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NEWS SHEET FOR SUNDAY 3rd January 2016: Epiphany

The rejoiced with exceeding great joy Matthew 2

We wish to welcome you to Res Sacra Miser Chapel. If you are here for the first time, please introduce yourself to one of
the clergy or church wardens who will gladly help you find a seat and give any additional information. Do let us have your
contact details. Many thanks. Please take this sheet with you after the service and feel free to take spare sheets for
your friends and family.
We hope you have had a very happy Christmas and that you will be greatly blessed in the coming year.
10:30 am [Res Sacra Miser Chapel] Sung Holy Communion
followed by refreshments.
|Ministry of the Word David | Preacher- David| Celebrant Felix|

Sunday School in the Sacristy during the Service.

Children are always very welcome indeed and we are so pleased
that they are here.

Hymns for this morning:

51: As With Gladness

| Processional

49: O Worship The Lord

| Gradual

39: Angels from the Realms of Glory

| Offertory (a collection will be taken during this hymn)

48: Earth Has Many A Noble City

| Post Communion

47: Brightest and Best

| Recessional


Please look at our Facebook, like and share:
January 14th Thursday 7:30 pm: Poetry Group meeting at
ul Rydygiera 11/72. We will be looking at poems by Ted

February 25th: Archdeacon Colin Williams will arrive at

Warsaw and will stay with us until Sunday, February 28 or
Monday, February 29.

For our international contribution it feels right not to ignore
the current refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe
and we thus propose to support the Bishop of Europe's
Christmas Appeal which is focused on helping two
specific initiatives in Greece. For our local one we wish to
continue our support of
The Podlaskie Hospicjum Onkologiczne which provides in home
support and care for terminally ill cancer patients in the
Podlasie region,which is one of the poorest in the
country. This charity is also planning to build a
permanent hospice so they are in even greater need of
our support.
Please place any cash donations in the available
envellopes and give to the Wardens(Alison Dilworth,
Patrick Acheson) or Treasurer(Susan Ward).
Donations by bank transfer can be made to the Church's
account but must be clearly marked as being for the
Christmas Appeal.

Bank Zachodni WBK

Account Number: 39 1090 2734 0000 0001 0990 3880


The sick in hospital, at home or in care: Bishop Michael Curry,
Murielle Eliot, Olivia Dixon, Ann Hahn, Eve Lear, Wilfred Hawkins,
Kathy, wife of Pastor Sean from St Helena's Church in Larnaca, Ken
Barnes, Maureen Hawkins, Jzef Czarnocki, Alice Westervelt,
Virginia Warham, Isaac Baines
Please remember those who are caring for their loved
Chaplain: Rev David Brown (+48) 880580628