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A I have a diver down ; keep well clear at slow speed
Am scafandru la ap , meninei-v la distan i
navigai cu vitez redus
B I am taking in , or discharging , or carrying dangerous goods
Ambarc , descarc sau transport materiale periculoase
C Yes ( The signifiance of the previous group should be read
in the affirmative )
Da ( semnificaia grupului transmis este afirmativ )
D Keep clear of me ; I am maneuvering with difficulty
Meninei-v la distan , manevrez cu dificultate
E I am altering my course to starboard
Schimb de drum la tribord
F I am disabled ; communicate with me
Am defeciuni ; comunicai cu mine
G I require a pilot
When made by fishing vessels operating in close proximity
on the fishing grounds it means I am hauling nets
Cer pilot
Atunci cnd mesajul este transmis de o nav de
pescuit care este n activitate de producie ,are
Virez plasele
H I have a pilot on board
Am pilot la bord
I I am altering mz course to port
Schimb de drum la babord
J I am on fire and have dangerous cargo on board ; keep well
clear of me , or I am leaking dangerous cargo
Am incendiu la bord i transport mrfuri
periculoase ; meninei-v la distan. Poate avea i
semnificaia Deversez mrfuri periculoase
K I wish to communicate with you.
Doresc s comunic cu dvs.

L You should stop your vessel instantly.

Trebuie s oprii nava dvs. imediat.
M My vessel is stopped and making no way through the water.
Nava mea este stopat i nu se mai deplaseaz prin ap.
N No ( negative or The signifiance of the previous group
should be read in the negative )
NU ( semnificaia grupului trebuie interpretat ca o
negaie )
O Man overboard.
Om la ap.
P In harbour All persons should report on board as the vessel
is about the proceed to sea
n port tot echipajul s prezinte la bord ; nava gata de
- At sea It may be used by fishing vessels to mean :
My nets have come fast upon an obstruction
Pe mare poate fi folosit de navele de pescuit , cu
semnificaia Plasele mele s-au agat de un
Q My vessel is healthy and I request free pratique.
Nu am bolnavi la bord ; cer liber practic
S I am operating astern propulsion
Am maina de mar napoi
T Keep clear of me ; I am engaged in pair trawling.
Meninei-v la distan ; traulez n pereche
U You are running into danger
V ndreptai ctre un pericol
V I require assistance.
Solicit asisten
W I require medical assistance
Am nevoie de asisten
X Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals
Oprii orice activitate i urmrii semnalele mele.
Y I am dragging my anchor
Ancora mea grapeaz
Z I require a tug
Solicit un remorcher