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a department of the Municipal Government of Cabuyao created thru the initiative and support of
the Hon. Mayor Isidro L. Hemedes, Jr. by virtue of Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 024-2008
dated March 5, 2008.
formally constituted on August 4, 2008 with a complement of seven (7) staff headed by the
Municipal Cooperative and Livelihood Development Officer (created thru SB Resolution 049-2008
dated May 21, 2008).
As mandated, MCLDO performs dual functions - cooperative and livelihood development. On the
cooperative front, the office spearheads and implements LGUs programs, projects and activities
concerning organization, development, strengthening and reactivation of cooperatives in all sectors
of the community, institutions and associations. On livelihood development, the office implements the
conduct of different livelihood skills training and Livelihood Loan Program which extends loans to
individuals, associations and cooperatives.
To promote cooperatives as instruments for social justice, equity and economic development;
To enhance capacities of cooperatives to professionally manage their operations and resources;
To provide livelihood opportunities to qualified residents, registered sectoral groups/peoples
organizations and cooperatives thru sustainable loan programs and community-based and viable
livelihood projects; and
To attain efficiency, effectiveness and long-term sustainability of the LGUs livelihood and
cooperative loan programs.
A. Cooperatives Development
Cooperatives Loan Program
Conduct of Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES)
Conduct of trainings for registered cooperatives
Technical assistance to Cabuyao cooperatives and pre-cooperatives
Conduct of Annual Cooperatives General Assembly
Monitoring of cooperatives
Conduct of Cooperative Fair

Monitoring of Coop. Loan Program beneficiaries projects/businesses

Attendance and participation in cooperatives trainings, seminars, conferences, congress and
Coordinates with other local/provincial/national/NGOs/Pos and private agencies
B. Livelihood Development
Implement Programang Pangkabuhayan ng Punombayan
Conduct of various livelihood skills trainings and seminars for different targeted sectors
Technical assistance to livelihood loan applicants/ beneficiaries/ borrowers
Background/Credit Investigation of livelihood loan borrowers
Monitoring of Livelihood Loan Beneficiaries and their businesses/ projects
Designs and implements viable and feasible projects which utilizes locally-available resources
Provision of technical assistance to sectoral groups/organizations to enhance their viability as
economic enterprise
Coordinates with other local/provincial/national/NGOs/POs and private agencies