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Kuttiyadi Additional Extension Scheme



Preamble and Scope



The Technical Specifications described hereunder broadly cover the permanent Civil
Works of the project as brought out in the Project-Profile, and in Bill of Quantities for
Civil Works. The items of work are based on Owners Preliminary Designs as enclosed
in the Project Profile. The items of work may be modified/altered to meet the
requirements of Bidders Design and Engineering of the Permanent: Civil-Works.
Accordingly, the Technical Specifications shall require additions/alterations to conform to
Bidders Design & Engineering mutually agreed to with the KSEB. In any case, the
Technical Specifications shall be as per Bureau of Indian Standards or corresponding
International Standards; as mutually agreed to between the KSEB and the Contractor
during preparation of detailed Design & Drawings and approval thereof.
1.1.2 Scope of Works
The Works to be constructed by the Contractor under the design, build and turnkey
contract are summarised as follows: Temporary Works

Provision of site general construction facilities including temporary housing, work

facilities and services of operation and maintenance.
Temporary works for water diversion using cofferdam and preparatory foundation
works for intake arrangements,
Minimum lengths of temporary roads.
Construction adit at Surge shaft including finishing works.
At the main powerhouse, a temporary bund at the confluence of the tailrace with
Kakkayam Thodu. Permanent Civil Works

705m length of power tunnel (Horse shoe) of 3.0m finished diameter with concrete
Permanent access at specified points along the tunnel route.
One (1) surge tank of 5m internal diameter with RC lining from the sill level upto
One (1) Low pressure penstock of 2m internal diameter with steel lining and
backfilled with concrete.
One (1) steel surface penstock of 2.05m Outer diameter(Outer diameter kept
constant) with bifurcation's and other specials from valve house to powerhouse.
Civil work for the main powerhouse (2x50MW) including architectural/ building
Tailrace channel leading to river.
Civil works for a high voltage switchyard located adjacent to the main powerhouse.

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Kuttiyadi Additional Extension Scheme


River training works for the Kakkayam Thodu and at other required places.
Cable trenches, drains, culverts, etc for the powerhouse yard.
Earth retaining structures and other slope protective works at Site.
Civil works for the valve house at the end of low pressure penstock.
Installation of embedded parts of hydropower plant in primary and secondary
concrete including parts for various gates, valves, cranes and auxiliaries.
Construction of roads to various Sites includes
Permanent access roads
Culverts, abutments and slope protective works (wherever required) in the above
Construction of One permanent road bridges across Kakkayam thodu near main
powerhouse Gate, Valves and Trashracks

Manufacture, transport, install and place in service the following items and systems of
the Plant.

One (1) set of intake trash racks

One (1) service gate for intake
One (1) emergency gate for intake
One (1) intake hoist
Tailrace stoplogs for the main powerhouse
One (1) butterfly valve at valve house.
Two (2) Spherical Valves for the power house Generating Units and other powerhouse plant

Manufacture, transport, install and place in service the following items and systems of
the Plant

Two (2) turbine generator sets (Pelton wheel) of 50MW each for the main
Bus duct assembly for evacuation of power from generator to power transformers.
Mechanical and electrical auxiliaries including cooling water pumps, compressor, fire
fighting equipments, dewatering pumps etc for the main powerhouse. Power Transformers and H.V. Equipment

Manufacture, transport, install and place in service the following items and systems of
the Plant.

Two (2) Main power transformers (3 phase) for the main powerhouse
Two (2) complete sets of transformer neutral inter connecting bus with accessories.
Circuit breakers, bus isolator sets, line isolator sets, current transformer, potential
transformer, surge arrestors etc.
Communication equipment.

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Kuttiyadi Additional Extension Scheme

_____________________________________________________________________________ Other More Detailed Requirements

The Scope of Works to be performed by the Contractor shall include all of the
requirements specified throughout each of the Divisions and Sections, which comprise
these specifications unless otherwise expressly stated to be performed by the Board or
by others. To fully comprehend the Scope of Works, these specifications shall be read in
conjunction with the Drawings and other Contract Documents.
The items and systems of Plant as are specified throughout each of the Divisions and
Sections of the Specifications shall include all appurtenant and associated components
as are required to make completely functional and reliable systems that are ready for
The Works to be performed by the Contractor shall include all necessary labour,
equipment, tools, materials, manufacturing facilities, testing, supervision, transportation,
storage, handling, construction facilities, erection, final testing and correction of defects
together with administrative and commercial obligations and all other general risks,
liabilities and obligations set out or implied in the Contract.
The facilities and services supplied by the Board are defined in the Conditions of
Contract of Particular Application.

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