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~[_]~ Les Nouvelles aventures




Everyone knows well the story of Aladdin, this poor young man who made a
discovery full of promise: a magic lamp. A genius comes out and offers to carry out
his wishes. In this new version, Sam, a young thief, who is about to rob a store,

dressed as Santa Claus, is found to have to tell a story to children. He then begins
the legendary, Aladdin where he sees himself embody the famous hero. This
adventure comedy is performed by Arthur Benzaquen who began his career as an
actor in films like Coco Gad Elmaleh. It is also the source of a series, Zak,
broadcast on Orange Cinma. The cast include the star of teens, Kev Adams,
recurring actor in the Soda series on M6, seen in 2014 in Son alongside Franck
Dubosc and soon Profs 2. At his side, Jean-Paul Rouve revealed by the band of
Robin Hood and Eric Judor Eric and Ramzy duo. Also on generic, Michel Blanc and
Audrey Lamy. Les Nouvelles aventures dAladin with Kev Adams is one of them. Kev
Adams is the French comedy, that is to rap Maitre Gims for teens, an enigma. This is
a hit, but you never really know why. But having seen the Sieur Kev Adams once had
its beginnings when he was on stage in a tiny room with a model show I wanted to
see the evolution of the character. I will not have the. Indeed at the time, even if it
was only largely mimic their idols, I told myself that it had potential. Seeing Les
Nouvelles aventures dAladin, I think that potential became famous a perfect
example of the most crass ease in the simple, single purpose of making entries and
money. And even though I hate literally Les Nouvelles aventures dAladin with Kev
Adams I have not the slightest doubt about the fact that the film will be a box. The
kind of people who do a little more each day to lose hope in the commercial French
cinema. I have nothing against this area so special. It is also necessary that the
delivered product is honest in substance and form. Les Nouvelles aventures dAladin
with Kev Adams is not a single second. Worse, it is almost revise upward unpacking
the huge ego that is the last film of Jamel. He also produced by Path. A comedy is a
joy when it is funny and well written. Les Nouvelles aventures dAladin with Kev
Adams has not the least of his qualities. Worst of all it is a film of mercenary buddies
to the last degree that ape ancestors without making the effort to hide it all behind
raids finishes. Begin the autopsy of the corpse mortuary that are Les Nouvelles
aventures dAladin with Kev Adams. Yes, it will spoiler. First question is a movie built
around its stars ego is a bad thing? Looking at the latest Jamel, the answer is yes, if
you look at the last Tom Cruise the answer is no. What for ? For the simple reason
that Cruise is always surrounded by people capable to match and put in pictures
ambitions. It is the moon and does not tolerate those who accompany see as far. In
this case, it happens and it works. Les Nouvelles aventures dAladin with Kev Adams
is built to please the public Soda and Kev Adams. It was predictable, but the
worrying thing is the way the film borrows to get there. The film begins in our time
with the two Soda actors posing as traders (Kev Adams plan to charm his girlfriend)
when in fact they bossent as Father Christmas at Galeries Lafayette and planning
to steal the perfume stand Christmas evening (this scenario will never return).
Trapped with Kev Adams has put children tell them a story that of Les Nouvelles
aventures dAladin at its sauce and there is the drama. The film Les Nouvelles
aventures dAladin has a budget of 15 million and this is not seen for a moment. (To
be honest, the copy was obviously not calibrated in my opinion if it was, then
there is a real concern). Generic intro to the glory of Kev Adams in rider of a flying
carpet disgusting encrusted through the appearance in the middle of a movie clip of

nearly three minutes to sell the rap single, nothing is made so that one starts to
have any hope in this film Les Nouvelles aventures dAladin. The addition of this clip
gangsta rap style 1001 night and return at end credits (for many the single sale that
will surely come out with the film) shows that the film does not even hide its most
mercantile ambitions. Like that of cronyism with featuring Cyril Hanouna that opens
the film the two are pals you expect a red carpet on Europe 1 and TPMP. Michael
Youn Fatal took at least with the care to incorporate music tracks correctly in the
story, they used it and were not completely anachronistic with the rest. But hey, it is
the image of the film since lost in the desert, the magician offers Quick has Kev
Adams and the princess charm by the vizier of Beyonce booty shake on. Lets
mention the cameo of the Weasel and joke about his goatee. What for ? As
compared to the rest, it is almost anecdotal. Indeed The Les Nouvelles aventures
dAladin with Kev Adams has a problem in his humor and the messages it sends in
front or under the carpet about homosexuality. The recurring gag on the fact
whether a particular character is the flying jacket eventually hinder a strength, but
it is a little dialogue about the Vizier made to dress for something other than the fun
that would be a real deviance puts a bad hair at ease. The glut of front in jokes or
between the lines on the subject leave a little confused between this and rap single
commercial, it is two fingers to believe that Kev Adams hunting public Maitre Gims
and given the target film it bothers a little. This adds nothing to the story, does not
help the characters to grow and sounds like an easy admission for fat laughter
(which was the case in the room). But after a moment the idea of easy escape you
as Les Nouvelles aventures dAladin with Kev Adams has no ambition. UN FILM QUI

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