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Closing down every satanic gates

Posted by PROPHET STANLEY NICK on June 15, 2009 at 10:32am

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When ever it comes to the issue of destiny, the determining factor is the foundation or background of the individual. No man is an
nisland. You are a product of your family background. Each family or lineage is an entity. What we see or know, most of the time, are
the members who make up the family. But unknown to most people , every family has a spiritual gate. This gate hovers around
every individual member like a dark cloud. consequently, the destiny of every member of the lineage is controlled, determined and
affected by the spiritual gate.
For a long time, billions of people all the over the world have struggled to earn a living or attain the fulfillment of their destiny without
success. Little or no effect has been done to tackle the spiritual factors behind the fulfillment of destiny.
If you have ever undertaken an intelligent research into the trend of events in your lineage and family, you would have discovered
the fact that members of a family hardly rise above their roots. Common limitations, hindrances and problems are like a black thread
around the members. Whether the family members are abroad or at home they manifest the same traits, suffer the same attacks,
encounter the same problems and are victim of similar ugly circumstances.
Therefore, you cannot fulfill your destiny unless you identify the spiritual gate of your family line and use the weapon of deliverance
and spiritual warfare to wrest your personal destiny from the grip of collective captivity.
The fact that you came from a particular family or raised in a particular community should make you to take cognisant of the fact that
you are under the spiritual influence of your family gate. The forces behind the gates must be disarmed if you must rise above your
circumstances and attain the optimum level ordained for you in life. You must expend enough prayer energy at the gate of your
destiny. Constant spiritual bombardment will enable you to rise and attain the heights destined by God for your life.
Psalm 24:7--8. " Lift up your heads, o ye gates; and be ye lifted up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is
the King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle".
There are entities known as the spiritual gates. These gates are addressed in the above text: "Lift up your heads, o ye gates"
Entry Points:
Spiritual gates are access routes. They are entry points. They are spiritual doors or pathways of entry into a life, a family, a city, a
nation, a continent, a career, a business or a marriage. The gates are not just access routes, they are legal access routes.
Some Gates To Consider:
Demonic Gates: Do you some times notice that you feel choked on your bed? It is the gate in operation. Do you hear voice that
others around you don't hear? Then a gate is in aperation. A few years ago. As a sister was sleeping in the middle of the night, she
heard a voice calling all her five different names, including two that most people did not know. the voice asked her to get out of her
bed, undress, get out into the street and start to walk naked to the market place. She got up of the bed, undressed, opened the first
door, but as she was about to open the second door and jump out naked into the street, she heard a counter voice saying " Children
of God never run mad". Then her sense came back. She went back to bed, put on her cloths. That was an evil gate in her family,
trying to disgrace her.
Do you aften get very depressed suddenly? One morning you are so happy that you feel like jumping up and praising God, the next
day you are so depressed that the thought of taking your life comes upon you. It means that a gate is opened.
Do you some times notice a paralysing force moving all over your body? Something presses you down and to lift your body
becomes a problem? A gate is opened. Do you sometimes find strange items like insects or human hairs in your food? then a gate is
opened. Do you see all kinds of creatures come to fight you? Do you feel unusual heat in your head or does any mysterious object
move in your head? A gate is opened.

Strange Occurrences:
Do you hear people calling your name without you knowing who is calling you? Do you generally go into sexual relationship in your
dream? Do you receive emergency false messages? A message suddenly comes that you should come because someone is dying,
but on getting there no body is actually dying? such an emergency false message came because gates are in operation.
Do you sometimes see someone who was confirmed dead coming to speak with you? Do you see yourself in the dream picking
eggs or picking dirty things to eat? Do you see yourself walking in a slippery place or do you see the material you put non blown by
the wind in the dream? Know that a gate has been opened.
The gate of witchcraft is revealed in Nuhum 3:1. Woe to the bloody city! It is all full of lies and robbery; the prey departeth not.
Nuhum 3:4. Because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the wellfavored harlot, the Mistress of witchcrafts, that selleth nations
through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcraft.
A single witch in a family is a gateway to trouble in that family. The terrible problem is that witchcraft sells familie. They becomes a
gate to the family, and the whole family will be sold to witchcraft.
I warn people seriously against going to prostitutes and committing immoralities. 99.9 percent of` the prostitutes are witches. You
don't need anyone to tell you this. Once you look into their eyes you will know that they are into witchcraft. When a man goes to
sleep with a witch, he becomes a wizard and he introduces witchcraft into the family.
These days, we have executive witches working in offices and all kinds of men are being caged, they suck human blood and take it
to witchcraft covens. Do not deceive yourself by thinking that witches are old women with grey hairs. Modern day witches and
wizards are not so, they dress properly and use the letest perfumes.
The strongest gate is immorality. It will always open the door to witchcraft into your life, why? It is because your sexual organ is a
strong gate into your life./ Nothing can protect you from the enemy's attacks. The enemy will have access into your life and thereby
introduce witchcraft into your family.
Judges 6:1.
Notice that it was the Lord that delivered Israel into the hands of the Midianites and the devil. When you are living in sin, you put
yourself and your family into trouble. When God deliveres you into the hands of your enemies there is a problem.
If you read the book of psalms it appears as if David discussed all his problems to God, but he did not discuss the problem of
women with God. If he discussed it, God would have broken the bondage! Solomon his son broke the Guinness book of records in
marrying many wives and concubines because of the family sin that was not dealt with. Family sin will open doors to satanic attacks.
We went to pray for a family, getting there we met the man beating his son seriously, we rescued the boy and asked him what he
did> He said, the son was using a pieces of mat as cigarette. He put light on them and start smoking. We told him point blank that
he was the cause> He was an addicted smoker before. When a father commits sin, the same might be transfered to his children.
Steps to deal with the gates:
1. Identify the gates .You must investigate your family foundation.
2. Go into deep repentance. Repentance will set you free.
3. Renounce evil covenants. Covenants will continue to speak unless renounced.
4. Rededicate your life and family to God.
5. Continue to live a holy life.
Prayer topics:
1. Every gate of darkness, in my life, be closed in the name of Jesus.
2. Every dark gate of my father's house , die in the name of Jesus.
3. Every wicked gate rejoicing at my problems , fall and die in the name of Jesus.
4. Every negative altar of my father's house, die in the name nof Jesus.
5. Every witchcraft power of my father's house, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus.
6. Magnets of favor, envelop my head. I re-posses all my lost blessings in the name of Jesus.
Stay blessed in Christ.
Pastor Stanley Nicholas
City of Grace International

Spiritual Warfare at the Gates of 2015.

IN 2015
Scriptures to stand upon: Deut 7: 5; 12: 2-3; Hosea 10:2; Isaiah 14: 24-27; Jer 51: 1-2; 1
Kings 3: 1-5; 1 Kings 18: 30-40.
The presence of altars and high places in our cities bring the influence, covering and
control of darkness and that particular evil spirit to which the altars are dedicated.
As we go into this level of warfare, we receive Your covering of the
Blood of Jesus. We declare that the Name of the Lord is a strong
tower and we run into it, and we are safe.
We receive Your anointing and power upon our tongues in Jesus
Name. We forbid any satanic backlash or retaliation against us and
our families, in Jesus Name.
We dress ourselves for battle with the Armour of the Lord, the helmet
of salvation, the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the
shoes of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the sword of the
Spirit for this territorial intercession and warfare.
Prophesy against all the satanic altars in the high places in this
city in Jesus Name we ask You Lord, to let every satanic altar
around our city become desolate and let all covenants being serviced
by these altars be revoked and broken in Jesus Name.
Pray that the Sword and the Hand of the Lord be against the priests and
priestesses ministering on all those satanic altars and high places and
let their places be found no more. Father, show them whose god is
God, bring them to their knees at Your throne in Jesus Name.

Silence every evil speaking from all satanic altars and high places
of this city in Jesus Name.
Revoke all curses brought about by ritual sacrifices and satanic tokens
Over your life, family, church, city and nation.
Blot out all the programming that has been done into the sun,
moon, stars and planets by diviners, astrologers, warlords, etc,
who have been using these elements against the move of God in our
city, In Jesus Name.
Pray that the Lords judgment come upon the demonic rulers that rule over
our city through sorcery, satanic manipulation and witchcraft.
By the Blood of Jesus we destroy every blood covenant made upon
any satanic altar that has promoted the rulership of satan over our city
in Jesus Name.
Ask the Lord to frustrate the tokens of liars and we make fools of diviners,
enchanters and sorcerers who are operating at any altar in our city
according to Isaiah 44 : 25.
Command the citadel of wicked forces to shift base from our city.
Declare that the Gospel of the Kingdom shall no longer be
restricted by any satanic altar or high place in this city, in the Name of
Declare a New Day of Divine visitation and deliverance for our
city in Jesus Name!
Prophesy that new altars to Yahweh God of Israel will be raised in
every household of this city in Jesus Name.
Declare that we are the head and not the tail; that the battle is the
Lords and the victory is ours.

Scripture to stand upon: Ezek 29 : 2-5; 32 : 1-8; Job 26 : 12; Haggai 2 : 20-23; Phil 2 : 911; Matt 8 : 23-27.
The water spirit kingdom is an arm of the kingdom of darkness and
it manifests in immorality, seduction, unexplainable afflictions,
diverse deaths and extreme poverty. On many occasions, satan
has used the power of water spirits to challenge the purpose of God
on earth. When people offer sacrifices to rivers/lakes/seas, the
creation of Gods Hands, instead of worshipping the True God, they
are worshipping water spirits.
Wherever these altars are raised, they will have dominion and control over the area and
the people. Their worship will bring Gods curse and wrath upon a city unless the
Church, standing in her priestly office, repents and prays on behalf of the city regularly.
Heavenly Father,
We come with the weapon of high praises in our mouths, and we lay
a siege against the water spirits of our city.
Overthrow and destroy your chariots and horses (Neptune always has the horses and
Pull down, overthrow and utterly destroy all the satanic thrones
inside the waters and destroy their strength in our city in Jesus Name.
Destroy the thrones of the spirit of the bondwoman working in
conjunction with water spirits in our city in Jesus Name (the bondwoman
is Islam).
Destroy the thrones of all witchdoctors and occultists in this city
in Jesus Name.
Offer repentance and confession of sins for ancestral sins, evil
dedications, covenants and vows, with water spirits in the Name of

Ask for the purging and purification of our city by the Blood of
In the Name of Jesus, we put Gods hooks in the jaws of these
marine spirits and pull them out of the water into the desert.
De-activate the powers of these marine spirits in Jesus Name.
Prophesy destruction upon the Babylonian kingdom operating in
our city in Jesus Name.
You foul water spirits, holding people in captivity, we bind you in the
Almighty Name of Jesus and we command you to release them now!
We desecrate the altars and shrines of the water spirits in our city in
Jesus Name. We undo all you have done over the years in this city
and reverse every ritual in Jesus Name.
All the doors you have closed for the furthering of the Gospel, we
open them now in Jesus Name.
All the hearts you have hardened, we counter-petition with our tears
of repentance in Jesus Name.
We sanctify, purify and dedicate the waters of our city to serve one
purpose only, namely the purpose of our God and Father in Jesus
Father, thank You for destroying the dragon that lies in the midst of
our rivers, in Jesus Name.
Scriptures: Psalms 8:6; Daniel 2:2, 18; Exodus 7:10-12; 22:18; Deuteronomy 18:9-12;
Isaiah 8:9-12.
These agents of darkness are the herbalists, witches, wizards,
magicians, spiritualists, sorcerers, native (witch) doctors and people
with familiar spirits, etc.
Many of them also operate through false religions in order to deceive
their subjects. Some may even use Christianity to cover their wicked
activities. Satan who is a spirit cannot operate physically on earth without these agents.

They contact the satanic kingdom by sacrifice, invocation, incantation,

conjuration and fasting. By these, they receive power to influence people and their
immediate environment.
Come before the throne of Grace and Mercy and stand in the gap for ourselves, our
families, our neighborhood, our city, in Jesus Name.
By the power of the Holy Spirit, neutralize the influence of satanic agents in our own
lives, our families and city in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Terminate every satanic covenant made by sorcerers, astrologers, stargazers, and
magicians, made with the stars, the sun, and moon over the land of Kimilili (name your
city), in the Name of Jesus.
Reverse and revoke such covenants in the Almighty Name of Jesus.
Use the token of the Blood of Jesus to wipe out the handwritings
of ordinances programmed by wicked men into the heavenly bodies
and their elements, over the land of Kimilili (name the city), in Jesus Name.
Execute Your judgment against every satanic priest/priestess
that minister enchantments to the sun, moon and stars over our city in
the Name of Jesus Christ.
We claim their souls according to Ps. 2: 8.We ask You Lord, to save them by Your
Almighty Power, Mercy andGrace.
Take the Keys of the Kingdom and unlock all the captives of witchdoctors and false
prophets in this city of _________(name the city) in Jesus Name.
Decree that all the diseases that witchdoctors have afflicted people with will be healed
as they are ministered to, in the Name of Jesus.
Pray that the glory of God come down upon this city/families/the church from now on, in
the Almighty Name of Jesus.

Release all those in the captivity of New Age, Eckankar, illuminati, Rosicrusianism,
Amorc, Freemasonry, and all other cults, namely;_______________________, in the
Name of Jesus Christ.
Ask the Lord to open the eyes of these people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and
Saviour. (Luk. 4: 18)
Bind the spirit of fear of death and fear of being attacked in the lives of those who want
to accept Jesus as their personal Lord, in
Jesus Name. We cut off all punishment and backlash from the enemy
in Jesus Name.
Command the territorial spirits of ___________ (mention your own locality) to release all
the souls of men and women held in bondage to evil habits and false religions, in the
Name of Jesus.
Declare that the sun will not smite us by day and the moon shall not smite us by night, in
the Almighty Name of Jesus. (Ps. 121: 6)
Let every evil speaking against our families and us, from any altar operated by satanic
agents be silenced, in the Name of Jesus.
Every evil prophecy and pronouncement against the city / neighborhood/families/church
of Kimilili (name the city) by satanic agents, we declare to be null and void right now in
the Almighty Name of Jesus.
Declare Violence shall no longer be heard in the city /neighborhood of
________(name it) nor wasting or destruction within her borders.
Pray that the walls of our city/homes/families shall be called Salvation and her gates
Praise, in the Name of Jesus. (Is. 16: 18)
Fire and overthrow all satanic agents blocking or preventing the rain of Gods glory and
revival in our land, in the Name of Jesus.
Paralyze the activities of satanic agents working against our success, victory and
breakthrough in life, in the Name of Jesus.

Pray that the Spirit of grace and supplication, anointing of prayer and intercession come
upon the watchmen and the intercessors of this city in the 2015 in Name of Jesus
Ask God, to heal and deliver those who have been wounded by satanic agents, in the
Name of Jesus.
Decree a new covering of Light, Glory and Gods Righteousness
over our families/church/city / neighborhood, in Jesus Name.
We give a divine quit notice to all satanic agents operating in our city /
neighborhood / area, in Jesus Name.
Father God of Israel, we proclaim You as the only God we purpose to
serve. We declare that Your Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth was crucified,
rose on the third day, and even death became subject to Him. We declare Lord that we
depend entirely on the guidance of Your Holy Spirit. We pray Lord that You will direct us
in this petition in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Thank You Holy Spirit that You
intercede on our behalf.
Bring before You the gates of our Family/church / city / nation.
Confess and repent Lord that we have allowed these strongholds to raise up against the
knowledge of God.
Ask forgiveness in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We confess and repent Lord
that we have not guarded our gates and that these gates have been broken down with
the result that principalities and demons have taken
possession of our gates.
Petition that the Lord remove the gods, the spirits and every chain of command that has
taken position of our gates.
Petition that the Lord destroy the control and the authority of the spirit of Jezebel, the
Antichrist, Lucifer and the Beast, in our gates in 2015.

Declare judgment against these spirits who are controlling the gates of our
Families/church / city / nation. (Deut. 16:18).
Father Your word says that when we serve other gods there will be adversity. Father we
choose to serve only You the true God of Israel and
we choose to be law abiding in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Ask the Lord to help us to be fully armed and watchful to drive back those who endeavor
to enter our gates. We take a righteous stand and with
clean hands stand in the gates, so that the Truth may enter. (Isaiah29:2,3).
Repent and confess of all sacrifices and rituals performed at the gates of this church /
city / nation. We pull down and destroy all altars that were raised against the Name of
Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Father we close the gates for satan and every intention that he has intended for this
church / city / nation.
Father we bring before You the chambers and treasuries of the House of
God. Lord we repent of all ungodly relations and transactions.
We petition Lord that we Your Bride will possess power and wealth for the
application to the Kingdom of God.
We close all gateways to any other realm or spiritual condition of the kingdom of
darkness. We cut ourselves loose from any other false god or idol in the Name of Jesus
Christ of Nazareth.
We possess the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and whatever we bind on earth, shall
be bound in heaven; and whatever we loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven.
Thank the Lord that He has given us the power and the authority as His
Righteous people to stand in the gates of our families/church / city / nation.
Petition this day that the Lord sets His armies against the command and dominion that
comes from satan to use our gates as a gateway for the purpose of the New World

We cancel this command and declare it null and void in the Name of Jesus Christ of
We open the gateway to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, so that His flock may be in His
Presence every moment of the day. Help us Lord to discern the voice of the True
Shepherd. (John 10:3),
Pray Lord that You find us proven and worthy to stand in the gates of Your Body. We
petition this prayer Lord with humbleness as David did, in the Name of Jesus Christ of
Nazareth. (2 Samuel 18:4).
Matthew 16:18; Genesis 22:17; Isaiah 26:1-2; 60:11; Daniel
2:48-49; Esther 2:21; Psalms 107:16; Joshua 6:1-5; Psalms 24:7-10.
Father, in the Name of Jesus, we receive Your strength, Life, Might
and power to turn the battle to the gate of the enemy.
As we begin to do warfare, Father, give us the right words to speak
and anoint our tongues with the fire of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus Name.
We shift every battle of our lives to the doorstep of the enemy, in
Jesus Name.
Command every satanic assembly and hellish gathering against all our
services/evangelistic outreaches in our churches and cities to be demolished in the
Name of Jesus.
Destroy any satanic gathering and organization operating in the city of
__________(name the city), in the Name of Jesus.
Prophesy to every gate militating against our progress, prosperity, peace, comfort and
advancement in life, to lift up their heads now, in the Name of Jesus.

Prophesy to every ancient door locking us out of our inheritance in this city to open, in
the Name of Jesus.
Open all the gates of 2015, __________(name the city) for Gods rich blessings to flow
in, in Jesus Name.
Fire every satanic gatekeeper keeping us from our Canaan blessings in the Name of
Let us release ourselves and our families from any collective captivity
and slavery to sin, sickness and poverty imposed by any spiritual gates of 2015, in the
Name of Jesus Christ.
Prophesy to the East Wind to blow away every cloud of evil,
doom, disaster, calamity, destruction and death over our lives, our
families, our neighborhoods and our Churches, in the Name of Jesus
We forbid and prohibit all operations of satanic gates in our lives and
our surroundings in the Name of Jesus.
Fire all satanic gatekeepers keeping vigil over the gates of 2015, in Jesus Almighty
Name. We ask You Father, to assign Your angels as the gatekeepers of the city.
Speak to all satanic gates blocking the people at the gate of 2015,
_____________(name the city) from accepting Jesus Christ as Lord, to collapse as
Jericho walls and gates collapsed, in the Name of Jesus.
In the Name of Jesus and by the power of His Blood, we speak to the
inhabitants of this city, that their eyes will be opened and that they
will turn to Christ, in Jesus Name.
Take authority over all the water spirits in __________(name the city) holding men in
bondage and captivity, we bind them in Jesus Name and command that they release
their captives now, in Jesus

Ask the Lord to release a strong appetite and desire for the things of God on the people
of this city, in Jesus Name.
Prophesy over the city that peace, love, prosperity, increase, advancement and
Heavenly breakthrough will begin to manifest this year, in the Name of Jesus.
Declare that only Jesus Christ will reign as Lord over this city/Families/Church!
Prophesy that as from today the Lord will create upon every dwelling place in this city
and our assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day and the shining of a flaming fire by night,
In the Name of Jesus.
Father, You alone is our defense and Your Name is a strong tower for us to run into.
We forcefully advance into our inheritance this year, in Jesus Name.
Declare that from this day forth, no satanic wall and no satanic gate shall be able to stop
the us/gospel in this land, in Jesus Name.
Father, thank You for the collapse and fall of ancient gates and the
lifting of everlasting doors, in Jesus Name!!!