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Rotation of
through the

We had 6 kits of
which only 2 or 3
were full kits from
head to toe. Within
the time we had (50
minutes) all the
participants got a
go in goal either in
full or half kit.

supported the
video from
the warm up

In the warm up
activity we split the
group up into small
groups so they
could watch and
discuss the video.
The video showed
various safety and
technical points that
the students then
discussed and
would then use
when they were in
goal. The Reciprocal
sheets re-iterated
some of these
points such as not
kicking the ball
across the body.
This also allowed
some guided
discovery teaching.
With the way we
had the pitch and
groups organized (a
group of 5-6 in each
or the 6 goals
around the pitch)

Layout and

More kits =
more time
in goal

Variance in
ability and

Warm up

For the session to
allow each player
more time in goal
we could have done
with at least 12 kits.
This would have
meant we could
have had one
participant in goal
and half way
through the activity
another participant
could have been
kitting up so there
was minimal swap
over time and each
person would have
got more time in
There was such a
variance in ability
and it being the first
time everyone had
been in goal we
didnt know what
the standard was
going to be. Making
it harder to give
personal goals or
targets and have as
progressions for
those who needed

The Warm up should

have been smaller
groups straight
away and also the
element removed.

All round

Use of ICT.

we were able to see

all the groups at
once and took two
groups each. This
way we were able to
give the all the
groups (roughly)
equal amounts of
coaching and
All the feedback we
received from the
participants was
positive and every
participant learnt
something new that
day. Some of the
participants also
said that after the
session they
participated in they
were a lot more
motivated and
confident to teach
goalkeeping in
Having a visual
stimulus from the
video at the
beginning the
participants were
able to see what
basic techniques
they would need to
use in the session.
Using the ipads to
film we were able to
give individual feed
back but also show
other participants
the video so the
group could do
some peer

Safe session.

Due to not having

all full kits we had

This would have

meant the
participants were
more focused on the
movements and
100% inclusion rate.

to adapt the session

slightly. For example
we used tennis balls
for those who
werent in full kit as
if the participant got
hit with a tennis ball
they werent going
to get seriously
We made sure that
the kit was on
properly before they


Making sure that all

the groups were
spaced out to
remove possibilities
of field players not
stepping on balls or
running into each
Due to the weather
making it cold and
wet we made sure
that the participants
were standing still
for as little time as
possible, so in the
drills they were
constantly moving.
But the movements
they were using
were relevant to
hockey and goal
keeping specific