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walkthrough lengkap pokemon flora sky

Posted by Arest Putra on 04:44 PM, 11-Apr-12

buat yg susah main pokemon flora sky gba di hp semoga membantu CEK THIS OUT BROa
rrow Gym 1==> Mystic Town==>Small Town==>Platepics City==>Platepics Research Cen
ter==>Beat team Magma==>Exchange the B- Ticket for the Mach Bike==>Find the gym
leader near Route F==>Route H==>Route I==>Teaes City==>Rival Battle==>Route J==>
Turzoro City==>Battle with Team Aqua (2 times) nad Wally==>Gym 3==>Obtain the Po
keblock in ahouse==>Safari Zone (get HM4 in a house there)==>Route P==>habutest
Town==>Talk to Mr April==>Searound City==>Beat Aqua Admin + Get 4th badge==>Sear
ound Underground==>Charpos City==>Charpos Harbor==>magmar Building==>Platepics R
esearch Center (top)==>Forest Entrance==>Polar Forest==>ODeep Forest==>Torn Worl
d + capture Shaymin==>Malias City==>Gym 5==>Route R, S==>Charpos Island==>Festa
Zone (if you want to visit)==>Route AB==>Rival Battle==>Charpos Island==>Golden
City==>Honey Village==>Obtain Secret Potion==>Route AB==>Pulhia City==>Hotasita
City==>Gym 6==>Pokemon Contest==>Get the 6th badge==>Obtain TEA nad HM2 in a hou
se in Pulhia==>ocepac Town==>Exchange for the Scope==>TEaes City==>Gym 7==>Dark
Cave (find HMcool==>Route F==>Meteor Falls==>Aragi's Lab==>Puel CityMuseum==>Aqu
a Hideout==>Route U==>Underwater==>Seafloor Cavern==> Route G==>Surence Town==>G
ym 8==>Find Hm 7 in Water Cave (Route E)==>Route L==>Victory Road==>Pokemon Leag
ue. Challenge Island==>Gloomist Forest==>Find Red Shard (Hippowdon Temple), Blue
Shard (Malias Library), Yellow Shard (the house in Platepics City, where you me
et Caitlin)==>mt Fullmoon==>Peak==>Latias/ latios==>Gloomist Forest==>Gima's Res
t House==>Q Area==>Mission 1==> Mission 1==>Honey Village obtain the app. in the
warehose==>use it in the Gloomist Forest==>Find the girls==>Return Challenge Fa
ctory==>Mission 2==>Steven: cave in Route J==>Golden City==>Vs Sky, obtain the a
pp.==>Awake Snorlax==>Hole Woods==>Unlock the hidden house (there are four green
stone: bottomright, top left, top right, bottom left)==>Malias Library==>Read t
he middle book==>Mt Fiery==>Magma Hideout==>Festazone, talk to the guard man==>S
ilver Town==>Aqua Town==>Under water==>Vs Archie==>Sky Pillar (Route AG)==>Awake
Rayquaza==>Aqua Town, obtain HM 5==>Rebattle Elite Four==>Golden City Prepare:
Pokemon know Flash, Rocksmash, Dig, Wailord, Relicanth. ==>Hole Woods==>Route AE
==>Froster Town==>Mt blizzard, Route AF==>Ancient Ruins==>Unlock 3 cave in the A
ncient Ruins (use Flash middle,run aorund clockwise, right down se Rock smash li
ke Emerlad)==>Find trio beast: Entei Route K, Suicne Route U, Raikou Altering Ca
ve (Route AB)==>Return the Ruins==>The top middle cave==>Use Dig==>Relicanth as
Lead, Wailord as Rear==>Obtain Unown Note on the wall==>Exit==>Catch Ho-oh in th
e secret cave at the top left (if want)==>Route Y==>Artisan Hill==>Catch Mew Cat
ch Groudon (A path), Kyogre (Route R) (you can catch it after the war between th
em in Aqua Town) Catch Giratina (Torn World, you can enter it form Deep Forest (
Polar Forest)) Catch Dialga (Mt.Fullmoon) R Area==>L path==>L Area==>Obtain Gems
tone form Steven (you can obtain it after Aqua Town event) A Path ==>Area==>Cave
Of origin==>Unlock the quiz==>Catch Arceus Finish 8 quests (you can do them aft
er you visit Q Area) 1. Ocepac Town 2. Honey Village 3. A house in Malias 4. Rou
te Z (find the coral in underwater Route AC) 5. A house in L Area 6. Cave in Rou
te D 7. Desert Underpass Route K 8. Route B (Ninja Trio Cave in Route B==>Cave i
n Teaes City==> Cave in Route Q) ==>Exchange the point for 4 tickets Outcast Isl
and: Johto Starter, lapras, leafeon and Kerudio. Navel Rock: Lugia Birth Island:
Deoxys Abandoned Island: Mewtwo (after Groudon/Kyogre/ Rayquaza event)