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All excavation by company and builder and backfilling by Contractor

Water pump, Pipe and De-watering pump and fuel arrange by builder.
Labour drinking water and Electricity provide by builder.
Steel moulding Parma for elevation treatment provided by builder.
Built up area included lift, Machine Room, terrace alternate Balcony,Flower and beds and

any projection.
6. Stilt area given by 75%
7. If Tie Beam & Shop Loft is building then will be extra.
8. Electricity for operation of vibrator Mixer & Lift Steel cutter Machine will be supplied by
9. Safety Net will supply by Builder.
10. Safety net will have to be fixed by the civil contractor.
11. Plumbing and Electricity Work will done by Company.
12. Labour Hut, Electricity, Drinking Water will be provided by Builder
13. Following materials and machineries will have to be brought by the Civil Contractors:
Lifts, Mixers, Internal Plaster Ghoda, Shuttering Oil, Nails, Shaikanjas, Trolley Track,
Trolley Ghoda, Vibrators, Pharmas, Wheel Barrow, all Shuttering materials e.g.
Timber,Plywood & Staging Materials, Props, spans Mundas and scaffolding bamboo
14. Company. Will give one main electrical point at every floor and the Civil Contractor has
To carry over the same to the required place on his own.
15. Plumbing and Electrical Works will be done by Company.
16. Concreting to be done as per mix design given by Company OR as per the Engineer Incharge.
17. All materials including steel, cement, blocks, etc. to be stacked and kept in proper place
After use at the end of the day.

18. Complete set of pharams to be brought by the contractor, sizes are as below:Capacity
1) 20.0 liters
2) 25.0 liters
3) 30.0 liters
4) 35.0 liters
5) 40.0 liters


6) 45.0 liters
19. Concreting of slab to be done by strip system. Contractor to ensure that strip system
Prepared by Building In charge is duly approved by in-charge at least 24 Hrs. Before slab
20. Rain protection by silp auline during slab concreting/external plaster is the responsibility
of the Contractor and material for the same to be brought by the builder.
21. Company will provide space for labour huts with common drinking water arrangement.
Huts to be provided by the contractor. Electrical main supply at outside the huts provided
by Company.
22. For making of mortar for block work and internal plaster, pharma and M.S. tray has to be
Used compulsorily.
23. Safety net will have to be fixed by the civil contractor, all around the building, as Per the
company specifications. Safety net will be provided by the company & Labour charges
for fixing the same will not paid extra to the contractor.
24. Tremix concrete (PCC & SOLING) lying is in the scope of the civil contractor, around
the Building, up to Compound wall formthe face of the building.
25. All Underground, Overhead water tanks, labour toilets, meter room, servant toilet, society
Office, main gate, compound wall, security cabin, septic tank, soak pit, pump rooms etc.
Are in the scope of the Civil Contractor.
26. Dewatering of excavated pit to be done by civil contractor, pumps and electrical supply to
Provide by company.
27. Lift shaft scaffolding, ghadai mechine room and door frame brick and plastering, door sill
and LOP box grouting, shaft pardi ghadi if plumb not align properly and internal pit
cleaning OR Any civil work related lift to be done by civil Contractor.
28. Labour laws, Labour PF, labour register of attendance, Salary, labour insurance,
Workmens Compensation act, Minimum wages act & shall indemnity the employer
against all claim.
29. R.C.C, brick and plastering work debirs/Rabbit to be dump proper place, not dumped in
chowk Area (DUCT AREA) and same material should be level once a week by
30. All machineries like concrete mixer, construction lift, and vibrator should be in
diesel/petrol Operated.
31. Excavation work of building in the scope of builder.
32. Back filling of excavated area in the scope of contractor.
33. Brick work with door frame fixing in the scope of contractor. (Also hole fast grouting in
brick Wall and column)

34. Rubble packing if necessary below footing as per instruction by consultant in the scope of
35. Any Serious Injury will be happen solved by Builder and Contractor.
36. Measurement given by slab Top Outer to Outer
37. 5% retention amount to be debited in each RA/Final bill and will be released after three
months. From Finished works which is allotted to you.
38. Service tax and any Govt. Taxes to be paid extra by builder.