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A great man is one who serves humanity heart and soul. No one is great who is only great in his
life. The test of greatness is the page of history. History is replete with good deeds of men whose
sole and sacred aim of life was to help their fellow men. We read and recall, commemorate and
commend the names of many great scientists, artists, poets and philosophers. Whose selfless and
tireless efforts brought comfort to the suffering humanity. They die but their death makes them
immortal because they live in our hearts. As
These were honoured in their generations and were glory of the times"
Hero is a man of sky high personality with distinctive deeds, exemplary character and in genius
ideas. He must be a man of exceptional qualities of heart and mind, unparallel vigour, matchless,
genius character and unique talent. He must possess the charismatic qualities of an inspiring
leader to lead his people to their ultimate destiny despite whatever difficulties may hinder his
way to success.
"To recognize the best you have to see the worst"
Allama Muhammad Iqbal is one of my favourite personalities. He was really a man worthy of
title "hero. It was historic day of 9th November 1877, When Allama Muhammad Iqbal was born
in Sialkot. His father Shiekh Noor Mohammad was a great mystic. After the accomplishment of
his primary education in his native city, an unquenchable thirst for learning brought him to
Lahore. He did M.A in philosophy there and taught for some time in the Government College.
Then he went abroad, he did Ph.D. from Germany and returned home. At that time, British ruled
the subcontinent. The English with all their craftiness and trickery were making utmost efforts to
confine the Muslims in a stinking cage of slavery and ignorance. The Iqbal, whose heart was
ever throbbing for the service of his oppressed nation, endeavoured to infuse a new spirit into
dormant and sluggish souls of Muslims. He through his loft verses, embarked upon auspicious
mission for the freedom of Muslim. He not only inculcated an indomitable fervour into indolent
outlook of Muslims but also with epistles urged Muhammad Ali Jinnah to struggle for the
freedom of country.
In the annual session of Muslim League at Illahabad in 1930, he obviously manifested the
solution of discontent of India and made it clear that.
"India is not a country, it is a subcontinent of human beings belonging to different
language and practicing different religions Muslim have their own religion and identity"
It is the fact that his heroic and poetic achievement have won him the title "The Poet of East". In
this respect, he can be compared with Milton and Wordsworth who great poets of their nation.
His poetic genius was perhaps more fascinated than that of Calliope. His musical knack was
more marvelous than that Orpheus. In short his poetry is a source of joy, enjoyment and
didacticism. It has an of irresistible urge for the Muslim sentiment. As it is said,
"Fame is perfume of heroic deeds"

His lofty verses, noble instances, melodious songs for the children and religious poetry have
won him the immortal fame among the brightest constellation of poetry. His poetry in Urdu and
Persian is according to verses of Holy Quran. Same critics have asserted that his poetry is the
true appreciation and interpretation of Holy Quran. So his poetry is illustrious and distinctive
source of enlightment and spiritual illumination for the gone astray people.
"A man of courage is also full of faith"
In modern era, Muslims are dishonored and slaughtered everywhere. It is pressing need that we
should follow his religious poetry and message. If we appreciate his message we may regain our
lost glory. Iqbal has persistently advised the youth to ponder over the heroic achievements and
follow their advice. May the new Muslims of new Muslim may follow their message of poetry.