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True or false. Wrong answer gets a minus mark.

Aggregations of lymphatic tissue are found in the pharynx at the following sites
a) lateral wall of the oropharynx T
b) posterior third of the tongue T
c) near the opening of the auditory tube T
d) between right and left pharyngeal recesses T
e) anterior wall of the nasopharynx F
Regarding lymphatic drainage
a) the tip of the tongue drains into the submental nodes T
b) thyroid gland drains into the deep cervical nodes T
c) the forehead drains into the preauricular nodes T
d) the breast drains into the axillary nodes T
e) the ovary drains into the external iliac nodes F
The spleen
A. lies in relation to the 9,10, 11th ribs T
B. is separated from the pleural cavity by the diaphragm T
C. has a prominent notch along its inferior border F
D. is supplied by a branch of the coeliac artery T
E. has lymphoid follicles T
The pituitary gland
a) is found in the middle cranial cavity T
b) is attached to the hypothalamus T
c) has an anterior lobe connected via a portal system T
d) has a posterior lobe connected via a portal system F
e) developmentally, is partly of non-neurological origin T
The thyroid gland
a) has its isthmus in front of the trachea T
b) receives blood from branches of both subclavian and external carotid arteries T
c) has the recurrent laryngeal nerves closely related to the superior pole F
d) is closely related to the parathyroid glands posteriorly F
e) develops as a diverticulum from tongue T
In surgical removal of the thyroid gland the following structures will have to be divided
a) superior thyroid artery T
b) middle thyroid veinT
c) inferior thyroid artery T
d) recurrent laryngeal nerve F
e) External carotid artery F

The suprarenal gland

a) is partly of neurological origin T

b) drains directly into the inferior vena cava on the right side T
c) produces norepinephrine from the zone glomerulosa F
d) is surrounded by renal fascia T
e) has a cresentric shape on the right side F
The suprarenal gland
a. is independent of pituitary control F
b. has a single suprarenal artery supplying the gland T
c. produces norepinephrine from the zona glomerulosa F
d. on both sides are icluded in the renal fascia T
e. has a cresentic shape on the right side F
The pancreas
a. develops from two diverticulae T
b. has its main duct opening on the major dueodenal papilla T
c. has the islets of Langerhans mostly in its uncinate process F
d. is mostly a retroperitoneal structure T
e. is posterior to the stomach T
The parathyroid glands
a) are usually eight in number, four on each side F
b) are found along the isthmus of the thyroid gland F
c) have their blood supply from the tracheal blood vessels T
d) develop from the pharyngeal pouches T
e) has a close relationship to the thymus developmentally T