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Western Civilization Dr. Murphy

Film worksheet
14 January 2016
1. What kind of a man is William of Baskerville (Sean Connery)? What are his
strength and weakness? How is he different from the Inquisitor Bernado Gui, and
how does he represent a different idea of Christianity?
In my opinion, William is a wise brother. He can see through others deceptions.
He is a very religious person and an honest people. He will never censure others
because of religious items. Thats his difference with the Inquisitor Bernado Gui.
The Inquisitor likes to laugh at people who are not Christian. He thinks every
heathen is criminal. He believes people who irreverence for Christianity should
be punished. But William is different. He makes out a case for those innocent
people. He represents the toleration part of Christianity. That are his strengths.
However, he also has weakness. Because he had been punished for the advocacy
for heathen, he became unable to make up his mind sometimes.
2. As portrayed in the film, what is the purpose and the method of the Holy
Inquisition? On what basis dose it accuse people and find them guilty? Do you
think the Inquisition, as portrayed, is consistent with the teaching of Jesus?
The Holy Inquisition aims at confirming the position of Christianity. Those people
who has acts of profanity to Christianity are heathens. The heathens should be
punished, in their thoughts. And if a Christian challenges the Holy Inquisition, he
will be seen as a heathen. I think that the Inquisition is consistent with the
teaching of Jesus. He is also a victim of religious belief.
3. Discuss the films [portrayal of the relationship between the Franciscan order and
the Holy Inquisition.
The Franciscan order initiate a life of an ascetic. They also initiate to show
respects to everything even death. But in the Holy Inquisition, I can only see the
autocracy. Those extreme Christians believes the Holy Inquisition is indisputable,
but actually there are many wrong judgments.
4. Written text plays a central role in the film. In Ecos original novel, he writes,
books always speak of other books, and every story tells a story that has already
been told. Discuss two scenes where the characters mention or converse about
books. Share some thoughts.
In the scenes of library, we can see people attach importance to those books. The
president of monastery kills five people just because he didnt want other people
see that book which content against his belief. And in the scenes of fire, William
tries his best to save those book from fire though he is in danger. So we can see
how important book is.

5. At the heart of the film is a woman. Comment on Adso and William discussion of
woman and romantic love in the film.
Adso is a young man and the woman in the film is his first lover. He felt confused
and asked his master. William told him it should be a problem for a Frate. Many
lections said women are dangerous and people should only love god. But when
Adso asked William his own opinion, William told him that he cant believe god
creates women without any advantage. He said life without love is peaceful but
also insipid.
6. The issue of laughter is debated in the film. Discuss one incident and share some
In the scene of library, the president of monastery is very angry because people
laugh. William is one of the Franciscans. They respect laugh. But the president of
monastery believes laugh means evil and it should only appear in animals face.
Thats also the reason why he hid the book about laugh and killed five people.