications
Coding and modularization
Knowledge/Experience using programming languages
Software testing & programming
Web technologies
MCP, MCSD Techskills LLC Houston Tx 2006 - 2008
PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, HTML5, Jason, CSS
PHP, Designing Applications/Databases, MySQL, JQuery, Java Script, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Jason, C#,
SQL, and FoxPro
Work Experience:
Web Consultant
Clientele & Associates
05/2013 to Present
Develop new version that addresses present and future technological changes.
Integrate sustainable code with modern technologies
Propose flexible designs that offer solutions for customization.
Modularize design based on customer requirements to achieve satisfaction.
Identify front-end API's that provide data formatting for electronic data exchange.
Identify sustainable pre-written libraries based on requirements that share common
Refactor portable code from pre-written libraries based on commonality.
Identify requirements that override user customization.
Produce a marketable product that addresses the needs of merchants in the common external
tariff throughout the region.
Utilized: PHP 5.4.3, MySQL 5.5.24, Html 5.0, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Jason, AJAX, WAMP server

Richard Wyke
(713) 239-4251

Dot Net Developer

Harris Corporation
03/2013 to 5/2013
Provided software solutions for services rendered
Maintained, supported, modified and designed software Application
Gathered data for the purpose of producing statistical reports and evaluation.
Made risk assessment reports
Drafted a programmers specification to accompany the requirement spec.
Module developed using ASP.NET 4.0, C#.NET and SQL SERVER 2011
Developed to preexisting code
Added additional information and schema concerning demographics
Utilized: ABC Libraries, C#, SQL Server 2011
Web Developer/ Programmer
Regional Broker/C&E Importers
11/2009 to 02/2013
Designed/Developed/Programmed/Deployed program
Regional Broker is a popular program used in some of the Caribbean islands for preparing the
Customs Declaration to be submitted to customs by retailers importing goods.
Retailers use this software to enter their invoices from which they're able to calculate customs
duty, Vat tax to be paid to Inland Revenue Department, cost an apply markups to their goods to
arrive at a Distribution, wholesale and Retail price.
Supported platform in Windows based using Foxprow libraries, SQL query language for
Relational Database Support.
Developing Dot Net Technologies to maintain and improve marketability.
Utilized: C#.NET, ADO.NET, and SQL SERVER 2005