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Title of the Project

Company Profile
Literature Review
Objective of the Study
Research Methodology
Findings, Suggestion & Conclusion
References/ Bibliography

TITLE OF THE REPORT:Customer Behaviour and Perception towards Big Bazaar.

COMPANY PROFILE:Big Bazaar:Big bazaar is the hypermarket discount store imitative of the company commissioned to address
the discount and bargain hunting tendencies of the Indian shopper. Big Bazaar chain houses
everything that one may need in house, under one roof, at the lowest prices. It sells all items
either branded or unbranded. This includes clothing, apparel, home textiles & furnishing, white
goods, provisions; etc. The merchandise will either be a part of Big Bazaar goods or will be a
part of the shop-in-shop. Big Bazaar, Pantaloon promises 'more for less', addressing a wider
range of product lines which are of interest to the mass market. The high service levels, good
ambience and implicit guarantees make shopping at Big Bazaar a worry-free experience.
Essentially this hypermarket concept is well on its way to changing the very face of the Indian

retailing industry.

Strategy:3-C Theory
According to Kishore Biyani's 3-C theory, Change and Confidence among the population is
leading to rise in Consumption, through better employment and income. [3] Big Bazaar has
divided India into three segments:
1. India one: The Consuming class which includes upper middle and lower middle class
(14% of India's population).
2. India two: The Serving class which includes people like drivers, household helps, office
persons, liftmen, and washer men (55% of India's population) and
3. India three: The Struggling class (31% of India's population).

Big Bazaar Timeline:2001- Three stores launched within a span of 22 days in Kolkat, Bangalore and
2003- Enters Tier II cities with the launch of the store in Nagpur.
2004- Wins its first award and national recognition. Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar awarded
the countrys most admired retailer award in value retailing and food retailing
segment at the India Retail Forum.
2005- Launch of a shopping program: the Big Bazaar Exchange Offer, inviting customers to
exchange household junk at Big Bazaar. Electronic Bazaar and Furniture Bazaar also
2007-The 50th Big Bazaar store is launched in Kanpur.Partners with to
launch India's most popular shopping portal.
2008- New section, Fashion@Big Bazaar, starts. Initiates the Mega Saving "Monthly Bachat
Bazaar" campaign, to provide deals on groceries and food items during the first week
of every month.

2009- Future Value Retail Limited is formed as a subsidiary to spearhead the groups value
retail business through Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar and other formats.
2010- Opens its third store in Kanpur at Z Square Mall.
2011- Vidya Balan was chosen as the brand ambassador of Big Bazaar's Price Challenge
exercise. Ranked six among the Top 50 Service Brands in India.
2012- Enters the rural wholesale and distribution business through 'Aadhaar Wholesale' store
at Kalol, Gujarat.
2013- 200th store opened in India.

Schemes and Innovations:1) Wednesday Bazaar- The concept of Wednesday Bazaar was promoted as 'Hafte Ka Sabse
Sasta Din' (Cheapest Day of the Week). Initiated in January 2007, the idea behind this
scheme was to draw customers to stores on Wednesdays, the day when consumer
presence is usually less. According to the chain, the aim of the concept was 'to give
homemakers the power to save the most'.
2) Maha Bachat- The concept of 'Maha Bachat' (Mega Saving) was introduced in the year
2006 as a single day campaign with promotional offers across the company outlets. Over
the years, the concept has grown to become a six-day biannual campaign. During the
campaign, offers are given in all the value formats including Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar,
Electronic Bazaar, Furniture Bazaar, Fashion bazaar.

3) The Great Exchange Offer- Introduced on 12 February 2009, 'The Great Exchange Offer'
allows customers to exchange their old goods for Big Bazaar coupons. The coupons can
be redeemed later for buying brand new goods from Big Bazaar outlets across the nation.

SWOT Analysis:-

Large variety option

Cheap price

Huge customer Base

Volume sales

Lacks in branded products
Low in product quality
Unable to provide enough parking space to its customers


Opening up of other discounted stores like Vishal mega mart

Convenience of customers to nearby kirana stores

Availability of products in other retail outlets

To open up more and more number of big bazaars in different cities of the
To grab the rural market
To bring in the customers of other retail outlet by dealing with branded products.
Add more products to its product category

Consumer Behaviour:Consumer Behaviour as actions of consumers in the market place and the underlying motives for
those actions. Marketers expect that by understanding what causes consumers to buy particular
goods and services, they will be able to determine which products are needed in the marketplace,
which are obsolete, and how best to present those goods to the consumer. It is the behavior that
consumers display in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of products,
services, and ideas that they expect will satisfy their needs.
The study of consumer behavior is the study of how individuals make decisions to spend their
available resources on consumption-related items. It includes the study of what they buy, why
they buy, when they buy, where they buy, how often they buy it, and how often they use it.
Thus, the definition by Schiffman and Kanuk is more comprehensive because it starts before
actual buying and goes even after purchase of the product. The goal of study in consumer
behavior, it to satisfy their needs. However, the focus comes on the decision process- how to best
use resources.

Reasons of Study Consumer Behaviour:1. Consumers do not always act or react as the theory would suggest.
2. Consumer preferences are changing and becoming higly diversified.
3. Consumer research has vividly pointed out that consumers dislike using identical
products and prefer differentiated products to reflect their special needs, personalities,
and life-styles
4. Meeting of special needs of customers requires market segmentation.

5. Rapid introduction of new products with technological advancement has made the job of
studying consumer behavior more imperative.
6. Consumer behavior can be used to sell products that might not sell easily because some
other product has been satisfying the customer, even if the new product saves life- much
quicker than the old product.

Consumer Perception:Consumer perception applies the concept of sensory perception to marketing and advertising.
Just as sensory perception relates to how humans perceive and process sensory stimuli through
their five senses, consumer perception pertains to how individuals form opinions about
companies and the merchandise they offer through the purchases they make. Merchants apply
consumer perception theory to determine how their customers perceive them. They also use
consumer perception theory to develop marketing and advertising strategies intended to retain
current customers -- and attract new ones.




The shopping behaviour of the customers.

Customers' perception about the marketing mix strategies of Big Bazaar.
Customers' preference for Big Bazaar.
Customers' expectation and satisfaction levels.
To offer suggestions based on findings


Research:The study of research method provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to solve the
problem and meet the challenges of the fast- based decision. Marketing environment we define
Business Research as a systematic inquiry whose objective is to provide information to solve
managerial problem.

Research Methodology
Research Methodology helps us to know what type of Research we want to conduct to know the
size of the sample, to know the methods involved in the research.

Data Sources:1. Primary Data

Primary data is the information collected for research purpose at hand. Primary data was
collected through an interview with the help of a structured questionnaire, which contained
quires that were relevant to the purpose of the study as well as pertinent; industry related
questions. The present study questionnaire makes use of both open ended and close ended

2. Secondary Data
Secondary data is the information which already exists. Secondary data is collected from
journals, magazines, books, dissertations etc. The secondary data for this research was obtained
from company profile, corporate magazines, corporate broachers, websites, journals etc. Various
books and other published matter were also referred to for sorting, tabulating and analysing the
raw data collected. Very little research specific data was available; hence much emphasis was
given to primary data.

Research Approach:-

Survey method was adopted in order to collect the primary data required for the study.

Research Instrument:Questionnaire was designed with open-end and close-end questions. The Questionnaire was
designed in such a manner so as to cater to all the areas and aspects of the study.

Sampling Plan:1. SAMPLING UNIT: A customer visiting Big Bazaar is identified as the sampling unit.
2. SAMPLING SIZE: The sampling size was 100.
3. SAMPLING PROCEDURE: Random Sampling

Data Analysis:Simple statistical tools such as averages, ranking, means etc. are used. Graphs and charts are
also used to have a better pictorial understanding.

1) Due to geographic constraint the study was limited to Hyderabad City.
2) It is assumed that the respondents understood the questions in the questionnaires as they
were supposed to. The chances of misunderstanding were remote but it cannot be ruled
3) It is assumed that the information given by the respondents is true as per their knowledge
and hence the chances of biased information is remote but definitely cannot be ruled out.
4) Due to the limited number of respondents, the finding may not be the same for the whole


1. Most of the respondents visit big bazaar at least once a month in weekend over weekdays,
with middle- aged men being the main visitors.
2. Most of the respondents prefer to shop in the evening, with young males preferring this
time over the others.
3. Print ads are the most successful medium through which people were aware of Big
Bazaar, and females below 40 years are most influenced by it.
4. Respondents have a positive image about Big Bazaar. Most of them are satisfied with the
price, variety and promotional offers, a few were not happy with the long queues at the
billing section.
5. The products at Big Bazaar are doing well and a high percentage of the customers are
satisfied with them, females above the age of 40 years are the most satisfied customers.
10. Print ads is the most successful medium of advertising offers and discounts for big
bazaar, at the store displays also play an important role.
11. The promotional offers at Big Bazaar are doing well, the teenagers and old people take
full advantage of these offers and the males are more attracted to the offers.
12. High percentages of the respondents are in the 20yrs-30yrs age groups.

The marketing mix of Big Bazaar could be more concentrated on the apparel section, as it is
comparatively less satisfactory with. The provision section is already doing well and gaining
customers through word of mouth publicity; hence during promotions the apparel section could
be more highlighted. Branded and designer labels could also be introduced.
In general Big Bazaar is positioned as a low priced and good quality store. But it is only the low
price which has clicked with the customers i.e. the consumer regards Big Bazaar as a store for

reasonable price and not good quality; hence efforts must be made to improve the perception of
the consumers regarding the quality of the products.

The purchasing power of the consumer has also increased; giving rise to his wants and needs. It
is over here that big retail chains such as Big Bazaar come into picture satisfying various
consumer needs under one roof.
From the survey conducted on the customers' perception towards the marketing mix of Big
Bazaar the following can be concluded regarding the P's: The customers are highly satisfied with
the variety and of products, but at the same time they are not very happy with the quality and
availability of branded products.
Big Bazaar has definitely succeeded in keeping up its image of a value for money store, as its
price has been rated positively. The promotions are not hitting the target. Although Big Bazaar
has been promoting their offers, most of the customers are introduced to these only at the store.
Big Bazaar has been successful in keeping up its promise of providing value for money goods,
but today customers look beyond price, such as quality, employee behaviour, store atmosphere
etc. Big Bazaar has scope for improvement in these yields.

BOOKS: Marketing Management:- By: Philip Kotler& Kevin Lankev

Marketing Management:- By: T. N. Chhabra& S. K. Grover

Marketing Research:- By: G C Beri

Research Methodology:- By: N. Thanulinghom

Times of India
Business Times- The Strategist
Business Today

Customer Name:
Phone No:

1) Age: ( ) Below 20 yrs, ( ) 20-30 yrs, ( ) 30-40 yrs, ( ) 40 and Above

2) Monthly family income (Rs): ( ) Below 10000, ( ) 10001-20000, ( ) 20001-30000,
( ) 30001 and Above.
3) Marital status: ( ) Married, ( ) Single
4) How often do you visit BIG BAZAAR?
( ) Weekly once, ( ) Fortnightly once, ( ) Monthly once, ( ) Quarterly once,
( ) During special events, ( ) First time.
5) When do you shop at BIG BAZAAR?
( ) Weekdays, ( ) Weekends, ( ) Anytime,
6) You prefer to shop in the?
( ) Morning, ( ) Afternoon, ( ) Evening.
7) Usually you shop with?
( ) Spouse, ( ) Parents, ( ) Children, ( ) Friends, ( ) Relatives, ( ) Alone.
8) How did you come to know about BIG BAZAAR?
( ) Print ads, ( ) Hoarding, ( ) Word of mouth, ( ) Other medium
9) How important are the following factors while shopping: 1-not at all important, 5-very



10) Are you satisfied with the products available a BIG BAZAAR?
( ) Yes, ( ) No,
11) Do you find it difficult to locate a product that you need?
( ) Yes, ( ) No,
12) What do you think about the prices at BIG BAZAAR?








16) How did you come to know about the promotional offers at BIG BAZAAR?

( ) Print ads, ( ) At the store, ( ) Word of mouth,

17) Do you take advantage of the promotional offers at BIG BAZAAR:
( ) Yes, ( ) No,
18) How satisfied are you regarding the following factors at BIG BAZAAR: 1-Highly
Dissatisfied, 2- Dissatisfied, 3- Neutral, 4- Satisfied 5- Highly Satisfied?


Any Suggestion?