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NOTE: The following exercises should be performed while wearing Smart CapnoLine
Adult non-intubated sampling line and a pulse oximetry sensor. Please perform exercises
for hypoventilation, hyperventilation and apnea while sitting in a chair.

1. Turn on the Philips HeartStart MRx monitor.
2. Plug in the Smart CapnoLine Plus non-intubated oral-nasal sampling line.
Smart CapnoLine
sampling line with O2

The purpose of this exercise is

to gain a better understanding
of the practical application
of the FilterLine sampling
line, the etCO2 value and the
waveform and documentation
with the Philips HeartStart
MRx monitor/defribrillator.
The exercises will provide you
with hands on experience with
Microstream capnography
and the responsiveness of
the technology with changing
patient conditions.

3. Apply the Smart CapnoLine Plus sampling line to your face.

4. Put the pulse oximeter sensor on your index finger.
a. Monitor your breathing for 60 seconds or until a respiratory rate appears
on the Philips HeartStart MRx monitor/defibrillator.
b. What is your etCO2 value?___________mmHg
c. What is your RR?_____________
d. What is your SpO2%?_____________%
These etCO2 and SpO2 values are considered your baseline and are important to capture as
the starting point with each patient you are monitoring.
5. Observe the capnography waveform on the screen and press print to collect
a CO2 waveform strip.

1. Decrease respiratory rate by targeting an increase in your baseline etCO2 level by 5 mmHg.
2. What is your etCO2 value?____________mmHg
3. Observe CO2 waveform and capture the event by pressing print.

1. Increase your respiratory rate by breathing rapidly and target a decrease in your
baseline etCO2 level by 5 mmHg.
2. What is your etCO2 value?____________mmHg
3. Observe the CO2 waveform and capture the event by pressing print.

1. With the SpO2 probe on finger, hold your breath long enough to trigger the CO2
apnea alarm (30 seconds without a breath).
2. Observe CO2 waveform, etCO2 value and SpO2 value. Capture the event by
pressing print.
3. Observation:___________________________________________________________


1. Kink FilterLine sampling line until Philips HeartStart MRx monitor/defibrillator
indicates that the CO2 module is performing a purge. To attempt to clear an occlusion,
these monitors purge whenever an occlusion in the line or airway adaptor is detected,
and will display PURGING while this function is performed. If the CO2 module cannot
clear the occlusion within 30 seconds, the monitor/defibrillator will issue an equipment
alert and display the message: FILTERLINE OCCLUSION.
2. Observe message, then remove the kink from FilterLine sampling line.
3. Do you observe a CO2 waveform and etCO2 value? If not, disconnect the FilterLine
sampling line and reconnect to reactivate the CO2 pump.
4. If reconnecting fails to produce a CO2 waveform and etCO2 value, replace the
FilterLine sampling line.
5. Observation:___________________________________________________________

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