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Quiz 5 Shit to Know

Week 4
Phyll leaf
(dys) bad, poor, difficult
(eu)- well, good, easy
Enter the inside, an intestinevxfv
Gen give birth to, be born
Log study, science, word
Pept/peps cook, digest
Phon/phem sound
Pne blow, breathe
Thanas/thanat die
Ia/a condition of, act of
Ic pertaining to
Ics study of
Ism = doctrine, condition of
Istic forms an adjective
Y process of, condition of, act of; makes the word a noun
Phile/phil love
Anthrop/anthropo man
Ist one who does something
Soph wisdom
Dynam power
Hellene Greek
Acro height, point

Crac- rule
Dermato skin
Entomo insect
Etymo real meaning
Phag eat
Graph write
Helio sun
Man madness
Ochlo mob
Ophio snake
Ornitho bird
Pyro fire
Theo God
Inter between, among
Ject throw
Biological Morphemes
Phyl/phylo tribe or race
Gen bringing into existence, coming into existence
Oxy sharp, sour, acid
Andro man
Estro sexual receptivity, heat
Gram drawing, writing
Mono single
Para beside
Poly many
Kary/cary nut

Gam marriage
Eu- good, well
Ote/ota single example of a taxonomic group
Extra words and their meanings:
Laconic brief, pithy, concise
Spartan rigorously self disciplined; austere, frugal
Draconian extremely severe
Academy a school or learned society
Republic res publica public business, the peoples business
Words of interesting Origin:
Paraphernalia a brides goods
Robots compulsory labor
Cynic Dog-like, currish
Cynosure Dogs tail Object of attention and gaze
Calculated equivalent to calculus; pebble
Latin Phrases
Post mortem after death an autopsy to determine course of death
Vice versa with the change/succession of having been turned with the order
In toto in whole/ in all completely, totally
Casus belli cause of war cause of war or just cause for a war
Per capita by heads per individual, per person

Combining Forms:
Bases give the primary meaning to a word.
Prefixes alter the meaning of bases without fundamentally
changing it.
Suffixes change the class of a word (they change nouns to
verbs, adjectives to verbs, adjectives to verbs and so on)
A combining form contains a base in a form in which it
can be combined with another base or other bases to
create words with two or more bases.
Connecting vowel for Greek = o
Connecting vowel for Latin = i
Connecting vowels are usually left out when the second
part of a word begins with a vowel or h
philanthropy (< {phil(o)} + {anthropy})
philhellene (< {phil(o)} + {hellene} Greece
unanimous (< {un(i)} one + {animous} minded)
The Wars
Persian Wars
Marathon (site of great Athenian/Plataean victory against invading
Persians) 490 BCE
Themopylae (where other Greeks resisted the Persians) 480 BCE
Peloponnesian War (431-404 BCE)
Rich as Croesus immense wealth
Sword of Damocles impending disaster

A stem variation preceded by an equal sign means that it can

be used at the end of a word or on its own.
Week 5
Chlor(o) green
Melan(o) black
Prot(o) first
Kerat- - horn
Hal(o) salt
Cyan(o) blue, greenish blue
Erythr(o) red
Cyt(o) in greek vessel; modern bio cell
Poie- Produce or make
Blast bud or sprout
Leuc(o)/Leuk(o) white
Ite (A stone or fossil) mineral
Neur(o) nerve
Scler(o) hardening
Necr(o) Corpse
Somat/Soma/Some body
Pompos escort
A/an without, not
Anti/ant against, opposite
Ous forms an adjective
Ana Up, back, again

Cata/cat/cath down
Din Through, between
Tic indicates an adjective
Meter measure
Ba go
Meta Change
Hyper above, excessive, too much
Hypo/hyp/hyph under, too little
Hydr- water
Hema/ema/em blood
Chron/Chrono Time
Palin/pali back again
Chromat color
Apo/ap/aph away from, without
Ge/gee earth
Phylac guard, protect
Athlet contest, athlete
Onym name, meaning
Ly break
Epi/ep/eph upon
Syn/sym with, same, together
Path feeling or emotion
Peri around, near
Drom run or swim
Therm heat

Ec/Ex out
En/em in, within
Top place
Esthes/aesthet feeling or sensation
The put
Kine/cine - move
Odont tooth
Amphi around, both
Exo outside
Helion/elion sun
{ous} {tic} {ic} = adjective {ia} {y} {sis} = noun {ist/st} =
noun (person who [does something])
Latin Terms for Soul
- Animus: Conscious, emotional mind
- Anima Breath, life-force
o Magnanimous big minded;
o Pusillanimous small minded;
o Unanimous one minded;
o Equanimity level-mindedness
- Genius: Comes from same source as (gen)
o The guardian diety of an individual place
Interesting Terms from Psychology:
Hysteria wandering womb
- Schizo split
- Phren mind, diaphragm

- De away from
- Lira furrow
- -ium noun suffix
- De
- Ment mind
- De
- Via a path, road, journey
Press push, push down
Depression (down), repression, suppression (sub/sup under)
Session a sitting (sess sit )
Obsession a sitting against, a siege (ob against)
Freud suggested this:
Oedipus Complex Liking for mother, dislike for father
Electra Complex Liking for father; almost opposite to Oedipus
Id it in Latin; source of raw desire in a human
Ego I in Latin; sense of self a person has
Superego inhibitions that arise from internalizing the inhibitions
represented by the father

Psyche = generally the Greek word for soul; it means breathe

Latin Phrases
terra firma = solid/firm land/ground
rara avis = rare/strange bird = a rarity, an oddity
anno domini (A.D.) = in the year of the Lord
vade mecum = come with me = a guidebook
sui generis = of his/her/its own kind = unique
Greek shit:
Polis city-state
c. or ca. = latin circa = approximately
Latin words for City:

urbs, urbis = city

urban, urbane, urbanize, urbanization
civis = citizen
civitas = citizenship, a city
civilis = of a citizen, civil, civic
Latin derivatives in legal vocabulary

abduct < ab + ducere / ductus (to lead) = to carry off, kidnap

alias (Lat: at other times)
alibi (Lat: elsewhere)
assault < ad + saltus (a leap)
Latin Legal Terminology used in Modern Law
Amicus curiae- friend of the court
Bona fide in good faith
Caveat Emptor let the buyer beware
Caveat scriptor let the signer beware
Compos Mentis Of sound mind
Roman Political Vocabulary
rex, regis = king (regal)
res publica = public matter (republic)
senex, senis = old man
senatus, senatus = senate (senate)
consul, consulis = consul
imperium, imperii = power, command, empire (imperial,
imperator, imperatoris = commander, emperor (emperor)
Words of Interesting Origin
Bobbies British Police Force

Boycott - Captain C.C. Boycott was on the other side of the question of
land reform from his neighbors in Ireland in 1880. They refused to have any
dealings with him.
Macadam Broken stone of even size used in successively
compacted layers for surfacing roads and paths
Pyrrhic won at too great a coast to have been worthwhile for the
Bowdlerizing Edited a heavily censored version of Shakespeare
Maverick unbranded calf, cow, or steer
Sideburns General for the Union in the War Between the States
Valentine Easily Confused Words
- Beside measure a grand and showy substitute for
boundry, limit, framework, or condition
- Around/measure area around something
- A place where one stops A group of 4 or more verses in a
- Turn A single line in a poem or music
- To stand The form of a person or animal made out of stone
or other material
- To set up A rule or regulation set up by a legislative body