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Contact Numbers

NOTES: Welcome to
Senior Pastors:
Ra y & Ma rie Albrecht (W) 4123 2711
(H) 4123 6562
Church Leaders hip:
Ba rry & Jenny Klein – Deputy Chairman
(H) 4122 1732 Christian Outreach
Jamie & Sha ron Klein – Secreta ry

Ian & Beryl Moncrieff

(H) 4122 2300
(W) 4123 1629
(H) 4123 6891

Management Committee:
Ps Ra y Albrecht – Chairman (H) 4123 6562
Ba rry Klein – Deputy Chairman (H) 4122 1732
Jamie Klein (H) 4122 2300
Jean Kidd – Treasurer (H) 4121 3056
Andrew Storrs (H) 4121 6132
Reta Welsh (H) 4121 7710

Children’s Church Leader:

Jane Orr (H) 4121 3506
Under God’s Protection
(M) 0405 318061
Mainly Music Leader: 11 APRIL 2010
Linda Storrs (H) 4121 6132
(M) 0429 787982
New Christian’s Class Leaders:
Steve & Ali ce Murra y (H) 4123 2394
Steve (M) 0448 700460
Ali ce (M) 0437 958935
Worship Leader:
Linda Storrs (H) 4121 6132
(M) 0429 787982 Senior Pastors:
Ray & Marie Albrecht

Maryborough Christian Outreach Centre

Rosters for the week 18 April ‘10 Hervey Ba y Road Ma ryborough
Deacons: PO Box 461 Ma ryborough 4650
Bob & Kay Thorpe (Head Deacons) Door AM – Phil & Kay
PH/Fa x: (07) 4123 2711
Beth Baumgart Door PM – Doreen & Chris B
Keith & Hilary Brockway Comm Prep – Jenny
Cal & Marion Dingwall Comm Table – Ian, Beryl & Jean
Joe & Carole Marrington Supper – Gr eg & Christine Y OUR VISION STATEMENT:
Bruce Mayer Cleaning – Chris B
Bradley Yates Offering & Pr ayer – Rob
John Yates
THIS WEEK’S COMMENT so that our relationship with Almighty God may no
longer be hindered, but bring the blessings that we all
Under God's Protection want in our lives. Bruce G APRIL 2010
Those of us who accept as truth, that God revealed
hi mself firstly through the prophets of the Old Sunday 11th
Testament then in the person of Jesus, will desire the
blessings and the prot ection of this Almighty Creator. 9.00am Prayer Meeting – all welcome
This protection is described in the psal ms (Ps 91:1-4) 9.30am Praise/Worship/Communion
as "dwelling in the secret place of the most high" and Maryborough Healing Rooms are now open Morning Tea and fellowship at the
"abi ding under the shadow of the Most High" . "He Monday nights from 7.30pm to 9.00pm, as well as rear of the church after the service.
shall cover thee with his feat hers and under his wings Wednesdays 10.00am to 3.00pm. 6.30pm Evening Service followed by supper
shall thou trust". and fellowship
What however places us under this supernatural
protection? Does it come upon us when we make a Tuesday 13th
decision for Christ or perhaps after we get water
BIRTHDAYS for this week:
9.30am 4Her Ladies – Bible Study at church
baptised? Whilst both t hese events are landmarks in 13th – Kim Inwood 9.30am Mainly Music in Activity Centre
our Christian growth, the scriptures reveal that it is 6.15pm Hour of Power Prayer Meeting
the brokenness of our prideful selfishness that gives 7.30pm Music Team Practice
us access to the very throne of God. Psalm 51:16-17,
says "For thou desirest not sacrifice; else would I give A VERY WARM WELCOME to Chris & Angela Shadbolt and their son Wednesday 14th
it. Thou delightest not in burnt offering. The Immanuel. Thank you Chris for ministering to this part of God’s family today. 10.00am Global Care Sewing Room
sacrifices of God are a broken spirit : a broken and a
contrite heart O God, thou wilt not despise." For any who would like to join in we are having lunch at the ‘Carriers Arms’ after the
morning service. Thursday 15th
For most of us this is the area of great est difficulty
9.30am Craft in the Activity Centre
or else is an area that we have failed to recognise as an
aspect of our human natur e that needs to be changed.
COMING UP IN MAY Friday 16th
Scripture says that the God of this world is Satan
10.00am Global Care Sewing Room
which means that that the human characteristics that Saturday 1st – Men’s Breakfast with Brett Gibson
will be most natural for us will be his charact eristics.
Sunday 2nd – Brett Gibson & Operation Lift at the Sunday 18 th
Satan was "perfect from t he day he was made until the
AM & PM meetings 9.00am Prayer Meeting
day t hat pride was found in his heart."
9.30am Worship & Communion Service
Pride makes us rise up in anger when we perceive that Friday 21st – Ladies Night with Heidi Popp
we are not being respected as we believe we shoul d
Lighthouse Children’s Church
be. We are vulnerable to any perceived offences that Sunday 23rd – Stephen Coops at PM meeting Morning Tea & Fellowship
may come our way and we are likely to be resistive to
6.30pm Evening Service / Supper & F’ship
Friday 28th – National Day of Thanksgiving
any direction given us by t hose in authority over us Proposed Combined Churches
unless we are in agreement. Instead of being Biggest Morning Tea
submissive to one anot her as we are instructed in the
Our plans to have a morning tea celebration for Maurie
scripture, we defy the will of the very ones that God
& Noelle Day’s 60th Wedding Anniversary next Sunday
says he will bless us and protect us through.
As John Bevere points out in his Study series "Under
at this stage will not go ahead due to health reasons for
Cover", submission doesn't even begin until we
May we all examine our relationships with one another