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the various methods used in conducting Job

Evaluation Studies.
Job evaluation is the process to determine in a systematic
and analytical manner the comparative worth of job with an
organization. Job evaluation attempts to measure skills
needed, responsibilities involved, efforts required for
individual jobs.
Job evaluation is not directly concerned with the
quantitative and qualitative aspects of output or at the speed
at which the operations or workers perform a job. Job
evaluation is only concerned with the evaluation of jobs
and not the men performing them. A properly developed
structure based on job evaluation will tend to reduce
grievances relating to wages and improve industrial
Various method used in conducting job evaluation studies
are as follows:
Many techniques are used for the evaluation of the job. All
forms of job evaluation are designed to enable management
to determine how much one job should be paid as
compared to the others. All systems of job evaluation are
classified into 2:
1. Non quantitative
2. Quantitative.
The various other method of job evaluation are
listed below:

Job Ranking This method is widely used in small

organizations. Being a very simple and not expensive
method, it consumes less time and promises enough
potential in its usefulness. Before actual ranking, brief
job descriptions of all the jobs are taken. In the
beginning of the process the highest and lowest jobs
are determined which serves as a bench mark for the
ranking of the remainder. Simplicity is one of
disadvantage of this method as it tends to make
measurement crude. Measurement of the whole job, ie
all factors affecting the job is not considered.
Job Grading In this approach, job factors approach is
not considered. Jobs are rather measured as whole. A
scale of values consisting of grades and grade
description is prepared. Job grades are determined for
a category of jobs. From this, the grade descriptions
are prepared which should be broad enough to include
several jobs. Such grade descriptions cover job
description as well. This method also suffers some
defects such as :
Being broad generalized of the job there are
chances of dissatisfaction
Grading system requires multiple systems
because of grading of clerical jobs may be quite
different from the others.
Factor Comparison System Improved method
of ranking system is known as factor comparison
system where job factors are compared rather
than the whole job. It consists of the following

Selection of job characteristics

Selection of key jobs
Determination of correct rates of key jobs
Ranking key jobs under each job factor
Allocation of correct rate to each key job
Evaluation of all other jobs
Designing, adjusting and operating the wage
Point Rating System This system is widely used in
job evaluation. It is quantifying, analytical and
detailed approach hammered out to derive a balanced
wage structure with least dispute among employees.
This method consists of the following steps:
Select the job factors or features
Prepare the yardstick of value for each job factor.
Decide the value of all the jobs against the
predetermined yardstick.
Build a wage survey for the selected key job.
Design the wage structure
Adjust and operate the wage structure.