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Leading Childrens Groups

Top 5 Things to Do to Prepare to Teach a Small Group

1. Dig into the curriculum. Minimally, read the Bible Story passage
from the Bible and read through the entire lesson.
2. Make note of any preparation needed and establish a plan for
3. Pray for the kids who will be there. For the kids you dont know
yet, pray for what may be going on in the kids lives that week.
For the kids that you do know, pray specifically for their families,
whats going on at school, and hurts theyve shared.
4. Pray for yourself that youll be an effective leader, that you will
hear His voice, and that youll convey His message.
5. Talk to your director about how things are going in the ministry.
Ask questions. Share concerns. Give input. Ask for advice.
6. A curriculum that boasts of No Preparation Involved is NOT a
good curriculum!
Before Kids Arrive
1. Arrive early- 30 minutes ahead when possible; at least 15
minutes before the service begins.
2. Look for distractions and minimize those distractions.
3. Check that all supplies needed are ready to go (quantity too).
4. Have at least 2 adults in every environment (security issueshould be policy.) 1:5 leader to kid ratio is ideal.
5. Pray that God uses you in a big way! And pray throughout the
class time.
The First 5 Minutes
1. Introduce yourself to parents by name.
2. Learn the name of every child who comes in. The difference it
will make in behavior is worth it! Continue to say the childs
name to increase your memory. Play a name game if there are
many names you dont know. Knowing names allows you to
validate a child and make an impression on parents.
3. Make the greeting personal Jennifer, I am so glad you are here
this morning! Alex, Ive been waiting for you! Samuel, we prayed
for you this week!
4. Establish parameters. Give directions. You are going to be
coloring for a few minutes as we get started. You will sit here
quietly for five minutes as we get ready to start. Establish
5. Truly pray for every child as they come in the classroom and that
God will speak to them through you.
5 Tools for Managing your Class

1. Know your Mission- Establish the mission for the week. What one
thing do I want the kids to walk away with? Pretend you are
parent picking your child up and you ask, What did you learn in
church today? Whatever should be in that blank thats your
mission. If they forget everything else, what should they
2. Strategy- How am I going to get that mission communicated?
3. Structure- Lessons should be segmented. The segments should
be somewhat predictable, but creative. Each segment should
point to the mission.
4. Plan B- Know your Plan B. What will you do if the technology
doesnt work? If a child needs to get to the backroom? What will
you do if a child gets sick or has a behavior issue?
5. Pray- Without ceasing as you lead, teach, speak, as they
watch a video!
Dealing with a Behavior Issues in Your Small Group
Establish a process as a Childrens Ministry. Understand the importance
of having 2 adult leaders in the room. The teacher should not need to
deal with behavior. The 2nd adult should be managing behavior
The Seven Steps of Grace Model
1. Make eye-contact with the child
2. Leader moves to close proximity to the child who is causing
3. Leader gently tap shoulder of the child, put finger to lips,
and point to speaking teacher
4. Tap on shoulder and quietly say, God is saying something
to us today, and your friends around you might need to
hear it. So I need you sit still and be quiet so they can hear
what God wants to say.
5. Take the child away from the group and repeat the
message, Listen, God has brought us here today to hear
from Him. Its important that even if you dont want to
listen to that, that you dont be a distraction for other
children who do want to hear what God has to say. If you
dont stop, I am going to need to tell your parent/s. Return
to group.
6. Take the child away from the group and remain with the
child, separated from the group, until the parent arrives. Be
certain to follow through by informing the parent of the
specific behavior and the steps you took at pick-up time.
7. If you reach step 6 with a child subsequent weeks, ask the
parent to come join you to be part of the solution.
Dont Forget the Gospel: No Matter What the Lesson Content, Share
the Gospel

1. In the scheme of all we do, there is nothing more critical than

sharing the Gospel. Dont miss any opportunity to share the
Gospel with kids. God is the Creator of everything, He loves you
deeply, and despite the fact that you are a sinner, God loves you
anyway. All you need to do to have eternal life and a relationship
with your Creator is admit that you are sinful and need Him,
repent and your sin, and believe that Jesus is the Son of God who
took the punishment for Your sin.
2. Every kids volunteer should live for the moment that a child
says he/she wants to follow Jesus!