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Fiscal Knowledge

by Jagadish

Individual inflation and INDIA ( working Paper )

When individual loses job and loses interest in life inflation in the house shoots up and wife is scared of
family going into poverty
individual not getting a job automatically results in company loss and industry loss as neighbors attack
the job market as if it is weak looking at viewpoint from the individual perspective
children talk about value system of the nation and act as social debtors disheartening the students who
are about to enroll into job market
wife looks at job market and thinks maybe ladies have to take to company enrollment as if demographic
segmentation has changed
old age people lose interest in day to day activities and give advice to each other and to family and
friends seeing prices of utilities increase
geographical segmentation changes drastically with new thoughts erupt with exchange of ideas shared
between the public
intellectual entrepreneurship erupts out of nowhere and whole knowledge shared in books become
important, the type of books promoted during individual haydays and down turn become the bridging
gap of which industry can sustain and which can't in geographical segmentation targeting positioning

so to sum up

thought of the day

standard of living may decrease else increase with individuals sharing insights


How to pay money when internal and external debt with banks is huge in INDIA

Sometimes it happens that from nowhere bank comes across illiquidity because of excess money
removal done by the public out of panic and money to return back takes time
so the bank in hurry makes another mistake of taking external loan from other countries to offset
working capital money
after few week public realizing that it is holding excess cash with them and fear of losing it starts to
return back the money to bank account of theirs
situation comes to such a drastic scenario that now bank is in crossroads having to pay interest to both
internal and external which it could have avoided by being patient
now what to do ????


money with banks is always their lying idle but interest rates to be paid by the bank is always fixed and
paid annually, quarterly once
when money is available why pay fixed amount once, why not pay more and reduce interest rates of
annually and change the terms and conditions of payment flexibly reducing tension of payment
why postponing it to future payment where payment may become volatile because of unknown
to sum up
if one bank has money to pay in excess amount compared to fixed interest payment then why not pay
excess money and reduce interest rates and principal amount between nations
why wait for next financial year to pay further fixed interest payment
is my side of debate


thought of the day

interest rate calculation and increased payment of interest money when available to pay by banks


How to enroll politicians who happen to come from business class in INDIA

give speeches to the public in conference halls

have volunteers from colleges
bring money through networking
find spiritual space through books
make presentations through debates
make technology your ally
workaholics through scheme and implement them through international acceptance
groom up self political head by addressing the public through media
types of channels marketing , distribution , communication as vehicle of correspondence
farming community address through internet promotions
addressing issues of the nation by bridging the gap of communication dissonance
institution development by bringing in entrepreneurship to the country by addressing workshops
constitution development by setting up teams and addressing core issues of it through public grievance
addressing public grievances through public petitions aimed at knowledge improvement at helm

thought of the day

knowledge development and role of business in INDIA political field while addressing world


Should companies sell in lots or individually to investors in INDIA during IPO

Control over the flow of stocks is there when it is lots

bullish run or bearish run can be observed very clearly in lots as stocks are run on information flow
market capitalization can be controlled with stoppage by stock exchange if lots are used
diversion of funds from one industry to another industry can be checked if lots are used
research on flow of information can be scrutinized if lots are used frequently
identification of investors is easy during IPO offers as to their knowledge bank and their intentions
depending upon segmentation, targeting , positioning of the investor salary package lots are designed

thought of the day

lots swot vs individual share swot


Mutually Assured Financial Destruction and inflation (INDIA)

Inflation is something where prices zoom high without question where control over it is not there it
would result in collapse of the economy on the basis of poverty
inflation can be created in the form of increase of staple diet of the country price zone
once the price of staple diet is kept increasing automatically public keeps purchasing it and would never
substitute or purchase another utility which would make prices of utilities increase or decrease on the
basis of availability or lack of availability
this method would automatically trigger a collapse of the economy in due course of time

to avert this happening public has to shift to substitution effect of utilizing utilities given to it and
never should be groomed up on one or few utilities for survival as this might trigger collapse of

thought of the day

being all rounder and relishing all utilities by society instead of Giffen's paradox


Companies and knowledge in INDIAN sociology for growth of nation

I looked at CEOs from a distance and understood their fear factor of accepting knowledge in India for
fear of increase of salaries asked by employees which they can't cater to in extremities
to my understanding of knowledge steps involved in giving knowledge to employees is not known to
Indian CEOs

first recruitment of employees is based upon management trainee examination to be conducted to be

kept for duration of 72 hours at a stretch
second internal promotions should be the motto of giving knowledge to employees through internal
only meritorious employees should be given experience certificates rest should be kept out of company
internal hr administration should have networking under their belt to cater to non performance
potential appraisal should be applied so that unnecessary job rotation to be removed of employees by
hr personnel
part of building should be leased for knowledge growth so that internal promotions can be kept intact to
gain experience certificate
subsidiary companies can be started or sister companies can be adopted if need is felt by employees
when internal tests become mandatory for growth of industry

students enrollment say IIM should be asked to enroll through centers where examination is conducted
for each of industries
management trainees who are enrolled must be assigned internal audit work under probation period
and then asked to write an examination to see whether probationary work can be converted into full
employment for the companies benefit
change management to be brought in by the employees should be catered to on the basis of intranet
voting rights of employees mandate through which knowledge is shared so that uneducated youth Is
removed without tension to hr consultants of the company

additional information if there exists is catered to by provision of finance internally by developing

entrepreneurship wing through company for society benefit under corporate social responsibility

thought of the day

corporate social responsibility and knowledge of the industry


How would company in India would know that general reserve kept with it is sufficient

on the profits earned for the year in relation to the general reserve kept last year

if the profits is huge for the current year then general reserve to be kept should be 20%
80% of the revenue generated by the company 20% of which is kept in reserves

if the profits earned by the company is less or seems less than general reserve to be kept should be 10%
90% of the revenue generated by the company results in 10% of which goes to reserves

how to determine that profits earned by the organization is less or huge

it is by knowing how much is the market capitalization of the company in relation to the number 1
company of the industry it is in

thought of the day

valuation of the company in relation to number 1 company every year in the industry chosen


Online business in INDIA

farmers can do business just like Amul company

companies can do business without competition being ruthless
competitors can do business with membership
knowledgeable employees can generate finance without big hurdles through job enlargement
wise people can learn knowledge without moving from house
internet highlighting of their business can be generated through trusted customers
regular business is possible and catered to by company through genuine honest citizens
workaholics can work round the clock just like me
purchasing books 24/7 and update their theories and fight cases without fear
lawyers can generate business through associations and through them generate client list

thought of the day

think and grow rich


How to make employees read books in the office without loss of time and money for the company


make online book store of the company available

make employees enroll in it
ask them to read those books through membership
make them read every two hours in the night after they complete their rounds in the market
generate finance through membership
ask them to pay membership fees to the company portal
make further books available to them and ask them to perform to generate sales
make everyone feel responsible for the company's development
watch the show of companies growth

thought of the day

how to create companies ebook portal and enroll authors (non fiction )


Payment to authors by concerned country (INDIA)

I have repeatedly read in the preface of the authors that the country and on this people on which the
authors write authors usually are stationed in that country
so according to my common sense to bring balance to the countries and pay package of author to be

I think
if on our country if any author has written pay package to that author would be determined by our law
courts for clearance of that text
if outside countries are interested to pay to the author for the books written
intimation has to be given to our country courts for payment made to the author

thought of the day

Salman Rushdie case


Transaction cost and money paid to bank for the service rendered in INDIA (opinion)

Banks can do transaction cost and get paid while transacting on higher denominations of money transfer

so whenever any transaction minimum amount determined by RBI has to be transferred by paying a
certain percentage of cost involved transfer of money is possible which can be availed off
companies, High network individuals etc

how would RBI determine minimum amount of money transfer online done by banks on behalf of
customers to get transaction cost management fees

it is through current account transactions of minimum money of loan sanctioned by the bank to

thought of the day

cost of living of the society and loans given to customers when management fees is less to earn by


How to multiply money when you want to be rich through insurance package (INDIA)

if you have support of central government

you can insure public who travel in rail tourism packages
for every trip designed insurance is covered by HNI to public who travels in rail tour
fixed amount is charge from each of the high network individual by the government
if the trip is successful without any accidents HNI gets back his money and percentage of profit from
each of the public insured
if the trip is unsuccessful HNI loses part of the money and gets back certain portion if government is
like this HNI has the capability to earn income with the help of central government railways

thought of the day

try out other modes of transportation if it is possible


cash reserve ratio and statutory liquidity ratio should not be changed by RBI of INDIA regularly

if you change the cash reserve ratio and statutory liquidity ratio unnecessary money with people keep
decreasing and increasing unnecessarily
if this happens regularly and RBI keep storing in its account to release funds into market in near future it
can release it only in the form of loans sanctioning
loans sanctioning in the market is not an easy methodology of making business or money in circulation
because it takes time for the banks to make money operational
if the money was available with banks then money can be circulated easily by the banking sector
money flowing into market through RBI in near future only make banks lose working capital because of
unpredictability of finance available to it during day to day functioning
to keep money as it is without tampering the flow with economic man account can result in positive
interest rates to be charged properly by RBI by seeing flow of income and expenditure in both
individuals and institutions

then when to charge cash reserve ratio and statutory liquidity ratio to be changed

once in a year during financial year or in emergency situation due to inflation or deflation of the
company 6 months time gap is my viewpoint

thought of the day

flow of income expenditure and interest rates decipheration by RBI in INDIA


Interest rates and unemployment during and post recession in INDIA

I read in books specifically lords of finance of Liaquat Ahmed that interest rates are usually kept low and
unemployment is huge in recession across the countries
to debate on this topic first thing I understood was
interest rates should never be low because if interest rates are kept low during recession time money to
do entrepreneurship is not possible
to come out of recession in after the music stopped employment generation is the key to sustenance
and strategy to come out of recession for the economy and country to be stable entrepreneurship is the
key for the country to be stable
entrepreneurship is the fuel for states to be prosperous
if the country keeps interest rates low how can public have money to sustain families

during 2008 recession America kept its interest rates almost zero
and unemployment rate was 10%

thought of the day :

money in public hands is fuel for entrepreneurship


India and product life cycle of nation (how to groom it up )

Taken from the management model of ten principles of knowledge management philosophy


Knowledge management is expensive

Effective management of knowledge requires hybrid solutions of people and technology


Knowledge management is highly political

Knowledge management requires knowledge managers


Knowledge management benefits more from maps than models more from markets than from

Sharing and using knowledge are often unnatural acts

Cash cow

Knowledge management means improving knowledge work processes

Knowledge access is only the beginning


Knowledge management never ends

Knowledge management requires a knowledge contract


Design and implementation of knowledge management policies

Crafting the overall knowledge management theme
Canvas for adoption across the organization

Thought of the day

How would other countries apply INDIA CEOs theory