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Table of Contents
1. Meet The iPhone
4.The Specs
7. iPhone vs. Blackberry
9. Native Features
13. Growth with the iPhone
15. Apps
16. Native Applications
18. Monetizing Your App
20. Updating Content
22. The AppStore
23. About The AppStore
25. Marketing on The AppStore
26. TheLaunch
29. Your Business on the iPhone
Meet the
The Specs
Green standards are important!

Language Support

System Requirements
iPhone vs.
In a survey, conducted by JD Power and Associates on business users’ satisfaction with their handsets between

January and June 2009, the iPhone bagged the top spot, outperforming rivals like RIM BlackBerry, LG, and Samsung.

We develop for both iPhone and Blackberry os, but we are a

little partial, here’s why...

AppStore vs. AppWorld

The award winning AppStore leverages business enhancing applications with a smart profit
model. Blackberry’s AppWorld is slowly following Apple’s model, however with under 1000
applications available, and at a much higher price than the apps on the AppStore, the iPhone
standard just takes precedence.

Factors depicting business user satisfaction include ease of operation, physical design and handling, operating

system, features as well as battery functions. On an index score of 1,000, Apple’s iPhone scored an impressive 803,

followed by RIM BlackBerry with a score of 724.

For Directions For Special Needs

For Security
The iPhone’s native features make creating applications and add-ons limitless.
Marketing content can be showcased beyond the 3.5 inch display through an
innovative scrolling feature and zoom capability makes reading information
effortless for subscribers. Another feature, Indexing, gives the option to
choose a video, for example, out of many simple by selecting the first letter in
its name.


Growth with
the iPhone
• 85,000 iPhone/ iPod Touch Applications are available to subscribers.
• 50 million people own a compatible Apple device.
• The iPhone/ iPod Touch is available in 77 countries and growing.
• 1.5 billion individual downloads were recorded on the App Store within the first year
of operation.
• The total number of apps downloaded just surpassed 2 billion.
• Currently, over 6.3 million iPhone/ iPod Touch apps are being downloaded every
single day.

*Statistics as of September 2009

The iPhone comes with award-winning applications that not only speak to user
experience but complement our custom creations as well. With a 3 Megapixel
Camera, a Video Recorder, YouTube for media playback, and Google Maps for
directions, in-app Campaigns, Contests and Directions are made seamless and easy.

For Your Media

Your App
Selling Your App
In the first year of the App Store’s existence a small development firm explored the
iPhone’s innovative accelerometer. An interactive aquarium app featuring the splashing of
water if touched, several species of swimming fish that could be reversed and made to jump
if tapped was created. In the first year, their app totaled 1 million sales. After Apple’s 30%
marketing fee, these developers made over $700,000 on this tiny, yet innovative gem. If
you have an innovative idea let us develop it, package it, price it, and market it.

Pricing Your App

The pricing of your app is not only integral to its sales success, but its branding as well. We
study app pricing trends to price your app accurately.

In-App Purchasing
In-app purchasing allows you to offer your app for free while selling multiple items within.
This feature is perfect for a Recording Artist selling the individual tracks of an album but
still wanting to provide some free content, like bios or photos to fans.
Notification Badge

Updating Your Content

Apps have been called mini websites. Your website content can be updated and
changed and so can your app’s! When hosting with us, changes to your app is
easy. If you have content that needs to be changed more frequently, say weekly or
even daily, we set up live feeds for your content.

Notifying Subscribers of Updated Content

The iphone makes alerting your subscriber even easier. Notification badges pop
up right on your app to let subscribers know of new content or updates. Ease and
You can search for, browse, review, purchase, and download applications from the
App Store directly to iPhone. Applications you download and install from the App
Store on iPhone are backed up to your iTunes library the next time you sync
iPhone with your computer. You can also install applications you’ve purchased or
downloaded through iTunes on your computer when you sync with iPhone.

All Images Courtesy of Apple Inc. and

on the
Info Pages
Every application published to the Apple AppStore comes with its own info page. This page
describes key information about your app, allows for cross-promotion of other apps, projects,
and/ or sponsors, testimonials and company information.

An application gains most exposure on through Featured, Top 25 and Top 100 lists.
Appearing on the top 100 list has been shown to increase new users by an average of 2.3 times/
day. LCH Business leverages our relationships with PR powerhouse Saucy PR and Celebrity
Event Planning firm, BUJE Concepts, to garnish the kind of exposure that get our clients on
these lists.

Ratings are another key factor in maximizing download potential. We help our clients gain
positive ratings through an interactive marketing campaign and developing stellar applications.

Promotions/ Discounts
We carefully monitor the analytics of your app to determine the right time to discount or adjust
your marketing strategy. By temporarily lowering your sales price, for example, you could gain
mass exposure on the Featured, Top 25 and Top 100 lists.
The Launch
Use our preferred Event Planning and PR Team or your own, to
create an App Launch. This event showcases your App, Brands
your Business/ Campaign, and Gains Pre-Sales for your App.

Insert Amazing Launch

Event Here
Your Business on the

Excited about the App Revolution yet? When you are

ready to take your place amongst the smart businesses
marketing and providing ingenious tools for their
customers through their mobile phones, we will create a
custom mockup for your business.

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