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Andy Thai

Game Design, Gameplay Programmer, Level Design

5049 N Kimberly Ave, Chicago, IL 60630 | | (773) 816-3866 |


DePaul University, Chicago IL

Expected June of 2016
Bachelor of Science in Computer Game Development
Game Design Concentration
GPA: 3.84/4.00
Honors: National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Deans List - 8 of 11 quarters

Work Experience

DePaul University, Chicago, IL

Oct. 2013 Present
Distribution Service Student Worker
Sort and log incoming student and faculty packages.
Input accurate records of students usage of mailboxes, keys, and package pickup.
Address inquiries and concerns from students about mail services.
Deliver mail across campus and responded to departments needs and inquiries.


Knight, Squire, and Princess

Jan. 2016 Present
Establish initial core concepts, mechanics, level designs and player progression.
Facilitate discussions around creative game design choices and milestones.
Create documents to note key designs, story, and art.
Conduct playtests and surveys to collect data for analysis and insight.
Jan. 2016 - Present
Establish working game mechanics in correspondence to narrative and Oculus Rift
head rotation.
Coordinate developer-player interaction for a more immersive play experience.
Rich-ual Success
Jan. 29th Jan. 31st, 2016
Facilitated Global Game Jam team to meet and took notes of concepts that were
viable to the events theme, Ritual.
Prepared a backlog for team and coordinated team members to efficiently build core
Established a singleton game manager to keep track of players progression, scene
changes, and game mechanics that lets players interact with different objects.
The Roll Awakens
Jan. 7th Jan. 21th, 2016
Established character motion in conjunction with Oculus Rift head rotation,
scripted stunts and level interactions for players to play.
Elevated concept to include stunts and level interactions, conceptualized on how to
use the Oculus Rift to affect player movement.
Created level layout for interaction between player and their environment.
Project Bluelight
Sept. 2015 Nov. 2015
Conceptualized game concepts in relation to life experiences told by students in
Englewood elementary school.
Established game mechanics of object interactivity and scores.


Game Engines:


Experienced in Unity
Familiar with Unreal Engine 4, GameMaker: Studio

Experienced in C#
Familiar with C++, Python, Unreal Blueprint, Javascript, HTML and CSS
Proficient in Autodesk Maya, Microsoft Office Suite, Perforce
Familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Flash