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Unforgettable Trip in Surakarta

By khodikotul Masubah
That morning, Saturday, June 22, 2013, exactly on my birthday, My Friends in
UKMP and I went to the University of Surakarta, in Solo. We went there to carry out
comparative studies as well as the show family tour organizer UKMP. We agreed to
depart from Semarang at 05.30 am. However, it has become a habit when the creep
that was originally intended to go to Solo at 05:30 was delayed to 07.00 am. I hope
this does not become a habit that is often repeated in the organization that I follow
this. I was with my friends UKMP go to Solo by bus. Of all board UKMP, only 28
board who attend this event. Amount to quite a lot in my opinion. Throughout our trip
to Solo, we joked laughter on the bus. Collecting gifts, karoke and joking together.
The ride was really fun. In fact, I do not know why, one of the administrators UKMP
of division RED is Mas Ardian suddenly gave the nickname to me "Aurel". Do I like
aurel? Hhhmmm ...
Not felt, after approximately 3 hours drive, we arrived at Surakarta University.
One thing I could when I was up there was apparently UNS very beautiful like
UNNES. Although UNS does not declare itself as a campus conservation. On the way
down from the bus, we were welcomed by the board SIM. SIM is an organization
Scientifics like UKMP in UNNES. After that, we perform prayers duha in Nurul Huda
Mosque. Nurul Huda Mosque is very majestic. The mosque is very nice and clean. It
adds fervently us in the discharge of praying Duha. after that, we headed to the
headquarters SIM for informal discussion with related activities of the organization.
Before getting into the headquarters of the SIM, it is always done I was photographed
with my friends when I see nice scenery. Hmm. . .
Many things that we talked about at the headquarters of the SIM.
Introductions, experience following the scientific competition, sharing of information
related to how to get sponsorship for major events and so on. My hope is a
comparative study with the SIM in UNS work program UKMP forward to run
smoothly and successfully.
About 3 hours long we share information related to the organization that we
follow. Finally finished the discussion with the board SIM. The event continued with
a prayer dhuhur. After prayers we take pictures with children SIM precisely in front of
the mosque ... then we said goodbye to the board SIM to continue our journey. the

next event is to continue the journey to the palace of Surakarta. when he got in the car
park, we took our box lunch. I was very impressed at all because it was the first time I
ate at roadside. Yes, exactly pedestrian walkway, on the edge of a big way. This is
very impressive because I had lunch with friends UKMP.
Finished eating, we headed to the Surakarta palace with friends UKMP on
foot. Quite tiring.
Keraton Kasunan Surakarta is located in the center of the city of Solo, Village
Baluwarti, Surakarta. Construction of the palace made from 1743 until 1745. Building
construction palace using teak wood obtained from Alas Kethu near the town of
Architect of this palace is Prince Mangkubumi, relatives Susuhunan (king
Solo) who later rebelled and successfully established the sultanate of Yogyakarta with
the title of Sultan Hamengku Buwana I. So it is not surprising that the second building
the palace has a lot in common. Once construction is completed, the palace recently
named Keraton Surakarta Sultanate was officially used by the king on February 17,
While visiting this palace, we must adhere to various regulations such as not
wearing a hat, sunglasses, shorts, sandals, and jackets. When you terlanjut shorts can
borrow fabric subordinates to use for surround region palace.
Visit the palace of Solo from the front can be seen the composition of old
Javanese: a building palace is surrounded by a square, Klewer Market and Mosque
Aung Surakarta. Entering the front of the palace, there is a building Sasana Sumewa
and a cannon made of bronze called Kyai Rancawara. The building was once used as
a place Pasewakan Agung, which is a meeting between the King and his subordinates.
In this place we can still see Dhampar Kencana (throne), located in Siti Hinggil Lor.
we should not be up this area because it was a highly respected and considered sacred.
Of Siti Hinggil, we entered Kori Renteng, Kori Mangu, and Kori Brojonolo. By the
time we pass through these doors, we were asked to take courage, throwing doubts,
and strengthen your mind to always be vigilant. After that, we got on the court
Kamandungan Lor, then Sri Manganti, and finally museum palace named Museum
Keraton Surakarta Sultanate.
In the museum we can see relics Keraton Surakarta and some fragments of
temples found in Central Java. The collection include cookware courtiers, weapons
ancient use of the royal family, as well as appliances arts. Interesting collection other

than carriage, hats greatness Paku Buwana VI, Paku Buwana VII, and Paku Buwana
Next we headed to the Sasana Sewaka next to the museum. On page Sasana
Sewaka travelers must remove footwear to walking on a bed of fine sand taken from
Mount Merapi and Parangkusumo. Here, visitors are prohibited from taking or
carrying fine sand is.
Lastly, there is the tower called Stage Sanggabuwana. That said, the tower is
used by His Majesty to meditate and meet Nyai Rara Kidul, the ruler of the South
Coast. Apart from being a meditation, this tower also serves as a tower defense to
control the circumstances around the palace.
The next trip could be said shopping. Yes, PGS (center Wholesale Solo).
When going to the PGS, we split up, I happened to time it with Mba Dian and Mba
Iko. As if she were carrying out towaf us around in the PGS. Especially tawaf looking
for the exits. Hehehe . . .
Eventually we found the exit door as well after all this time around in PGS. In
the PGS we did not buy anything. We came out from PGS to bring tired. I have a pain
in my leg. Me and mba Iko decided to rest beside PGS while mb dian proceed to
market Klewer with Mas Hudi. We met mas Jews coming out of PGS.
After a long rest beside PGS, Mba Iko and I decided towards the park bus. Hunger is
upon me. Incidentally there are merchants chicken noodle there. One bowl of chicken
noodle me a message. One bowl of chicken noodle out my gusto. Tasty and I feel
full ... hhhm. . . Before meninggakan Surakarta unusual taste if not buy Pancake
Notosuman. Pancake-town solo. I bought one box. The price is quite cheap, only Rp
Time promptly at 6:30 pm. Time to leave the PGS and Klewer market. Before
leaving town solo, we headed to a place to eat in advance for dinner. we got to eat at 7
pm. Then prayer plural in musola because me and my friends do not perform prayers
on sunset. Next is time for dinner. When I entered the diner, waw ... so much delicious
food served there. Then one thing that I have seen the first go round price list. The
price of food there is expensive. I decided to eat in moderation. Soup and shrimp fried
I choose. I think what I take only going to spend money 10,000. But, you know what?
A plate of food is forcing me to spend money 20,000. it turns out the price of one
shrimp is 2000. it is very expensive!... it's very different with my expenses when
buying a meal in Semarang. Only the 4000, I can eat well and certainly healthy ...

hhmm ... But it does not matter, a memorable experience for me. It became the joke I
was with mas ardian ... makes me no appetite ... hehehe (just kidding).
When finished eating, we headed to the bus and get ready to go back to
Semarang. I leaned back on the bench bus. Exhausting.
During the return trip, we exchanged gifts. Amazing!. . . I got a sponge to
wash the dishes. Thanks to my friend who gave me a sponge, may I be diligent
washing dishes in the dorm. Hehehe. The next event on the bus is karaoke, followed
by delivery of the impressions during in solo. All functionaries UKMP has expressed
his impressions while in the solo. Last closed with remarks from President UKMP
Nasrun Eko Wibowo. Thing that amazed me was when he said that he would sing.
Wow ... I've never heard the sound of him singing. Song survivor ulag years of
Jamrud he sang along with us. However, I suddenly fell silent when their eyes toward
me. Today is my birthday. Incredible ... a song that contains the line of prayer they
sang. Really happy got beautiful moments in my birthday. I am also glad to know that
it turns out my birthday coincide with the anniversary of mas Hudi. Beautiful
moments that will not be forgotten. After the first grueling Solo then covered with
beautiful moments made my trip to solo more beautiful. This activity is a meaningful
activity. After the show, we slept for a trip to Semarang still long enough.
We arrived at Semarang at 11.30 pm. We were stuck in traffic so we were late
getting in Semarang. Once off the bus, I went straight to my boardinghouse. The ride
was tiring but impressive. I will never forget my wonderful experience in Solo.
UKMP! Sahabat prestatif ,solusi kreatif !. . ....